Site FAQ

Got questions to ask about SM128C and too scared to send in an e-mail? Hehe. Then read our site FAQ, and we'll have answers to most of your general questions about the site.

Note: This FAQ is extremely out of date right now.... it will be updated sometime...

General Site Info

What is a FAQ?

Not a bad question to ask. FAQ (pronounced FACK) stands for frequently asked questions, and it's one of the common terms in the ever-growing Internet lingo.

What is SM128C? What happened to SM64C?

To make things simple, Super Mario 128 Central IS in fact the old Super Mario 64 Central. We just had a name change, and new design, but it's the same staff bring us the great Mario content. So don't expect changes in how we run the site, it'll be the same way as it always has been, with some improvements!

But why SM128C?

We decided to choose this name because it was similar to our old name, SM64C. But, since the N64's life is nearly over, we decided that it was needed that we change our name, then everyone would think that we just cover N64 games.

When did this site first start?

SM128C originally launched in Summer 1998, with the name Super Mario 64 Central. Over the past 2-3 years we've had a great time running the site, and a lot has changed. We officially "morphed" into SM128C on February 16, 2001.

Why do you guys do the site?

We basically run the site as a hobby, and to show that we like Mario games, and to communicate with the Mario fans, and express our opinions about Nintendo systems, and games.

Do the staff actually know each other?

Most of the staff don't know each other in real-life, or have met. But, Hairball, Sabre and BigHornSheep are friends in real-life and all go to the same school.

What's with the ads on the site?

The ads found on SM128C are the only source of income for the site, the purpose of them is to pay for the site's hosting and domain fees. Unlike many sites, yes, we admit we do make some money off the site, but it is not a substantial amount.

Is SM128C an official site?

No, we are not an official site. We are just a fan site about Mario games, that's it. For official sites for Nintendo games, check out Nintendo Power Source.

Where is the Free E-Mail service?

Due to security reasons, and many other factors, we have terminated our free e-mail service provided by BigMailBox.

Why didn't you answer my e-mail?

We here at SM128C try to read as many e-mails as possible, but it is not possible to respond to every e-mail, and many have been answered already on the site. If you have a common question, see if it's answered in this Site FAQ, or previous E-Mailbags. All e-mails sent in may have a chance to be answered in an upcoming E-Mailbag!

Where is SM128C?

Where is this site based in?

Super Mario 128 Central has representatives across the world, that's what the Internet is about, it brings us closer to the world. But to be answer the question, the site is really based in North America, the webmaster, Hairball, is from Canada, and most of the staff are from the USA. We don't have any offices or anything, since, we are a fan site.


How often is the site updated?

SM128C updates usually once every 1-2 weeks with news updates daily as the news happens. We'll have one or two new E-Mailbags every month, and game reviews within a month after the game is released in North America. Most site updates are usually posted on a Saturday, so check out SM128C on Saturday to see possible updates.

Graphics and Content

Can I use the graphics found on SM128C?

The graphics (screenshots, renders, etc.) are free for download by the visitors. We do not own rights to the graphics, so you are free to use them as you wish, hey that's what the Internet is for!

Can I link the graphics on SM128C on my site?

Well technically you can, but we it causes a great load on our server (more usage, and we may have to pay more). So when you link any image from SM128C, it will show up as a SM128C site button, to embarrass the linkers.

Can I use the content (such as reviews) on my own site?

No, we do not permit other readers from using our content. The content found on SM128C is the property of the site, and we do not allow others to use it without permission.

Who made this awesome site design?

SM128C's assistant webmaster, Namek, created this wonderful design for the site.

What programs are the graphics created with?

Most graphics found on the site are created using Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

What do you use to update the site?

We use Notepad and FrontPage 2000 to update the site. In addition, we also use a news script called NewsPro.

Viewing the Site

What kind of software do you need to view SM128C properly?

In order to view SM128C the way it should be, you should be using Windows 98 or better but any version of 32-bit Windows will certainly do. Also, 16-bit color display, a resolution of 800x600 or higher, and Internet Explorer 4 and above is recommended for best results. Netscape is not recommended to view the site.

Techie Stuff

Where is the site hosted at?

SM128C is hosted by Hosting Matters, one of the cheapest and reliable web hosts on the Internet, where you can get 125 MB of space, 9000 MB of bandwidth, for only US$16 a month!

How did you buy this domain?

You can buy your own domains at any ICANN-accredited domain registar, there are many, but one of the most inexpensive ones is Dotster (which is what we use!), where the domain registry fee is only US$15 a year

Info for Parents

Is it OK for my child to view this site?

In general, we would consider our site rated PG-13. Some interactive parts of the site, such as Chat Room, and Forums, may have inappropriate content, and they aren't controlled real-time. Some parts of the E-Mailbag contain very mature content, and we recommend that children under 13 not read it, though there are no restrictions on any of the pages, so please continue at your own risk.

What information is revealed when submitting on the mailform?

When you submit e-mail to SM128C via the mailform, you will be revealing your IP (Internet protocol) address, and general system information (browser and operating system). Whatever you put on the form, will also be sent in. Please note that this information is used for internal purposes (maintaining server, tracking abusers), and is not released to outsiders.

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