SNES Review: Mario & Wario
Review by: Hairball (

Game Info

 System: Super NES
 Genre: Puzzle
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 8 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 1, 1970





Final Score:

Mario & Wario is a game that was only released in Japan and never made it to North America. This puzzle-like game features 5 Nintendo characters. They are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Wario. The game has a weird storyline, Wario has put a bucket over Mario, Peach or Yoshi.

In order to help Mario, Yoshi, or Peach get to Luigi. The controllable character is an angel. You have to use this angel to guide the character with the bucket to Luigi, so he can take the bucket off. The character with the bucket on his or her head will walk blindly, and only forward, you have to use the angel to guide, protect, fill in blocks, change directions, so the character can get to Luigi safely. As you progress through the worlds the task will be more difficult and you will have to use strategies to get to Luigi without dying.

The graphics in Mario & Wario are very good. The game runs a lot like Super Mario World does. There are bright colours and cartoonish graphics. The backgrounds are fairly detailed and they look great for a 2D game. There are also great cut-scenes when Wario flies by in a plane to put a bucket on the character.

The music found in this game has themes to it depending on what world you're on. The music is crystal clear and it really adds to the experience in the game. There are fairly few sound effects, but it's still very well done. They are very cartoonish sounds but they seem like the sounds you would find in your everyday Mario platformer.

The gameplay of this game is very innovative. Nintendo tried something new and it is pretty fun for a puzzle game. Although this game is designed for play with the Super NES mouse, it still plays very well with a regular controller. You just have to move the angel around and click, that's all. The game isn't as easy as you think it may be, it takes true skill to master it.

As a whole, Mario & Wario is a great puzzle game to play. Although the point of the game seems stupid because any sane person would know how to take something off their head, but hey a game's a game. It's very challenging and lots of fun. Getting to that goal isn't as easy as you think. Hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to release Mario & Wario in North America on the Game Boy Color?

The Good:
- Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Luigi, and Wario are all in the game
- Great graphics
- Fun and easy to play

The Bad: - Point of the game is stupid
- Not released in North America

-- Hairball (

Bottom Line: Since Mario & Wario is a Japan-only game, have fun hunting for it because it's fairly fun to play. Sometimes it's just weird why some neat games aren't released overseas.