GB Review: Wario Land 3
Review by: Tiger (

Game Info

 System: Game Boy Color
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 16 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: May 30, 2000
 EU: Apr 14, 2000
 JP: Mar 21, 2000




Final Score:

Now if you must know, I have a little of a bias on Wario. I didn't really like him first, thinking that he was taking away the spotlight on Mario GB games. But now having actually played Wario Land 3, I have a different opinion now. To me, a Wario game is different then a standard mario GB game like SML1-2. It doesn't have that Mario-esque feel, yet it has it's own Wario feel. Ok, enough of my personal opinion, now onto the article itself.

Wario Land 3 begins with a sappy plot to me, Wario gets sucked in this music box and he must collect items in levels to progress, via a "Hidden Figure" that tells him what levels to go to next (if you ask him at the Temple, that is). The levels might be difficult for those that want to solve everything, since it is impossible. This game requires you to backtrack often. Upon completion of a few key levels, you gain powerups. These powerups enable you to do abilites you need later on in the game to progress.

Since this is more of an action/puzzle themed game, sometimes things can get mighty confusing. Trust me, I've been through them. But all in all, the puzzles are not that difficult if you persist and try. And of course in Wario, there are different "Warios" you can turn into. For example, if you touch fire, you become panic Wario running non stop and killing anything in your path. If you touch a group of bats, you become Vampire Wario. You can turn into a Vampire Bat and fly around. However, if you touch water or garlic, you become back to regular Wario. Sometimes becoming these special Warios can help or hurt you, depending on the situation at hand.

It is also chock full of goodness. You can even stumble upon many Golf Mini Games, and they play a little like Mario Golf. Perhaps if you are good at this game you might find a hidden Golf Course? Many enemies can fly, stun, freeze, burn, you even squash you. Even if you get squased or frozen, it's always fun to watch Wario's fun expressions.

This game is good for a fun time, and passes time like that. Each level has it's own challenge, and sometimes, even a Boss to go with that. So even if you don't like Mario, you might like this game. I mean, side scrollers for the Game Boy are classic. Might as well take a shot and be happy with it! (If not, you can always return or trade/sell)

Cool Stuff:
- Day/night on each level
- Save feature
- Golf Mini Game
- Can't die
- If you get hit, you don't lose any coins

Annoying Things:
- Only one save slot
- A few super confusing/difficult situations
- Right next to "continue" on the menu is "clear data."
- You can erase your game by accident...a button combo for clearing games isn't that hard!
- Backtracking too often can get monotonous

-- Tiger (

Bottom Line: Great game, plays well. I highly recommend.