GB Review: Game and Watch Gallery 3
Review by: Hairball (

Game Info

 System: Game Boy Color
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Action
 # of Players: 1-2
 Size: 8 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Game Save: Yes

 Release Date:
 US: Dec 15, 1999





Final Score:

Game and Watch Gallery is back for a third gulping. These retro games are back again, this time it's bigger than ever. Mario and friends have found their way back into this Game Boy Color title.

The first two Game and Watch Gallery games for the Game Boy have been very successful. Game and Watch Gallery 3 initially contains 5 games you can select. Each of the games comes on "Modern" and "Classic" modes, also with two difficulty levels, Easy and Hard. The games that are available are: Egg, Green House, Turtle Bridge, Mario Bros., and Donkey Kong Jr. As you play more and get a lot of high scores you will eventually open up a lot more games and a lot of secrets and bonuses!

The point of these games is to score the highest score possible. Game and Watch Gallery 3 is a lot like Tetris in ways. There isn't really a way to beat the game, you just play and have loads of fun. If you get a miss you can recover by getting a heart after every a certain number of points. After 3 misses in a game your game is over and the score will be logged.

This game also has loads of secrets to get. In order to open up these secrets you must earn stars. You win earn 1 star for every 200 points per game per level. You can get up to 5 stars per game per level. In order to get the 5 stars you must score 1000 points in one game. You have to do it all at once, you can't play 5 times and get 200 points, it doesn't work like that. The secrets you open depends on the number of stars you get. If you're good enough you can open up to 5 more Game and Watch games!

Game and Watch Gallery 3 has great colourful graphics thanks to the hardware of Game Boy Color. This game is also playable on other Game Boy systems (original GB, Game Boy Pocket, Super Game Boy). Unlike a lot of GB games this game isn't choppy unless you are playing the classic versions to simulate the old Game and Watches. The bright colours make Mario and Yoshi look awesome on the games. 20 colours is all it takes to make Game and Watch Gallery 3 look amazing.

The sound effects are pretty well done considering how bad the Game Boy speakers are. Like the previous versions of Game and Watch Gallery, the music and the game increase speed as you are approaching each 100 points. After that the music will slow down. Most of the music are similar to your everyday Mario tunes.

Get Yoshi to eat the falling cookies. Don't let them fall to the ground, it's a big waste. As the cookies roll down they will slowly bake, don't let them overbake! 3 misses and you're outta here.

Green House:
Spit watermelon seeds at Yoshi's enemies, the Shy Guys and the Monkeys. Protect your plants from the hungry enemies. If they eat 3 of your plants, you're going home.

Turtle Bridge:
Help Toad move the objects over to Peach. But be careful and don't fall because the seagulls will move. If you collect the coins you will get a bonus. Fall down 3 times and it's bye-bye.

Mario Bros.:
Move objects up the conveyor belt with Mario and Luigi. Don't let anything drop on the ground because what good will that do?

Donkey Kong Jr.:
You are Donkey Kong Jr. Rescue Donkey Kong from Mario's cage. Get the key, avoid the enemies, and unlock the parts of DK's cage.

If you think that wasn't enough there's more in Game and Watch Gallery 3. I think the Game and Watch Gallery series is one of the best games that Nintendo has put out. You should definately get this game if you own a Game Boy Color, it'll just amaze you. It's easy to play, easy to learn, and easy to have fun, what more do you expect?

-- Hairball (

Bottom Line: Game and Watch Gallery 3 is the best of the 3 games so far. I have all 3 and I think this one has the best games, and best graphics!