N64 Review: Super Mario 64
Review by: TW (tw@sm128c.com)

Game Info

 System: N64
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Platform
 # of Players: 1
 Size: 64 Megabits
 Developer: Nintendo
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Controller Pak: No
 Rumble Pak: No
 Transfer Pak: No

 Release Date:
 US: Sep 29, 1996
 EU: Mar 1, 1997
 JP: Jun 23, 1996





Final Score:

Super Mario 64 was the first true 3D platformer, released back in 1996. It was the first game I got with my Nintendo 64 along with Mario Kart 64. Even now in 1999 it still stands out from the crowd with it's brilliant visuals and sound effects.

Super Mario 64 has a simple plot - save Princess Peach Toadstool from the evil Bowser, King of the Koopas, which is the same as loads of Mario games before. Starting from the green outside the castle, you take Mario into a super 3D world with swimming, flying and running over 15 worlds with six sub levels each, not mentioning the secret levels.

It is a long game, and when you defeat Bowser with 70 stars, you can go through to 120 when you can meet Yoshi on the roof. It doesn't need all the detail of Zelda 64's graphics, but simple graphics, which are still good enough.

The sound is phenomenal, but not as good as Banjo-Kazooie's or Zelda's, but there is speech! Mario's funny lines like "Mama mia!" and "Here we go!", Peach's soft voice at the start and end, and Bowser's growls. The in-level Sound FX and Music are good, too, especially Jolly Roger Bay.

After Mario 64, came loads of clones of the game, to name a few -Mystical Ninja,Bomberman 64, Gex 64: Enter the Gecko, and Banjo-Kazooie. But out of all these, only Banjo-Kazooie so far has managed to get near the brilliance of Mario 64.

Flying with the wing cap over the castle, swimming in Jolly Roger Bay, Running over the plains of Bob-omb Battlefield, all add up to an excellent game. 1996 it may be, but it still stands as one of the best games on the Nintendo 64. So Far.

-- TW (tw@sm128c.com)

Bottom Line: 99%? Why 99%? I hear you say. Well, put it like this, 100% means nothing can better the game. Well, something must do, and I think it's going to be Super Mario on the Dolphin.