N64 Review: Mario Party 2
Review by: X-Bot (x-bot@sm128c.com)

Game Info

 System: N64
 ESRB: Everyone
 Genre: Board Game
 # of Players: 1-4
 Size: 256 Megabits
 Developer: Hudson Soft
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Controller Pak: No
 Rumble Pak: Yes
 Transfer Pak: No

 Release Date:
 US: Jan 24, 2000
 EU: Oct 13, 2000
 JP: Dec 17, 1999





Final Score:

After Nintendo's successful hit with Mario Party, they have the official sequel, Mario Party 2. MP2 features lots of ups and downs... but read on for the full details.

The visuals in MP2 are uninspiring, and look no different from MP. They are bright, 3-D textures, that look appealing, but are not enhanced from the MP. The character models are a tad too polygonal, but when you are enjoying yourself throughtout the game, you won't really notice. There are animations, expressions from the 6 selectable characters, all quite detailed at the least. The enviroments are nicely designed, all with interesting backgrounds, and more. Overall, the graphics are good, but don't differ from MP.

The controls in MP are easy to adapt to, and are very simplistic. Before each miniature game, there are precise instructions on how to operate your character, which is very useful. If you are unpatient and don't read them, you may be in for a rough time. The controls for most games are similar, so troubles will not last long after you play a few games.

The sound category for MP2 is very well done. Many nice tunes are presented for each game, and match the enviroment of the certain game. There is limited speech from each character, but all is detailed.

Was I satisfied? Yes I was. Completely satisifed? No. Although Mario Party 2 provides 64 different miniature games, 1/3 of them were just modified ones. There are 5 boards, each with a different themes, and special items to collect. Most of it is fun, but seems to much alike to Mario Party. Mario Party 2 seems like only a modified version of Mario Party, and gets tiresome at times. Although, with 3 other friends, MP2 may prove to be fun, but if I only suggest buying it used. If you have Mario Party, don't bother wasting your money, but if you don't, you may want to give MP2 some consideration.

If you haven't played MP very much, you may replay MP2. You can buy mini-games, and save them into a special feature that allows you to play only the ones you bought. Although, I don't think you will be playing MP2 that much, unless you have 3 friends over.

Mario Party 2 is considerably fun. There are many mini-games, although 1/3 are rehashed. But if you think about it, 2/3 are new. Most of the games are adequately fun, especially when 4 players combat simultaneously. There are 5 boards, 1 hidden, all with surprises awaiting. Your main objective is too collect the most stars. Overall, MP2 will leave you with a standard time.

-- X-Bot (x-bot@sm128c.com)

Bottom Line: Mario Party 2 is not necessarily a buy, but you should give it a rent.