GCN Review: Wario World
Review by: AxemRed (axemred@sm128c.com)

Game Info

 System: GameCube
 ESRB: Platform
 Genre: Racing
 # of Players: 1
 Developer: Treasure
 Publisher: Nintendo

 Save: 10 blocks

 Release Date:
 US: Jun 23, 2003
 EU: Jun 20, 2003





Final Score:

Reviewed on: August 7, 2003

Everyone's favorite Nintendo bad boy is back on the big console. Beautiful worlds surround Wario in his newest adventure and give the appearance that this game is going to be an upgrade from the successful Wario Land series on the Gameboy systems. Any fan of the Wario Land games probably has a good reason to want to play this game. Is Wario World actually an upgrade from the series, though?

The appearance of this game is awesome. Its graphics are top-notch, and considerably better than those in Super Mario Sunshine. The graphics in this game are the kind that you would expect from the newest Nintendo console. There are many objects in the game that can catch the attention of one's eye, and the enemies and bosses are considerably better than those in Mario Sunshine.

There are several similarities between Wario World and Super Mario Sunshine, but there are also a couple of differences other than the graphics. The best difference is that Wario gets to pulverize all of his enemies in this game with piledrivers and butt-pounds, as well as some other nifty moves. The game's fighting system is easy to learn and very responsive, as well as a lot of fun. The game itself is not incredibly hard, although there are a couple spots in it that require some use of the brain. The soundtrack is just what one should expect of a video game. It's not that great, but then again it is not horrible either.

The most interesting part about Wario World is that Wario can only move left, right, up, and down. There are no first person cameras like in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine. Even though at first one might get annoyed by this, it turns out that the "21/2-D" style of gameplay (as I like to call it) is actually executed quite well. The best thing about the game though has to be Wario's personality, which simply cannot be overlooked. As a matter of fact, some people might actually overlook the bad things about the game because of it.

The worst part about Wario World is that it is too short. There are only four worlds, so the game ends before you know it. Combining this with the Continue system (you can pay just 50 coins to continue from the exact spot where you last died) makes the game too easy. It almost seems like Nintendo was lazy when they made this and decided not to do their usual six to eight world game. Again, some of the levels can be rather difficult, but once you figure out whatever puzzle is in the way, there is not much of a challenge.

Overall, this game did not meet the standards set by the Wario Land series. Super Mario Sunshine, although it was not even close to being a classic, beats this game easily. It was rather disappointing to find out that there could be no first person camera views like in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but even once that thought was out of the way, the game was not that great. Wario World is fun while it lasts, but it does not last that long. There is much more game life in the Wario Land games than in this game. This is certainly not a classic, but it may worth renting if you are an avid fan of Wario.

-- AxemRed (axemred@sm128c.com)

Bottom Line: Certainly not a classic. It is fun while it lasts, but unfortunately it does not last very long. Wario fans will like it, but it is not as good as many would expect.