News Archives for: October 2002

Game and Watch Gallery 4 is Here!
Posted on October 29, 2002 @ 9:45 PM EST by: Hairball
Game and Watch Gallery 4 for the Game Boy Advance was released yesterday in North America. This collection of classic Game & Watch games has 6 games in it, and I'm sure there are bonus ones too! You can find it in stores today (or soon) for about $30 US or $45 CDN.

Mario Party 4 Arrives!
Posted on October 21, 2002 @ 3:35 PM EDT by: Hairball
The fourth installment to the Mario Party series has been released on the GameCube in North America, today. Mario Party 4 has 50 new mini-games, a new tag team mode, and a lot of new extras.

More information can be found on the official Mario Party website at

Super Mario Sunshine + GameCube Bundle!
Posted on October 15, 2002 @ 3:09 PM EDT by: Hairball
The Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak is now available in stores across North America (since October 14). In this bundle, you can get a GameCube system and one controller, Super Mario Sunshine, and a Memory Card 59, all for a great price of $189.95 US!

This is a great time to get a GameCube if you don't have one, or maybe even as a gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Sunshine Shines in Europe
Posted on October 8, 2002 @ 4:55 PM EDT by: Hairball
Super Mario Sunshine has only been released in Europe since October 5, that's only 3 days, and 175,000 copies of the game have been sold! Console sales have gone up by 40%, and nearly 1/5 of GameCube users have Super Mario Sunshine! That's great news for Nintendo!