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Full preview of Luigi's Mansion at IGNCube
Posted on September 29, 2000 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
IGN Cube has posted a full preview of the tech demo Luigi's Mansion. Check out their preview by going here:

Paper Mario delayed to 2001
Posted on September 20, 2000 @ 11:18 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo Power Source has updated the N64 release dates, and Paper Mario has been delayed to Winter (1st Quarter) 2001. This has not come to a surprise because the original release date was December 26, right after Christmas. Usually people aren't gonna buy a lot of stuff right after Christmas.

Full Super Mario 128 Demo...
Posted on September 18, 2000 @ 10:16 PM EDT by: Hairball
IGNCube has posted a movie of the full Super Mario 128 Technical demo. The movie is 7 minutes long, and may quite a long time to load up. Check it out by clicking the link below.


Mario Tennis Guide at IGN64
Posted on September 12, 2000 @ 10:14 PM EDT by: Hairball
IGN64 has posted a Mario Tennis guide with tons of help for those people who are stuck with the game. But before you can read the guide, you gotta be an user, if you are one, that's good, if you're not, you gotta signup to see it.


Gamecube Comparisions...
Posted on September 8, 2000 @ 11:34 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo Power Source has put up a page with comparisons between the Nintendo GAMECUBE, and the Nintendo 64. And how the systems compare between each other in size.


Mario Kart Advance at ECTS...
Posted on September 6, 2000 @ 8:32 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo is showing off Mario Kart Advance for the Game Boy Advance at European Computer Trade Show (ECTS, open to the press only. The public can't get in. This news is kinda late, but hey, those lucky Europeans get to play the GBA.

Source: Tendo Box Mario Cup Begins!
Posted on September 1, 2000 @ 1:26 PM EDT by: Hairball's Mario Cup Ring Tournament is now under way! The site is having a tournament every 2 weeks from now to the end of the year. Right now it's the Mario Cup, and it's from September 1 (today) to September 15.

This is how the tournament works, the site provides a entry code for you to enter in your Mario Tennis game, and you can play the tournament, then you input the password you got after beating it on the site, and you get listed, that simple!

The Mario Cup Entry Code is: A3W5KQA3C

For more details, and to enter the tournament, check out

Free Mario Tennis Internet Browser!
Posted on September 1, 2000 @ 1:21 PM EDT by: Hairball has a free Mario Tennis Browser for download. It's FREE! Just like all other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, and Netscape. We still recommend you use IE to visit our site, Netscape tends to have some problems over here. But anyways, here's the link to the Mario Tennis browser download.