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Mario Kart: Super Circuit Released and Site Launched!
Posted on August 27, 2001 @ 2:57 PM EDT by: Hairball
Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the Game Boy Advance has been shipped to stores, and should be available very soon...

And much like the Super Mario Advance and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity subsites, there is an official Mario Kart: Super Circuit site as well, at, featuring tons of goodies...


Mario on GameCube!
Posted on August 24, 2001 @ 11:41 PM EDT by: Hairball
IGNcube has posted many screens of the next Mario coming out for GameCube, which is tentatively labelled as "Mario Sunshine". It seems that work on this game has just started, and there is a really good chance this will not be close to the final product.

Source: IGN Cube

SSB Melee Delayed, GameCube also in Black, and Delayed
Posted on August 24, 2001 @ 11:37 PM EDT by: Hairball
According to a press release, Super Smash Bros. Melee has been delayed, and will not make the GameCube system launch on November 18, which means that the system is delayed by about 2 weeks.

This leaves Luigi's Mansion and other launch titles to launch the new console on that date.

Also, the press release notes that the GameCube will be available in Indigo (a purple-ish color), and "Jet Black", which obviously is black, this is good news for some of us...


Mario will be cubed in 2002
Posted on August 21, 2001 @ 11:24 PM EDT by: Hairball
IGNCube reports that the next Mario game will come out on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. This announcement pretty much shuts up the speculation that a "secret Mario title" will be available at the GameCube system launch later this year.


Nintendo GameCube to be...Purple!
Posted on August 10, 2001 @ 6:37 AM EDT by: Hairball
A sad moment for many GameCube enthuasists, the Nintendo GameCube will be launching only in that purple color, on the North American release date, November 5, 2001.

It is rather disappointing as the other colors looked a lot nicer, like silver and black, but it's going to be purple.

It is possible other colors will be released later on...


GameCube Territorial Lockout Confirmed!
Posted on August 7, 2001 @ 6:36 PM EDT by: Tiger
Yes you heard it right. Japanese GCN consoles cannot play US games, and vice versa. This is yet another attempt to curb importing of games, obviously to help economies of countries.
Its like this: if you buy a imported japanese game, you are helping japan's market, not USA/Canada's. And it works the other way.

Hoping for a MOD chip? Nintendo has made sure it won't happen right now, or easy to do. But who knows. Many people know cracks of software/hardware somehow will float in the not-so-legal market.


Wario Land 4 Screenshots
Posted on August 1, 2001 @ 11:04 PM EDT by: Hairball
GameSpot has posted 12 screenshots of the upcoming Wario Land 4 (as it was referred to) for the Game Boy Advance. If only Nintendo was so energetic about putting out Mario games instead of Wario games...