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Get Luigi's Mansion for Free!
Posted on July 26, 2002 @ 12:21 PM EDT by: Hairball
You can get Luigi's Mansion for absolutely free if you pre-order Super Mario Sunshine from Future Shop for $69.99 CDN plus shipping. This special offer is only available online at the website. Future Shop only ships to Canadian addresses.


Nintendo Power Sunshine Pak!
Posted on July 26, 2002 @ 12:17 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo is offering a special package for people who order a subscription (or renewal) to Nintendo Power. With the pre-order bundle you get:

• Super Mario Sunshine Game Disc for Nintendo GameCube™
• Super Mario Sunshine Official Player's Guide
• Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 59
• $10 U.S. ($15 Cdn.) Off Coupon for Nintendo GameCube WaveBird™ Wireless Controller
• Plus a One-Year, 12-Issue Subscription to Nintendo Power® Magazine

You get all this for ONLY $69.95 U.S. ($110.95 Cdn.)! The package will ship on August 26, the launch day of Super Mario Sunshine, and 2 day shipping will be included. This offer is only open to the U.S. and Canada.

For more information and ordering go to:

120 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine
Posted on July 24, 2002 @ 7:35 PM EDT by: Hairball
Planet GameCube has reported that there will be 120 "Shines" in Super Mario Sunshine. The Shines are essentially what were the stars in Super Mario 64.

Directly from PGC:
There are 11 shines per level. There are 8 stories per level. 1 shine per story. There are also 3 additional shines in each level. There's also hub and other shines.


GCN goes Platinum too!
Posted on July 24, 2002 @ 4:26 PM EDT by: Hairball
First off, Nintendo has announced that a limited edition Platinum Nintendo GameCube will be released on November 3, for a price of $149.95 US, the same price as a GameCube right now. This is following the success of the Platinum Game Boy Advance released recently. The Platinum GBA will also make a return on November 3.

As well, a Mario "bundle" will be introduced as well with the GameCube system. An indigo GameCube will be packaged with Super Mario Sunshine and a Memory Card 59, starting on October 14, for $189.95.


Super Mario Sunshine Official Site
Posted on July 20, 2002 @ 11:22 AM EDT by: Hairball
This may not come as a surprise for most, but like most big-title Nintendo games, there is usually an official site. This will also be the case for Super Mario Sunshine.

The official site is located at

There is little information on the site, expect more to be posted when the game is released in North America.

Peach captured again?
Posted on July 19, 2002 @ 12:29 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo's "member-only" site has posted more renders of characters from Super Mario Sunshine. One of them is also rather interesting.

It is that "Water Mario" capturing Princess Peach. Would this mean that Peach is going to be captured again in the game?

Peach being captured...

Source: Nintendo

New Release Dates!
Posted on July 17, 2002 @ 7:01 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo has announced new North American release dates for Yoshi's Island, Mario Party 4, and Game and Watch Gallery 4.

Mario Party 4: October 21

Game Boy Advance:
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3: September 23
Game & Watch Gallery 4: October 28


Super Mario Sunshine is in Hong Kong
Posted on July 17, 2002 @ 6:59 PM EDT by: Hairball
According to a Hong Kong import retailer, Lik-Sang, copies of Super Mario Sunshine have arrived, and that they are shipping pre-orders out today. The game's official release date is July 19.


More Super Mario Sunshine Info!
Posted on July 13, 2002 @ 4:42 PM EDT by: Hairball
PlanetGameCube has posted an updated preview with more information on Super Mario Sunshine, this includes:

- 13 areas to explore
- return of familiar foes such as piranha plants, cheep cheeps, and Bloopers
- the villain should be the "water" Mario (as reported in previous news story)
- there is also a "Mecha-Bowser", likely a boss of some sort
- boxes with a silouhette with the head of Professor E. Gadd from Luigi's Mansion
- Yoshi is also going to have a role in this game

Super Mario Sunshine is coming out in Japan on July 19, and in North America on August 26.

Mysterious Mario?
Posted on July 13, 2002 @ 11:11 AM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo has posted an interesting piece of artwork from Super Mario Sunshine, although this artwork is can only be accessed by Nintendo Power subscribers.

The image is described as: "Who is this mysterious character? It looks like Mario!"

Also, from earlier in a description of the game released by Nintendo, there is a part that says: "However, when they get to the island, they quickly find out that the peaceful paradise has been polluted by a mysterious stranger."

Could this "mysterious character" be the villain in the Super Mario Sunshine?



Special Mario GameCube Package?
Posted on July 10, 2002 @ 4:41 PM EDT by: Hairball
PlanetGameCube has reported that there will be a special pack-in deal it seems like, in Japan, for the GameCube to commemorate the launch of Super Mario Sunshine. This new "packaging" looks to be a "slipcover" to be used for promotion, the Super Mario Sunshine game, and likely a memory card are to be included.


Famitsu rates Super Mario Sunshine
Posted on July 9, 2002 @ 5:12 PM EDT by: Hairball
Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has rated the new Super Mario Sunshine game, and gave it 38 out of 40, which is an excellent score. Famitsu is one of the most respected gaming publications in Japan.