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Mario Party 3 (N64), Mario Tennis (GBC), Mario Kart (GBA) at Space World...
Posted on July 28, 2000 @ 9:37 PM EDT by: Hairball
According to IGN64 (damn they have like everything), Nintendo is going to be showing Mario Party 3, that's right, 3, at Space World in Japan this August.

Will it be an improvement over 2? Although nothing has been announced, I hope it has more characters, more originality, and more fast-paced gameplay. But we'll see in the coming months.

Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color will also be shown at the show, as well as a Mario Kart game for the Game Boy Advance. It has been rumoured that the game will be similar to Super Mario Kart on the Super NES, since the GBA and the SNES have similar specs.

We'll have to wait and see more on this exciting news!

Mario Tennis released in Japan, today!
Posted on July 21, 2000 @ 9:45 PM EDT by: Hairball
Yep, Mario Tennis was released in Japan today, isn't that great? We don't be getting an import copy, so, we'll have to wait another month to get to play the game. They must be having a damn lot of fun over there.

Mario Tennis 64 is coming out THIS year
Posted on July 19, 2000 @ 11:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
About a week ago we reported that has the Mario Tennis release date as January 17, 2001, but they've changed it back to August 30, 2000 on their Mario Tennis game page, which means no need to panic now!

There are 3 different release dates possible for Mario Tennis, all in August. According to Nintendo's official site, the release date is August 24, 2000. According to IGN64, it is August 28, 2000, and says it's August 30, 2000.

Which date is it? We'll have to see as we approach the end of August.


Dolphin to be called Star Cube?
Posted on July 13, 2000 @ 2:10 PM EDT by: Hairball
According to Computer and Video Games, the site that has caused lots of controversy in the news lately, Nintendo's Project Dolphin will be called Star Cube.

Is this really fact? Computer and Video Games has reported false news in the past, such as the Game Boy Advance mockups, and the strange Perfect Dark sequel, After Dark.

Nintendo has not posted any news on their official site.

Strange news on Mario Tennis 64
Posted on July 10, 2000 @ 7:47 PM EDT by: Hairball
According to the Mario Tennis game page at, it seems that Mario Tennis has been pushed back to January 17, 2001. That's what the release date says. If this news is real, it will be a huge disappointment to everyone. I'm really awaiting this game, and it will really suck if it's delayed.


But, on Nintendo of Canada's site, it says that Mario Tennis 64 will come out on August 28, 2000, the date that it has been announced for quite awhile. But, also, it has the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis slated for a January 15, 2001 release.

It's quite strange, we'll just have to wait for an official confirmation, it's most likely a problem at EBWorld though.

Even more [sweet] Mario Tennis 64 Screenshots!
Posted on July 8, 2000 @ 12:26 AM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo has posted more amazing Mario Tennis 64 screenshots. These shots show 2 new characters, Donkey Kong Jr., and Shy Guy. There are also some sweet looking tennis courts to choose, just shows how great this game will end up. Only a month and a bit until August 28, 2000, the game's awaited release date.