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Win a free GBA from MuchMusic
Posted on May 31, 2001 @ 4:42 PM EDT by: Hairball
That's right, you could win 1 of 50 Game Boy Advance systems from MuchMusic, basically Canada's version of MTV. The contest is just a story, where you have to choose an ending for it. This contest is only open to Canadian residents, since will MuchMusic is in Canada!

So if you live in Canada, or know someone that does, check it out, and see if you can win a GBA!


Details on Mario for GameCube
Posted on May 28, 2001 @ 10:33 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendojo has posted an interview with Lesley Short, the Communications Supervisor for Nintendo Canada.

This interview tacks in many different topics such as the Nintendo industry in Canada, and other such topics relating to Canada.

Let's just get to the important part, and it will be quoted right here:


Dojo-EM :: Speaking of Nintendo’s heritage, every single Nintendo game console has launched with a Mario Title. Where is Mario for the GameCube?

NC :: Well, Mario will appear at the end of Luigi’s Mansion when he’s rescued. (editor’s note: Eric sighs and frowns at the response). However, you can expect news about Super Mario and Mario Kart at Spaceworld. There may be a 2002 launch for these titles, but that is not confirmed.


So basically that means that Mario will be captured by some enemy in Luigi's Mansion...kind of like that "Mario is Missing" game for the SNES, now let's how it won't be a bust. How could a grown man like Mario be captured when he's defeated Bowser a countless number of times?

Nintendo of Canada Announces Canadian GameCube Price
Posted on May 24, 2001 @ 9:38 PM EDT by: Hairball
The Nintendo GameCube will be launching at a price of $299.95 CDN, on November 5, 2001, the official North America launch day for the GameCube.

The GameCube games will cost $69.95 CDN each, which is the price of most N64 games right now.

The system seems priced a little too high, a drop of about $50-75 would make it more affordable, but with the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar going down the toilet, there's not much Nintendo could do.

Source: Nintendo of Canada

Nintendo announces GameCube Price at $199.95!
Posted on May 22, 2001 @ 3:24 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo has announced the price of the upcoming Nintendo GameCube console. The GameCube will be launching for a price of $199.95 US on November 5, 2001 in North America. The price of GameCube games was also announced. First-party (Nintendo-published) games will cost $49.95 US, and 6 of these games will launch on GameCube Launch Day.

This news comes right from Nintendo a few days after the E3 show in Los Angeles where several GameCube games were finally revealed.


Mario will Space World...
Posted on May 18, 2001 @ 11:40 PM EDT by: Hairball
As reported yesterday, the news of "hinted" Mario game for the GameCube, turns out to be true.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario and Zelda game series, has officially revealed that Mario and Zelda games for the Nintendo GameCube will be shown at the upcoming Space World show this August in Japan.

So this goes to show that Luigi's Mansion might not be the only "Mario" launch title. A Mario title, and a Luigi title clashing for the GameCube launch, this is going to be a fairly interesting year.


Mario will get his own GameCube game
Posted on May 17, 2001 @ 7:08 PM EDT by: Hairball
IGNCube has reported that Nintendo's Co. Ltd's director and general manager Satoru Iwata hinted that Mario will get his own GameCube game, totally separate from Luigi's Mansion, which was revealed during E3.

Most likely this will mean that the Mario title will be revealed at Space World in Japan, to create its own "impact", since enough has been showed at E3 already...


Strange GameCube Titles
Posted on May 16, 2001 @ 10:55 PM EDT by: Hairball
Over at the "Nintendo at E3" site there are several Mario titles that are quite strange.

They include Mairionette, 100 Mario's, Mario Party 4 under the GameCube Game List. While Mario Party 4 isn't really much of a surprise, the other 2 are....if they do turn out to be games...

Hmmmmmm....what could they be?

And I guess Mario Kart for the GameCube is just perfectly normal, and hey, there will probably be a connection with the GBA version of Mario Kart too, probably better than the Mario Golf and Mario Tennis connections...

Source: Nintendo at E3

Mario Kart Advance Screenhots, Release Date & Factsheet
Posted on May 16, 2001 @ 8:27 PM EDT by: Hairball
Here is information from Nintendo about Mario Kart Advance, an upcoming Game Boy Advance game. Mario Kart Advance will be released on August 27, 2001 in North America and will cost $29.95 U.S.

  • Say hello to old friends Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad and Bowser from the original kart racing game, now available for Game Boy Advance.
  • Hit the accelerator and carefully wind your way through 20 new tracks and many other hidden courses.
  • Perfect your skills by racing against the computer, then test your steering prowess by going up against friends, since Mario Kart Advance’s multi-player capabilities can handle up to four players at a time.*
  • Enjoy full-screen racing action — even in multi-player mode!
    Marvel at detailed backgrounds with multiple scrolling planes that move in perspective when players take a turn.
  • Intensify the action by shifting into Battle Mode.
  • Show no mercy to opponents by using familiar weapons such as red and green koopa shells and the dreaded spiked shell to take them out of your way.
  • Collect coins as you race to build up speed and survive collisions.
* Requires Game Boy Advance Game LinkŪ cable (sold separately)


Nintendo GameCube Games Unveiled!
Posted on May 16, 2001 @ 8:14 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo has finally released information on the first batch of Nintendo GameCube games.

Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Luigi's Mansion (originally one of the demo games from Spaceworld 2000) were 2 of many GCN games revealed by Nintendo.

One shocking aspect is that there was no title featuring Mario, maybe Nintendo is just hiding this from us right now? We have to see what goes on in the new little while. But it's about time that Luigi got his own it was hinted in Paper Mario.

More details on these stories soon.


Nintendo GameCube Release Date -- Official!
Posted on May 16, 2001 @ 8:08 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo of America has released a report containing a FAQ on the Nintendo GameCube. It states that the GCN will be releasing in North America on November 5, 2001. In Japan it will launch on September 14, 2001, and Europe it will launch in "early 2002".

Source: Nintendo of America

Nintendo GameCube Logo Unveiled
Posted on May 13, 2001 @ 1:54 PM EDT by: Hairball
Reports from PlanetGameCube have discovered the Nintendo GameCube logo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the upcoming E3 show is taking place.

The logo is pretty neat, it's a 3D cube in ways, that resembles the letters "G" and "C" inside of it respresenting "GameCube".


A lotta Mario Kart Advance Screenshots
Posted on May 13, 2001 @ 1:36 PM EDT by: Hairball
Consoles France, a gaming site en francais has posted 16 new Mario Kart Advance screenshots. Where did they get these screenshots from? Well it doesn't matter, but man, the game looks pretty amazing, with sharp graphics. It looks as good as Mario Kart 64, and yet, this is a Game Boy game.

Consider that I'm still able to read French, the site says that Mario Kart Advance will be released on July 21 in Japan, and Wario Land Advance will be released August 21 in Japan.


Mario's Partying...for the 3rd Time
Posted on May 8, 2001 @ 8:46 PM EDT by: Hairball
Sometime yesterday, today, or tomorrow, you will be seeing Mario Party 3, perhaps the last Nintendo 64 Mario game, on North American store shelves.

Will Mario Party 3 be as good as the previous 2? There happen to be 70 brand-new mini-games in this third incarnation of the game. Watch for a review of the game on SM128C soon!

New Look
Posted on May 7, 2001 @ 6:24 PM EDT by: Hairball
It took them long enough. Finally, Nintendo of America's official website has gotten a much needed facelift. It's been nearly 4 or 5 years, back in the N64 days since they changed their site design.

The new site looks more "high-tech" and "advanced"...and really, it just looks really cool, and professional.

And it seems like some parts of the side are restricted only to Nintendo Power subscribers...

Link: Now Open!
Posted on May 5, 2001 @ 11:35 PM EDT by: Hairball
It seems like Nintendo's official Game Boy Advance site at has been opened.

Right now, there isn't a lot of information on the site, but there's information on the GBA hardware, and GBA wallpapers to download! But coming soon, there will be game info, probably the info from the current, and news will appear on the site.


Mario's Newest Competitor
Posted on May 4, 2001 @ 9:57 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
At this year's Game Developers Conference, Sega of America's President and COO, Peter Moore, conducted an interview with NGenres. The subject of the Sonic franchise being brought to the Cube was raised.

When asked if the Sonic Team had development kits, Mr. Moore said, "Not that I’m aware of yet. But, if you were to look at a Sega franchise that fits well on the GameCube then, obviously, Sonic is at the top of that list.

This could be a setback for Mario's popularity. Sonic and Mario have had a long history of starring on rivaling consoles. We will find out at E3. Stick around for more information.

Smashing a Second Time on GameCube
Posted on May 1, 2001 @ 8:40 PM EDT by: Hairball
Some sources have revealed that Nintendo of America will be revealing Super Smash Bros. 2 for the GameCube, the sequel to the N64 smash hit (no pun intended, of course) Super Smash Bros.

The game will be in playable form at E3 in Nintendo's booth there. Expect the original gang as playable characters, and perhaps even more new ones.

Perhaps this could even be a launch game for the system? That'll give the GameCube a smashing success. Yes, that's enough "smashing puns", so just wait and see.