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New Release Dates!
Posted on May 31, 2000 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
Electronics Boutique's online store has new release dates for Mario Tennis and Paper Mario, both upcoming games for the Nintendo 64.

According to, Mario Tennis will be released on September 17, 2000, and Paper Mario will be released on December 17, 2000. These dates are a few days off the E3 release dates that Nintendo announced.

No Mario 64 2 on Nintendo 64
Posted on May 28, 2000 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
In an interview with Gamecenter (CNET), Shigeru Miyamoto stated that it is very unlikely that a sequel to Super Mario 64 will come out for the Nintendo 64 system. He then stated, "...but in order to finish up we need more designers and programmers and unfortunately all of them are now already starting work on Dolphin. So I don't think we can see the sequel on N64." This is hard proof, from the man who created the franchise, that there will not be another Mario game in the same vein as the first Mario 64 2. So now we can look forward to Mario Story, and Mario Tennis to finish out the year.

This news doesn't hit anyone assosiated with Nintendo in surprise, as it is well known that the new version of Mario will be shown in mid-August at Nintendo's SpaceWorld 2000 show. What can we expect? Well for one see a new Mature Mario (but not like Conker Mature), more characters, enriching storyline, and (dare I say) maybe online play or atleast two-four player action.

Mario Tennis 64 and Paper Mario Release Dates
Posted on May 13, 2000 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
At E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, Nintendo has announced release dates to the Mario Tennis 64 and Paper Mario (new name for Super Mario RPG 2). As you see, the name for Super Mario RPG 2 is getting lamer and lamer each time. But we're pretty sure that Mario Tennis 64 probably won't be changing names.

Mario Tennis 64 will be released on September 25, 2000. Paper Mario will be released on December 26, 2000.

These are only tentative dates and may change later on.

Nintendo Power's Mario Interview
Posted on May 6, 2000 @ 12:00 AM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo Power caught up with Mario for a few quick words about his upcoming projects.

NP: So, Mario, what have you been working on?

Mario: I've-a been very busy. Paper Mario Story is nearly done - that's the game people-a been calling Mario RPG 2. And me and my brother, Luigi, we are starring in a new tennis game made by the same team that made Mario Golf.

NP: What can you tell us about the tennis game?

Mario: Is-a not so seroius, you know. Just me and some friends. But I tell you-a plain, tennis is my game. We play on all types of courts, and there's-a plenty of special moves and secrets, too.

NP: Looking to the future, are you and Mr. Miyamoto going to collaborate on Dolphin and Game Boy Advance Titles?

Mario: Mr. M, he-a says we can't say just yet. But I tell you-a this, I think all of the Dolphin and Advance games gonna be tied together like one-a big family. Is-a bella.

NP: Isabella?

Mario: It means it's-a going to be beautiful.

Hairball's Comment: Everything was pretty straight forward in this little "interview" with Mario by NP.  But the surprising thing is the new change of Super Mario Adventure to Paper Mario Story.  But on Nintendo's official site, it still has the game as Super Mario Adventure.  What gives?

Article From: Nintendo Power (May 2000)