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Nintendo Prepares To Open Its First Ever Retail Store: Nintendo World
Posted on April 23, 2005 @ 5:13 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo of America today announces the Nintendo World™ store, located in the heart of New York City's Rockefeller Center, will open on May 14, 2005. Nintendo World will celebrate with a grand opening block party outside the store in Rockefeller Plaza.

The two-story, 10,000 square foot gaming paradise will be open seven days a week to showcase the best of what's new for Nintendo. The store will appeal to Nintendo® fans of all ages with its wide range of exclusive merchandise, games and interactive kiosks. Nintendo World is also the new home of Pokémon® Center which will feature the best that Pokémon has to offer – exclusive merchandise, state-of-the art demo stations and an Ultra-Pokedex.

"Nintendo chose New York City as the home for the first-ever Nintendo World store as New York has always been the center of non-stop excitement, just like Nintendo," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "2005 has already been a great year for Nintendo – from the continued success of Nintendo DS™ and Game Boy® Advance SP, to chart-topping Nintendo GameCube™ games. The Nintendo World store will continue this by providing a venue for tourists, teens, families, gamers and interactive entertainment fans of all ages to play new games and sample upcoming ones."

To celebrate the launch, Nintendo will host an exclusive "block party" in Rockefeller Plaza outside of the Nintendo World store on Saturday, May 14. Open to all, the event will feature interactive game kiosks, giveaways and gaming competitions, and even the chance to play against a celebrity. Nintendo prizes will be given out throughout the day. More details on the block party will be announced in coming weeks.

The Nintendo World store will feature exclusive Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo GameCube and Pokémon merchandise not found at any other store in the world. The store has been designed to create an interactive experience for all visitors including a multi-player gaming wall and a surround sound gaming lounge where consumers will play dozens of edgy Nintendo games. The store will also feature an extensive Nintendo DS sampling station.

Nintendo World will showcase tables for Pokémon trading card game play and offer computer stations with access to the official Pokémon Website – – for all the latest news and information. The second floor of Nintendo World store will be home to a wide selection of exclusive Pokémon merchandise including plush toys, apparel and more. Plus, Nintendo World will be the only Manhattan location for the Pokémon Trading Card Game league, to continue on Sunday mornings in the concourse level of Rockefeller Plaza.

More information on Nintendo World can be found at

Source: Nintendo Press Release

Nintendo Announces First New Color For Nintendo DS: 'Electric Blue'
Posted on April 19, 2005 @ 5:26 PM EDT by: Hairball
Nintendo of America Inc. introduces the first new color in the Western Hemisphere for its popular Nintendo DS™ portable video game system. "Electric Blue" debuts in June and will become a permanent color in the DS palette, joining the original silver-and-black model, named "Titanium."

"This eye-catching new color comes at an ideal time," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Nearly 2 million Nintendo DS owners in North America alone have demonstrated they want something new from a hand-held video game system. Soon, consumers will have two popular choices for the innovative dual-screened Nintendo DS, which features touch-screen control, voice recognition and wireless play."

June also will see the release of two exciting new DS games. On June 13, Kirby™: Canvas Curse will bring a new touch-screen twist to a popular franchise. Players will draw rainbow paths for Kirby to roll along as he stuns enemies and takes on their abilities. And on June 27, the highly anticipated and highly addictive puzzle game Meteos™ will have players launching deadly falling meteors back into space with touch-screen precision.

Source: Nintendo Press Release

Broadcom Announces Partnership with Nintendo to Enable Next Generation Wireless Gaming Consoles
Posted on April 19, 2005 @ 5:23 PM EDT by: Hairball
Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in wired and wireless broadband communications semiconductors, today announced a strategic partnership to provide wireless technology for Nintendo's next generation gaming systems. Broadcom's diverse portfolio of technology solutions will enable Nintendo to add cutting-edge wireless features and connectivity to its popular line of gaming consoles. Nintendo's next generation console (codenamed "Revolution") will feature an advanced wireless platform that integrates multiple technologies to enable a new and exciting gaming experience.

"The depth and breadth of Broadcom's wireless expertise will enable Nintendo to deliver the industry's most innovative gaming solutions," said Genyo Takeda, Senior Managing Director, General Manager, Integrated Research & Development Division for Nintendo. "By integrating Broadcom® wireless solutions into our next-generation systems, we can provide the high performance gaming and connectivity capabilities that will delight users of 'Revolution'."

Consumer electronics leaders are aggressively including wireless technologies in new devices to enhance user experience, expanding the applications for wireless technologies. Broadcom is a leading supplier of system-on-a-chip and software solutions that enable manufacturers to eliminate wires in such popular consumer products as notebook computers, phones, routers, printers, audio headphones, keyboard and mouse peripherals, cellular headsets, PDAs, and other devices.

"Broadcom is pleased to partner with technology leader Nintendo, whose visionary commitment to the user experience has inspired new uses for established wireless technology," said Robert A. Rango, Group Vice President of Broadcom's Mobile & Wireless Group. "With the broadest portfolio of maximum performance wireless solutions, we can provide all the connectivity pieces and advanced features required for exciting new consumer products."

Broadcom's wireless products lead the industry with unique features that provide significant performance and ease-of-use advantages. These include BroadRange™ technology which extends the range of Wi-Fi devices by up to 50%, and SecureEasySetup™ software which dramatically simplifies Wi-Fi setup and security. Differentiated features like these enable an extraordinary user experience for consumer devices, such as the Nintendo gaming device.

"The digital home of the future will increasingly include wireless technologies for their ease of use and consumer convenience," said Brian O'Rourke, Senior Analyst for In-Stat. "Integrated wireless technology from proven vendors like Broadcom will enhance the gaming experience for the vast majority of next-generation gamers, whether competing against someone in the same room or on the other side of the world."

Broad expertise in both wireless and wired technologies makes Broadcom a unique partner for electronics OEMs who wish to incorporate communications functionality into their products. With solutions that deliver superior performance and ease of use features that make end-products increasingly attractive to end users, Broadcom has emerged as a key partner for a broad range of consumer electronics manufacturers. Broadcom products continue to gain momentum in the home, enabling digital television, broadband Internet access and wireless networking that remain easy to use, while providing the best performance in the industry.

According to market share results from Forward Concepts, Broadcom's 54g™ chipsets are the industry's leading Wi-Fi solutions. Additionally, Broadcom is a leader in the Bluetooth® market featuring high performance Blutonium® chips and the industry's most widely deployed Bluetooth software. Broadcom also offers advanced processors for cellular handset and data card applications supporting 3G EDGE and WCDMA networks, as well as high performance mobile multimedia processors.

Source: Nintendo Press Release