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Nintendo Gamecube Delay: Official
Posted on April 18, 2001 @ 4:41 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
At a management briefing in Japan today, Nintendo stated that its long awaited GameCube would see an official delay. Originally scheduled for a July release in Japan, the GC now faces a painstakingly late September 14, 2001 release.

Fortunately for US Gamers, the GameCube is still set for an undelayed fall luanch in November. Of course that's what Nintendo claims, but last SM128C heard, it was scheduled for an October release.

This was an expected set back, and Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi showed no signs of discontent at Nintendo's decision. He merely commented that Nintendo is preventing another system shortage like Sony had so well accomplished when the PS2 released.

North American Gameboy Advance Titles Officially Announced
Posted on April 17, 2001 @ 6:48 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
Nintendo has officially announced the 18 GBA titles that will launch on June 11, 2001, including Super Mario Advance, F-Zero: Maximum
Velocity, Army Men: Advance, Casltevania: Circle Of The Moon, Chu Chu Rocket, Dodge Ball Advance, Earthworm Jim, Fire Pro Wrestling,
GT Advance Championship, High Heat Major League Baseball 2002, Iridion 3-D, Konami Krazy Racers, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Rayman: Advance, Ready To Rumble Boxing: Round 2, Tony Hawk's Proskater 2, Top Gear Gt Championship, and Tweety And The Magical Jewel.

These are confirmed titles, and no more tentative titles are expected to be announced until AFTER the launch of the GBA. We will have more on each of these new games as soon as possible.

Dr. Mario 64 Given Questionable Ratings
Posted on April 17, 2001 @ 3:30 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
Dr Mario 64 was pretty much a ditch effort by Nintendo to get a game out in april. They got the job done, but how well did they do it? Many popular gaming sites have given the game low ratings. While Daily Radar gave it a direct hit(aka 10.0), Gamespot gave it a 7.0, while Ign gave it a low down 5.0 . There have been no reasons for this, but according to reports, the game is selling at a fair rate. This just goes to show how site ratings do not reflect game sales. We will have more on the Doctor/Plumber if anything new pops up.

Update On Nintendo's GBA Marketing Plans
Posted on April 17, 2001 @ 3:16 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
According to a popular Japanese news source, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nintendo is planning to market GBA games online. While just an assumption, this could account for a portion of the potential $75 million being spent on GBA marketing this year in North America.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that Nintendo is taking these measures to bring up sales and appeal to older audiences such as college students. How they will go about this is unknown, but Nintendo plans to sell a special golf package for the GBA, with an adapter capable of uploading and downloading information into a new golf game via cell phone. This process is remarkably similar to Interact's dexdrive for the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2 game consoles.

Nintendo estimates that each of these special golf packages can be purchased at 5800 yen, or $47. They have not given the word on when this software will be released.

Nintendo Power Advance, a GBA magazine coming out in June
Posted on April 16, 2001 @ 8:18 PM EDT by: Hairball
Those strange people at Nintendo Power Magazine are going to create a special magazine called "Nintendo Power Advance". It is going to to be a magazine all about the Game Boy Advance, since according to them, the Game Boy Advance is going to be much "more sophisticated" than current Game Boy Color titles.

The first issue of this magazine will be available in June, featuring games including Super Mario Advance, and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

With already a lack of information in the regular Nintendo Power these days, is introducing a new GBA magazine by Nintendo just a way to bring up the subscribers? So crazy fans will have to have 2 subscriptions to Nintendo Power?

Source: The Official Game Boy Advance Newsletter

Nintendo To Spend $25 Million On GBA North American Release
Posted on April 16, 2001 @ 4:20 PM EDT by: GuyInGreen
Nintendo announced earlier this month that they are planning to spend $25 Million on promoting the GBA's North American release. The estimated $25 million will go to three 30 second ads being broadcast the day of the release, and there on after.

The first ad will generically feature the GBA's hardware, the second ad will feature the promotion of Super Mario Advance, and the third ad will promote the other existing GBA games. Nintendo also commented, that given the numbers, it's easy to assume that Super Mario Advance will be the most highly anticipated GBA game upon release.

GBA promotion ads are not the only thing Nintendo plans spending money on. Nintendo plans to spend another $75 million on marketing the GBA in North America by the end of 2001.

Official Super Mario Advance Box!
Posted on April 12, 2001 @ 8:26 PM EDT by: Tiger
After many modications of this story, this is the final setting.
This IS the official box! First grabbed from Planet Gamecube (having their pic scanned from an EB catalog), it is sort of officialized with a high quality image from IGN.
Brace yourselves, this is a large loading picture:

Well since we are on the topic of GBA boxes, I have some commentary to spit at you. As opposed to the Japanese box design , The US GBA box design keeps the shape of the older (GB, GBP, GBC) boxes. The Japanese GBA box design is of a newer shape, simliar to a SNES box. Interesting. Even if I still prefer the Japanese boxes, the US design is still cool.

Dr. Mario 64 released today
Posted on April 9, 2001 @ 9:57 PM EDT by: Hairball
One of those games that came out of nowhere, Dr. Mario 64 was released today in North America for a price of $29.95 US ($39.95 Canadian). It should be available in stores very very soon.

Source: IGN64

MP3 Player add-on for N64
Posted on April 2, 2001 @ 5:29 PM EDT by: Hairball
Much like SM128C yesterday, Nintendo Power Source itself is pulling off a belated April Fools Day joke as well....but this one is actually a big more real...

In a press release today, dated "April 1, 2001", it talks about an "MP3 player" with on-screen characters such as Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong, being released on May 7, 2001.

But hmmmm...MP3, Mario Party 3? Does that ring a bell?