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Mario Party 3 Release Date
Posted on December 29, 2000 @ 10:27 AM EST by: Hairball
Nintendo Power Source has updated its Mario Party 3 page once again. Mario Party 3 will be released on May 7, 2001. The game features over 70 mini-games, and improved graphics. Will this be a huge improvement over Mario Party 2? Or just a minor upgrade?


IGN64 rips from SM64C!
Posted on December 20, 2000 @ 11:10 PM EST by: Hairball
We've recently discovered some Super Mario 64 screenshots from this site, SM64C, on IGN64's Super Mario 64 review. Though we do not own the rights to the screenshots, it's quite odd that such a high-class site would "borrow' screenshots from SM64C.

IGN64's Super Mario 64 review is located at:

The two screenshots on the page can be found in the Super Mario 64 Screenshots Section of SM64C which is at: (they are the first two in the right column)

These screenshots were created by me last year, for use in the Super Mario 64 FAQ.

IGN64's review had broken images on their screenshots for quite sometime, and recently, we've discovered that they've posted screenshots back up on it, from Super Mario 64 Central.

One way we can prove that the screenshot was from our site is this. Right below the review's first screenshot there is a description saying "Even after four years, Mario 64 still shines as the crowning 3D platformer of the 64-bit era." This means that they have recently updated the screenshot, since the game was released in 1996, and plus 4 years is 2000, which is where we are now.

This is all we have to say, and we have nothing against IGN, but we would just like to get this point out.

Updated Mario Party 3 Preview
Posted on December 9, 2000 @ 9:07 AM EST by: Hairball
IGN64 has updated their Mario Party 3 preview with more screenshots and game information. For first impressions, I would say that Mario Party 3 looks better already than its predecessors. Check out the link below for the goods.