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Nintendo DS Looks To The Future After A Powerful Holiday Season
Posted on January 6, 2005 @ 11:41 AM EST by: Hairball
The video game industry closed 2004 with a rush to portable game systems, and especially a rush to Nintendo DS™. The new year starts much the same way, with the 1.3 million new Nintendo DS owners in North America experiencing games and interacting with one another in ways never before possible. From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nintendo announces that new games planned for the first quarter of 2005 will expand this community even more by demonstrating that there's more to hand-held video games than pretty pictures.

"Publishers and game players have only just begun to tap the potential of Nintendo DS," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "2005 will continue the excitement we've experienced in 2004."

The trend in consumer electronics is for music players, telephones and all manner of organizers to become portable, and video games are no exception. The future of video games will be characterized by innovation – by which games and systems can give players the best adventures and the newest ways to play. The dual-screened Nintendo DS defines this trend with a touch screen, wireless communication and voice recognition. Nintendo DS represents a third, distinct product line for Nintendo, and it's the cornerstone of Nintendo's approach to the future.

Publishers have more than 120 games planned for Nintendo DS. Key titles due in 2005 include Need for Speed Underground™ 2 from Electronic Arts, WarioWare™: Touched!, Pokémon® Dash and Yoshi Touch & Go™ from Nintendo and Retro Atari Classics™ from Atari. Thanks to backward compatibility with Game Boy® Advance SP titles, Nintendo DS already boasts a library of more than 500 games.

But Nintendo DS is just one element of Nintendo's strong holiday season. 2005 will herald new games for Game Boy Advance SP and Nintendo GameCube™.

Game Boy Advance continued its dominance by selling more than 8 million units in North America in 2004, making it the year's best-selling video game system. Key upcoming titles include WarioWare™: Twisted!, The Legend of Zelda®: The Minish Cap, Mario Party® Advance, Fire Emblem™: The Sacred Stones and Pokémon® Emerald from Nintendo, Ace Combat Advance™ and Klonoa® 2 from Namco and Banjo Pilot™ from THQ®. More than 125 games are expected this year for Game Boy Advance SP.

Nintendo GameCube heads into 2005 with strong momentum after solid sales during the holidays. In the coming months, the graphical powers of Nintendo GameCube will shine again as Star Fox®: Assault, Geist™, Donkey Konga™ 2 and Donkey Kong® Jungle Beat from Nintendo join top titles like Resident Evil® 4 and Killer 7™ from Capcom, NBA Street V3 from Electronic Arts, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Chaos Theory from Ubisoft and Mortal Kombat®: Deception™ from Midway. And a new adventure for The Legend of Zelda® series remains in development. More than 60 games are expected this year for Nintendo GameCube.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach Take On The NBA's Best
Posted on January 6, 2005 @ 11:41 AM EST by: Hairball
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) and Nintendo announced today a partnership that brings the Nintendo All-Stars – Mario™, Luigi and Princess Peach – to the Nintendo GameCube™ version of NBA STREET V3, scheduled to launch in February under the EA SPORTS BIG™ brand. The game is being produced by Electronic Arts Canada, the studio that also is home to the industry-leading NBA LIVE and NCAA® March Madness® hoops video game franchises.

Featuring today's biggest NBA stars, a collection of the league's all-time greats, a Hall of Fame cast of past STREET characters, and now, for the first time ever, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, NBA STREET V3 is non-stop, action-packed fun. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are available to play as the Nintendo All-Stars team, while they are also available to compete individually in NBA STREET V3's new slam dunk contest.

"We're very excited to be able to incorporate the Nintendo All-Stars, as well as their own authentic Nintendo court, into NBA STREET V3," said V3 executive producer Wil Mozell. "There's nothing quite like seeing Mario, Luigi and Peach taking the over-the-top gameplay of NBA STREET V3 to the extreme as they square off against some of today's top NBA stars and all-time greats."

"Nintendo's characters have always proved they can compete on the world stage," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Now they'll show that they can compete on the streets as well."

The highly-anticipated third chapter in the multi-platinum-selling series expands on the fast-paced and larger-than-life game play that has made the franchise a hit. The all-new Trick Stick and interactive Gamebreaker control elevates the game to new heights with unmistakable style and attitude. NBA STREET V3 is also packed with highly detailed authentic street courts, deep player customization options, and new Court Creator. Screen shots of the game can be found at