E-Mailbag for December 22, 2002

The Rock wrote:

Can you SMELL what The Rock is cookin'?!

BeckerManEX: It smells like burned popcorn, the absolute worst smell in the world.
Hairball: I sure do. But WWE still sucks.
TW: No I cannot Smell what the Rock is Cooking.
Tiger: No.
Homer: Of course the ROCK is cooking ROCKS. Psh
FireKraken: Mmm Mmm Good!

Barney wrote:

I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too?

BeckerManEX: No, Love is overrated.
Hairball: Haha, I can do this really good Barney imitation, but then everyone would think I am gay.
TW: Do you mean Barney Rubble, Barney Gumble, Barney Calhoon or Barney the Dinosaur? EXPLAIN!
Tiger: Not in the least.
Homer: I love you Barney, you're my hero.
FireKraken: Hell naw!

Steve wrote:

You have no proof you saw Luigi in the game. Despite the fact that you sent your 'encounter' on April Fools Day, you could have easily taken prnt screening from Super Smash Bros and paste a pic. of Luigi onto a Prnt screening from Mario 64. If you actually encountered him, please send me a video or something, so I can spread the news. I also think that your directions to GET to Luigi is awfully vague; 2 stars in 5 min, and run around the lake 64 times??? uh huh...

If you did encounter him, and I am wrong AGAIN (93.7% of the time) then please send further & more accurately covered proof. If this WAS a hoax, please tell me. I am not mad if it IS a hoax; I figured it was anyway

So is it real or not?

BeckerManEX: Not, it was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!
Hairball: I still find it extremely shocking that people still e-mail us about Luigi in Super Mario 64... although we did this hoax back in April 2000, there have been enough stories before that. Sigh, but I bet we're going to see Luigi in Super Mario Sunshine stories too.
TW: Listen real close. "Super Mario 64" was released SEVEN years ago now. That joke was done nearly THREE years ago. It is PLAINLY OBVIOUS THAT IT WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! LUIGI IS NOT FUCKING WELL IN SUPER MARIO 64 (or mario sunshine for that matter)
Tiger: Of course! Luigi is everywhere. It is a deep conspiracy.
Homer: Its real, fucker. Now go back to your N64 and continue playing. Chop chop!
FireKraken: Jesus Christ you dumbfucks! Luigi ISN'T in the game. That was simply an April Fool's joke... like 3 years ago!! FOOLS!!

Nintendo wrote:

Your site is so gay that it insults the good name of Mario. All you talk about is porn and sex. You don't even have any pornographic pictures! So in other words, your site is pointless and we're going to convince AOL to shut your @$$ES down for all eternity!

BeckerManEX: We are not hosted, affiliated with, or connected with AOL, so Steve Case can sit on his thumb and rotate for all we care.
Hairball: AOL, bah, that loser company. Ted can go suck a right nut.
TW: Blame the retards who write in with stuff about porn and sex. AOL don't own the internet you turds.
Tiger: I dont approve of this porn and sex. *thwaps HB and Homer*
Homer: You must be gay. All man talk about sex. Unless you're gay, and that is exactly what you are
FireKraken: AOL? What are they gonna do, merge with us? Give us free cds?! God no!! If you want me to put up porn...


You guys are so lazy. I bet you stay home all day playing your playstation.[and betraying nintendo]That's whack!

And solar I have nothing against the Super Mario Saga But I think you are a preverted bastard.


BeckerManEX: I do stay at home and play my PlayStation2 along with my GameCube, GBA, and Dreamcast. I like to get a variety of games for all systems.
Hairball: First, I rarely play video games. Second, there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing PlayStation games... stupid fanboys.
TW: I have both Playstation 2 and Gamecube.
Tiger: Nah I actually play playstation all day at other people's houses although I do have a ps2 at home.
Homer: Thank you for your complement. We will listen to your advice
FireKraken: Thanks for the compliment!

Phantaz wrote:

Why does everyone talk about emulation like it is a horrible crime. It is not like the fucking cops are going to break your door down and shoot you. It's the same as when people talk bad about copying videos.

Is Game and watch Gallery 4 any good? I want to buy it, but I will most likely not. All the $$$ I get goes to GAMECUBE games.

Why did Solargamer try to start over the Super Mario Saga over again? that is fucked.

Why did Solargamer vanish AGAIN!!!

SM128C is awesome!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: 1) Emulation is not all bad, it is highly nostalgic, but it is still a crime. 2) Have you seen a Game & Watch Gallery game that wasn't good? 3) I don't know, and 4) I don't know again.
Hairball: Personally I use emulators and ROMs a lot, yes, they can't really do anything about it. But for the protection of SM128C, we will not provide information on how to get ROMs, otherwise Nintendo will get on our ass. If you want ROMs, just look for them, it really really isn't hard.
TW: True, emulation is illegal but there is no way of really tracing it unless you were selling games off on fake carts/cds on Ebay or wherever. Solargamer did turn up last week, but hadn't finished the Prologue yet. Expect it in March. 2004.
Tiger: Solar...is a mystery!
Homer: G&G 4 sucks ass, yes. Solar is back. SO WATCH OUT MCGAFFIN
FireKraken: You're right, the cops won't. But the FBI will! And don't say it'll never happen... a LOT of warezers I know got raided by the FBI and hauled off with all their equipment.

Rick wrote:

didn't you'll hear about that mario 128 is in development ?

BeckerManEX: We certainly did, but no real details have been released other than it IS in development, or has been since the technology demo was displayed at SpaceWorld.
Hairball: Yes.. I think so?
TW: Yes we did, and posted a news update about it.
Tiger: Erm..not really
Homer: Yes we heard, you slowfuck
FireKraken: You mean, Super Mario SUnshine?

Chris Stamper wrote:

Dearest Mario fan website that sucks, I, Chris Stemper think that I made the biggest mistake hiring these low life people to work for my little game compeny called Rareware. We are very sorry for making DK64 & Star Fox adventures.

BeckerManEX: Don't be sorry, I liked both games!
Hairball: Wow, we can be dearest, and we suck. That sure is contradictory.
TW: It's Chris STAMPER not STEMPER. People are never happy? DK64 was super-long and hard. People complained. Starfox is super-easy. People complained. YOU CAN'T PLEASE ANYONE!
Tiger: I'm sure you are.
Homer: DK64 and SF has nothing to do with Mario, so why mention it?
FireKraken: ... You spelled your name wrong.. And, I'm sorry that you make DK64, too. So it's settled!

Light Link wrote:

Will there ever be LOZ for GBA like for the e-reader?

BeckerManEX: By LOZ I believe you mean The Legend of Zelda, and yes there is for the GBA, but you can only find it by playing Animal Crossing (GCN).
Hairball: LOZ = Legend of Zelda? Probably not, but I think A Link to the Past is coming out on GBA.
TW: Hopefully.
Tiger: LOZ? What is that?
Homer: What is LOZ? What is GBA? What is a E-Reader?
FireKraken: Link To The Past just came out for GBA..

Denise wrote:

hi i would greatly appreaciate it if some one wouls send me a site where i could down load the super mario brothers game! thanks so0O much! ~Denise~

BeckerManEX: Sorry doing that would break the DMCA and then we would have FBI agents up to our armpits.
Hairball: Again, I have answered this already, just use your brain a bit, and you'll find your stupid ROMs.
TW: Search for smb.nes on Google.
Tiger: Go find it yourself, don't be a lazy person and come to us for petty offerings.
Homer: I thought I answered this already, go to http://www.fbi.gov or http://www.rcmp.ca
FireKraken: http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/fbb645a1/bc/
starcraft+-+the+12+days+of+christmas.mp3?bcXY0A.APPFv4beW << go there

Santa Clause wrote:

I just wanted to tell you all that you have been a very bad group of people, and that you will surly get a lump of coal in your stocking this Christmas. And as for those of you that think you can get back at me by fucking Mrs. Clause, I could care less. To tell you the truth, I only give toys to children so I can rape them and their parents. But I use magic dust so they don't remember.

BeckerManEX: Colorful, disgusting, and very, very lame. Nice try.
Hairball: Considering how negative you are towards Christmas, I can conclude that you are Jewish.
TW: Are you Tim Allen?
Tiger: Hrm..thats interesting..but you are an imposter, to say the least.
Homer: I hate Santa, I'm not even going to read this.
FireKraken: Ooh! Coal! FIRE!! FIIIRE!!!

Daniela wrote:

Quisiera jugar juegos de computadora de MARIO pero no se a donde meterme. GRACIAS

BeckerManEX: Banana-Hammock.
TW: Usted sabe jugar solamente MARIO ES MÁQUINA QUE FALTA, y de MARIO'S DEL TIEMPO, en la computadora.
Tiger: No, we won't get you any damn games. Read reply for Denise slacker.
Homer: Merci Beaucoup
FireKraken: No hablamos español aquí, concha. Va por favor el hallazgo un sitio español a rant y delirio sobre su nothingness, porque no cuidamos simplemente. Y en cuanto a usted, vaya al infierno!

Shredrick wrote:

where are the secret worlds on the origianl super mario brothers?

BeckerManEX: When going through level 2 of World 1, jump on top of the bricks at the very end, where the L shaped Pipe is located, there you will find warps to three different levels. The secret worlds, or The Lost Levels, were only included in the Japanese release and are included on the Super Mario All-Stars game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
Hairball: You must be referring to minus world, I have no idea. Seek GameFAQs for more help.
TW: The Minus World? Can't remember. www.gamefaqs.com
Tiger: Ask the others.
Homer: Unno
FireKraken: After you smoke enough monkey pole, you'll find what you seek.

Tetra wrote:

Where does Boshi come from and what games are he in?

BeckerManEX: I have no idea what you are talking about, but I don't believe he exists.
Hairball: Boshi is like an evil-brother to Yoshi, maybe? I really have no idea. But he was only found in Super Mario RPG.
TW: He is in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, on SNES I believe.
Tiger: In games unknown.
Homer: Boshi comes from Yoshi's ass. So therefore, he comes from Super Mario World
FireKraken: Uhm.. you got me..