E-Mailbag for December 14, 2002

Dan wrote:

I'm smarter than all of you!

BeckerManEX: Let's see some proof.
Hairball: Dan, by saying that, you are probably the stupid one.
TW: I'm sure you aren't
Homer: You sure is
FireKraken: Congratulations.

Kyan wrote:

Hey, you suck. I bet you could'nt dance to the beat. 1.You suck 2. I rule 3. I will get you! You and your little puppy dog too! 4. Is this a question? 5. Are you really that sh!tty? 6.Crap, Damn, Fart, Hell, Ass, Sex?

BeckerManEX: I can dance to a beat, DDR Rules! 1) No 2) No 2) No 4) Yes 5) No 6) Yes
Hairball: 1. Yes, 2. No, 3. Uhhh, 4. No, 5. Yes, 6. That is a question?
Homer: 1. Thank you 2. I rule too 3. Come and get my dog, biotch 4. Fuck off 5. Shittier then you 6. Penis, Cock, Vagina, Shit, Fuck, Masturbate, Menstruation?
FireKraken: Sadly, they just get worse.

Al Gore wrote:

DAMMIT! I will have to shut the internet down, AGAIN! FUCK!

BeckerManEX: That is impossible, you can't shut down the "internet"
Hairball: Sigh.. Mr. Gore, you should stop trying to pretend that you got da power, cause you sure don't.
TW: YES, You will win the 2004 U.S Presidential Election.
Homer: Noooo, my year supply ol' porn
FireKraken: Al Gore is a compulsive lier.

Janet wrote:

Are you sure that Luigi is in the game? Because I tried it alot of times and it doesnt work is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help.

BeckerManEX: Yes, you actually believed some stupid joke. Let me set the record straight for you, no Luigi is not in the game, for what ever game you are talking about, he isn't there.
Hairball: Luigi is in Luigi's Mansion. I'm quite sure, I think.
TW: Yes, Luigi is Luigi's Mansion. Insert the disc (face up) into the console and turn it on, and Select New Game. You now can play as Luigi.
Homer: I'm sorry sir, you have to do it a few more times. Our staff here had a bit of trouble too. All you need to do is to do it a lot of times until it works
FireKraken: Oh for the sweet love of Christ are we still talking about Luigi being in SM64?

McGaffin wrote:

GOOD LORD! HE GOT ME! AHHHH! HE IS RAPING MY ASS RIGHT NOW! AHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH... oohhh... Wait, this feel GREAT! I think I will die.. from.. sexual.. pleasure... *dies*

BeckerManEX: This is freaking stupid, damn two year olds and thier stupid jokes.
Hairball: Goddamn McGaffin, why are you such a stupid bastard?
TW: McGaffin WATCH OUT! (what the hell does that mean)
FireKraken: I see Hairball got another one...

L Koerber wrote:

I would like to download Mario or Super Mario onto my pc, can u tell me where i can find it and if its free please?

BeckerManEX: Number one that is illegal, number two it is possible, but releasing that information would violate the stupid DMCA in America and then I would get sued, and so on. So sorry, I won't tell you where.
Hairball: Is it really that hard to go to a search engine and search for "N64 ROMs"?
TW: Search for smb.nes or something in Google.
Homer: www.fbi.gov
FireKraken: Yes, downloading computer games is completely free because YOU'RE STEALING THEM. But its all good.

The Barrie Family wrote:

Why won't Nintendo make new Mario games for GBA? Will they ever make a one?

BeckerManEX: Why make new ones when everyone flocks and buys up the old ones they release?
Hairball: Nintendo is still trying to milk the Mario franchise on the GBA. They won't release a new GBA Mario game until they've finished re-releasing as many as possible.
TW: They hopefully will make one for GBA, but they seem to be concentrating on "Insert Old Game Here: Super Mario Advance 4" Right Now. There's always Wario Land 4...
Homer: Because at nintendo, everyone has their head in their asses
FireKraken: They have a couple of Mario games for GBA, but I dont think they are going to release a brand new Mario game for it.

Ken Lobb wrote:

Dear owners of this website, we are pleased to inform you that Microsoft has bought out Nintendo, that mean your favorite Mario, Metriod, Zelda and Pokemon games are being rated T to M. Oh, forgot to tell you, Rareware is now part of the sucky game makers that we own. And Temco just went out bussiness because of the Titty fests like Dead Or Alive. And I'm also having gay sex with Rare's Chris Stupper. Ken Lobb Microsoft Corp. P.S. I had my...way with your grandma Hairball. Also don't forget to buy Halo 2 starring Samus Aran, only on X-box, the crappiest game system since Virtual Boy.

BeckerManEX: Hey! I liked the Virtual Boy and still have mine somewhere...around...here...
Hairball: The fact that Microsoft has bought Nintendo doesn't exactly affect us. There's nothing wrong with a M rated Mario game, you know, M for Mario? Ha ha ha. Yes, I know that joke was extremely gay.
TW: How fun, by the way it's Chris Stamper, not Stupper. Now let me shoot you with a KLobb gun.
Homer: Sweet, Mario porn!. Wee Hee!!
FireKraken: Are there really people out there that are this bored?

Satan wrote:

IMPOSTORS!!! IMPOSTORS!!! All right. If you remember, I, the ONE AND ONLY SATAN, sent you an e-mail pertaining to all of SM128C.com's staffs' fates in Hell. This was posted on October 26, 2002. I would like to know why you have posted so many impostors' messages (such as "George Lucas's") that just emulate mine. Can you not tell that I am the one and only lord of evil? Do you not believe that I alone could have written such a masterpiece, cleverly devising such torture for the staff? When you post the impostors' letters, you not only insult me, you insult yourselves. I'm disappointed in you.

BeckerManEX: I personally believe George Lucas could be the lord of evil because of how bad his movies are, the guy couldn't direct a McDonald's commercial.
Hairball: What? You mean Al Gore hasn't shut down the Internet service in hell yet?
TW: I hope you realize you just wasted 7.23432799399922 seconds of my life.
Homer: You're not good enough to be Satan sir. I don't find you scary
FireKraken: Slowly losing interest...

Duke Power wrote:

Hehehe! We're going to shut down your power for all eternity! Hehehe!

BeckerManEX: Somehow I don't think so...
Hairball: What the hell is with everyone trying to shut us down?
TW: We still have Candles.
Homer: Uh.. Sure... Why not...
FireKraken: Are there honestly no real questions Hairball?

Blizzard Ent Fan wrote:

Hmmm...long time no see, heh. Still getting hate mail here I see, lol. Well, it's that time of year again. What system do you think will win the "console war" this time? What do you think of WarCraft III and StarCraft:Ghost? Thanks. Keep up the good work guys! See ya around sometime on b.net maybe? (If you still play Blizzard games that is.) =P

BeckerManEX: I don't think there is any doubt that the PlayStation2 has already won the "war" as many people put it. The viable battle is for second place between MicroSoft and Nintendo and right now Nintendo has a slight lead on the Big M. As for WarCraft III I think the game is totally killer and can't wait to start playing through it again (school has kept me away) and StarCraft: Ghost looks like a really good game with a talented developer behind it, I really can't wait to see how the game turns out. Of course we still play on B.Net, not as much as we usually do, but we are around.
Hairball: Clearly, Sony is winning the console war with their PS2, I doubt the Xbox or GameCube will surpass it this generation. I stopped playing games due to my excess of homework these days. I wonder if Bnet still lags... hmmm.
TW: I don't play Blizzard Games.
Homer: Screw SC. Blizzards is fucked. AND I MEAN FUCKED
FireKraken: I think Xbox and GC are going to share this christmas, leaving PS2 behind. And, as much as I love the concept of Starcraft: Ghost, I just don't know about it...

Yellow Yoshi wrote:

whats with the problems with the sms?(super mario saga)

BeckerManEX: I frankly don't know, sorry.
Hairball: The same problems that are in SMS (Super Mario Sunshine).
TW: Perhaps SolarGamer is a lazy fuck who promises all, but lies to us about getting it posted?
Homer: I'm afraid it is gay like you. Madam
FireKraken: Beats me. (like Hairball)

Mr. Krabs wrote:

Hi, Matey. Got a few questions for ye: 1. is there a way to play as Sonic in Mario Party 4? 2. why wasn't Tatanga in Mario Party 4? 3. Is there going to be a new Sonic Adventure game coming out on gamecube?

BeckerManEX: 1) No Sonic is not in the game even though it was produced by the same developer that created Sonic Shuffle, so maybe buried deep inside the disc, but there has been no formal announcement. 2) I don't know, sorry. 3) The ORIGINAL Sonic Adventure that was released in 1999 with the Dreamcast will make an appearence as a budget title next year on the GCN, but as for a Sonic Adventure 3, I'm not sure. Considering that Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is one of the highest selling 3rd Party GameCube games I think Sega would look kindly on the idea, we will just have to wait and see.
Hairball: 1. Yes there is, 2. Cause he's gay, 3. Yes.
TW: 1. No 2. Never played it 3. Possibly a port of the much superior Sonic Adventure 1.
Homer: 1. Yes, we will release the code at April. 2. Who the fuck is Tatanga? 3. Fuck GCN, GO PS2!
FireKraken: God, please make it stop.

All That wrote:

Wow, I have to say this is one of the sorriest excuses for a Mario fan site in the world. The only things that save this site are the E-mailbags. Please allow me to explain why I think this site is not worthy of a domain name...Or anything else, for that matter. Your art section is VERY short and has almost no good material to speak of. The fan fiction sucks, and the only info I've ever gotten out of your news stories I didn't already know was one of the most recent addition concerning the Game Boy Player for the GCN, coming circa 2003. I'll be visiting every now and then for the E-mailbags and laughing my ass off at your lack of anything else. -All That By the way, SMS sucked.

BeckerManEX: Thanks for visiting the site, be sure to check out or fine Editorials section where my column "Through the Warp Pipe" can be found. We hope you enjoy your visit to SM128C, and hope that you return soon! By the way, no it didn't.
Hairball: Anyone who is able to pay domain fees ranging from $9 to $20 US a year are worthy of a domain name.
TW: You think you can do better?
Homer: How bout you try making a website, pointdexter (Sorry Solar)
FireKraken: Yay! Another person that thinks we care!

McGaffin wrote:

Dammit, SolarGamer. Why the hell didn't you tell me to WATCH OUT? You suck! The least you could've done is warned me.

BeckerManEX: This is the stupidest joke ever, you guys need to freaking grow up.
Hairball: I thought he did warn you, I'm pretty sure that he did.
FireKraken: All I want for christmas is for the insanity to end.