E-Mailbag for August 15, 2002

Rebecca wrote:

Help me plz im really stuck on super mario world advance 2 on level vanilla dome 3.

BeckerManEX: You need to tell us where you are stuck, aside form Tiger and Solar none of us are crazy or psychic.
Hairball: That is too bad for you, it is not my problem that you are stuck somewhere in Dinosaur Land, there are vast resources on the Internet that can help you find an answer, but you just HAVE to e-mail us.
GuyInGreen: www.gamefaqs.com
SolarGamer: Poor, poor Becky. You are stuck in Super Mario World? What the hell is wrong with you? Super Mario World is one of the easiest games around. Maybe SMW is a little above your IQ level honey. What should you do? Hmmm, that's a tuffy. I suggest sniffing paint. It makes everything so queer in an interesting yet magical kind of donut. My frog bit me! The box can see the future of the curtains. Ack! A COOKIE! DEAR GOD NO! THE WORLD....It is being vacuumed!!!!!....... Now where was I? Oh yes! Never EVER sell your body for drugs again. Do I make myself clear?
Tiger: Ask HB.
X-Bot: Right on.
Peachy: Umm...go to gamefaqs.com

SuperMarioBro#1 wrote:

The SM128C eStore is cool! The mugs are funny, one of them said, "Not 100% Mario, 128% Mario!" or whatever. I hope good things happen to SM128C in the future! P.S. Congratulations to SolarGamer for making what I know will be an awesome fanfic! When is FaraPheniox (Formerly Velvet Dark 007) going to Update The Ledgend of Shroogoom? I've been waiting for a month to see episode 6! It is great!

BeckerManEX: It seems as though the store is a big hit for window shoppers. Harry will be thankful to know that I put his name down as a referrer for when my store opens for Entertainmentopia next month.
Hairball: Yay, thanks for the compliments on our store, now maybe a purchase?
GuyInGreen: Thanks for the compliment.
SolarGamer: Thanks a lot. I write the Mario Saga for true Mario fans who can appreciate all I put into the story. I literally spend hours a week on the Saga and I wouldn't be doing that if it weren't for people like you.
Tiger: Yes, the eStore is wonderful.. go.. buy.. baseball.. shirt.. designed.. by.. tiger.. yes..go..do..it..now..
X-Bot: Simple pleasures for simple minds. Yeah, it's not bad. No word on the fanatic fiction however.
Peachy: Sadly I have never gone to the SM128C store :(. I also wish ALL HELL ON THIS SITE! BURN, BABY, BURN!!!! :)

Mariofan88823 wrote:

GuyInGreen has disgraced Mario because of what he said in the editorials under "Nintendo mistake".

BeckerManEX: Not everyone agrees with what he said, I don't, but editorials are opinion and not fact so you can't castrate him too bad.
Hairball: GIG has a gigabyte full of errors.
GuyInGreen: I just pointed out that Nintendo made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Even god made a mistake, he made you.
SolarGamer: Spoken like a true Nintendo fan-boy. Who gives a flying fuck if GuyInGreen doesn't like Nintendo's recent decisions. As I always say, if you want to have some wallpaper I suggest reading a book. NOW FOLLOW THIS ADVICE! Or....else.....yes....or else.
Tiger: Yes, doesn't he always disgrace everyone.
X-Bot: It's called an editorial for a reason. u will die
Peachy: ok

Phantaz wrote:

How many episodes of the Saga will there be Solargamer? And my other question is, do you guys hate Super Mario Bros. Headquarters and The Mushroom Kingdom. I do, i like your site a lot more!

BeckerManEX: We are all one big happy family, why would we hate them?
Hairball: Preliminary reports and information tell me that the Super Mario Saga is expected to be at least 100 episodes, though more are likely. SMBHQ sucks, that's it.
GuyInGreen: I am indifferent to them, it doesn't really matter to me.
SolarGamer: Phantaz, there should be around a 100 episodes and probably more ^_^ of the Super Mario Saga. As for your other question, no we don't hate either of those sites actually....we just think our site is better.WORD! Microsoft Word! Ahh you're just a playa hata. Real One Player. Wow! I am having deju vu. It's like...all...this...has...happened...BEFORE.
Tiger: Because we are rivals! And because we are better! Yes!
X-Bot: Super Mario Bros. Headquarters and The Mushroom Kingdom knock our socks off.
Peachy: Yes, I hate both those sites. Even though I've never seen them I hate them just because you say so.

ShadyGrady wrote:

Holy shit, updates every other day?? Who the hell do you think you are?! I guess I should be congratulating you, but the last time I did that, you guys patted yourselves on the back and fell asleep for the next month. Oh, and happy Webmaster Appreciation Day (Aug 5). To show appreciation, I decided to buy 2 mugs at the sm128c store.

BeckerManEX: We updated everyday? I think there must be some mistake, we don't do that!
Hairball: Haha... we update whenever it is necessary, and with Super Mario Sunshine out in Japan, and coming soon in the rest of the world, this would be an excellent time to be updating more often.
GuyInGreen: I am sure Hairball appreciates that. Thank you.
SolarGamer: OH MY GOD!....MY DICK!.....It....is.....BIG! And that's the end of the world. CAN YOU DIG IT? WELL....CAN YOU? CAN YOU? CAN YOU DIG IT! I CAN DIG IT! BUT CAN YOU DIG IT! YES I CAN DIG IT! CAN YOU AND YOU DIG IT? YOU BET I CAN DIG IT. CAN HE DIG IT? YES HE CAN DIG IT. WHY CAN'T I DIG IT? YOU CAN DIG IT. CAN THAT DIG IT. OF COURSE HE CAN DIG THAT. CAN DIG IT! CAN DIG IT! CAN DIG IT! My hamster walked in the room and he started sing the Phantom of the Opera. THE END. I mean...thanks a lot...SUCKA!
Tiger: Yay! Did you really? If you didn't yet, don't, cause HB is a rich already. Line MY pockets with money, not his!
X-Bot: Those must be some fantastic drugs you are on. Gimme some.
Peachy: Nah, we didn't just go to sleep, we died and went to hell where we are now forced to update every other day.

Melissa Mario Sister wrote:

Hey, guys! Remember me? I'm writing to tell you that I looked over the two reviews you've got for Mario Teaches Typing, and I have to say that I don't think it deserves the lowly score of (4.5). I was at summer camp when I tried this game for myself, and believe you me, it was a big relief from all the suckier games there. The computers were ancient! Anyway, I'm a pretty good typist, but I'm not very fast. I don't use the hand positioning required in Mario Teaches Typing, but it has made me a faster typist. The graphics were pretty quirky, and a little weird, but it made the experience stick. And the challenge of writing a sentence to guide Luigi through Bowser's castle is not as easy as it sounds, trust me. Bottom line is, I thought it was pretty fun. You may not agree with me, but I thought I'd give the game some credit since people seem to like badmouthing it. I have nothing against that, and I'll agree it's not the best game in the world. I just wanted people to know that there are some who aren't part of the "general" Mario public. Thank you.

BeckerManEX: It's Mario Teaches Typing? If milking and abusing the cash cow isn't a crime then I don't know what is.
Hairball: Melissa Mario Sister? Of course I remember you. You were that stupid bitch that kept complaining about every fucking thing that we do on this site, and criticize everything... asdf jkl; <-- the basic hand position, how hard is that?
SolarGamer: Ummmmm.....Mario Teaches Typing sucks and there is nothing more to it. As a side note, can I have a lollipop? My priest told me to lick his lollipop and ever since then I can't stop sucking them. TO THE EXTREME!
Tiger: Yes, some people are biased against non-Nintendo Mario games. Mario Teaches Typing isn't that bad, but I'm sure there are better typing programs out there now.
X-Bot: You must be lieing about reading it, because in the review you can clearly see I praised it. Obviously Hairball took exception and lowered the score.
Peachy: I believe this is one of the longest emailbag question (sorta) I have ever responded to, so I will save everyone some misery from flaming you and I will not take the time to read that huge paragraph.

Mario fan wrote:

No offense but this site is starting to become really boring. I don`t mean to insult you but I think you should close this site down or update this site. P.S. Solar Gamer acts like an asshole.

BeckerManEX: If you are bored, don't come anymore, no seriously we don't want to put you to sleep, no really, I mean it, I really do! Acutally I don't.
Hairball: Boring? How boring is it? Everyone (well at least Mario fans) wants a little SM128C in their life. If you devote your life to being on this site, here's a tip, get outside, and steal some cars or something. Now stealing cars isn't boring, not boring at all.
GuyInGreen: Hairball is getting slapped for putting such a stupid email up.
SolarGamer: Pssssshhhhhhh....I AM an asshole. What the fuck is your point. I would rather be an asshole than some ugly fat greasy poindexter who is anti-social and has no life. WORD! Microsoft Word! Ahh you're just a playa hata. Real One Player. Wow! I am having deju vu. It's like...all...this...has...happened...BEFORE.
Tiger: Boring? How can you say it's boring? Boring things are only boring to boring people.
X-Bot: Interesting fact: We update this site.
Peachy: No, I don't take any offence because this isn't my site. This horrible creation was all Hairball's idea.

Josh wrote:

I am sick of the way SolarGamer has to insult everyone, and I'm sure there are many, many people who will agree with me. No matter what type of question, comment, or suggestion is submitted, SolarGamer can always respond with a (usually-sex related) insult. That just sickens me. I've seen totally valid points being made in E-Mailbags and he still has to write insults. If all he wants to do is offend every single person, he should be fired. Actually I think his horrible personality has lost SM128C some visitors. I've been a frequent visitor to this site a while now, and I felt it has been a lot more unpopular since a year ago. Perhaps it's because of the lack of updates, but I think the offensiveness of a few staff members are causing people to leave. Why can't you just be a normal Mario site with reasonable, nice staff members? Listen to my advice and you will get more visitors and more money. If you don't listen, that's fine. People will leave and you won't know why.

BeckerManEX: I don't try to insult people but sometimes it calls for it. You will be happy to know that I didn't insult you in your answer and I have been with the site since the beginning, if there is ever an end, I will be here for that too.
Hairball: How has it lost us visitors? From what we've seen, people do like the E-Mailbag, and what good is it if there isn't any entertainment? A lot of the questions asked by you people can already be answered through the site, or through other sites.
GuyInGreen: Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you're an asshole.
SolarGamer: Hey faggot! What is up my brother? Ohhhhhh, I am so sorry, did I hurt your feelings. I am truly sorry. I didn't know that you were so hyper sensitive as to get insulted by an anonymous name on a computer screen. Anyways Josh, I have been at this site for almost three years or LONGER...Hairball and I are good friends....I have worked my ASS off for this site....and if you knew what you were talking about at all you would know that I am actually one of the most well LIKED staff member around. People tend to find me funny and the ones that don't are usually ugly and therefor I don't care what they think because I don't take ugly people serious anyways. The site is doing just fine and if anyone really cares to know the site has had INCREASED hits since my return. Ask anyone on the site and you will be shocked to learn that SM128C is becoming even more popular despite your questionable statements. Go away faggot, we don't care if you visit the site at all. Ugly people are not welcome here. I suggest suicide fr you. :D
Tiger: Word. Microsoft word. (solar joke, hehe)
X-Bot: The reason for the shenanigans is because FOX bought us out.
Peachy: If you don't like it then why do you keep returning here? And besides, EVERYONE'S funny and rude responses bring IN people. I mean, come ON, who wants a boring site?

Impact009 wrote:

Referring to the last e-mail bag, Solar said he has grown in his writing skills and said that the Saga is original and all his. So just one thing, is Mario his? He said that his Saga is copyright protected, yet it is already copyright protected by Nintendo. You did use another source, you used Nintendo! Are you a moron!? Oh, and don't you ever use a fucking spell checker!? I mean, I gave up counting your spelling errors after 26! When you use course with the preposition of, it's spelled course! Not coarse! It's spelled course! Spell it with me, c-o-u-r-s-e. Not c-o-a-r-s-e. C-o-u-r-s-e good, c-o-a-r-s-e bad. Got that!? Through reverse engineering with Codebreaker on the Nintendo 64, I manage to turn Mario into the same color clothing as Luigi. But he just looks like Mario in Luigi's clothes. Do you know if anybody had ever figured out the whole code to turn Mario into Luigi? I mean, I experimented and got him invisible, got him to bend his back backwards permanently, had him go through walls, had him walk backwards, but was never able to turn him into Luigi! Is there anybody willing to help me in this?

BeckerManEX: WOW, genius, how do you think people tried to make legitimate screenshots of a code that doesn't exist? It wasn't all Photoshop.
Hairball: That is good for you, keep on trying to get Luigi in Super Mario 64, it's been 6 years, yet the mystery is still, uhh.. a mystery.
GuyInGreen: Nobody likes a smartass.
SolarGamer: Nice try cum-puppy...but you have yet to prove me wrong. The STORY of the Super Mario Saga IS copyrighted....the CHARACTERS are NOT. Once again the STORY IS COPYRIGHTED by ME and the CHARACTERS are copyrighted by Nintendo. As for my spelling and grammar. Fuck you. When I mean I have grown as a writer I mean in the sense of my method of story telling and themes. I produce one ten-page episode a week and spelling and grammar takes the back seat in terms of producing a quality story. I am sure the average fan of the Saga prefers a high-quality weekly story, to perfect spelling and grammar.
Tiger: I don't think most companies care about copyrights when it comes to fanfics, since it even promotes their characters. So it's okay unless you try to sell them. A
Peachy: Who the hell are you, an English teacher?

Mario Mario wrote:

2 things: 1. When will you make my game 'Mario teaches sex' for the gamecube? 2. How is Luigi doing in his closet?

BeckerManEX: 2 things: 1) Are you freaking retarded or just French; 2) Shut up you sexually-inexperienced mama's boy. Get the Sears catalog and have some "bathroom time fun."
Hairball: I think before Mario teaches sex, he needs to teach how to use condoms first. It's always good to cover your stump before you hump. Eh?
GuyInGreen: Hahaha. I think they should make "Super Mario Sex" For gamecube. Good thinkin Mario MArio.
SolarGamer: McGaffin WATCH OUT!!! Thanks for the e-mail bag submission...you are so funny...I am laughing very hard o_O ... WORD! Microsoft Word! Ahh you're just a playa hata. Real One Player. Wow! I am having deju vu. It's like...all...this...has...happened...BEFORE.
Tiger: 1. I think you know about it already, 2. Luigi is NOT gay.
X-Bot: OMG! That's so sick! You're gross! Ewww... You must be a hit with the ladies. But yes, the game features manége a trois. Fun fun.
Peachy: Yes. We, a small site that has no connection to nintendo, will make JUST YOU a copy of that 'game'.

Luigi wrote:

Did someone say Bird Porn?

BeckerManEX: Yes, you just did. And now I am going to say Liquid Hot Midget Sex in Mud. See wasn't that fun.
Hairball: Look out your window, and you will see bird porn. That is due to the fact that most birds don't cover their genitals very well.
GuyInGreen: I did.
SolarGamer: Bird Porn? BIRD PORN!?! You SICK MOTHER FUCKER! NO ONE EVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT BIRD PORN......My cat....its...dead....
Tiger: Hopefully not.
X-Bot: Nope.
Peachy: yes!

Someone wrote:

I don`t mean any trouble but, over the months, the mailbags are starting to become filled with insults and critism and I think its the cause of the staff members, especially that jackass SolarGamer. When someone asks a question, you don`t try to answer. You just insult the person and try to hurt their feelings. For once in your pathectic lives, stop with the insults and get your act together before I call up AOL and shut this site down. Also, if you want my advice (and I know you do) try to get new staff members because you giving Mario a bad name. P.S. Solar needs help.

BeckerManEX: One, we aren't owned by AOL, they can try, but they aren't touching us. Two, I only insult when it is blatantly obvious that the question is fake, like our Bird Porn friend up above. Three, I try to give good answers when I can, if I really know the answer I will give it to you. I'm a straight shooter.
Hairball: Haha, AOL Time Warner, that loser stock that is only worth about $10 US right now and going down like a roller coaster. Ted Turner must be wasting a lot of money on that crap of a company.
GuyInGreen: Im gonna say it now. I love mario, hes the best videogame character ever. But i write about his flaws, and there arent many to write about.
SolarGamer: You act as though we care. There are six people answering questions...how boring it would be if someone, namely me, wasn't an asshole. By the way...I would get great satisfaction if I could hurt someone's feelings over the internet. I mean...who gets insulted by words on a computer screen written by someone who you don't even know and vice a versa. If I have the power to insult someone and have them take my insults to heart...I find that HILARIOUS! Call me an evil person, but that's grade 'A' entertainment. And you...call ME pathetic? LOL! Good times.
Tiger: Heh, this is funny. Of course the other people will insult everyone, since many that come here open themselves to idiotic questions/comments in the first place.
X-Bot: Haha, AOL will shut our site down. I think not. In all seriousness, we send our condolences to you and/or your significant other for taking abuse from fictitious pseudonyms and a garbled mess of words. Congrats.
Peachy: Duh, of course it's filled with insults, if people write stupid messages we'll give them stupid responses.

Nobody wrote:

Don`t you get tired of people sending immature E-Mails to you and saying things such as Hairball is gay and Solar sucks even though that is true I think that its wrong and do you know what? That is true. This site does suck and Hairball is gay.

BeckerManEX: Did you just answer your own question?
Hairball: I have said it 100's of times and I will say it again, I am not gay, I am bisexual.
GuyInGreen: Yes
SolarGamer: No we don't....this is the most entertaining part of the site. You get offended? Don't read it. It's as simple as that to all the faggots out there. I once said that why would someone who hates a site so much even bother to complain? Cause deep down inside you DO actually like what we are doing and it entertains you. That's why I laugh at idiots who bitch and complain at our site. They obviously have nothing better to do than sit on their computer all day jacking off and bitching to a little Mario fan-site which is being run COMPLETELY through VOLUNTEER work. Some nerve indeed.
Tiger: Yes, sometimes you get tired of it, but then you start to laugh at the people who are lame enough to write those messages.
X-Bot: Gay means lighthearted, and we are one happy bunch, in a non-sexual way that is.
Peachy: How many of these are we gonna GET?

Wassssssssssssuuuuuup? wrote:

How can one have a pen!s, and a v@gina at the same time?

BeckerManEX: Cartman's Mom.
Hairball: Can I say: hermaphrodite? Perhaps I can.
GuyInGreen: Ask Hairball
SolarGamer: My head it's...EXPLODING! DEAR GOD NO! The water bottle just flew up in the air and was eaten by a fly!
Tiger: You can have pens and drink gin at the same time. Totally possible.
X-Bot: One word... and a period: Hermaphrodites.
Peachy: Because they are a hermaphrodite WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUP.

Shorty wrote:

I have an idea for your next Mario game. I will give it to you if I get 50% of all the money you make on the. I promise it won't suck like Super Mario Sunshine. Why did you give him water gun? Is solar a girl?

BeckerManEX: Hey I played Mario Sunshine yesterday and the game rocks!
Hairball: I don't think the sunshine can suck, it only burns. And burns quite bad I have to say.
GuyInGreen: The asylum called, they are running out of idiots. Go to them Shorty, GO!
SolarGamer: I am neither man nor woman......I am a chicken. I lay eggs...sometimes the farmer kicks me and I cry. I dream about leaving the farm but the other animals will miss me. One time a duck came over and played at the barn. I liked it. I want to lay 20 eggs. A cat once tried to eat me but I screamed. Good bye.
Tiger: Again, we don't make games.
X-Bot: Feel free to shut the heck up. Super Mario Sunshine is the next big thing, and I'm sick of this constant whining of graphics and gameplay. It's arguably the best game ever. No, Metroid, Halo, no Final Fantasy, or some other mature title doesn't count. It's a little something called fun, not mindless killing.
Peachy: Yes, we will make 'the' that has no name. We will give you all the shares. No, solar is a hermaphrodite.

Your mom wrote:

Hi. This is your mom. Yes, I am ALL your mothers, 'cause I am a prostitute and screwed your daddies for 3 cents.

BeckerManEX: Home Depot is open for business...
Hairball: Unless there is another breakthrough in the medical world, it is only possible to have one biological mother and one biological father.
GuyInGreen: Some life you have...
SolarGamer: Ummmm....I don't have a mother. I have two daddies. I am special and they are special. My two dads love me so much and people just don't understand. My gay dad, always steals my boyfriends even though they say they're straight. They just can not help themselves, he's so irresistible. My gay dad, I just hate it. My mommy....she...she...was a goat. McGaffin WATCH OUT!!!
Tiger: Thats nice.
X-Bot: You are obviously in need of psychological help.
Peachy: Hi mommy!

Angry Z wrote:

1 Is that sex stuff true 2. Hairball You sure you can fit the whole staffup there 3 What the fuck does this have to with mario 4 Solar I'm sorry about cancer killing your family. 5 Xbox sucks and so does bill gates and every one who owns an xbox.

BeckerManEX: No. No. No. No. No.
Hairball: Buddy, YOU were the asshole that sent this in, how should I know how the fuck this has to do with Mario? God, people...
GuyInGreen: What is he talking about?
SolarGamer: You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up. Now...who wants to drink my coconut all up? WORD! Microsoft Word! Ahh you're just a playa hata. Real One Player. Wow! I am having deju vu. It's like...all...this...has...happened...BEFORE.
Tiger: 1. no 2. of course 3. I have no idea 4. Hehe 5. Yes. Xbox is a big paperweight.
X-Bot: Xbox rules, and so does GameCube, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast. You can shut up now. This has nothing to do with Mario. Now leave.
Peachy: 1) yes. 2) lol that was supposably written by 'me'. 3)nothing. 4)me too. 5)you suck. Boy, do I love answering to these lists!

Tairi wrote:

I read your article in "Super Mario World: SMA2 Shocking Secrets!" from April 2002. The instruction to get to the Vanilla Secret Ghost House seems to be a hard task since Mario moves when I enter "Down + L + Right + Left + R + Up + A + B + Start" code (For example: Mario moves as soon as I press Down). I want to make sure that "entering the code" means that I just press the buttons. If not please tell me more information on how to enter the codes. Thank you.

BeckerManEX: Look at what month it was posted in...
Hairball: In order for the code to work, you must hold the buttons all at once in that order, otherwise it won't work.
Tiger: Jam the buttons more.
X-Bot: Your welcome.
Peachy: ok.

Dolphin wrote:

is it just me, or does guyingreen have it out for nintendo (look in the editorial section)?

BeckerManEX: PEOPLE THEY ARE EDITORIALS, NOT FACT, THEY ARE OPINION! Like this opinion I have "Star Wars Sucks!" I have an opinion, I state it, and everyone just has to deal with what I think. You are voicing your OPINION by sending us an email on how you "Think" guyingreen has it out for Nintendo. Jezz.
Hairball: Just what the hell does "have it out" mean?
GuyInGreen: Its not just you, but i dont mean for the editorials to make it sound like i hate mario, because I DONT.
Tiger: I think so.
X-Bot: It's true that Nintendo (of America) manages to screw everything perfect up. Let's face it, the mainstream image matters, and Nintendo's ad compaigns are pure garbage. Eternal Darkness' marketing (or lackthereof) is preposterous. But it's all about the games, and in that regard, they rock. A

Bill Clinton wrote:


BeckerManEX: Yippie, stupid people reign.
GuyInGreen: I was supposed to go 5 times but i got away.
SolarGamer: Phew...I thought I was dead meat...but all that girl wanted to do was suck my dick so I let her.....OH NO! That was another sexual joke! That means more complaint letters. DEAR GOD NO! McGaffin WATCH OUT!!!
Tiger: Ooo..he's so jealous.
X-Bot: Shenaniganizer.
Peachy: I went to there 430995347 times!!! Woohoo for me!!!

Sexy wrote:

I wish you guys would just shove a sword up your ass...

BeckerManEX: If you can't say something nice...
Hairball: You are referring to us as "guys", which means more than one. But since there are more than one, we wouldn't have one "ass", we would have many "asses", in order to do that we would need more than the one sword that you suggested.
GuyInGreen: I bet you would like to see that.
SolarGamer: Peachy already has...tell them my little cuddly muffin. I wish I could stick a sword up my ass, but the little man who lives in there would die. :(
Tiger: That is a rather difficult task to accomplish.
X-Bot: Too late.
Peachy: i wish that too, yet it's not gonna happen.



BeckerManEX: Glad you decided to inform us...
Hairball: If girls can't pee, then why do the female washrooms exceed by male ones by quite a lot?
GuyInGreen: That explains a lot..
SolarGamer: Oh I see....Interesting. So anyways...some guys have made the mistake of when giving oral sex, they licked the other...well...lets just say they missed the target and went for the hole that was a little bit smaller. And with that, I leave you with my offensiveness! I hope this changed your perspective on life! WORD! Microsoft Word! Ahh you're just a playa hata. Real One Player. Wow! I am having deju vu. It's like...all...this...has...happened...BEFORE.
Tiger: I really laugh at the intelligence level of the people that write this stuff.
X-Bot: Neither can your mother.
Peachy: wow!