E-Mailbag for January 1, 2002

Blizzard Ent Fan wrote:

Which system do you guys think will win this holiday in selling? (don't lie) Gamecube,xbox,ps2,GBA, or Dreamcast(lol, good but won't sell) Thanks.

BeckerMan2K1: Playstation 2 will win the holiday season, but strong showings from the Xbox and the GameCube will give it some run for the money, but with the largest installed user base, and a great catalog of games (Grand Theft Auto III, et al) it will win the season.
Hairball: It seems likely that the PS2 will win, but Xbox and GameCube are taking it to the limit.
Namek: PS2, I doubted it at first, but it seems to compare pretty good to the other systems. the GCN was a let down.
TWgamer: Playstation 2. No Contest
Tiger: GameCube, PS2, and GBA. Xbox has been selling well, but that console will falter IMO.
BigHornSheep: I think it will ve either Game Cube or Dream Cast, because they are both great systems at affordable prices.

Sam wrote:

The GBA will never be a true success until an original Mario adventure game is made for it. Also, when you had the halloween decorations up, the title where it says "Super Mario 128 Central" was all Luigi from Luigi's Mansion, and it looked really good. Maybe you should change the original one.

BeckerMan2K1: GameBoy Advance is already a success, it is one of the fastest selling systems in history, and with killer games like Golden Sun and Tony Hawk 2, it doesn't need an original Mario title to be the best handheld system ever.
Hairball: Despite all the crap for GBA, it is still selling extremely well. We have a Christmas graphic up at the moment, and after that I'll change it again... but I haven't decided yet.
Namek: Okely Dokely
TWgamer: answer I agree, Nintendo should stop the Lazy-ass porting. I also liked the Halloween 2001 decorations.
Tiger: Yay! HB isn't THAT bad at graphic making.. ;)
BigHornSheep: Hmm, nice thought about GBA. What wasn't SSB Melee kind of like that?

Greg wrote:

What the hell is Nintendo doing letting panasonic run operations, where do they get any power at all? This is the biggest mistake that nintendo has ever made, especially when every other system coming out has some sort of DVD. If the DVD compatible system is not released in the U.S. then all Nintendo will ever be known as is a child's system. The DVD would not only reach out to the adult audience but also the teens.

BeckerMan2K1: Panasonic is not calling the shots, Nintendo is, and they are very big on not allowing their platform to be pirated. As of right now there is no way to duplicate a GCN game because only mini-DVDs and mini-CDs will fit in the system and a mini-CD only holds just over 100 MB, while you can't buy the 1.5GB mini-DVDs.
Hairball: This is just my personal opinion, but I think it seems more childish to have your movies playing on a video game system, I would rather have separate DVD player for my home entertainment system. Even if the GCN had DVD playback, the functions would most likely be limited like the Xbox and PS2.
Namek: Yeah, Nintendo should just try following the crowd and do what the other systems are doing. They don't seem to be making very good decisions on their own.
TWgamer: Its annoying, Nintendo could have made more, we all had high hopes when it was still known as the 'Dolphin'
Tiger: Panasonic is a good company, and if Nintendo lets other companies handle other operations, it might free up Nintendo some time for other projects and improvements?
BigHornSheep: Come again please?

Goomba wrote:

You know, this website looks very nice. All the art work is cool looking, the site design is good, but there is one thing i hate. Your writers, they suck, almost everyone. They have no idea what the hell they are talking about in any of the "editorials" they post up. They pretty much show that this is a website run by a bunch of loser kids who have no idea what there doing, but the "proffesional" look saves it. I look in your message board and there all a bunch of morons! It's crazy how many stupid people there are in this world! And good lord, they have websites!!!!! The only person here who seems to know what their doing is Hairball, all the rest of you are dumbasses and should shut the hell up and never post anything on the internet again. ESPECIALY that Guyingreen person, i mean really, go read his editorials. He is a complete no name dinksuck who has no idea what he is talking about. I think we should feast on the flesh of all the stupid people in the world. Yes it's true, im a canibal! Well im done, Sucks to you and your dumbass writting "skilz" (not you hairball, your alright)

BeckerMan2K1: Your saying that I suck at writing? Have you even read the editorials I wrote? Hello, you are talking to a Journalism Minor here, I think I know a thing or two about writing. Don't be so quick to judge all of us based on some of the other staff's work.
Hairball: Haha, that was quite an interesting piece of journalism.
Namek: What about me? If it's the design that keeps the site kewl, then I should get some credit. I made it dammit.
TWgamer: Why dont you try better then, you write every single article again on this site and we'll rate it, smartass.
Tiger: "Loser kids?" What are you doing in this website? :) I have to admit though, the writing level here is much better than other fan websites. Sorry, we dont all hold a degree in English, but our skills are sufficient to run a Mario website well.
BigHornSheep: Why thank your for your ... comment. I have never written an editorial for Sm128c and rarely post on the Message board, so I guess I am good.. Hehe. And btw, I am a kid, so what's your point?!

Bob Grocer (that Game Ideas guy at SMBHQ.com) wrote:

Do you get tired of fools writing in to the E-Mailbag?

BeckerMan2K1: You just answered your own question. Just kidding, no, actually it is quite fun to see just how many people in the world are mentally retarded, and this site seems to be some sort of beacon.
Hairball: Of course not. But maybe the fools will get tired of writing anyhow.
Namek: I get tired of the emailbag in general.
TWgamer: All the time
Tiger: Yes...and yes again.
BigHornSheep: Yes, kind of like what I am doing now?

Anonymous wrote:

How come your as gay as christmas Hairball?

BeckerMan2K1: Christmas is not gay, I can't say the same for Hairball however, j/k.
Hairball: I don't see how a holiday like Christmas can be gay...
Namek: Cause he's a happy woman.
TWgamer: Last time I checked, Christmas wasnt gay.
Tiger: His "as gay as christmas Hairball?" HB has a hairball? How come? Sorry, please rephrase that statement.
BigHornSheep: I wonder who might that be?

Matt Koopa wrote:

What makes Gamecube kick ---: 1. everything What makes X-BOX suck: 1. it just really sucks. What makes you guys (and gals) such retarded people: 1. everything P.S. I like cheese

BeckerMan2K1: See what I mean Bob.
Hairball: You are quite amazing at doing comparisons.
Namek: Kick the cube.
TWgamer: Retards like you, of course.
Tiger: Uh..I like how you answered your own questions so we dont have to. :D
BigHornSheep: That wasn't a question thank you very much.

Kevin wrote:

Do you intend to add to the site the second part of the History of Mario? Written by twgamer. As i found the first part very intresting, and have been holding my breath for the second part to be added.

BeckerMan2K1: People get great ideas, then let them fall to the side and are never finished, I mean look at Hairball's long (ha) lived Mario Story. Although I should talk...
Hairball: It seems like most of our specials are going down the drain...
Namek: Never! I dunno.
TWgamer: Sometime when I feel the time is right to finish it.
Tiger: You have to ask TWgamer that.
BigHornSheep: I don't think the "specials" will ever be updated again.

Super wrote:

Why isn't my story"Two Best Friends printed?And also,don't show my e-mail address. PLEASE???!!!!!

BeckerMan2K1: Not my department.
Hairball: Maybe it sucked? I don't know.
Namek: It's probably lame.
TWgamer: It didnt make the selection. Our team of experts selectly pick out professional stories from the 30 we get a week
Tiger: I'm not in charge of that department, sorry.
BigHornSheep: I is not in charge of posting stories.

Moo wrote:

Learn to write. Your editorials blow.

BeckerMan2K1: If they blow so bad, tell me what is wrong with them cow-boy.
Hairball: They blow like the leaves of a tree on a mid-autumn evening.
Namek: HEHE
TWgamer: Yep, they blow you away.
Tiger: How can editorials blow? You can only read them.
BigHornSheep: Let's see you write them!

Magikoopa wrote:

Who do you think is hotter, Peach or Daisy?

BeckerMan2K1: Peach. In the end, though, they both aren't real.
Hairball: Damn it, Nintendo has some of the ugliest chicks in video games.
Namek: Daisy
TWgamer: I dont perve on pixels.
Tiger: Well considering the room temperature they are in..
BigHornSheep: Choice number three: Britney Spears

Sam wrote:

The Game Cube is not as much of a "new generation console" like the PS2 or the XBOX, mainly because of the lack of a DVD-Player. Why? Why didn't Nintendo equip the Game Cube with a player?

BeckerMan2K1: It's about the GAMES people, not DVDs. Why would I want a DVD player (a less than average one at that) on my GAMING console? I have a DVD-ROM on my laptop and a set top DVD player I bought two years ago, I don't need three of them.
Hairball: Most likely because Nintendo is cheap.
Namek: I think Nintendo would have been better off rereleasing the SNES.
TWgamer: Yeah? WHY?
Tiger: Console DVD players suck. Get your own DVD player. PS2 DVD player is okay, but it doesn't support VCDs, and it is glitchy on a lot of DVDs. Plus, if they included a DVD player, it would hike up the cost to $300. Would you rather have a $200 w/o DVD or $300 with?
BigHornSheep: Its probably because of the new "thing" - DVD-RW, with those around they can really lose alot of money by using normal DVD's.

TBC wrote:

TWGamer sux ass TWGamer sux pokemon ass

BeckerMan2K1: Thanks for the information.
Hairball: TW must be one busy man.
Namek: I know this.
TWgamer: Pokemon? That is sooo 1999. :P
Tiger: ...
BigHornSheep: Notice most pokemons are so short their legs are connected directly to their waist, hence they do not I repeat do not have an ass. Except for maybe Snorlax being the exception.

Milan wrote:

When will be Super Mario World 3 released???

BeckerMan2K1: Never.
Hairball: I don't think SMW3 even exists.
Namek: 2 pennies in a jar
TWgamer: I never knew it was imprisoned :)
Tiger: Someday..someday.
BigHornSheep: I hope sometime soon, but I doubt it will be called that.

James wrote:

I have a question about the gamecube. Can I use the same RF Switch set from my N64 for my new gamecube? I am pretty sure I can, because the gamecube one looks exactly the same as the n64 set. Please help me out!

BeckerMan2K1: Yes, the new Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and GameCube all use the same RF Switch.
Hairball: It would be a good idea to experiment with it. Umm.. anyway, they are all the same, you can use them for the SNES, N64 and GCN.
Namek: Yes, you can.
TWgamer: I dont have a GameCube.
Tiger: Hm. Try it out.
BigHornSheep: Probably, because its the same interfaces.

Namek is gay wrote:

Namek you are a stupid frickin retard! If this site sucks, why the hell did you join it??!!!

BeckerMan2K1: How grand.
Hairball: It looks like we aren't that popular after all.
Namek: Good question... Because it didnt used to suck. So shush yer mouth.
TWgamer: Opinions change over time
Tiger: This question really shows your true intelligence level.
BigHornSheep: As written in his staff "intro". He was force by Hairball, if he didn't he would have been wracked with HB's magic pogo stick.

Ben wrote:

Where do you think solar went?

BeckerMan2K1: No idea.
Hairball: He went back to his galaxy.
Namek: Dead?
TWgamer: To a better place.
Tiger: Into the lunar.
BigHornSheep: Didn't he leave to open his own site or something?

300Happy wrote:

I looked on the GBA list of upcoming games at the nintendo gameboy site, and there is an entry for Super Mario 3! Is this true that my favorite game of all time is coming out for GBA? Or is this just another rumor?

BeckerMan2K1: It is coming, be happy.
Hairball: Yes, Super Mario Bros. 3 is going to be re-released on GBA.
Namek: Tis true
TWgamer: Hopefully as Super Mario Advance 3 (with Mario Bros AGAIN)
Tiger: Could be a typo..but it WOULD be awesome if SMB3 came out on GBA.
BigHornSheep: Are you sure it was called Super Mario 3?

Ann wrote:

What the hell is the deal with the mario kart for gamecube. When does it come out. What is it called? Can you hook GBA to it. And what the fuck is Mario Sunshine gonna be called??? P.S. I masturbate more than you.

BeckerMan2K1: It is called "Mario Kart for GameCube" at the moment, and no release date is set. Mario Sunshine is called "Mario Sunshine", duh.
Hairball: I believe you answered your own questions there.
Namek: Eh... I think im sick.
TWgamer: (reads post fast) Your GBA is a hooker and you masterbate over it in Sunshine with Mario?
Tiger: Mario Kart is good enough for GBA and N64. There are no plans for Mario Kart for GC, but in future games, you can hook up the GBA to the GC. And..Mario Sunshine is gonna be called Mario Sunshine. Yes.
BigHornSheep: I am not sure, that is nice to know.

Tygore wrote:

Basically you're asking a bunch of Nintendo fanboys to tell you if Gamecube will be a success. You can't see it, but I'm looking at you funny.

BeckerMan2K1: Go PC!
Hairball: Stupid Nintendo fanboys, they need to get a life.
Namek: Gamecube will be a failure unless it gets more adult games.
TWgamer: I am not a Nintendo Fanboy. I am a Playstation 2 Owner. I dont like the GCNs chances. It may die.
Tiger: I'm a fangirl, *aHeM* :)
BigHornSheep: ah?! Hmm, was I suppose to laugh?!

William wrote:

How can you save your game in Super Smash Bros. Melee without using a Memory card

BeckerMan2K1: You can't, with a disc based system, you have to save to a memory card or harddrive.
Hairball: By spanking your GCN so that it magically turns the SSBM disk into a DVD-RW, and then it will save.
Namek: Dunno.
TWgamer: By remembering where you are and playing up to it each time :P
Tiger: Nope.
BigHornSheep: That is not possible, the memory card is the storage area.

Jon wrote:

In the Download Links, Character Art, are they free to use as, lets say, Clipart?

BeckerMan2K1: Yes, for personal non-commercial use.
Hairball: For the millionth time, YES!!!
Namek: ummmmm.... sure.
TWgamer: Ask Hairball.
Tiger: Yup.
BigHornSheep: I am guessing yes as long as you label that those belong to its original owners.