E-Mailbag for November 10, 2001

Poof wrote:

I LIKE EGGS!!!!!!!!!! AND BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH, AND CHEESE

BeckerMan2K1: You forgot the toast.
Hairball: Mmmm...breakfast...
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Okay.
Tiger: Eggs is good, but bacon is too fat and greasy.
BigHornSheep: answer

Sam wrote:

In Australia the Game Cube is going to cost about $400... Playstation started at $800 but is now about $480. It will be released in Australia between February and May 2002.

BeckerMan2K1: Thanks for the information for our international visitors.
Hairball: Just blame your devaluing Australian dollar.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Thanks for the Information
Tiger: I'm sure that will enlighten our Aussie readers a bit.
BigHornSheep: answer

Originalmtre wrote:

Do you think they should of made Super Mario All-stars + Super Mario World for the GBA instead of all the games being seperate. Mario Bros and Donkey Kong should also be in SMAS+SMW but that would make it SMAS+SMW+MB+DK and that would be a long title. So what do you think and what should the title be?

BeckerMan2K1: Just call it Mario All Stars, they are all from the Mario Universe.
Hairball: That wouldn't happen, these kinds of games sell, they would make more money selling 5 different games, than selling one big collection.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: That would be a great Idea, but Nintendo wants lots of money, so it would be very unlikely they would do this.
Tiger: Well of course Nintendo would never give up sales to combine all games into one game instead of separately marketing each game to make more money. Plus, if it were combined, it would be one weirdo title.
BigHornSheep: answer

Matthew wrote:

Hi, I'm looking for some secrets to the first super mario bros. on the original nintendo. Can anyone please help me with some? Thanks...

BeckerMan2K1: I can remember where some of them are, including the WarpZone's and such, but I don't want to divulge that information, besides this is the internet, you can find anything.
Hairball: There's the minus world, but I have no clue how to get there.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: There's a FAQ for SMBDX on the site, has some info. Or go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/
Tiger: Haha.
BigHornSheep: answer

Krishstoofer wrote:


BeckerMan2K1: "answer"
Hairball: A-N-S-W-E-R!
Namek: answer
TWgamer: answer
Tiger: answer!
BigHornSheep: answer

Name wrote:

Fuck to the hell

BeckerMan2K1: Interesting order of words.
Hairball: I don't think they let you do stuff like that down in hell.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: hmmm.
Tiger: That made no sense.
BigHornSheep: answer

Faggot wrote:

hi boys, who's ready to have fun? ;) P.s. - This is Luigi ;)

BeckerMan2K1: You certainly are what your name states.
Hairball: Certainly not I.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Not me, try mario.
Tiger: I dunno, but I think HB is hankerin' for a pankerin'
BigHornSheep: answer

Queen Valentina wrote:

When do you update your site?

BeckerMan2K1: Right now.
Hairball: Whenever it needs to be.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: When there is something to update.
Tiger: Occasionally, which isn't saying much. Ask HB.
BigHornSheep: answer

Dark Luigi wrote:

im looking forward to SSBMelee, it looks great i have a wish list for a third SSB Game if there ever is one Wario, Toad, Waluigi, Sonic, and finnaly, Megaman

BeckerMan2K1: I am looking forward to it also, but I have alot on tap. I have already recieved serveral review games (Star Wars with more on the way) and I will have to play through all of them before I get any new games for the system. It's hard having games for a system that isn't out yet, all I can do is stare at the package.
Hairball: There will probably be more SSB games...a portable version would do great.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: I am not really, as I don't want a gamecube at this time
Tiger: There is going to be a game for Sonic (hard enough to believe) since Sega is now teaming up with Nintendo (that is too hard to believe). Megaman is a possiblity, but our beloved Wario is making an appearance in Wario Land 4 for GBA.
BigHornSheep: answer

I wrote that I wrote:

Wow guys! You're updating do much recently! Why, there must have been 4 updates in the last....6 months! All of you sure are working hard. Too bad these 4 updates were only by Hairball. When was the last review? September 26th, 1996 for Super Mario 64? Wow, you guys sure are active. I wanna be just like Mr. Harryballs, I mean Mr. Hairball, when I grow up. Peace. P.S.:In response to your "Mario-hibernation" topic, Mario is dead. He hasn't had a platformer for 5 years. He's dead.

BeckerMan2K1: Wait till next summer...
Hairball: You answered your own question, Mario is dead, so how the hell should we update?
Namek: answer
TWgamer: We have lives, you know.
Tiger: Nooo! We need a funeral!
BigHornSheep: answer

MetalMario wrote:

can i use your super mario super circuit review? Please? my friend really needs a review. oh yeah good site and all,

BeckerMan2K1: You can read it, but not use it for any other purpose.
Hairball: Definitely not, if you do, I will find you, and chop you into 5231421890 pieces and dump them into the ocean, and let the fish eat your parts.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: That's up for Hairball to decide.
Tiger: Ask HB, I'm sure he won't mind. [Editor's Note: Maybe he does]
BigHornSheep: answer

Lorrie wrote:

Dude, when is solar gamer ever going to make the yoshi from the "super mario saga"? I'v been waiting for it a long time.

BeckerMan2K1: I think Solar is dead, or something.
Hairball: I think he's dead... and watching us from hell.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: I don't think so. November 26 is the 1st Anniversary of his disappearance.
Tiger: Wait longer, he's been on a hiatus.
BigHornSheep: answer

What games will you guys be getting for GameCube this year? wrote:

....I like eggs.

BeckerMan2K1: Fantastic.
Hairball: Damn it, enough with the food talk, it's making me hungry.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: None, since the Gamecube doesn't come out till September where I am.
Tiger: If I were to get GameCube, I would definately get SSB!Melee.
BigHornSheep: answer

Captain Senor Mouse wrote:

Jeez. Hairball went through all of that trouble to make a Halloween layout and he only left it up for about 6 days... I kind of liked it. Sincerely, Captain Senor Mouse P.S. I'd like to give a shout-out to cjrs. Can I do that? :: shouts out ::

BeckerMan2K1: I guess you can.
Hairball: Why would you want to shout-out to that bi'otch, cjrs?
Namek: answer
TWgamer: I think he lost it when the server went down. Hello cjrs...
Tiger: Of course. Well I liked the dead mario. Hehe.
BigHornSheep: answer

A Person wrote:

Doesn't anyone else notice how SM128C takes all their information from other sites? NOTHING is original! You need to get your own info. Not steal from PROFESSIONAL sites.

BeckerMan2K1: All of our reviews, editorials, and specials are ours, only our news is republished.
Hairball: When we do that, it is called "BS".
Namek: answer
TWgamer: It is original, mate.
Tiger: We are a professional site! ;)
BigHornSheep: answer

Gamefreak64 wrote:

hey, hairball, can you tell me where you got the sm642 rom?

BeckerMan2K1: Venus.
Hairball: From the SM642 ROM website.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: In your dreams.
Tiger: From an illegal site. Because HB is illegal. Yes, arrest him now!
BigHornSheep: answer