E-Mailbag for October 20, 2001

Lakilet wrote:

Half of the gaming population must not be reading the news, because we well know that RARE is far from dead. Some idiot decided to start this rumor, and he must've been gutsy, cause I first heard this theory AFTER the famous GCN preview in Nintendo Power, in which is introduced Kameo, Donkey Kong Racing, and Star Fox Adventures (yes, SF is RARE). Guess that just re-inforces the idiosy that goes around this site.

BeckerMan2K1: I know RAREWARE isn't dead, they are far from it, they will be dead if they don't announce some killer games soon though, or atleast show something, maybe a little Killer Instinct 3?
Hairball: I don't think Rare is dead, but lately they haven't been coming out with many good games, and really, they take too long making games too.
Namek: Ummm... Yes, we are idiots. I enjoy it very much. I b is idoit am I.
TWgamer: We never said Rare is dead, who started this rumour? Rare ZONE, my site, is dead
Tiger: Okay, I have not heard this rumor anyway..
BigHornSheep: Hmm, how can you be "dead" from selling video games. Oh wait, Sega is dead, oh wait, they died from selling vide game systems. Bah...

mario blackbelt wrote:

cool site i wish you whould update more. keep up the good work. seeya! ^_^

BeckerMan2K1: We really should update more, but when you webmaster has the motivation of a tree slug, what can you do?
Hairball: That is a priority that I cannot commit to.
Namek: Yeah, we would.... But the site is pretty much dead until the new Mario comes out.
TWgamer: Thank you!
Tiger: Yay, thanks.
BigHornSheep: HB is doing horrible in school, he needs more time to suck up to the teacher, he will not be updating as much anymore.

I wrote:

I'm nervous *runs off the stage*

BeckerMan2K1: Break a leg.
Hairball: * zoooooms *
Namek: SOB! Come back here and finish stroking me.
TWgamer: Well, that was a waste of 10 seconds of my life
Tiger: No! One of our visitors too..
BigHornSheep: **FAG ALERT**

Nikki wrote:

Please recommend a good site that actually has good tips tricks hints cheats or directions for Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars. Thanx

BeckerMan2K1: They do make these new things called search engines now, they really do work, well all except Excite.
Hairball: Go to TMK, they have lots of stuff on games and whatnot.
Namek: Ummmmm.... There are none. Loser.
TWgamer: www.gamefaqs.com/snes/ has tons of information on every SNES game
Tiger: GameFAQs.com? Just a suggestion.
BigHornSheep: Please refer to the Sm128c Affiliate page for such information.

GEZZA wrote:

You guys are really weird, except Tiger, who seems to be the most intelligent one out of all of you. I have no idea why i'm wasteing my time, breathe, and energy, writing to you. Perhaps in the hope that you might read this, realise you suck, and shut down ur shitty site? P.s, X BOX,and the PS2 will crush the Gamecube!

BeckerMan2K1: Ha.
Hairball: Haha...no we won't shut down this site, so kiss my ass.
Namek: Yes, we should retire the site, but Hairball won't listen to me. I mean, no one cares about mario that much anymore.
TWgamer: You are wasting my time, and the XBOX can burn in hell with Bill Gates' wig.
Tiger: Yay, I am flattered by your comment. I'm also not retarded like the other people. :)
BigHornSheep: Hmm, considering PS2 were pretty much forced to give out special console combos after like half a year and that X BOX is like a toad with a x in the middle of its body, yeah I think they will certainly crush the GameCube.

Impact009 wrote:

Is Luigi going to be in Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube?

BeckerMan2K1: It is not known yet.
Hairball: It's funny how the Mario game and Luigi game are virtually completely opposites of each other.
Namek: I dunno. Is he?
TWgamer: I don't know, sorry. I hope not now he's got his own game!
Tiger: If there WAS Mario Sunshine for GCN..
BigHornSheep: Doubt it, he looks like a frog.

Grady Martin wrote:

You're pretty good at getting your opinion across while keeping me entertained. I couldn't help but notice something that caught my eye: That's the problem with having a monopoly, companies will not care as much about the customers... A company that seemingly cares less about customers when they reach monopoly status probably cared the same amount in the first place. I think money plays a bigger factor than "caring for the customers". My point is, there never was any caring--just competition with other companies. I hope to hear more editorials in the future by you (or other staff).

BeckerMan2K1: The editorials are free flowing, look for my weekly column to debut soon.
Hairball: Thanks for the opinion.
Namek: Monopoly is a fun game.
TWgamer: I haven't read that article, and maybe i will write another editorial soon?
Tiger: Well actually, monopolies are legal! Just not too obsessive. Such as, your cable company, gas/water/power companies..you only have one of those in your neighborhood most likely. The thing is that Nintendo is not much of a monopoly anyhoo since there is Xbox (ha!) and PS2 to compete with.
BigHornSheep: What would you like me to talk about? Bin Laden is a jackass, let's all go kill him!!!

Yoshi4food wrote:

Are you going to decorate your site for Halloween?

BeckerMan2K1: I don't think they have Halloween in Canada, I just found out they had electricity.
Hairball: Hell yeah, just wait and see.
Namek: Yeah right. We are lazy.
TWgamer: I dont remember doing that before.
Tiger: If HB has the inclination to do so.
BigHornSheep: Hairball was actually thinking about that, we should make like a special halloween top image!!!

GBAdude wrote:

Sup SM128C? The GBA does need a back light. That is the best thing about those old game gear that Sega made. But I do have a flip-up light for my game boy advance and it works great. But, yup there is a but, it seems to make the batteries run down really really fast. They last about 6 hours with the light on. But Nintendo does say that if there was a back light, the batteries would run down really really fast. Like the Game Gear batteries ran down way to fast. So, is there a point to this email? No but hey its informitive!

BeckerMan2K1: I had a Game Gear, and besides the fact that it was massive, the color screen was rather nice.
Hairball: Maybe 1-3 hours of battery would be gone, that would've be much of a problem, if an efficient light was used.
Namek: Yeah, just steal alot of batteries and you are set.
TWgamer: Yep it needs a back light alright, like Nintendo's Game Boy Lite released in Japan. The Game Gear was more like a portable TV than a screen.
Tiger: Of course, but I think I enjoy my GBA nevertheless. Its great for me..but that personal modded backlit GBA looks cool as well.
BigHornSheep: Hmm.... interesting.....

SSB Melee Fan wrote:

Hey guys, first off, you got a great site here! Second, I'm wondering what you guys think will be the best game on the GameCube, of the ones coming out in the near future. I'm personally looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Melee, but I'd like to know about some other people. Thanks!

BeckerMan2K1: I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 1 that they are remixing just for GCN, but I really want to check out Pikmin.
Hairball: Most of the staff including I have probably not played any GameCube games...so we can't really judge on anything at this time.
Namek: chrono.sm128c.com is gonna be the best game out on the gamecube.
TWgamer: I'm not really looking forward to the GameCube with the absence of a Mario Launch title and the insult of the Zelda game.
Tiger: I am guessing SSB Melee as well, but the other games might do well also.
BigHornSheep: Best game on gamecube will be the one without wario in it, the kid is a yellow water melon.

funkysheeo wrote:

I read that importing games isnt possible, because they wont work on other machines. But, (as i like in the UK) would it be possible to import a jap/us gamecube, and use UK games?

BeckerMan2K1: With the proper mod technology, yes it would be.
Hairball: It is possible, whether the games will work or not though, is another story.
Namek: I have no clue at all you lil biotch.
TWgamer: I don't think so, you'd need a USA converter cartridge for UK games
Tiger: Importing doesn't work for consoles, but it does for portables.
BigHornSheep: don't you need that PAL and NTPS converter or something..

SuperShark wrote:

If you had a Gamecube and someone broke it...how much would you sue 'em for?

BeckerMan2K1: I do believe I am the only one old enough at this site to even sue someone, and I wouldn't let anyone near my 'Cube, it will be securely placed in my entertainment center in my room.
Hairball: There's no point, the legal costs would exceed the claim amount.
Namek: $1
TWgamer: Nothing, i'd pay them to break it.
Tiger: Zero.
BigHornSheep: the money I use to sue the person will cost more than buying a new gamecube.

Scizor wrote:

I love Mario Kart Super Cuircuit and SM128C. I have 2 questions. 1. Why do Namek and Tiger just say answer? 2. On Mario Kart, what sort of things make your grades go up, coins?, lap times? etc

BeckerMan2K1: Because they were lazy and didn't turn in their answers to the mailbag in time.
Hairball: Don't be driving under the influence of alcohol.
Namek: Ummm.... because we dont answer the emailbags like we are supposed too. hehe.
TWgamer: 1. That means they couldn't be bothered to answer. 2. I havent got it yet
Tiger: We say answer because we did not submit a response to the emailbags. Plus, the number of coins in Mario Kart dictates what you grade will be.
BigHornSheep: 1: thank you, they didn't send in their answers 2: both.

Stephan Tompson wrote:

Mario likes to masturbate with me

BeckerMan2K1: At least you found an activity you can share with yourfather.
Hairball: Oh really, then I must not distract you.
Namek: No! He likes to masturbate with me.
TWgamer: Good for him.
Tiger: Who is Mario? Your neighbor?
BigHornSheep: Masturbating is a one way thing, two ways are called sex.

Mario wrote:

It's a me, Mario. Recently I learned that I have been diagnosed with AIDS. I think i got them from Peach. What should i do to get her back? I want to rape her, but it's inapropriate...whats your solution you druck hicks who can't get a girl...

BeckerMan2K1: Can't get a girl, I think not, I have a very beautiful girlfriend.
Hairball: Wait a sec...you've got AIDS from Peach, yet you want to rape her? Mario, you dumbass, do you know that AIDS is an STD?
Namek: Rape Luigi instead. Duh.
TWgamer: Aw what a shame.
Tiger: You got AIDs from a peach? Thats disgusting you perv.
BigHornSheep: Go to your mom and ask her for the stuff she fed to your dad before he died 2 years ago.

Pokey the Pig wrote:

Hi, do you guys ever get girls? I mean, your own a website, and are updating it 24/7...do you like have an online girl friend, or what? I don't think you guys COULD or WILL get a girl. MARIO has a better chance...Who agrees???

BeckerMan2K1: I have a girl.
Hairball: We ain't updating it 24/7, I think that answers it all basically.
Namek: Blah. I do have a girl in real life and not through the internet. And she is one of the hottest in school and I'm not just saying that. I am a really hot guy. Most girls give me a 9 out of 10 on the hott scale.
TWgamer: Mario has a better chance? great! Mario ALREADY has Peach so that means we have tons of chance
Tiger: Okay, I dont seem to be the target of this question.
BigHornSheep: Sorry, we do not update 27/7, we update like once a month.

CrazyMario wrote:

Your site's AWESOME! I mean, just look at it, over 3000 visitors in 5 days.

BeckerMan2K1: With the competition falling like flies, we are number one.
Hairball: It goes to show that the l33t know where to come for their Mario news.
Namek: ummmm...... probably Hairball hit the reload button a bunch. That fag.
TWgamer: I know.
Tiger: Yay..maybe HB is celebrating..or something along those lines..
BigHornSheep: that's very nice buddy, thank you.