E-Mailbag for September 22, 2001

Adam wrote:

Hey! In the American Version of Super Mario Bros 2, what is the point of the cherries? I mean, there are no points!!! ??? Please answer my question..

BeckerMan2K1: If you collect so many cherries you get hearts that fly up from the bottom of the screen and add more life.
Hairball: The cherries...well if you get a certain number, some hearts or stars will come out, or something like that.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: To get more life..? I can't remember as i sold SMA ages ago
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: You know....I never thought about that before...

Hairball's Archenemy, Beckerman wrote:

Those “Friends” are called affiliates, dumbass. -A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.

BeckerMan2K1: I didn't not write that, did I?
Hairball: The only allies are enemies.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Of course.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: *blink*

NES Boy wrote:

In one of the SMA2 screenshots, Yoshi's arm is NOT orange, like on the SNES! It's GREEN! YAAYYYY! By the way, will Nintendo use the Luigi sprite from Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World instead of the recolored Mario sprite from the original Super Mario World?

BeckerMan2K1: More than likely, yes.
Hairball: I don't know what you are talking about this "Luigi sprite".
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Firstly I don't know what you mean, and secondly I have no idea what you mean
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: Well, since we think, breathe, eat, talk, walk, jump, run, look, hear, sit, stand, and...such for Nintendo...

popup killer wrote:

get rid of those stupid colonize.com popups

BeckerMan2K1: I agree, I don't like them.
Hairball: That is very easy to deal with, just close that popup window ;)
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Yes, they are annoying - get rid of them HB.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: OK.

Carlos wrote:

Can I get the expansion pak for a cheap price?

BeckerMan2K1: Really cheap, that is if you can find one.
Hairball: Yes, but considering the N64 is dead, there isn't really a point, is there?
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Try your local cheap expansion pak store (or game store)
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: I'm sure you could if you tried hard enough....I know BeckerMan has two....maybe if you ask him nicely he'll give you one...

Magnachronomew wrote:

When are you going to get some Paper Mario MP3s? By the way, there was a Beta Version for Mario64, and Luigi was in it. Its a ROM, but the part with Luigi is in the Bomb-Omb feild and the camera is fixed in one place. SO TO ALL YOU IDIOTS OUT THERE WHO THINK THAT LUIGI IS IN SUPER MARIO 64, HE'S NOT! END OF STORY! P.S: You are not Nintendo.

BeckerMan2K1: We are not Nintendo, and the Luigi thing in Mario 64 has got to freaking end. The game came out over six years ago! Next thing we will hear is "Is Mario in Luigi's Mansion" and to that I say "probally."
Hairball: Never, never, never, unless blah, screw it.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Luigi is not is Super Mario 64, never has been or will be.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: We established that fact, oh, 6-7 years ago...remember, when Mario60 came out?

Megan wrote:

Please answer me this question.. Do you use SSI? Please put this in the e-mailbag!

BeckerMan2K1: I think we used to, Harry runs this site. I know I do use it on my company website, and my upcoming "top-secret" website.
Hairball: Indeed, this site uses plenty o' SSI.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Yes we use Server-Side-Includes (SSI)
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: See, you must take your SSI and insert it vertically into the toaster...

Jay wrote:

I have noticed, you failed to mention what some regard as Wario's BEST game. On Wario's profile you talk about Wario Land 2 and 3. You fail to mention SML3: Wario Land. There is also speculation there will be Wario Land 4.

BeckerMan2K1: There will be a Wario Land 4.
Hairball: What? I didn't know we had a Wario profile.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Whoops - I'll have to fix that - and Wario Land 4 is coming to GBA very soon. Pity I have played no wario games at all.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: Maybe it's because we honestly don't care for wario...since this is technically a MARIO site..not a Mario's-alter-egos site...

Notorious F.A.D. wrote:

I know what u're doing and u gonna be in lots o trouble. I know which site you guys are copying your reviews and previews from and if i tell the site u can be expecting a law suit!

BeckerMan2K1: I don't copy others work, everything is pure Erich.
Hairball: Man, I'm pretty damn scared, I'm going to go cry a river.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Fuck! We wrote those reviews A$$hole!
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: *sigh* Who, prey tell. Inquiring minds want to know.

Aliceness wrote:

WOW. Your staff members REALLY did a good job in updating while you were gone, Hairball. Psyche!

BeckerMan2K1: It seems you have to have FTP access to update, and Harry failed to give it to anyone.
Hairball: And damn good were they.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Oh well. We were busy.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: We don't care. We dont even get paid!....well..other then the stale bread crusts and day old water....LET ME OUT!!!

Rob Jaw wrote:

Hi y'all, 1 - When/Why did Princess Toadstool become Princess Peach? 2 - When did Nintendo change Jumpman in Mario? 3 - When was Luigi first seen?

BeckerMan2K1: Princess Toadstool became Princess Peach to keep it constant between Japan and America. Mario was called Jumpman in Donkey Kong and later named Mario in the American release after a warehouse official at Nintendo of America who looked like Mario.
Hairball: Princess Toadstool has always been "Peach" in Japan, but they decided to call her "Peach" elsewhere as well, starting with Super Mario 64. There was that game called Jumpman I think, and then they changed his name. Luigi should've been first seen in SMB.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: 1. She was called Peach in Japan; 2. in 1982; 3. in 1983
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: The japanese are a curious people aren't they?

John wrote:

Why are the people so stupid here?

BeckerMan2K1: We get to many questions from people like you.
Hairball: Duuuuh...uhh...eeee...
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Because you ask stupid questions
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: Because they can be? I guess it's our american right...*looks at Hairball*

The Flordian Dude wrote:

Yo! Any of you think Nintendo went to school? Cause I beileve they should launch SMB3, not SMW. To tell the truth, I like SMB3 better then SMW for some odd reason. Also, I think the E mailbag is the greatest! Its funny how I see retards post, about Roms, and how its illegal, then you say he should stick it up his ass! LOL You guys crack me up, keep the good work!

BeckerMan2K1: We will try to do what we can to please you, except stick things up your ass.
Hairball: SMB3 will eventually come out, but they wanted to do SMW first. So I guess they didn't do well in that Grade 3 math class.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: I want SMW since I have never played it before and I need it on GBA as im stuck with 1 game right now.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: *looks at the other responders* Did that make any sense to you?

yermom wrote:

I think that the Nintendo gamecube is going to trounce the XBOX. The xbox has no worthy first party titles. Nintendo has mario, who is an instantly identifiable gaming icon. That is something Xbox lacks and will ultimately be the root of its demise. DIE miscroshaft!!!

BeckerMan2K1: Nintendo also has Sonic, Resident Evil, Namco, and Rareware (which has been strangly quiet the past few months hmmmmmm). And it is now call zzzzzzbox for all of you wondering.
Hairball: No, there is no Mario game for Gamecube launch, that is already somewhat of a disappointment.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Yeah, XBOX SUX! But Nintendo are making the stupid decision of putting LUIGI first and Shigsy cant get his ass into gear and make a new mario epic.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: I don't know. I think the xbox looks good. I'd rather have something by microsoft then another kiddie console...but maybe that's just me..

Bill Gates wrote:

I'm going toit an Xbox site buy your site and make How's a chicken club and a pack of mustard sound?

BeckerMan2K1: Change the mustard to honey and the chicken club to corn on the cob and we have a deal.
Hairball: Sure thing Bill. Some small change would be good, what's considered small change to you, $1000 bills?
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Go Ahead.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: What the hell?

zora_link wrote:

I know you are against roms but what about games that they dont make any more? by the way your site kicks @$$

BeckerMan2K1: For games they don't make anymore, you should first try eBay, Game Crazy, or any other used game store in your area, then resort to the illegal stuff. If they are really old you should be able to get them for under ten bucks.
Hairball: We're basically neutral about ROMs, but do as you wish. But hey, I got tons of 'em on my drive, like N64, GBA, SNES...oh wait, nothing, never mind.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: We don't sell/give out ROMS here.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: What about them indeed.

Josh wrote:

Is there any way I can preorder an amrica version of Nintendo GameCube and Super Smash Bros. Melee?

BeckerMan2K1: Alot of the stores here in Arizona have filled up, but Toys R' US, Best Buy, and CompUSA all should be taking preorders now or soon.
Hairball: Try visiting a well-respected video game store, and perhaps they will help you.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: ...
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: Probably.

Matt wrote:

I cant help but notice that you seem to be updateing near to once a month and as I see it there are 3 ways to explain this: 1. ur pissed off/upset about the america attacks (aren't we all) 2.u are creating a masive cool update that I've been waiting days days and days for. 3. you are just to lazy and are letting the site slip I have no idea what it is but I'm sure you are working hard, but I would allways be glad to help out,write a review or something like that cheats tips codes whatever I'm quite a good writer, I am at your disposal,

BeckerMan2K1: I select Option 3.
Hairball: Option 3 seems to fit the most.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: It seems no-one gives a crap about the site anymore, sorry.
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: Even though it may piss people off, I don't care. Bah. America attacks. Plus we're lazy.

gamefreak64 wrote:

can you send me a rom of sm642? Because I still havent gotten over that april fool's joke.

BeckerMan2K1: Encouraging Stupidity makes baby Jesus Cry.
Hairball: Stay tuned for April Fools Day 2002!
Namek: answer
TWgamer: Phone Mr. Miyamoto and he'll give it to you one day... :)
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: You will someday. Don't fret.

rarezone wrote:

is sooooooooooooooo f*cking dead it's not funny

BeckerMan2K1: I think it might be alittle funny, then again, maybe not.
Hairball: You're going to be sooooooooo dead, when TW finds you.
Namek: answer
TWgamer: I know, it's dead. Sorry!
Tiger: answer
FireKraken: But of course..