E-Mailbag for August 4, 2001

Alex wrote:

Hey Guys, just want to tell you that you have done a great job with the site. Anyway, I wanted to know when the hell Wario Land 4 is coming to GBA. I have looked at every web site YAHOO gave me, and they didn't say when it would come out. Could you please tell me when it comes out? Because, I have Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario Land II, and Wario Land 3, and I have gotten a Gameboy Advance and would love to get Wario Land 4.

BeckerMan2K1: I don't know the exact release date, but I do know it is coming.
Hairball: I believe Wario Land 4 will be coming out some time in 2002.
TWgamer: Wario Land 4 is coming to the GBA very soon, and I don't have any of the Wario Land Series
Tiger: Well considering there is no reliable source for release dates, just check sites like gamestop.com. It only matters when the STORES get them, not what its "release date" is. Oh yeah, WL4 will have 'hearts' for
Wario: he can die this time!
cjrs3509: I haven't a clue as to where to find it. But, try Excite =)

Jenna wrote:

Hi, My name is Jenna and I was wondering if you could help me. I have been playing Super Mario World, but haven't been able to uncover the switches, besides the one on yoshi's island. I'm in the Forest of Illusion, and can go no farther. Do you have any suggestions? If so, please write back. Thanks~Jenna Control your own destiny, or someone else will.

BeckerMan2K1: I'm sorry it has been a long time, a very long time, since I have played Super Mario World, so I'm afraid I can't be of any help.
Hairball: Except for the Yellow Switch Palace, the others require finding a secret exit, those levels are marked with a red dot.
TWgamer: I have never played Super Mario World as I never had a SNES, so that's me out of this one.
Tiger: Woo, I haven't played SMW in a long time. Next time will probably be SMA2.
cjrs3509: I've never found that damn switch.....

Brandon wrote:

I recently recieved Super Mario All-stars (the version with Super Mario World included). The save feature on the game doesn't work. Every time I'll save my game and come back later, it'll be gone. This happens on every Mario game on All-stars. Do you know of anything I could do to slove this problem? Thanks for your time and help!

BeckerMan2K1: The EEPROM battery inside the cartridge is dead. It can be replaced fairly easily if know what you are doing and can take the cartridge apart without damaging your game.
Hairball: There is a good chance that the game battery died, since the game has been out for almost 10 years, unless you have a re-release version.
TWgamer: I don't have a SNES let alone Super Mario All Stars so i cannot answer.
Tiger: Save properly. If you are moron enough to save while you taking out your cart from the machine or putting dangerous cleaning solvents on the chips, there might be something wrong.
cjrs3509: Never happened to me

Lynx2k1 wrote:

Will Nintendo port super Mario 3 for the nes to Gameboy Advance? I hope so becuase that was one of the best games ever. Also I've seen screenshots of SSX Tricky for GameCube and they look awful. They look like ps1 graphics. I hope the final version doesn't look like that.

BeckerMan2K1: Yes Super Mario 3 will eventually come to GBA, it is logically the next game to come, and from what I've seen of SSX Tricky, it looks great, maybe you were looking at some old screens or something, or some PS2 screens, the GCN version will look better.
Hairball: Nintendo doesn't know how to count properly.
TWgamer: It may be Super Mario Advance 3, and SSX is a great game (I have it on PS2) so the sequel should be great also..
Tiger: I have no idea, but I dont know why are they not porting SMB3 for GBA! SMB3 was such an awesome game, I would love to play it again.
cjrs3509: SMB3 might be Super Mario Advance 3, but Nintendo is keeping secrets again...

Nyro wrote:

Ahem... 1.I luv ur site 2.U should make a SONY site 3.My name is now changed 2 Nyro it is not Put_yo_ass_on_me anymore 4.I AM UR BIGGEST FAN 5.U can find me in the chatroom 6.Peckerman duz NOT have a pecker

BeckerMan2K1: Wow, you are intelligent.
Hairball: You must feel proud after all of that.
TWgamer: 1. Thank You - 2. No - 3. Really... - 4. ... - 5. Oh. - 6. ummmmmm?
Tiger: Hm. 6 ignores.
cjrs3509: 1. gee thanks, but it's not mine. 2. nevar. 3. who cares? 4. Are you a stalker? 5. I don't want to anyway. 6. ask him yourself

Bullfrog wrote:

I realize that this message is about 4 months late, but untill today I did not know your site existed. I saw your link in google, as I am looking for a mario 64 rom. The link was for the april 1st prank. The date and your shabby title screen gave it away. a better prank would have been to program an actual demo that claimed to be a full game, and have the april fools message pop up upon completion of the level, but that would have been difficult. Perhaps a better screenshot or a post date of march 28th that really came up on aril 1st might have been better I find your actual site pathetic, as I find the majority of websites. I understand the threat of legal prosocution is real, therefore you should state somewhere on your site that you do not provide roms, thereby removing yourself from searches FOR roms

BeckerMan2K1: If you don't see any, then we don't have any.
Hairball: Searches for ROMs? Those are instances beyond our control.
TWgamer: Well, the 'SHABBY' title screen was PART of the trick. The whole idea was meant to make people think that we had an EARLY BETA of Super Mario 64 2 and usually game developers dont waste time on TITLE SCREENS at that early stage. Also we don't have the techinical programming knowhow to make a polygonal mario game just for a stupid prank that lasts 1 day. So go take your roms, dust them off, put them sideways and stick them straight up UR CANDY ASS!
Tiger: You need to consult your lawyer, maybe you don't know what the word "stupidhead" means or in context of you and legal stances.
cjrs3509: Why don't you find a Mario rom and shove it up you're ass? As for the look of this site, let me see your crappy low budget site hmm?

Wesley wrote:

How can i find Yoshi in Super Mario Advance. (I have all the 40 eggs) Wenn can i play with Yoshi.

BeckerMan2K1: Sorry, I traded SMA for Castlevania.
Hairball: Yoshi is not in Super Mario Advance, as a playable character. But I heard if you get all the eggs, then he will be on the title screen.
TWgamer: You can't. Pity. I used to have that game...
Tiger: Er. You can't. You can only find eggs.
cjrs3509: You can't play as yoshi, it was only a rumor.

pwb wrote:

Hello,I would like to know about the battle mode in Mario Kart for the gba. Do you know if you need four game paks to play that style of multi-player?

BeckerMan2K1: It will be similar to the battle mode in the SNES version of the game.
Hairball: The Battle Mode in Mario Kart: Super Circuit requires each player have his/her own game pak. Regular racing though could work with only one game pak, but only on 4 SNES ported tracks.
TWgamer: I don't know, honest
Tiger: No, actually! You can use one cart to link up with four other GBA for some Mario Kart racing fun. However, with only linking up with one cart, comes the slowtime of loading. But having 2-4 cart link up remedies that problem.
cjrs3509: I think you only need one pak

A dude wrote:

Don't you think the Gamecube should have cartridges and not stupid little disks? Cartridges are cool, and disks are sooooooo Playstation. If you scratch them up, bye bye video game. Cartridges can take more abuse. What do you think?

BeckerMan2K1: For those of use who want third party games on GameCube, and know how to take care of the things we buy, then mini-DVDs are great.
Hairball: No, DVD's are best suited for the GameCube, and the other next-generation systems, why? Because they hold a lot more space. And if you are sane enough to put the disks back into the case, then there should be no problem whatsoever.
TWgamer: Cartridges are small and bulky. Nintendo are also using DVDs not CDs here and they are a special DVD. I think they should release a N64 pak for it so you can play N64 games on it, or 64DD disks.
Tiger: Considering carts are a lot more expensive to produce and cannot hold as much as a disk, the economical views of carts are very limited.
cjrs3509: Cartriges can also be damaged. I have to blow on my Goldeneye game before I play it. And CDs rule so ha =P

Bo wrote:

Oh you guys are quite the motley little band of fools. I read your mail bag habitually and laugh my ass off. You guys give some of the funniest responses to these emails it has me rolling in the floor. Well anyways, Onto Mario matters. I was wondering what do you people think of the proposed controller configuration of Luigi's Mansion. Where you move Luigi with the Camera-Stick and control your Proton Pack with the control stick (I refuse to call it a vacuum cleaner, This game couldn't be anymore like Ghostbusters if Slimer was the final boss of the game) Personally I think this controller configuration is a bad idea. I mean come on, Moving with the Camera-Stick is not only impractical it's just plain stupid thinking. Way to confuse the hell outta players Nintendo. Also I think Luigi's Mansion is Going to be great. And another thing, GHOSTBUSTERS RULE!

BeckerMan2K1: I think once you get used to the configuration, then you will love to use it. I know what I first started playing Turok for N64, I hated the configuration of the controls, but I now use that same control scheme for GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Turok 2 and 3, etc.
Hairball: I see dead people.
TWgamer: I think Luigi's mansion is a gimmick and another pathetic excuse from Nintendo to delay another Mario game.
Tiger: Well considering tons of people were hogging the setups to Luigi's Mansion at e3, I don't know much about the config, but Luigi has a lot of other things aside from a vacuum cleaner, I recall seeing him refer to a clear GBC as well.
cjrs3509: Nintendo's new Controler seems strange, but so did the N64 controler at first

Mike wrote:

Ok with Luigi's Mansion coming out and a new Mario Title on the way both for GameCube does that mean that Luigi will not make it in to the Mario title to add 2 players?

BeckerMan2K1: Just because Luigi has his own game a launch doesn't mean he won't be in Mario's.
Hairball: That's why intellectual property is intellectual.
TWgamer: No idea, sorry.
Tiger: I have no clue.
cjrs3509: Depends what the game is

Brian wrote:

What do you guys think about the Xbox? I really can't decide whether I should get GC or xbox... and a ps2 is just out of the question because it's simply hrrible. So, what system do I buy?

BeckerMan2K1: You want good games, moderate third party support, and the Nintendo brand backing you all the way get GameCube. If you want quick PC to console ports and a control the size of a dinner plate, get Xbox.
Hairball: Tough decision? Don't buy any at all. It's easy as that, contribute to the faltering economy.
TWgamer: I think the XBOX sucks and should go to hell with its chunky controllers. The PS2 is great, I have one and the games are brilliant, and it offers DVD playback and future internet. The GCN has yet to 100% convince me so far. But the XBOX, CAN IT PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!
Tiger: Xbox will whoop the competition with it's hardware, but with games, I do not think it will win a big battle. Many will flock, but it just another hurdle for Nintendo to go through.
cjrs3509: PS2 isn't horrible, and X-box, NUH UH, go with Gamecube