E-Mailbag for July 30, 2001

An SM128C Fan wrote:

i hope namek and solar are answering this one. when is the super mario saga gonna come back? and when is the art gallery gonna get updated?

BeckerMan2K1: The stories at this site have died down alot, I guess it was just a fad.
Hairball: The art gallery was updated a few days ago, you doofus. And Solar...I think he's dead.
Namek: Pshh... I updated the art gallery. No one ever sends me art anymore so until I get more, no art gallery for you.
TWgamer: Well Solar seems to have disappeared so the Saga won't be back for a while, and Namek does update the Art Gallery every so often.
Tiger: I will ignore this letter as it does not have any relevance to me.
Peachy: I have no idea and solar hasn't been around.

GayAsJuvenile wrote:

im sooooo gay it's not even funny

BeckerMan2K1: Talking about yourself like that won't help your situation any.
Hairball: Yeeeeees....it is... [HAHAHAHAHA!]
Namek: I noticed. http://www.chrononexus.com/
TWgamer: really?
Tiger: Either you are very happy, or are of the homosexual quality. I hope it is the first.
Peachy: Thats great 4 u great wishes on ur gayness.

Shy Guy Deluxe wrote:

what's with the overuse of exclamation marks?

BeckerMan2K1: Would!You!Prefer!Question!Marks?
Hairball: I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Namek: It enlarges your penis 1-4 inches.
TWgamer: What! The! Hell! Do! You! Mean?!
Tiger: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peachy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!I really have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helmut Emanuel wrote:

Hmm... I really don't think that Nintendo will go into 3rd-party developing like Sega did (GuyInGreen's editorial "They came and Went"). They've got a LOT of loyal fans, and Sega fans might buy Nintendo systems because of Sega making games for the systems. Mario, Link, and Nintendo's other major characters have millions and millions of fans, and they'll buy the new games with the new systems that come out, won't they? Yeah, Nintendo probably won't dominate the market, but they'll at least hang in there. Oh, and I don't really care if you insult me or not.

BeckerMan2K1: I won't insult you, screw-head. No seriously, Nintendo is much better financially than Sega was, or ever was for that matter. When Nintendo dominated the industry in the 80's they basically were taking in all of the income. Nintendo has alot of money to rest on.
Hairball: The GameCube isn't the greatest looking system out there, so that kind of damages them. The games, well...we have to see, but the games Nintendo has been pumping out lately haven't been that impressive.
Namek: I think Nintendo will be dominating the market since PS2 was such a failure and now Nintendo has the GBA and GCN. Only thing that could really bring it to second rank is the XBOX, and I doubt that.
TWgamer: If the Gamecube fails, it seems that Nintendo will continue to dominate the handheld market that they are extremely sucessful at being the dominant force in this area.
Tiger: Nintendo will not market to 3rd party systems in the near future.
Peachy: I REALLY hate ppl who asks us to insult them. Thats just sad.

Peachy's admirer wrote:

Peachy,You are Soooooooo hot,will you go out with me? I am totally anonnymous and will remain so. I LOVE YOU

BeckerMan2K1: Uh....
Hairball: Well, well, well, looks like we turned into Love Line.
Namek: Hehe, I am hot too.
TWgamer: If you want to remain anonymous then how can you meet peachy and go out.......?
Tiger: Okay, it isn't me.
Peachy: Yea...hi? If I knew who u WERE, maybe I'd CONSIDER goin out w/ u. But 4 all I know, u might be some ugly freak.

Max wrote:

Are you some sort of retard? I swear to god, dissing anything Miyamoto was involved with is a sin. He is like the god of video games. And haven't you heard of anything called Mario's Sunshine. Thats the second title in the Mario Bros. GCN title. Thats why theres that timer in Luigi's Mansion. At nighttime, its all about Luigis dark ghost fighting and daytime is all about Mario platforming goodness. I can see them in a double disk case now. One side dark for Luigis Mansion the other bright for Mario's Sunshine. So maybe you should think before you write this gay emails. Oh yeah, All you sm128 guys/girls, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

BeckerMan2K1: Your email makes little to no sense.
Hairball: Waaaaait, hold on a sec. Nothing is known about Mario's Sunshine, it isn't even known if it's a game, it just happened to show up on Nintendo's Gamecube game list for awhile. But hmmm...
Namek: Uhhh, never heard of that. And if that is the title, how gay can you get? Mario's Sunshine. OMG.
TWgamer: The trouble is that anything miyamoto is *not* involved in is the problem. Such as Super Mario Advance, that was not handled by Miyamoto, so Nintendo just put out a cheap re-hash. I have not heard of "Mario's sunshine" so are you sure this is true?
Tiger: Huh? I totally did not understand that.
Peachy: Whta the hell?

Stephanie wrote:

I dont even like nintendo or whatever but hi jason!

BeckerMan2K1: Speaking of retards...don't ever write in again.
Hairball: Stephanie and Jason sitting on a tree...doing something that no one else wants to see...
Namek: Uh... hey. wtf.
TWgamer: Who is Jason?
Tiger: Hello jason.
Peachy: That sounds toooo familiar. I think I know u two.

Stardust wrote:

Do you think Super Mario Advance 2 will be Mario3 three. I think it will because Super Mario Bros. 2 was on the first Mario Advance so Advance 2 should be Mario3

BeckerMan2K1: Yes, I think it will be.
Hairball: Excellent observation.
Namek: Yes, I think that it will. It seems that way at least.
TWgamer: Super Mario Advance 2 is going to be Super Mario World and something else, hopefully not Arcade Mario Brothers again. SMA3, well I just don't know
Tiger: Well the next one would be SMB3, since we had All-Stars then SMA (which was SMB2 America).
Peachy: I dunno.

The Gay Slayer wrote:

Just wondering, but why is Beckerman a gay fag? I mean seriously, why does he do the e-mail bag if all the cocksucker does is write "no comment". If I ever seen him in person, Idd shit on him. I mean, Harvest Moon rules and all u fags never played it, u guys are gay.

BeckerMan2K1: Number One, I have Harvest Moon for my SNES. Number Two, I didnt' even DO the email bag last week because I was out of town on business, so Harry just put "no comment" for all of my answers instead of removing my name from the format. Maybe you should take your finger out of your ass for more than ten seconds to lick it and take a look at the world around you. Oh and Fuck off.
Hairball: I have to apolgize for that, I just did that because it would be faster than taking out his name on the answers table.
Namek: I heard Harvest Moon was a good game. I have never had a chance to play it though.
TWgamer: I don't know why he didn't answer any of the questions... and I haven't played HARVEST MOON, SORRY...
Tiger: I do not really know Beckerman, but he seems to be a nice guy from what I have seen.
Peachy: Well sometimes they dont get it in time. And u are a gay fag.

Anony Mouse wrote:

i fail to grasp the relationship between microsoft's webtv and the spamming. is the user signing you up with webtv newsletters or something?

BeckerMan2K1: WebTV could be their ISP.
Hairball: Last week, I got about 1500 newsletters, from this lamer who was signing me up to everything. Some of the e-mails showed his/her IP address, so I traced it, and found it to be a WebTV user.
Namek: Um, I guess I am the lucky webmaster who didnt get all the crap mail. hehe, you love me.
TWgamer: The spammer's ISP was Microsoft WebTV..
Tiger: Well since this is a Mario and Nintendo related site, I don't know the relevance from that to WebTV or Microsoft.
Peachy: is it really u whos doin all that crap?

GenesisOne wrote:

I was really disapointed with Mario Party 3. I mean, the game looked, and was pathetic, and could've easily been done in 1998. For the last game to be released for N64, I think Nintendo should've either made MP3 push the N64 to its maximum limites, or gave us a sequal to Mario 64, also pushing the systems limits. Mario launched the system with a jaw dropping game, why not end it with another jaw dropping game, showing how far and powerful the N64 had grown since the beginning? What do you guys think?

BeckerMan2K1: They used the philosophy of, "Why ruin a good thing."
Hairball: There is no point in brining life back into the dead.
Namek: Yes, of course. I didn't realize that was the last game ever released. I guess I haven't been to indepth with the gaming world in the past few months. But hey, the last game for SNES was Frogger... That really didn't push the SNES to the limits.
TWgamer: I haven't played Mario Party 3 or any of the Mario Party games so I don't really know, but I think fans would have preferred a new mario game than stupid party games.
Tiger: Well I guess they are going to put the big bang on the GCN.
Peachy: Yea I wasn't very impressed either.

Johnny wrote:

this may sound stupid, but do you think it would be a good idea for nintendo to put all of the mario games on one gamecube disc, kinda like a mario allstars but with more games.

BeckerMan2K1: I think that is a cool idea.
Hairball: For gamers, that would be an excellent idea, but it wouldn't exactly be the most innovative thing. With all those old 2D games...but a Super Mario All Stars on the GBA...would've been nice.
Namek: Yeah, that would be cool. Because the first Mario All Stars was awesome except for the crappy controls.
TWgamer: Good idea, all we have to do now is wait for the GCN to come out...
Tiger: That wouldn't be very economical since the original Mario games on N64 are still selling.
Peachy: No that would be stupid.

Christine Bunch wrote:

Where can I find the Mario Kart action figures? They are the characters from Mario Kart 64 in little cars. thanks christine

BeckerMan2K1: Nintendo's Store or Ebay come to mind.
Hairball: I've seen those at the Toys "R" Us store in the mall, they are pretty crappy looking I have to say.
Namek: Never heard of it.
TWgamer: I'm not sure really, you'd have to try and get them on EBay
Tiger: At first this was freaky to me, erm...anyway. You can search at toy stores, I have seen them before in like Kaybee's. And you can always check nintendo.com and ebay.com.
Peachy: I really have no idea.

Madolyn Wilson wrote:

Will there be anymore games for Mario or Super Brother Mario on Ninetindo 64, I really like to play Mario, or what about Super Ninetindo.

BeckerMan2K1: N64 and SNES are both dead systems.
Hairball: The N64, our fellow friend has died for quite some time now.
Namek: No, no more games for either.
TWgamer: Sorry no, but there are some new Mario games on Game Boy Advance like MK: Super Circuit
Tiger: No new games, but you can always play the classics.
Peachy: No, I dont think they will release anymore games for N64.

Metal Mario wrote:

Are all of male?

BeckerMan2K1: No.
Hairball: I don't think so, let me check.
Namek: I am mail.
TWgamer: If you mean all of us, VD007 and Tiger are female.
Tiger: I not this comprehend.
Peachy: Nope, Im a girl. GET UR GRAMMAR RIGHT.

Video Game Eric wrote:

Hey! I think your site is great! I would like to know what happened to the flash movie The Mario Twins. If you know, please tell me! I can't find it on your site. One time you had it on the main page and it linked to it. I thought it was sooooooo funny.

BeckerMan2K1: It wasn't done by us, but can be found all over the internet.
Hairball: It has been moved down to our update archives, since it isn't really news anymore.
Namek: Yes, you can thank me for posting that link.
TWgamer: That wasn't our Mario flash movie, it was on another site, maybe Namek can give you the URL.
Tiger: You can check the archives. It is also on the 'net somewhere, since Namek found it.
Peachy: I dunno ask Harry.

Snake wrote:

I feel that Luigi's Mansion will be a great dissapointment, do any of you at Sm128C agree with my prediction?

BeckerMan2K1: I think it is going to rock.
Hairball: I semi-agree, it might not be the best game, but it could be pretty neat, though it's hard to say at this time.
Namek: Personally, I hate Luigi.
TWgamer: I agree, as it should be a new MARIO game and not just a Luigi game...
Tiger: It is hard to predict games sometime, we won't really know until it comes out. Only speculation.
Peachy: I concuer.

KyleK1985 wrote:

That virus you're getting...Who is it from? I have gotten 6 from default@prodigy.net.mx What I did was block all e-mails coming from that address. (I use AOL) If you can do that, it may be of some help... And BTW, I am not using Outlook or Outlook Express....

BeckerMan2K1: The virus come through an attachment and infects your Recycling Bin and uses it's own SMTP engine to send emails masked as the default@prodigy.net.mx internet address. Update your Virus Definitions or DAT files and don't open any Misc. attachments.
Hairball: I'm not really sure how the AOL mail program works. But the virus gets the email addresses in your Windows address book (which AOL might use). And blocking has pretty much no use, you could be receiving it from other people too. Just remember to delete the e-mail immediately, and not open the attachment.
Namek: Yeah, I got mine on AOL too... The email was diff. for me.
TWgamer: I've only got the virus once, and I just deleted it so there is no problem.
Tiger: Apparently it is flooding many webmaster's boxes. I got one too, but I simply deleted it because I reconized the body of the message. That and I do not accept attachments from anyone I do not know. The only "safe" attachments are .txt and .gif and .jpg are around there.
Peachy: I ahve no idea i havent got one....yet.