E-Mailbag for July 14, 2001

Jason Hill wrote:

Replying to your review: I agree that nintendo should make new mario games but then i also disagree that they should port old mario games,they are classics. I'm 19 and i been playing nintendo since i was born and i love it. I have heard that Nintendo IS (It even says it on their game boy site) that super mario brothers 3 and world is going to be ported onto Game Boy advance and i almost bet that people will make it a milllion seller once again,which is cause mario brothers 3 is the best mario game out there.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: SMB3 and SMW should be coming along to the GBA, but still, they can't beat out a brand new game, though those two are great games, but a port is a port.
GuyInGreen: Playing since you were born eh? Well i do agree with everything you say, except SMB3 wont sell like it did before.
TWgamer: SMB3 would be great on GBA, but the biggest problem with Super Mario Advance was that it did not have enough feaures like SMBDX did, and SMB2 is not very good.
Tiger: Well I like the idea of porting the older games so even the younger gamers can appreciate it. Yes, I remember playing Mario 1,2,3,World, and a bunch of others on their respective original consoles. There is nothing like playing Super Mario Bros. on a Famicom, but its equally as great having a new game on GBA-GCN.
Peachy: I totally agree, Super Mario 3 is the coolest game and I luv it.

Henryelton wrote:

Dear Mario 128 Central, 1 Where did you get that hillarious flash movie? I must have watched it 7 or 8 times. 2 Also, how do you get to world 9 in SMB 3? I only thought there were only 8 worlds. Do you get it when you beat the game. 3 Where can I get a new copy of the movie Super Mario Bros. on vhs? 4 In the January 1st 1999 e-mailbag you said tha there was only 93 goals in Super Mario World. Well, there are really 96. 5 I think you have a great site, there is only one site on the web that is better(TMK.) 6 I remember on something it said you had a article on Luigi not being in Super Mario 64. How do I get to that article?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: 1) It was on the Internet, and Namek posted the link. 2) There are 9 worlds, just keep playing. 3) Dunno. 4) Oh well, it's more than 2 years ago, and we have moved on. 5) Yes. 6) Think about it...
GuyInGreen: #1-don't know #2- don't know #3- don't know #4- don't know #5- don't care #6- it went to hell
TWgamer: 1. Namek Made it, 2. I can't remember that far back, 3. Try your local video store, or Amazon.com, 4. Very observant, 5. Thanks!, 6. It's around somewhere
Tiger: 6 is just too much.
Peachy: 1) I dunno ask Harry 2) I 4get 3) What a sucky movie 4) whatever 5)Thanx 6) I dunno try specials or Game help or editorials

A farting butt wrote:

question how many phases are there on the classic Super Mario Bros. For Super Mario Advance?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: From what I have heard, there are 99 phases in the classic Mario Bros. game.
GuyInGreen: I refuse to answer to a farting butt.
TWgamer: I don't play Mario Bros. as it is so boring.
Tiger: Hmm..I dunno. I played up to like a high number, but then I kept losing. Those stupid ice levels..and those lobster/crab thingies bug me too.
Peachy: My got this is crazyness, i dunno I don't have advance (yet). *Peachy cries*

Grady wrote:

In your last e-mail bag, you guys said that you answered all of the e-mails. I was just testing to see if you were lying.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: And what are ya gonna do if we were?
GuyInGreen: Aren't you smart!
TWgamer: Re-he-he-hea-ally?
Tiger: What, you don't trust us?
Peachy: Of course we weare (I think)

None of you buisness wrote:

TW!Will you be giving reviews like Sonic Advance on SM128c.com?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: It could help if you look at the name of this site.
GuyInGreen: That's none of your bussiness.
TWgamer: On Sonic Central if it ever opens.
Tiger: I guess it is none of my business then.
Peachy: *Steps out of the spotlight*

The Ruler OF HECK!!! wrote:

Yo, hb, I know what you did... First you are a filthy lier... Taking credit from God's hard work... NOW I'M SENDING JEVUS DOWN TO PUNISH YOU!!! You will die at the age of 18... WHEN YOUR BEST FRIEND GIVE YOU AIDS!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: God will be coming to take your life back to the Devil.
GuyInGreen: Welcome to another edition of Fag's Say The Darnest Things with GuyInGreen!
TWgamer: That would mean HB got AIDS at 8, or if he gets it at 18 he will die at 28! Get your numbers right before you insult!!
Tiger: Thats nice.
Peachy: Really? Oooo, I'm scared, ur sending JEVUS down to get us! Plus, harry has no friends.

Abayomi Ogunyemi wrote:

It seems there is no Mario Bros. game for the 'cube. Oh my! This is so sad! I thought Miyamoto was a genius. Could he be losing touch? Is it that the Nintendo crew and EAD have suddenly become deaf? Nah. But sill, why? Why Luigi's Mansion? I see that it's they have finally come around and put him in games other than those happy little fun games, but GEEZ!! Why did they put him in his own ghostbuster game? Are they trying to kill him by bringing us crappy Luigi games. This is going to be just like those retarded edutainment games that starred Luigi. " Oh, I REALLY want to suck up ghosts with a vacuum!" And he can't jump in the game! Isn't that the Mario Trademark!?! But on the brighter side, Nintendo hinted that Mario will have a game of his own( though not a launch title). Great. I'll end up loving it and getting it first thing. But MY GOD!!!! Listen to the people, Mario Team (is there a Mario Team?). I thought EAD stood for Entertainment ANALYSIS and Development. WE WANT MARIO BROTHERS!! A Mario Brothers title. Oh well. I can't wait for the Zelda game to hit. Dis me all you want, but ya got to admit, this is one bum deal for Mario lovers. But maybe SpaceWorld might surprise us. Hopefully.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Luigi's Mansion looks like something new, though it may seem strange, it may turn out to be a good game....but I'm kinda suspecious about it.
GuyInGreen: Mario can go screw himself, because Luigi owns.
TWgamer: Nintendo have really gone downhill. The crap SMA, and now Luigis mansion. Its all because good old Shigsy's working on Pikmin! Miyamoto gave us!
Tiger: Yes that is sad. What are they thinking?! Mario is great!
Peachy: I sure won't dis ya, the Zelda Saga's are my fave.

Change this--------> wrote:

Hey sadacts! nobody 'wrote' anything, they typed it dipsh*ts! MORONS HAHA YOU GUYS REALLY DO HAVE THE COMBINED INTELLIGENCE OF A TIMBER DOORFRAME HA!

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: So that means your head sounds like wood? Alrighty.
GuyInGreen: Good thing you suck. You sir, are an ERROR. When you learn to type come back.
TWgamer: HAHAHAHA! THAT IS SO FUNNY! (silence)
Tiger: Great usage of grammar there buddy.
Peachy: Um, no, u are the moron, 'cause u make no sence at all.

Gamepro wrote:

Ok, lets get this out of the way, i love your site. ok, now... I WANT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU TO INSULT ME!!! C'MON!! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Thank you. Also, um, that's it, i guess.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: It's not fun if you tell us to do it.
GuyInGreen: I take orders from no one, not even Hairball. But here goes nothing. u suk LOL!
TWgamer: No.
Tiger: You suck.
Peachy: Ur a wacko.

Sup wrote:

Hi. Your website is great. But I will get down to the question. Have you guys ever heard of the game Harvest Moon? If so, what do you think about it? If not, you suck. And Peachy got a heart attack yesterday. Sorry, loners.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Mm-hmm.
GuyInGreen: Harvest Moon is a worthless game.
TWgamer: I have heard of it, but not played it.
Tiger: I played Harvest Moon on GBC, it's pretty fun. But still not quite my cup of tea.
Peachy: Um, no. Yesterday, I went to the pool and swam my heart out (plus slept). Today, I had to call the cops cause I thought someone was in my house. I almost had a heart attack from fright, but I didn't. Thank you.

Planetarium wrote:

This one's for Twgamer. What the fuck's with you? One second, Rare Zone closes, the next this "sister site", Sonic Central, opens, the next Sonic Central gets a 1 month delay, and the next, Rarezone reopens. What the fuck's wrong with you? Which site are you gonna keep?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Yeah TW, stop screwing yourself.
GuyInGreen: This ones for your Mom *unf*
TWgamer: Sigh... These are TWO seperate projects, totally unrelated. Rare Zone closed for upgrading to Version 4. Sonic Central opened for a taster so i could get people interested and I hoped for some interest, but i got next to none, so I postponed it while i decide what to do (still undecided) OK????
Tiger: What is up with these questions directed toward TW?
Peachy: Whateve

GenesisOne wrote:

Will Nintendo be able to port SMRPG to the GBA, or make a direct sequel to the game for Gamecube? Since Square left, would Nintendo be able to do this? Square did make the actual game after all. In Nintendo Power magazine, SMRPG is number 1 game people want to see ported, so there definitely is lots of money to be made. It certainly would've been a better launch title, rather than SMB2.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: It is possible.
GuyInGreen: Finally, a smart writer. Thank god. And yes they should be able to, but it wouldnt be easy.
TWgamer: I really want SMBRPG on GBA as i never played it on a SNES since it never came to Europe!
Tiger: I highly doubt the GBA, but possible for GCN.
Peachy: Just to letcha know, i didn't read any of that.

Dylana wrote:

How many Mario games are there?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: One too many.
GuyInGreen: Who cares
TWgamer: About 60 Appearances, go to http://www.nintendoland.com/ and go to Mario Mania
Tiger: A lot.
Peachy: A lot. I think that there is: well, a lot.

CoolAsIce wrote:

i think that ssb sucks. it's wayy too kid orientated and it's only good for a 2 hour blast until the moves get repetitive and people start throwing controllers. who's with me???

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: No, I don't want to suck SSB with you.
GuyInGreen: Your name should be GayAsJuvenile. Nuff said, you're gay.
TWgamer: I agree, but its a chance to beat up pokemon and so will SSB Melee.
Tiger: SSB is not that bad, but I can agree it is a little kid oriented, but I'd rather take that than nothing.
Peachy: I am.

Jackal Lord wrote:

Just wanted to commend you on a great site. This and SMBHQ are my dull (Korean for 2) favorite sites. Anyone who says this site sucks is a brainless planarian. In case you are wondering that is a microscopic worm. But anyway, not often does this site get letters from superior intelects, does it? P.S. Oh yeah. For your mocking convenience I misspelled "intellect". Have fun.

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Stop bombarding me with hard-to-understand words.
GuyInGreen: Very...wordy.
TWgamer: Thanking you for admirably remarking regarding hypertexttransferprotocol://worldwideweb.supermario128central.commercial
Tiger: Superior intellects have the time to look at this website?
Peachy: Ur wrong, we NEVER get letters from ppl w/ brains, and ur not one of those ppl w/ brains either.

Muzic Guy 9000 wrote:

Hey Hairball and Company. I have a question. What the fuck happened to SMBHQ.com, they update like once a year. There YOUR bitches, do something! Also, why is ass fucking illegal in certain states. How do they enforce that? Break into people's houses and go, "Alright! Get up! Get your dick out of the ass and put your hands on your head!!!". That seems pretty absurd, what do you guys think?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: The government is watching you, everything you do, they know.
GuyInGreen: In case anyone forgot, we are a MARIO site. No more questions about assfucking or whatnot.
TWgamer: After you!
Tiger: HB, why the hell do you NOT screen the more disgusting emails.
Peachy: I think that ur a messed up idiot who likes ass fucking.

Michelle Tanner wrote:

Hello my name is michelle tanner and I live in a "Full House" My favorite sayings to say are "you got it dude" and "your in big trouble misto" Well acctually it's "misteR" but i pronounce it as "misto" because no one taught me how to spoke good english. What do you think of my show?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Full house? Take a look at this straight flush! HA!
GuyInGreen: Full House is quite the gay, and so are you.
TWgamer: I dont know your show, sorry.
Tiger: AHHHhhhh! Get away from me you freako!
Peachy: It sux big time, DUDE.

Caveman981 wrote:

hey my names sean (the guyat the bottom), i come from manchester england....do you guys know the release date for mario kart circuit in the uk?....iv got september the 1st...but i just wonna here it from you guys....oh its to bad that cooper trooper isnt in the game.....do you have any news for a zelda advance? iv herd ther redoing the zelda 2 for snes...oh and your website is really cool!......please reply.... p.s.....the super smash bros meelee looks amazing

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Probably sometime after the North American release of the game.
GuyInGreen: Mario Kart will not release, i h4x0red it.
TWgamer: I hope all those games come to light, MK Super Circuit should hit the UK soon (i hope) after the USA gets it. Zelda advance would be the greatest, even though it IS another port with Nintendo Money.Grabbers(TM)
Tiger: What is a guyat?
Peachy: .......

ShyGuy #1 wrote:

How can I submit my story 'Paper Mario 2' to twgamer? I want to see if the story is good enough and if I could become a staff member.. I tried to use the e-mail twgamer@sm128c.com but I don't know what to put in for the cc and Bcc. Do you know what it is? If not could I show the story to you another way like in the e-mailbag or chat room?

BeckerManEX: (no comment)
Hairball: Gee, it's not really that hard to send an email, is it?
GuyInGreen: They call it EMAIL jerkoff. And btw, i was in a very bad mood when i replied to all of these. WHERE IS MY PROZAC!
TWgamer: Just email it and you will be considered
Tiger: Use the submission form, silly!
Peachy: just send it. it's REALLY not that hard. Attach it to the email.