E-Mailbag for June 30, 2001

JCF1110 wrote:

In Nintendo Power Magazine it says that their going to make a sequel to SM64, but it will be on GameCube but I hope that you can play with more characters than just Mario. I read a few mailbags at this site and I still can't believe that a few kids still think that Luigi is in SuperMario 64 those F*cken A$$holes

BeckerManEX: I'm sure they are thinking the exact same thing about you.
Hairball: I can still believe that kids still believe they can believe that they can find Luigi in Super Mario 64.
Namek: YEAH! Those SOBs!
TWgamer: Luigi's mansion is up first for GameCube, not Super Mario 128.
Tiger: Alright then. So we will have a continuation?

Lover #9841247824 wrote:

Hello all. I just wanted to say this. After June 14th, next week thursday, school for me will end. For me, this is 75% good. But it is making me sad, I will never see the girl i have like for half the year, and I never did tell her I liked her. Hairball and company, what should I do. I'm going to a different high school, and I'll never see her and any of my freinds ever again. I feel like I'm going to cry.

BeckerManEX: So if you are never going to see her again otherwise, tell her, the worst that can happen is she says something mean, and you never have to see her again, case closed. And I have been out of school since May 31st, so I beat you by a full month and two weeks. Bah!
Hairball: Talk to her, and try to be friends, and she'll probably give you her phone number, and I think you can figure out the rest.
Namek: Pshh, duh. Tell her you like her silly. If she says no, you don't have to go through the emberassment for the rest of your life because you will be gone. Be a risk taker and go for it. And if you don't really want to tell her how you fell face to face, try writing her a note or poem and then slipping it into her hand or locker.
TWgamer: June 14th was three weeks ago, why don't you just give each other phone numbers or something?
Tiger: And how does this pertain to this site? So you have girl troubles.

Kevin Hughes wrote:

Can I answer the E-mailbag?!?!?!??? Please? I'll bribe you with cookies!

BeckerManEX: Do I look like a blue character from Seseame Street?
Hairball: Mmmmmmm....cookies... *drools *
Namek: Sure, answer away.
TWgamer: Any staff negotations are to be conducted through proper diplomatic channels, frequency hairball@sm128c.com
Tiger: Sure. Go ahead. Yum. Good cookies.

Gormandizer wrote:

In Mario Kart 64, when the spiky shell is released, does it track the person in the lead when it is released and keep that target, or does it track whoever is in first when it gets there?

BeckerManEX: Tracks the first place person, while hitting anyone in it's way on the course of it's assult, but it only goes for so long (about ten seconds) and then self destructs.
Hairball: The spiky shell tries to hit the person in 1st, but it'll also hit others if they're en route.
Namek: It always nails the person in first place.
TWgamer: Interesting Question. Probably whoever's in first when it gets there.
Tiger: It goes to it's intended target.

Matt Koopa wrote:

I hate Sega because they ripped of Mario with that Sonic sh*t and Sonic sucks ass because a blue animal sucks ass and all that other crap I can think about and Hairball why would put a preview for Super Mario Advance 2 anyway, there isn't a preview from Nintendo yet you retarded retard.

BeckerManEX: Sonic is one of the best characters ever. Cheers goes to Mario, but Sonic will always be my favorite mascot, and how dare you say anything bad about SEGA? They are the reason for the current market we are in, they helped invent the video game industry and mold it into the business we know and love. I think I HATE you...
Hairball: In what way is Sonic a ripoff of Mario? I don't see where the hell you are getting this from. And that's why it's a preview, it's just ideas of what could be expected in the game...or something like that.
Namek: Uhhh, Sonic is in many ways different than Mario. Would you call Final Fantasy a rip off of Chrono Trigger?
TWgamer: Sonic does not SUCK! Sonic is also a pioneer of gaming, just like mario, you fool!
Tiger: Yes. HB is a retarded retard. That makes him a retard squared. Ha.

GenesisOne wrote:

Why is their currently no Mario game coming out on Game Cube's launch date? Sure there's Luigi's Mansion, and SSB Melee, but those aren't pure Mario adventure games. There has been a new Mario game for every new Nintendo system released, hasn't there? I will be very disappointed if one isn't revealed at Spaceworld ready to be released. I'm sure you guys understand the feeling of playing an all new Mario game, with a new system right? Like with the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64, the experience and feeling was incredible! It's just not the same, if the game is released in 2002. Do you guys expect that Nintendo will reveal it at the last second?

BeckerManEX: Space World, Space World, Space World...
Hairball: It'll really hurt Nintendo if there is no Mario launch game, but there have been hints that they'll reveal a Mario GCN game at Spaceworld (Japanese Nintendo show)...maybe.
Namek: You know how Nintendo is, they like suprises. They probably have a Mario game almost ready, but that have been keeping it very secretive.
TWgamer: Nintendo have really slacked on this one with the BS of Super Mario 'Advance' and now the crappy Luigi's mansion! Shigsy save us!
Tiger: This does suck. The other people need credit as well, but why not release Mario as a playable character? Better yet, a platform game with the entire cast playable. That would be neat.

The Spy wrote:

Gamecube will suck ass. Get a PS2 and sum class games, like Crazy Taxi - yay

BeckerManEX: Too bad Crazy Taxi is so much better on Dreamcast, and while you are playing the first game, I'm kicking it with the sequel and all the Crazy Hops I can do.
Hairball: Crazy Taxi is one cool game, it's sooooooo fun, but then again does it look like I have a PS2?
Namek: Uhhh, PS2 did worse than the GBA. PS2 sux.
TWgamer: All Right! Let's go make some CRAZI MONEY!
Tiger: And yet you go to a Nintendo site. So that proves you trust Nintendo in some sick sort of way.

Tom K wrote:

I just got done reading Hairballs preview on Super Mario Advance 2, and I must say that you are a fortune's fool. SMB3 is my favorite game of all time and I still play it a lot, and with SMW being my second favorite, you just sicken me with your comments A 7 out of 10, what were you thinking? Then you give Super Mario Advance an 8, that game sucks! I don't even know why you work here, cuz you are not highly inteligent. Although you own the site, I would fire myself if I were that bad. Also, why do your mailbags always suck, you have dumb questions like, "Imm a moron, I bet I will be on this mailbag" and then the people who answer them just say "this is dumb". WELL FIX IT!!!

BeckerManEX: this is dumb
Hairball: As I said in the preview, I did not deny that SMB3 and SMW are bad games, they are great, but it's just a port, it would've been a lot better if there were new parts to the game adde, but we'll have to see about that, when more details are revealed.
Namek: Go fark yourself you slimey poop stalker bag hoop star.
TWgamer: He didn't give SMA an 8, it was 7.5 dumbass. Also he gave it 7/10 because it is not confirmed, why don't you use your head sometimes?
Tiger: Ha! I agree with them! You are not entirely intelligent HB. Go answer your own dumb questions. like: Why do I have a brain? *duh duh*

Luigim64 wrote:

is the mario kart advance a remake of the super nintendo version or is it a completely new mario kart?

BeckerManEX: Remake with new stuff.
Hairball: Most of the tracks in Mario Kart: Super Circuit (what Mario Kart Advance is called now) are brand new ones. There will only be 4 old SNES tracks in the single-pak multiplayer link mode.
Namek: Don't know.
TWgamer: Completely new. It's like Mario Kart 32, based on both the N64 and the SNES versions in 1 big cart. YEAH!
Tiger: It's sort of a quasi. Meaning new elements as well as elements from the SNES will be included.

Biohazard wrote:

In your last Email bag, Namek says that he don't need any money but later on in the same Email bag he says that he is broke and he wish's that he had some. So what the heck is going on? This freaks me out me! I am gonna have Tiger MAUL your ass's up for scaring me!

BeckerManEX: He had a hooker half way through the bag, I guess she took everything he had, which isn't much I assume :)
Hairball: Who wouldn't want more money?
Namek: The truth is that I need money.
TWgamer: Ill leave this to namek.
Tiger: Uh. I hope you are refering to the older TigerMAUL. 'Cause I ain't goin' up no ass.

GOD wrote:

Harry, you LAIR!!!!!! I created this site and I hired you to tell all your freaken FRIENDS TO COME TO MY SITE... But no... you take all the credit! I will destroy you... You will wither up and die when you get older and I will have revenge...

BeckerManEX: I don't believe in God, therefore you threats don't do anything for me.
Hairball: ...and a great "LAIR" I am.
Namek: your a Lair HB? I always wanted a lair of my own.
TWgamer: Really.
Tiger: God has spoken.

Suv107 wrote:

You said that roms were very bad and illegal. This is not necessarily true. Roms are not illegal. It is ok to download a rom and keep it if you own the actual game. You can still download it, but you must delete it within 24 hours. Of course, this is based on the honor system and tons of people abuse it.

BeckerManEX: Duh?
Hairball: That 24 hour thing is just a bunch of BS. What difference does it really make? But here's my opinion on emulation. If it's emulation of a portable system, like the Game Boy, I guess it's ok since it's portable, so you'll buy games on the system after you tried 'em out and think that they are good. So in reality, emulation probably helps gaming companies more, with the next-generation of video games, it will be extremely hard to emulate, so...so much for that.
Namek: Actually, if you read Nintendo's response to ROMs, they say its absolutely illegal and all the rumors about if you own the origional and blah blah are false.
TWgamer: Very good. Now go download some ROMS and play them.
Tiger: Of course, the honor system is bogus as well. Ah...like anyone knows what is really going on except that Nintendo wants to persecute all that violates their Copyrights.

Jack wrote:

hi. when is twgamer gonna put up a history of toad section? he's been in a lot of games. by the way, cool site.

BeckerManEX: Thanks.
Hairball: We shall let TW do the honours.
Namek: Toad is homosexual and has gay toad sex.
TWgamer: Toad? Do I really have to do that? Toad is insignificant as there is tons of them, and I wouldn't know which one to do!
Tiger: Thanks. I bet TWgamer would like to answer that. Toadstoooll..he's a cute fella.

GBA Man wrote:

I think that the reason that Nintendo made Super Mario Bros. 2 the main game in Super Mario Advance is because they are trying to release the old games in order. First came Super Mario Bros. DX for the Game Boy Color and then there came Super Mario Advance for the Game Boy Advance. Next there will probably be a Super Mario Bros. 3 based game. But you never know. one thing is, Nintendo will make a great sale if they make a brand new Mario game though. There hasn't been a classic based mario game since Super Mario World, but Super Mario 64 is a classic but they sould have add Luigi and have made it more then one player.

BeckerManEX: Simply Stunning reasoning, you must be a math teacher? Who would have thought 2 came after 1...
Hairball: That's why the GBA needs a brand-new Mario adventure, something new.
Namek: By golly, i think you may be on to something. It sounds like that's what they are trying to do.
TWgamer: Yeah but we want a real SUPER MARIO LAND 3! A NEW MARIO GAME! Not Wario or a Mario port, NEW! NEW! NEW!
Tiger: Wow..good deduction. And I would totally love a SMB3 and a SMW Whee!

NES Boy wrote:

We're -- ready -- to -- party! We're ready to party, we're ready! I hope you bring lot's of spaghetti! Come on in , come to the place where fun never ends! Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and friends! Dancing , Fiesta! , Romancing (?), Siesta! , Slumba , La Bama, Eye Carumba! Disguises, Surprises, and pies of, All sizes! Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends. Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and Friends! Garfield and friends! GARFIELD: "Don't bother turning to NBC, kids, they don't show cartoons anymore." Okay, now that I got that out of the way, what do you think of Crash Bandicoot on GAMECUBE?

BeckerManEX: Good God...
Hairball: Hehehe...Garfield and Friends, I loved watching that, and I still do.
Namek: http://chrono.sm128c.com/
TWgamer: I never have watched Garfield in my life, and the people who did Crash are now doing another one for PS2, but not a Crash game
Tiger: Garfield and Friends! Dun dun ~!~

Austin Witty wrote:

I can't wait to hear more about Smash Bros. Melee! It won't be out for more than three months and I already love it! Please put everything you hear about it on the site so Smash Bros. fans like me can read all about it! eThanks for everything you've done!

BeckerManEX: eThanks? WTF?
Hairball: One of you will move on, and one certainly will not.
Namek: Yes, me too.
TWgamer: It does look good, so we can all Kick Pika's ass! YEAH!
Tiger: It's a really great game. I almost had a chance to play it, and I can personally say that it is a nifty game.

My [edited] wrote:

That flash animation was gay Namek. Really gay. I've never seen anything gayer in my entire life.......besides Andy Fox, some gay kid in my 8th grade class. He was caught butt f*cking some guy in school. Like you Namek. Stop posting gay sh*t like that!

BeckerManEX: Uh...
Hairball: Then I assume you must be gayer than gay.
Namek: You dingo. I know it was gay, that's why it was silly funny. And I only butt fuck guys on weekends, the rest of the time im heterosexual.
TWgamer: Listen to Blink 182's song "Fuck a Dog", it might calm you down.
Tiger: Uh huh..

Lorrie wrote:

Dah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That mario twins movie was really funny. It was super, spectacular, and all out fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was good too.

BeckerManEX: We didn't make it, and it has been out for a while, it just takes Hairball a while to pick up on things.
Hairball: Gee, is it really that great?
Namek: I know it was funny biotch. That's why I posted it. Now worship me.
TWgamer: Don't thank me, thank namek
Tiger: Dah?

QLOUD wrote:

I think E3 was OK, but it could have defintely have been better had a Mario game been shown (and not SMA). The Gamecube will for sure defeat the XBOX and the GBA will be the Gamecube's byatch. Oh yeah, I beat mario64 the other day (all 128 stars)......I feel proud. PS- is there a Super Mario Kart Soundtrack ? That music r0x0rs your b0x0rs!

BeckerManEX: Stay away from my boxers.
Hairball: And I'll h4x0r j00> b17ch.
Namek: blah
TWgamer: 128 STARS? there is only 120! By the way you forgot the great PS2.
Tiger: I believe there are game soundtracks around, but hard to come by. I happen to have soundtrack for DK3. Rare makes good music!

David wrote:

Hey, N64 isn't dead! I mean sure it's not in the same league as PS2 or Dreamcast but it's still alive and well. Did you consider that they did design the disk drive, just into the Gamecube? What do you meen "once in a while" in your last paragraph? N64 is and always will be an awesome system! Even with all the delays N64 and its games were all worth the wait!

BeckerManEX: Yes I agree, but I don't really play my N64 anymore, except for some Conker's Bad Fur Day here and there, I mostly play my Dreamcast and GBA.
Hairball: Of course the N64 isn't dead...5 years ago that is.
Namek: Dude, N64 sux big penis. It was nowhere near having the same lasting success as PSX.
TWgamer: Dreamcast died faster than the N64, pity really. Maybe the Big N will make a N64 cart adapter for the GCN, that would b good.
Tiger: N64 isn't dead..but just running slower these days.

The Sexy One wrote:

I am sexier than Namek.

BeckerManEX: Harry's mom is sexier than Namek.
Hairball: That cannot be possible.
Namek: That may be because I am the same person as you.
TWgamer: quite.
Tiger: Anyone is! ;)

Luigi Rocks wrote:

Found on the Form Thank You Page: "But don't worry, we'll answer the best of the e-mails in monthly E-Mailbags, so stay tuned for your answers!" That's pretty sad, that you answer "the best of the e-mails", and your emailbag is filled of stupid emails.

BeckerManEX: Much like yours?
Hairball: And full of stupid people like you.
Namek: That's because we actually answer ALL them emails.
TWgamer: Like this one?
Tiger: Yes, nothing but idiots roam these parts.

HyperLuigi wrote:

I've been playing Super Mario World and I'm not really sure how Nintendo would be able to improve the 2 player mode on SMA 2. What do you guys think? I suppose they could just make a brand new mode for the game like a little Mario character only fighting game or something. What do you guys think?

BeckerManEX: I don't think, I figure I could get out of answering questions like these.
Hairball: Some sort of linked simutaneous adventure play would be nice, since each person has his/her own screen.
Namek: Dunno
TWgamer: Nice Idea
Tiger: I..can not think at the moment. Please insert another quarter.

Niklas wrote:

WTF happened to the IR port on GBA? It pisses me off since I can't Mystery Gift now dammit!

BeckerManEX: It had a flipping six inch range, I can see it being improved to work across a room but there would be too much degrading of the IR signal.
Hairball: The dark side confiscated it, and used it to make remote controls for souls down in hell.
Namek: AHHH!!!!
TWgamer: I think it wasn't that popular so they ditched it, pity.
Tiger: Well they are considering of making an add-on hardware thingie for an IR port for GBA.