E-Mailbag for June 9, 2001

The Internet wrote:

I'm going to shut you down again

BeckerManEX: When were we shut down the first time?
Hairball: Nooooooooo!!!
Namek: Fine by me, this site sucks :)
Sabre: SM128C was never shut down before so how can you do it AGAIN?
X-Bot: Indeed.
Peachy: Really? How interesting.
BigHornSheep: And we are going to shut you up.

Shoe wrote:

I thought E3 was great, and Super Smash Bros. Melee was hella fun. I couldn't keep my hands off the controller. It was definitally game of the show.

BeckerManEX: Excellent stuff is all I have heard.
Hairball: So that means you went to E3 and actually played SSB Melee?
Namek: Shoe... hmmm... around here, we use the word shoe as a name for something that we don't like.
Sabre: Yes Super Smash Bros. was definatly a smash at E3. (hehe..pun) I can't wait to play it myself.
X-Bot: Excellent.
Peachy: I am too poor to go, see me suffer. Glad ya had fun, though.
BigHornSheep: I think E3 should be called N3 since Nintendo products are always the highlights.

Dust wrote:

Hey? I want Mario Advance, and I wanna know if there are save files, if you can tell me please do!

BeckerManEX: It will be similar to Super Mario Deluxe where you begin at the last level that you beat.
Hairball: Yes, there are save files, works kind of like the saves in Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES. I think you can save the game play at each level, so that's good.
Namek: oobly obbly ah. I don't think so.
Sabre: Mario Advance will be out in 4 days, so you'll have to wait 'till then.
X-Bot: Super Mario Advance is a beefed-up port of Super Mario Bros. 2. Take what you will from it.
Peachy: I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
BigHornSheep: I think the future of video games will all have games saves, since most games coming out now and in the future are quite time consuming, not everyone can finish it at once.

Nucleargaming.com wrote:

First, I want to say, YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOO FUNNY! But secondly, when some one does ask you a good question, you should answer it. Often, someone asks you a honest question and you just make fun of them, which is quite funny..............a what the hell, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

BeckerManEX: Wasn't this letter in our last Bag?
Hairball: I would answer this, but there is no question.
Namek: We've gotten this kind of response about 50 times before. Let us do our job, and we'll let you look at our site.
Sabre: Hmm...I remember this statement made once before.
X-Bot: Your website plagiarized an IGN64 news story. Except you refrained from the use of the .
Peachy: Thanks.... I guess.
BigHornSheep: Hahaha, why do I feel so guilty when you say we make fun of people who ask a good question?

TuxedoKen wrote:

The last e-mail bag had someone named Anna King buy her son a fake game called Super Mario 14. Well, I recently checked the Mario Bros. Auctions on eBay, and that's not the only one. There's another counterfeit game called Super Mario Bros. 7, and possibly a few others. Keep your eyes out for them.

BeckerManEX: Why do I need to keep MY eyes out for them? I know there was never a Super Mario Bros. 7 or a Super Mario 14. It is the dumb people in the world who don't know jack that need to watch out.
Hairball: Why do that?
Namek: Possibly a FEW others? I know of at least 20. My fav. is Super Mario Streets, which is just mario placed into a mega man game, but still fun.
Sabre: Why do we care about that fake crap?
X-Bot: I have Super Mario 21, Super Mario 28, and others.
Peachy: Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind.
BigHornSheep: Fake Mario games? How interesting.

Dustin C wrote:

Hello, I was just wondering how much SM128C makes.It's a great site, and I am thinkingabout purchasing a .com and investing $200 into it. Any suggestions and how much do you get paid? - Thanks. PS: Gaming Complex is dead, isn't it?

BeckerManEX: Well I have yet to recieve any money from doing this site, but I don't need any.
Hairball: We recently sold off several of our enterprises for about $300 billion US.
Namek: I used to get paid, but some people got a little cheap around here.
Sabre: Ask Hairball how much it makes. Get site sponsors. No Gaming Complex isn't dead it is just undergoing major re-construction.
X-Bot: Why yes, Gaming Complex is dead.
Peachy: Here is my advice: 1) Ask Harry 2)Ask Harry 3) Probably.
BigHornSheep: Gaming Complex is dead, the owner works for DGN now. If you want to site your own site, you can get cheap hosting at hostrocket.com and cheap domains registeration at dotster.com SM128C makes about $80-120 USD a month. If you have $200 you should do great.

Ottoman wrote:

My ass is on fire.

BeckerManEX: The roof is on fire.
Hairball: Don't do things like that to your ass.
Namek: address your ass as mr. ass.
Sabre: Go sit in a fish bowl.
X-Bot: ... in addition to your house.
Peachy: Wow, wonder how that happened? DON'T PLAY W/ FIRE, DUMBSH*T!
BigHornSheep: He shoots, he scores....

Andrew Davis wrote:

How do I erase the data that I have on Mario Party 2? I would like to start over and beat it all again. Thanks

BeckerManEX: Take out any memory cards in the controller slots and turn the N64 on while holding start on the first player controller. It should give you the option of clearing the ROM.
Hairball: Go to the place that connects to the mini-game house, and you can delete your save game there.
Namek: http://chrono.sm128c.com/
Sabre: Never played it so I can't help you.
X-Bot: No soup, for you.
Peachy: I dunno ask Harry.
BigHornSheep: Why don't you just start a new games and save it over your old one?

President of Canada wrote:

We Canadians are a bunch of bastards. We got jealous of all of America's contests so we decided to have one of our own. Screw all Americans. No GBA for you f*ck ups.

BeckerManEX: Babbages just called and said my GBA will be here first thing Monday, and to come pick it up.
Hairball: One, Canada does not have a president, our symbolic "head of state" is the Queen. And the GBA comes out as the same time as the USA, that's why it's the "North America" GBA launch.
Namek: MKAY?
Sabre: First of all Canada does not have a President, and second we are not jealous of American's.
X-Bot: Ok.
Peachy: Yea... ok... GO SIXERS!!! (I live in South Jersey)
BigHornSheep: Stop making fun of me.

NES Boy wrote:

(NOTE: This is for those that have an imported Game Boy Advance and Super Mario Advance.) Out of all the character voices you heard so far in Super Mario Advance (not just Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad), which is your favorite? PS: There's one error on one of your fake Paper Mario pics of Yoshi. In the picture of Yoshi in a battle, you didn't bother to make him slightly darker. When you or your helpers are waiting for their turn, they are slightly dark. Why isn't Yoshi dark? PPS: You only have ONE biography on your site, and that is of Bowser. MORE BIOGRAPHIES! PPPS: Why does the little girl whisper in the beginning of the commercial for Appliance Direct? It's unnecessary!

BeckerManEX: no comment
Hairball: I like Mario and Luigi, I think they're the best characters in SMB2...hey they could've added Yoshi in maybe. I cannot disclose any more information.
Namek: I don't have anything, some im going to ignore this one.
Sabre: Do not own a GBA so I will sit quiet.
X-Bot: Quit your nitpicks, geez.
Peachy: Peach, of course!
BigHornSheep: I only got GBA cause I like the Street Fighter game that's coming out on it.

koolkong06 wrote:

Hey hb! do you know where I can get the rare and elusive Mario Beanie Babies? Oh yeah SM128C is cool! By the way what do you think of mario party 3?

BeckerManEX: One word: EBAY.
Hairball: Those Mario beanies are only available from Nintendo, you have to call them for it, try calling 1-800-255-3700.
Namek: Mario beanie babies arent rare, and any retard would have tried looking at EBay already.
Sabre: Take it away Hairball. *applause*
X-Bot: He acquires his beanie babies from... [edited].
Peachy: 1. dunno 2. thanx. 3. never played it
BigHornSheep: I think he got them from ebay.

Sam wrote:

I was just thinking this morning, considering there's going to be Donkey Kong Racing that means DK won't be on Mario Kart 128 (If there is one). He's one of my favourite players, which is a shame. On the FLIP side, this means more of a chance of KOOPA getting his kart back, and then bashing the shit through Wario for stealing his kart. GO KOOPA!!! Also, I hope characters like Magikoopa and Daisy are playable, although I think the game needs to be harder, and [second] best of all, HAVE COINS in it. And hopefully there'll be more items, battle tracks, normal tracks, and less cheating by the PC, that they're fair dinkum challenging. I can't believe how much the computer cheats in Mario Kart 64 - I was ahead of the whole pack while racing Rainbow Ride last weekend - with no one near me. Then at the bottom of the big hill BEFORE the first set of item boxes I saw two bananas - how much cheating is that??? I was bored during my English lessons at school all of last week (he gave us all of our 6 lessons last week to work on an assignment that took 5 minutes) and I designed some tracks for Mario Kart 128 - some of them are pretty cool (not boasting or anything...) Just a quick question, how much Australia $$$ do you think the Game Cube will cost? Playstation 2's here are between $700-$800 - hopefully not that dear. Also, Super Smash Bros. Melee looks really good. And hopefully Luigi's Mansion outshines Mario's game - despit liking Mario a LITTLE bit better, it's time for Luigi to step into the limelight and take all of the praise. Let's just hope it's not shit, and Mario's game is good. Maybe Mario's game will have Luigi in it - How wicked would that be, Luigi and Mario in three "launch" titles (Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee & Mario's game Super Mario 128 or whatever it'll be called...)

BeckerManEX: Wow, you wrote a lot. I don't see why DK couldn't be in DK Racing and Mario Kart for Nintendo GameCube. I am just hoping that Sonic shows up in Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Hairball: Yeah, Koopa Troopa is the best Mario Kart racer in my opinion. I'm not sure how much an Australian dollar is worth right now, but I say take $200 or $300 off the price of the GameCube, that's probably how much it costs.
Namek: I heard that they were making Luigi's Manshion just a small part of something that will be linked to Mario 128 and that they were releasing Mario 128 later into the year to prolong the gamecubes life.
Sabre: DK may still be a playable character in Mario Kart 128 (pending) even if he does have his own game. The bananas are necessarily cheating. They could have just been placed there on the previous lap. Ooohhh...tracks. Game Cube will be competitively priced with PS2. Yes, it is great that Luigi finally gets his own game. About time.
X-Bot: Donkey Kong's presence in Mario Kart GameCube is a possibility nonetheless.
Peachy: Ok that is way too much for my brain to process. I'm to excited. I'm going to a party.
BigHornSheep: I like Mario more then Donkey Kong, so it's good that he's gone.

Matt Koopa wrote:

What I think of E3? It kicks ass!:D What I think of Gamecube? It kicks ass!:D What I think of Game Boy Advance? IT REALLY KICKS ASS!!!^____________^ What I think of X-box..........IT SUCKS ASS!:P

BeckerManEX: It is agreed.
Hairball: Indeed.
Namek: What I think of it all? I am poor and I cant afford anything right now. I wish I had moneys.
Sabre: Opinions are never bias.
X-Bot: Typical fanboy.
Peachy: How nice.
BigHornSheep: x-Box is cool, so will GBA, no comment about Gamecube.

James67392 wrote:

I really loved Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy Color. Will Camalot release Mario Tennis 2 for the Game Cube and Game Boy Advance? If so, will there be connectability between the two versions like what Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color offered?

BeckerManEX: I don't think it is out of the question.
Hairball: Maybe that will be the GameCube/GBA simutaneous play that Nintendo was hinting about...
Namek: I dont know. wtf.
Sabre: There will probably be a second release on Mario Tennis for Game Cube or GBA. GBA offers connectability to the Game Cube, so most likely yes.
X-Bot: Allegedly, Mario Tennis is in the works. However, Camelot's priority is Golden Sun and a GameCube role-playing game.
Peachy: I hope so, I really enjoyed Mario Tennis
BigHornSheep: When it comes to tennis games, I like the first one that came out on game boy back in the 80's.