E-Mailbag for May 26, 2001

Kyle wrote:

Hey, Great site you guys! (... Heh... that oughta get me into the Mailbag..... >:) I have a question you might be able to answer. I cannot find the following items in Paper Mario: Apple, Strange Leaf, Ultra Shroom, and Melon. Also, I cannot figure out the recipie for a LIFE SHROOM... IGN.com's cheats/hints tell you that it should be a Koopa LEaf and Mushroom, but that makes a VOLT SHROOM, not a LIFE SHROOM.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

BeckerManEX: I haven't had a chance to play Paper Mario yet, other than renting it, so I can't help.
Hairball: Keep looking around, and you'll find them. And besides, you don't even have to find everything in Paper Mario.
TWgamer: Well, it did get you into the E-Mailbag, but I can't answer the rest as i've never played Paper Matio
FireKraken: Having never played any N64 game since Perfect Dark, your guess is as good as mine.
Tiger: Considering I do not know which game this is refering to, I cannot help you. Sorry.
Bluestorm6: Yes it got you into the e-mailbag. You have also learned one of the most important of life's little lessons: IGN.com sux0r.

Blizzard Ent Fan wrote:

well...if u guys have played marioparty3, is the best 1 yet? or 2nd and so on...thx

BeckerManEX: I have only played the game running on a kiosk at Wal-Mart, but I wasn't really a fan of the series to begin with.
Hairball: In my opinion, I think Mario Party 2 has the best mix of games, I think that's the best one.
TWgamer: I haven't played any of the Mario Party games, unfortunatly
FireKraken: Mario Party....*shudders*
Tiger: I have not played Mario party 3. But I am sure it is great, the others were really fun.
Bluestorm6: First: MarioParty1, then so on... the sequels for everything always suck.

Nintendofire.com wrote:

First, I want to say, YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOO FUNNY! But secondly, when some one does ask you a good question, you should answer it. Often, someone asks you a honest question and you just make fun of them, which is quite funny..............a what the hell, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

BeckerManEX: Are you giving us permission to make fun of you?
Hairball: Yes, it is very funny.
TWgamer: Thanks! We do consider ourselves quite humourous.
FireKraken: Yeah!
Tiger: That IS kinda sad for picking on the honest folk, but that is got to be sad trying to be honest folk with these idiot folk..
Bluestorm6: Im basically new to this, so I guess this doesn't apply to me.

Aaron wrote:

I just bought Super Mario Advance. On the first level 1-1, I have been to all the places, picked up all the hearts abd"shield", everything - how do I go to the next level ?

BeckerManEX: Beat Birdo at the end of the level after you climb up the vines.
Hairball: Since Super Mario Advance is just a remake of SMB2, just go up into the sky, and you'll find Birdo, and you have to defeat her.
TWgamer: Dang, gotta wait till June 22 for that game, can't help, sorry.
FireKraken: Find the end of your current level.
Tiger: Er..you should be able to find your self at a level where you see Birdo, and you have to throw her eggs she spits out at you at her 3 times, to open the gate to procede.
Bluestorm6: ... I sure as hell wish I had a GBA right now.

The past tense of write is... wrote:

Does everyone here know that "wrote wrote wrote wrote" Is constantly sending in email bag questions to SM128c!!! I guess these annoying guys here(girls) NEVER WANT TO BE NICE!!! They are so mean!!! POKEMON SUCK!!! Has anyone been to the message board lately? There's someone who posts about every 2 seconds. O yea, whats up WITH 3000 POSTS!!! Are these guys crazy??? What the heck? Is there such thing as messageboardaholic?? Well, there must be about 30 of them on this site!!! Should I shut up now?(no thanks) How the heck did Namek get his strange name? I mean, "Namek" I dont get it!!!!! POST THIS OR I RIP OPEN MY COMPUTER AND EAT THE MODEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

BeckerManEX: WTF!
Hairball: A PC is low in fat and high in fibre, great for those on low diets. Very nutritious and delicious.
TWgamer: I believe the person you're searching for is Cjrs3509 or Ying Hu, go spam them. Namek is a planet in the greatest anime ever, Dragonball Z
FireKraken: Hairball, you dumbass, I think he would've been better off eating his damn modem.
Tiger: I deem you to be equally annoying. Ha.
Bluestorm6: There's a place for people like you, I just haven't figured out where it is.

Kazooie wrote:

Who does the top images for the site?They're really good and I would like to know how you make them.I especially like the one with Mario and the umbrella!

BeckerManEX: Everyone loves umbrellas.
Hairball: Namek created the original design, and I made mods to it.
TWgamer: I think HB and Namek do those images.
FireKraken: Yes. Everybody likes pictures.
Tiger: Namek creates them with photoshop. Those are really cool huh? Iagree.
Bluestorm6: Hairball revamped it, and I must agree. The colour scheme is sweet.

ManaSmack wrote:

I noticed in your last mailbag that Tiger was going to E3. How the hell do you get into E3? BTW, you have updated 3 times in a row. Pat yourselves on the back.

BeckerManEX: I was going to E3, but I had conflicting plans with school so I couldn't go. I had my passes and everything.
Hairball: We shall let Tiger answer that question.
TWgamer: SM128C is a professional media company, and we were respected enough to be allowed in coughcoughcough (yeah right)
FireKraken: *pats 'yourselves' on the back*....wow...that was REALLY lame. I'm sorry.
Tiger: Yes, I went to e3, and it was my second year. Getting into e3? It's a secret. >:)
Bluestorm6: Lol... 3 times made Hairball's head nearly explode.

Ouch wrote:

Wow. Getting TONS of questions must really hurt you guys... How do you do it?

BeckerManEX: We don't. We hire illegal immigrants from Mexico to answer most of the questions for us.
Hairball: We don't do it, you readers do.
TWgamer: I just type looking at this crappy Fixedys font in Notepad.
FireKraken: I honestly try not to think too much. I find it hurts less that way.
Tiger: Bit by bit, slowly. Actually, then we screw it and just finish it quickly.
Bluestorm6: 1 word: Healthcare.

666 wrote:

Don't read this email! Damn, too late.

BeckerManEX: Hahha, you are funny.
Hairball: Hmmm...what does Satan have up his hands this time...
TWgamer: Whoop-te-doo.
FireKraken: Shucks.
Tiger: Oops, my bad.
Bluestorm6: I question Hairball's intelligence when he posts sh*t like this.

Smart Blonde*yeah right* wrote:

What do you guys/girls think of Mario Party 3, if you even have it? I think it is the best one of the 3 but it needs to go faster!!! Thanks for letting me waste your time!!!

BeckerManEX: Again, I have no answer.
Hairball: A smart blonde? Very funny...
TWgamer: I haven't played any of the Mario Party Games, let alone 3, which IS NOT even out where I am.
FireKraken: Mario Party....*shudders* (Whoa, deva ju!)
Tiger: I do not own Mario Party 3, but it looks cool. It has a TON of mini games, so that will pass time with your friends.
Bluestorm6: Wasting my time is right! Next question please!

Anita wrote:

Anita go to the bathroom. get it!!! hahahahahahaha

BeckerManEX: Hahha, that was funny twelve years ago.
Hairball: Ummm...that joke is like so old now.
TWgamer: HAHAHAHA! stop copying off of bart simpson.
FireKraken: You should eat your modem as well.
Tiger: Huh? That is weird.
Bluestorm6: Refer to my answer to 666's e-mail.

Anna King wrote:

Hi there I bought my 6-year old son a game cartridge which is titled "SUPER MARIO 14" - also somewhere on the game I saw the label "Wario 1993". The main character is a stick-yielding fella who needs to rescue a damsel in distress ... he manages most of the stages but gets to a super baddie with fireballs who seems to "suck out" all his power and won't get zapped - any ideas how to get to the next stage, or perhaps you have some kind of instruction manual??

BeckerManEX: Hahah, that was almost funny.
Hairball: Haha, that game is a hacked version of some game, so you probably got a pirate GB game of some sort.
TWgamer: Let me guess.. you either got this off the back of a lorry? No? Then in a sleazy market? no? From a gangster with tons of jacket pockets showing off his merchandise?? no?? Well, how?
FireKraken: I have an idea. Stop getting counterfeit Nintendo games.
Tiger: Hm..this is odd. The name sounds like Super Mario 64, and then the gameplay sounds like kirby. I dunno. I am confused. ::scratches head::
Bluestorm6: This is amazing! I have that exact same game! What you have to do is shine it up real nice, turn it sideways... and shove it up your @$$.

Santa Claws wrote:

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Easter! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Be JollY! JOLLY JOLLY JOLLY!!!!!

BeckerManEX: F*ck Off.
Hairball: ...
TWgamer: Go visit Jolly's In Jolly Roger Lagoon and he'll give you the Jolliest time of your life.
FireKraken: Hmm...
Tiger: Nice greetings, but wrong time.
Bluestorm6: I love the play on words for your username Santa Claws. Extremely funny.

Benji Haller wrote:

I am in the middle of creating a website and I wanted to know, am I allowed to use the pictures on this website for my own?

BeckerManEX: They are public use, so yes, besides most of them came from OTHER sites.
Hairball: Yes, go ahead and use the pictures. If you feel guilty, then link us as you please.
TWgamer: It depends, we don't actually own the images, so yes.. but HB may get pissed, so no.
FireKraken: : Well, IGN did it without our permission....
Tiger: Sure. Just ask HB for permission to use the images he copied off other peoples places (well actually, 90% of the images are lifted from other sites. I think he does have some original creations, no matter how absurd that may sound).
Bluestorm6: yes and no.

Mr. Mario wrote:

I am Mario and i like to kick Bowser's ass, not at dollar dollar. (@$$)

BeckerManEX: ?
Hairball: Mario always kicks Bowser's ass, what else is new?
TWgamer: No, you like to suck Bowser's @$$. :D ;)
FireKraken: That whole 'at dollar dollar' thing was quite clever to say.
Tiger: Hi Mr. Mario.
Bluestorm6: And I'll take this time to plug one of the most un-updated sites that is always down: gamingcomplex.com

Update soon! wrote:

so yoshi is playable in paper mario. when are you going to get a NEW update. it's almost been two months! i mean come one people!

BeckerManEX: He dies instantly.
Hairball: Looks like someone got tricked by the April Fools joke...
TWgamer: IT WAS AN APRIL fools' joke!! Dagnabbit! Golsarnit!
FireKraken: Come one people. How oxymoronic. People is plural, and come isn't usually followed by a number. (unless it's to...hmm, or even for....dang that didnt work at all...)
Tiger: You need to look at the site more carefully, we have been updating lately.
Bluestorm6: That was an april fools joke I believe. Fool.

P6l0 Punn 66 wrote:

I want to know for sure that Luigi is really in Super Mario 64,cuz that luigi looks like it was from Super Smash Bros.! please e-mail me if you can really get Luigi

BeckerManEX: I can't believe that after five years after this games release, we are still getting these emails.
Hairball: Looks like someone got tricked by LAST YEAR's April Fools joke...
TWgamer: That's because it was, and copied onto a Mario pic. SATISFIED??
FireKraken: *sigh*
Tiger: No. He is only in SSB.
Bluestorm6: Good eye. That really is the luigi from SSB. Hairball just pasted it on for a joke.