E-Mailbag for May 12, 2001

David wrote:

Can you please stop putting bad words on this site,Mario Yoshi and others wouldn't say bad words but the bad characters. I realy like this site. P.S. Im not trying to hurt your fillings.

BeckerManEX: Don't worry, my fillings can't be hurt, unless it is with a sharp spear.
Hairball: How would you know if they say bad words?
Sabre: What are considered bad words? And you cannot hurt my fillings cuz I'm not a twinkie.
TWgamer: No, but we try and keep all bad words in the E-Mailbag and Forums only. Oh, dont forget Chat Room Cuss Central
Tiger: I do not agree with swear words either. I think I could do more justice in sophisticated words with so much verbosity that it stuns their four-letter-word-usage and sends them fleeing for a peek at Tiger's SM128C Lexicon!
Velvet Dark 007: Frankly David, I don't give a damn.

Mario_World_2k wrote:

I feel that this site needs a re-design, as the centralised format limits the space allowed for content. Also your hosted site (rarezone) needs alot more work, especially in the design. Also cover old Mario games, as many ppl still play them (me included). l8r

BeckerManEX: We just got done with a redesign, and it is quite workable. With the centeralized design, it lets us look more professional. While I will not comment on the hosted sites, I do think we have lots of older Mario Game coverage. Poke around the site more.
Hairball: We just had a redesign 3 months ago, and previously, it took a year or so to change the design. And we will not be covering old Mario games, we find that newer games have more appeal to the visitors.
Sabre: This site just had a re-design from SM64C to SM128C. We do not control hosted sites. We will look into that.
TWgamer: I know who you are, and one day I will come for you. (maybe not)
Tiger: I personally enjoy the layout and state SM128C is in right now, but I can't say for other hosted sites, since I haven't visited them in a while.
Velvet Dark 007: Whatever. The site is just fine the way it is, so shaddup you spoiled brat.

I am Gore wrote:

hey great site! I wanna know where do you guys gget your screen shots from? do you use one of those screenshot things or do you get them from a different site? keep up the good work!

BeckerManEX: Both, those of us with video cards (Raedon like me) on our computers that have a RCA Jack input can display the game on our computer moniter and let us capture screenshots. We also "borrow" them from other sites as they are free use.
Hairball: Some screenshots we take from Nintendo's media site, some are from other sites, and some are created by us.
Sabre: Thanks. Hairball makes his own screen shots with his TV card.
TWgamer: Hairball made them using his Video Capture Card, but some were nicked from other sites back in 1998.
Tiger: Some he takes from other sources (nintendo, ign, etc), and some he gets himself. "He" being HB.
Velvet Dark 007: Ask the tech guys here.

Your Site Sucks @$$ wrote:

yeah, this site really sucks major @$$. it's updated like what? Every 5 years???

BeckerManEX: Someone needs to learn to tell time, we update about every five days.
Hairball: Wow, that really hurt my feelings.
Sabre: hmmm...the 1000+ visitors per day don't share the same opinion.
TWgamer: How can you suck 'at dollar dollar', and its updated loads so p*** off u fool.
Tiger: Uhm, yes. We update quite a lot in fact, more freqently than regular boo-ha homepages.
Velvet Dark 007: Thenw hy do you come here you looser?

I am offended!!! AAHH!! wrote:

I am under the age of 14. your site really offends me greatly. i feel degraded when you say naughty words such as @$$ and etc. it really scares me. i feel terrible and you should too for making me feel terrible

BeckerManEX: I see, then please don't visit this site anymore, we wouldn't want you to anger your parents.
Hairball: Damn it, @$$ is not an offending word, heck, it isn't even a word, the correct form is "ass", now get it right.
Sabre: We really should...but we don't
TWgamer: Another At,Dollar,Dollar person. Don't read this emailbag if you dont want to then.
Tiger: So, you are offended. You should have read the warnings! But, I do agree that it conveys a sense of immaturaty, but what the heck! We only live once. ;)
Velvet Dark 007: I'm 14. I cuss like a sailor. What else is new?

Matt Koopa wrote:

I JUST RESURVED A GAME BOY ADVANCE, YUPEE!!!! What sucks aboot it that I have to wait till June 13th because on live in Canada, WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! When will there be a preview of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World? If SMB3 and SMW does not come out in Canada or the US then I will be f#$king pissed and send hate mail to Nintendo Power!!!!! Peachy, you suck.

BeckerManEX: Well, I work at Wal-Mart and we are getting them the 13th for some reason, but I am number three on the list at my local Babbages and they are getting them on the 11th.
Hairball: Previews of those games will be coming up very soon, but we still have to wait for official news, as all ideas right now are just speculation.
Sabre: I donno
TWgamer: You think you're getting it bad, I have to wait till June 22! I havent heard anything about SMB3 or SMW coming to the GBA, though it would be cool if they did
Tiger: Oh, that is one great reserve. I have heard many good things about it, and I can verify them myself. There WILL be previews of games, and I am working on the review for Mario Advance.
Velvet Dark 007: Blame Canada. I tried a Japanese GBA at EB, great system. And I think you mean SMA2 and 3 respectivley y'know.

Marco Pollo wrote:

A few questions/comments for you: 1: What happened to Namek? Did he die? 2: You said that you would get rid of all the bad stories. LIARS! Why is Hairball's 1 episode story still there? 3: Did you ever realize that all the sites you host are better than yours(except for RareZone)? 4: Since when to website managers take weeks off? You made the website, now work.You usually only update once a week.

BeckerManEX: Namek's location is unknown at this time. We are staff members, our stories can suck more than Monica Lewinski and they will still remain. I wasn't in the realization that our hosted sites were better than ours, and why does everyone bash on Rarezone, maybe I should actually go there and take a look at it. I wish I could take weeks off, but I'm designing a site for a manufacturing company here in Chandler, Arizona and I am on a deadline.
Hairball: 1. No, he's still around, just "behind the scenes" 2. Because Hairball owns you all. 3. You can't compare sites that are of different topics. 4. It's not like we are getting paid a ton here, it's more like a part-time job, at least I give a damn enough to update once a week.
Sabre: 1. I think so. 2. Cuz he ownz the joint. 3. Yes, we are aware of that. 4. It is a lot of work running a website.
TWgamer: 1. Namek is still around, it's Solar that 'died' 2. Ask him 3. Fuck You 4. I dont work that much on this site, but about 1-2 hours a week
Tiger: 1. I do not know where Namek is, he has not been present lately. 2. Ha, yeah, some were actually more horrible than HB's (THE HORROR!) 3. Er, I dunno about the hosted sites, since I do not regularly visit them. 4. Why don't YOU open your own website? Then complain to yourself. :)
Velvet Dark 007: 1. Dunno, Don't give a damn. 2. He's the boss. 3. Sowhat? I don't give a damn. 4. We have lives y'know. You should get one too.

Geno and Mallow wrote:

THis one's for Tiger. If I get a GBA from Japan, will it be able to play American GBA games?

BeckerManEX: Yes.
Hairball: Yes, all the Game Boy Advance systems are internationally playable, meaning all games will work on all systems, no matter where they are from.
Sabre: *relaxing*
TWgamer: I wont answer this as it has no deal with me
Tiger: Yes, all portables have no international restrictions. You can play any GBA game on any GBA system, may it be from US, Japan, Europe, etc.
Velvet Dark 007: I'm not Tiger, but I think the GBA doesn't have a lock-out.

Matt Webber wrote:

Hi I Just Wanted To Say You Have A Really Cool Site I Visit It Everyday I Think It Is The Best!!! Anyways Before You Had A Code Saying You Could Be Yoshi In Paper Mario And I Can't Seem To Find It Anywhere On Your Site And You Were The Only Site That Had It.....Anyways I Really Want It!!! Could You Please E-mail Me Back Giving The Url...To The Webpage Its On........Or Tell Me How To Do It. Thanks A Lot!!! E-mail Me Back A.S.A.P See-ya

Hairball: I Hate Idiots That Write With Every Word Starting With A Capital Letter.
Sabre: That was an April Fools Joke. you cannot be yoshi in paper mario.
TWgamer: It was an April Fools' joke back in.. um.. April. Also it won't be coming back
Tiger: Stop Typing Every Single Word Starting In Caps Like This. It Can Get Annoying.
Velvet Dark 007: Ever hear of '.'? Didn't think so. So shadup and go get a A in grammar.

Rid wrote:

How do you Import a game from Japan? I would like to import the GBA and a game, please explain this. The Riddler, (Staff Member Of GameCubeXL)

BeckerManEX: http://www.buyrite.net/
Hairball: Go to an online store that sells Japanese games, and order them, and pay a lot of money.
Sabre: you "Import" it.
TWgamer: Learn Japanese, make a long distance call to a Japanese Exporter, say Konichiwa, ask for a GBA and Mario-san and give your credit card no. and stuff then you have a GBA on your doorstep - simple really.
Tiger: Just get it from a reliable online import store. I got GBA + Mario Advance for only $145 at tronixweb.com. It's very reliable and shipping is fast.
Velvet Dark 007: Shops like gexpress.com. That, or look for ads in EGM or Expert Gamer.

TendoFreak wrote:

Yo, you guys have something messed up for the links on MFG. I try to read part 35 and it links me to part 3. What's up? Try and fix it will ya?

BeckerManEX: Someone didn't add a "5" after the "3" in the link to the new page.
Hairball: I think TW should be fixing it any moment now.
Sabre: okay.
TWgamer: It's fixed now, and its been fixed for the last 48 hours.
Tiger: I am not in charge of the stories, so I can't help you.
Velvet Dark 007: Frankly TendoFreak, I don't give a damn.

A crazy birdy thing wrote:

The site sure has changed since I last came here. It looks pretty good,though.

BeckerManEX: Thank You, also, Hairball's voice is finally changing.
Hairball: Thank you for your comments.
Sabre: Thanks.
TWgamer: Thanks. Its a lot better now.
Tiger: Thanks. We try to try to do our best. (that was not a typo)
Velvet Dark 007: Well duh. So shaddup and pay attention.

Bluestorm6 wrote:

Wow, Tiger: You did a great job on the review of the GBA. I can't believe some of the information I was given. I just can't wait to get my own. btw, those are some great pictures.

BeckerManEX: [no comment]
Hairball: Yeah, the Game Boy Advance is shaping up into a very neat little video game system.
Sabre: yes she did.
TWgamer: We all can't wait. I'm especially waiting for Mario Kart Advance and other good games
Tiger: Thanks! I like to inform everybody on how great the GBA is. When I brought it to school, my friends and classmates were really impressed, and they are now convinced in getting their own in June!
Velvet Dark 007: I ain't Tiger, but I envy her.

Happy Person wrote:

I am happy. Don't worry. Be Happy.

BeckerManEX: ...
Hairball: If you're happy, you don't worry, if you worry, then you aren't happy.
Sabre: I am happy.
TWgamer: HappyHappyHappyHappyHappyland.
Tiger: I'm Happy.
Velvet Dark 007: Isn't that was the singing fish sings?

Basel wrote:

I just wanted to say that this is the best Mario site and I wanted to ask if you were going to write about the E3.

BeckerManEX: I was going to go to E3 this year, but my plans fell through.
Hairball: I believe our staff member Tiger, will be attending the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles, California.
Sabre: Yes we will right about E3.
TWgamer: Tiger and BeckermanEX are reporting from E3, and getting us exclusive pictures of new Mario games.
Tiger: Yes, I am going to e3, and I will report about it like last year, if HB doesn't piss me off by then. :) I am very excited by it, and I can't wait. GBA! GameCube! XBox! New Games! Amazing Stuff!
Velvet Dark 007: BeckerManEX is going, if i'm not mistaken. I wish I was, but I've got home stuff to do.