E-Mailbag for May 5, 2001

Space Yoshi wrote:

Your chat room sucks! Why can people get kicked off? I went in, all I said was "hello" and I got kicked off! And on top of that I was banned! Get your act together! NOW!!!!!

BeckerManEX: I thought our act was coming together quite nicely.
Hairball: I hardly ever kick people off, unless they are flooding or something, hopefully that won't happen again. Sorry.
GuyInGreen: It was probably me who did that. I decided to ban you right after I finished answering this.
TWgamer: Because you were being an a**hole?
Tiger: I do not kick or ban in the chatroom, I deem it uncessesary. Others do not however, therefore they are labeled properly as "jerks."
Peachy: Well, I dunno what's ^ w/ that, it's perty rude. But maybe it was a day where ops could do whatever the hell they wanted.

Jamester wrote:

Here's a quote that I came up with: Ya never know till ya find out. Profound eh?

BeckerManEX: Reading this email makes me happy we took the week off last week.
Hairball: I don't think you came up with that...that quote has been around for ages, and we've all heard of it.
GuyInGreen: I never would have known how much you sux0r till I found out.
TWgamer: Exactly!
Tiger: Yups.
Peachy: That is so lame

Phllip wrote:

Wasn't this website first called "Super Mario 64 Central"? What happened for the name to change to "Super Mario 128 Central"? And what does the "128" in "Super Mario 128 Central" stand for?

BeckerManEX: It just is to keep up with the times in the evolution of video game hardware. In essence, the next Mario will be Mario 128, but since the "bits" number no longer factors into how good a console is, we did it for the sake of keeping things constant. If we suddenly changed our name to "Hot Asian Sex Whores" would you still think there was Mario coverage here? Didn't think so.
Hairball: To give us an upgrade that makes us like more powerful, and 2 times as better, since 64 times 2 is 128.
GuyInGreen: Mario 64 got old. Although it was the best of its time, we look forward to Mario 128, a tentative title for the cube.
TWgamer: A++++ For Observation there!
Tiger: I guess GameCube being 128 bit? Oh wait, that was not so true. This is all of Hairball's work, we simply do it for the perks.
Peachy: Well, Hairball, being the screwed up being that he is, changed the site. And if you cared to find out, 128 is 64 times 2.

Mr. Mario wrote:

Your bag has gone overboard because it should be for questions about mario, byt when people ask them, you just give them a link to a part of the site.

BeckerManEX: We try to have fun in our "bag."
Hairball: How can we link to something if we do not have an answer?
GuyInGreen: www.nobodycareswhatyousaysosuckitdown.com
TWgamer: I agree
Tiger: I have not done that, unless the site was the answer to the question. Something such as Mario/Gaming sites, or places to find certain items.
Peachy: Well duh, where's the fun in answering them?

Die! TWgamer, Die! wrote:

Why do you always answer the questions? You should let someone else answer if you ain't got any good $h!t to say. What I suggest is that you SHUT THE F*CK UP, OR GET SMACKED THE F*CK UP!

BeckerManEX: How original.
Hairball: Hmmmm...that is a tough question to answer.
GuyInGreen: Is that directed towards TW? Cry him a river
TWgamer: yippee kai yay, muthafucker!
Tiger: This is not directed toward me, so I have no part in this.
Peachy: Ummm, that was really rude (I have a certain thing about rudeness now), and he didn't do shit to you.

Rob Current wrote:

You should put in an introduction on Waluigi

BeckerManEX: Rob meet Waluigu, Waluigi meet Rob. There.
Hairball: We shall see about it.
GuyInGreen: Isn't that Nintendo of Japan's job? Can we say credability?
TWgamer: HB, put in an introduction on Waluigi
Tiger: That would be good. It was odd however, that he just "popped" up in Mario Tennis. Quite odd.
Peachy: Maybe.

UltimateDK wrote:

Tiger-- Good Job on your editorial, but think about this... I checked your newest picture of Super Mario Advance. It amazingly (and coincidentally, I'm sure) evry much resembled Sper Mario Bros. 2 for NES. The rest of the games are all probably be some crap that we all have to pay mass amounts to play it on GBA, when we could've bought SMB2 for what... 10cents at Funcoland? Velvet-- It must be interesting for you to get other people's version of your stories. Don't get mad, it only means that they like your stories and want more TWGamer-- nice stories, wish you would have finished it. And who's this Peachy person?

BeckerManEX: Nothing for me here.
Hairball: Super Mario Advance does look like an improvement over the ancient SMB2, heck, Nintendo included the even more ancient arcade Mario Bros. in the game too.
GuyInGreen: Go buy SMB2 for 10 cents at funcoland then. Stop complaining to us about it. Tiger probably knows what she's talking about, considering she has a GBA, and you don't.
TWgamer: SMA looks good, it is like Super Mario Bros. 2-TWO if you get what I mean. About my story, It may come back some day....
Tiger: Yes, Mario Advance has SMB2 in it..BUT. Here is the gist of it all. Since I OWN Mario Advance, I can actually prove this. Mario Advance is a 2 in 1 game. It contains Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Bros. USA in Japan) and the class arcade old school Mario Bros. game. As for SMB2 in the game, the graphics are SIGNIFICANTLY improved, and there are many extras in the game. There are giant beets and shy guys, as well as collecting coins and the like. It is in SNES quality, and done well. It also features 2-4 link up play with only ONE cart, which is a nifty feature. But if you prefer getting SMB2 for Nintendo instead of getting a cooler version on GBA, that is up to you. In many ways you are correct, but it is nice to get something old, new and fresh. The sprites for the characters also look SMW-like. The other GBA games are good. Some are not. F-zero, Chu Chu Rocket, Mr Driller 2, FirePro Wrestling, have been found to be very good, and true to their counterparts (such as Chu Chu Rocket on Sega). Some things were mentioned to be horrible, like Kuru Kuru Kuruin and Tweety's Magical Jewel.
Peachy: Oh well THANKS. "This Peachy person" is me, and I have been here 4 two years, it's just that I've been on an unfair restriction. So behold the greatness that is me.

Melissa Mario Sister wrote:

What the hell are you guys thinking, deleting the damn stories?! I'm not fuming because I had a fic posted there. But shoot, who's gonna go to a damn board to look at fiction?? We wanna see archives, perfectly organized and labeled. You only THINK the stories are stupid because you don't know who's writing them. A seven-year old could be sending you fics, and how do think he'd/she'd feel about you calling their stuff stupid? People are gonna stop coming here if you lower their self-esteem. But if you're not convinced, then here's a message for the fic writers: If your stories are being called crap, then send them to me for editing (grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure) before you send it to any Mario sites that accept fiction. You don't even have to give me credit. My e-mail is sailor_mmsis@sailormoon.com. Oh, and one last thing- I used to love this site, but now, with this situation that has made you, in my opinion, incredibly snotty, I'm not so sure.

BeckerManEX: I do agree that taking the stories (although some were incredibly dumb) off the site was a bad idea.
Hairball: The stories will be still there, they will just be in the forum, but now the visitors have to post them up themselves instead of us posting them on the site.
GuyInGreen: Sure we could have 10000 + stories on the site by the end of 2002. You would never get to read them because they would eat up all of the bandwidth. Did you ever think of that?
TWgamer: It wasn't my fault! HB MADE ME! I'm actually working on something now which may bring back the Fanfic section to the main page, one day it will come for you. I mean, come to the site, it may be in June or September or Gamecube Launch....
Tiger: Well, try archiving many (possibly 100+) files on your server, and some being of mediocre quality. Then what are you going to do?
Peachy: I didn't even bother to read that.

Mr. Googly wrote:

BeckerManEX, you live in Mesa, AZ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! How weird! So do I!

BeckerManEX: Yes I live in Mesa, Arizona near Mesa's Red Mountain Park.
Hairball: This world is full of coincidences. And this is not an exception.
GuyInGreen: You two should get together some time and make mad love then.
TWgamer: WOW!
Tiger: Thats nice to hear. Now visit each other!
Peachy: Then go say hi.

Xbot wrote:

I question Tiger's editorial. Did the Game Boy advance? Yes, but not dramatically, because Nintendo has confirmed it monopolizes the handheld market with a 99% share. Without competition, Nintendo slapped the GBC, tweaked its specs, screen, but look, backwards-compatible systems do not evolve a lot, a la PlayStation 2. Still, I really like the games and such, but it isn't beefed-up much from its predecessor.

BeckerManEX: Having actually played the Game Boy Advance this last weekend, I can tell you that it blows the Game Boy Color away in almost every department, wait it's backward's compatible, now EVER department. Everything about the handheld is perfect. The size, sound, graphics, and look are all perfect, and the games I have played, Super Mario Advance, and the one's I have see, Rayman Advance and Tony Hawk 2, look amazing.
Hairball: The Game Boy Advance carts are about 1/2 the size of a regular GB/GBC cart. Hence, it would look pretty stupid playing a GBC game on the GBA. That isn't really "fully backwards-compatible", since there is some improvement. And also, you can't play GBA games on older GBs.
GuyInGreen: True. I predict that it will get to the point where hand helds advance beyond the consoles themselves. Thanks to Nintendo.
TWgamer: I see.
Tiger: Have you PLAYED the GBA? That is the question. If you have and believe that it does not live up to the name, that is your opinion. But the GBA has SNES and possibly better graphics. True, GB has been dominating the market, but there have been some competition over the years that threw it around. Game Gear, Nomad, Lynx, Game.com, NGPC, WonderSwan. Now Game Gear was pretty good, and many followed, but it soon died out, with GB standing as king. The others have died out as well. Considering that the GB was black and white, and some other portable systems (some beefy like Nomad) being of polychromic nature. Even the NGPC did not withstand the power of the GB. GB did dominate, but not totally. The NGPC was fighting with it a bit, and now it is with WonderSwan in Japan. Why is it monopolizing? Because it can. They have the power to, and with the GBA now. I was playing my GBA at school, and people were stunned, and they said they were definately going to get it, with the system like that. I concur partially like you said, but then again, we do have opposing opinions in a way.
Peachy: You're perty popular now, TM.

Neo wrote:

About my replies on the babe of the day issue. I'm talking pretty much only to Peachy. I didn't imply that you have "porn" on sm128c. I was just saying it would get people maybe more interested in the other aspects of your site, when they came here for the "babe of the day."

BeckerManEX: I see.
Hairball: Mmmmmm....babe of the day, that would be very very nice. But what happens when we run out of hot girls to post up? Post them a second time?
GuyInGreen: Who cares what you said. A babe of the day would own, and porn would be even better. Nude women keep Juvenile away from the site.
TWgamer: OK sure. FREE your mind Neo!
Tiger: ? I am not involved, nor am I really interested.. :P
Peachy: I know that. but ppl don't come here to search for "babes". They come to read about mario and company. People always compain about the language on the site, so how would they feel if they saw a "babe of the day" up there? They would think we are all sick bastards.

Ken wrote:

I have two questions; 1. What are the chances of there being a Smash Bros. 2 for the Game Cube? And 2. When and where are Smash Bros. tournaments held and do you know if it's just single or team?

BeckerManEX: Super Smash Brother's 2 will be officially announced on the Wednesday before E3 in LA at Nintendo's GameCube unveiling party.
Hairball: There WILL be a SSB2 for the GameCube, it has been confirmed.
GuyInGreen: #1 http://cube.ign.com/news/34005.html =100% chance #2 no clue
TWgamer: 1. Medium-High 2. Never Heard of that
Tiger: 1. Pretty good, considering it's success on N64. 2. I do not know, but that is a cool idea.
Peachy: 1) dunno ask HB 2) dunno ask HB

Space Yoshi wrote:

Hewo, I'm a yoshi living in outer space. By the time one of my relatives sent me a copy of Super Mario World 64 Part 1,000,000,000 in the year 40,000,000 AD they made Yoshi look like a cybernetic freak. Why?

BeckerManEX: Who the F gave you Valium?
Hairball: Damn, can you send me your time travelling machine?
GuyInGreen: Because the US Government is capitolist pigs. Why do you think?
TWgamer: Turn off your computer and Nintendo and go outside and find a life.
Tiger: Ahh, what the future holds..
Peachy: Because ur mental.

Chelsmiester10 wrote:

Hairball, for one thing, I quit because I disliked you. And this site stinks. Bye For Now, LOSERS!!! ~*Chelsmiester10~* Former staff member

BeckerManEX: See, the truth IS out there.
Hairball: Hey, it's not like I liked you much either.
GuyInGreen: Yes. We are all losers. Each and every one of us.
TWgamer: You BITCH!
Tiger: Yup, I hate people too. If you ignore them, they dont go away, but it helps!
Peachy: Um, no, YOU stink.You always had lame cheesy answers and u were... well, cheesy.

You guys suck wrote:

You guys suck. I bet I can find lifeforms more intelligent than you lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds. You have the mental capacity of bricks. This website stinks, probably because hairball eats dung each night.

BeckerManEX: Speaking of mental capacity, how exactly can you lie down on the bottom of a pond, you would float, and anything that doesn't float isn't alive. And why must you resort to making fun of Hairball, we all know of his nightly practices, and don't bring them up to the public's eye.
Hairball: Hahahaha, dung. That word cracks me up. You won't find a lot of disses in a science text book, you know.
GuyInGreen: Hairball eats dung on bricks. Our mental capacity is larger than yours however.
TWgamer: Go to hell you dirty Bitch M.u.t.h.a.f.u.c.k.a
Tiger: Bricks do not have mental capacities.
Peachy: Thank you.

Kevin wrote:

This is one your great fans speaking: I have a question I would want to ask you about Super Mario 64. I hope you put this on SM128c.com/Game Help/Super Mario 64/FAQs How do you get on top of the castle, without all 120 stars?

BeckerManEX: Wall Jump.
Hairball: Do some wacky triple jumpin' on the east side of the castle (assuming the entrance faces south), and you'll get there, but Yoshi won't be.
GuyInGreen: Im not even going to answer that.
TWgamer: You Can't unless you use a Gameshark.
Tiger: Since I am lowly enough not to own SM64, I cannot answer this question. Apologies.
Peachy: You can't, unless u have gameshark.

AIYYEEE wrote:

Would you shut down the site for one million dollars?

BeckerManEX: Yes.
Hairball: Hell yes.
GuyInGreen: I'd have your sister for 15 cents
TWgamer: Hmm.. that's hard, Regis... I think ill take my $500,000
Tiger: In the words of likely HB: "Hell Yes."
Peachy: Hairball would, but we wouldn't get shit.