E-Mailbag for April 7, 2001

AppleMartian wrote:

The instructions are easily too elaborate. I could try, but my friend is borrowing. Have you tried?

Hairball: Of course, and it worked.
TWgamer: Yoshi isn't in Paper Mario. It was an April Fool's Joke
Velvet Dark 007: Tried what?

Blizzard Ent Fan wrote:

lol, nice work on the sm42 beta. You even fooled me. Good thing u guys put on it that it was April fools, otherwise u would get alot of e-mails about "Whats with sm42 beta?"...alot of stupid people now days.. And its glad to know that thier are some people in this world that like blizzard games and nintendo games too. Whats your favorite characters in the mario group? (i thought i might ask some questions about mario too cause this site is about mario)

Hairball: It's just a joke, not a big deal or anything.
TWgamer: Yeah, those screens did look pretty good. I like Yoshi best out of the mario team.
Velvet Dark 007: Point in case being......? SM42? Wasn't it SM64? I think you need your frickin' head checked.

Gamehead wrote:

this is just an opinion. I think that the thing about SM64 2 is fake. The picture of Luigi that i saw in the screenshot looks like the one in super smash bros. this is just an opinion.

Hairball: In fact, it was the exact same screenshot as the 2000 April Fools joke.
TWgamer: It was an april fool's joke, it's fake..
Velvet Dark 007: OF COURSE IT'S FAKE! DIDN'T YOU SEE THE UPDATE ON APRIL 2ND? Sheesh... some people are just so......

Your worst nightmare wrote:

Keep one eye open while you're sleeping, or you'll be sorry! And by the way: Boo. Did I scare you??? And by the way GayInGarbage, I'm no ghost, I'm your worst nightmare (as in my name), so ghost traps don't work! And who the f**k is Dan Akroyd!? And if that Yoshi cheat in Paper Mario is fake, you get ready for a big @$$ whoopin'!!! (My favorite character is Yoshi) I'm not sure those are real pictures, since you could just copy Yoshi from another picture, but I've never seen the word tongue in the Paper Mario text, so you couldn't have copied it, so I'm confused. Nice SM642 April Fools joke, I almost fell for it, when I noticed that Luigi was way too small. He was copied from some other game. And no Luigi symbol. I will return in your next e-mail bag.....

Hairball: You aren't as scary as I thought you'd be.
TWgamer: LOL.. GayInGarbage... Thanks for the input!
Velvet Dark 007: Hi, I'm Mortanius the Necromancer. Nice ta meecha.

Mister Master wrote:

I don't have an e-mail address because I prefer the phone. I just wanted to say you're site is cool, in this order: 1. Mario Stories 2. E-mailbag 3. Game Help (the cheats) 4. News Centre 5. Reviews/Previews 6. Specials 7. Editorials 8. Downloads 9. Super Mario Art 10. Release Dates Keep up the good work!

Hairball: It isn't hard to get an e-mail address, honest.
TWgamer: Good thing **someone** likes the stories
Velvet Dark 007: Praytell.. what story is your favorite? ^_-

Yoshter wrote:

Thanks for the Yoshi cheat!!!!! Hope it works...

Hairball: No problemo, I hope you enjoy performing the code.
TWgamer: It doesn't
Velvet Dark 007: Didn't you see the frickin' April 2nd Update?

Slippy wrote:

HAHA April Fool's From Grandma!

Hairball: I doubt an old Granny will be able to understand such complex material.
TWgamer: (yawn)
Velvet Dark 007: No wonder Slippy had a troubled childhood.

Bob Grocer wrote:

Nice April Fool's joke...even had screenshots!

Hairball: Indeed.
TWgamer: Thanks!
Velvet Dark 007: No comment.

BlackYoshi wrote:

this site today is getting me pissed!!

Hairball: I am pissing in the bush right now...oh wait I shouldn't have said that.
TWgamer: go piss somewhere else please.

Matt wrote:

Your Paper Mario and Super Mario 64 2 April Fool's Day pranks was a buch of bullshit. Any half-assed Mario fan could tell the Luigi in the picture was the same 3D model that's in Super Smash Bros. The name Faoporill didn't help either.

Hairball: Why in the name of god would someone have half an ass?
TWgamer: It was meant to catch out half-assed mario fans, dumbass.
Velvet Dark 007: And I'm a f-ckin c-ck sucker. Not really, jeeze man, you need time in the corner.

Fuzzbug wrote:

On the subject of firebars, you can defeat them by jumping over them repeatedly; i.e. you were doing the right thing but you have to do it for longer( I have sent the mail twice because I used the wrong account)

Hairball: What is the point of defeating them if they do nothing?
TWgamer: What are you talking about
Velvet Dark 007: Huzzat?

UltimateDK wrote:

Did you really think you fooled anybody? Those two jokes had no work put into it except for the pictures. I'm sorry, it was just too lame. Nice pictures though.

Hairball: It looks like you got fooled...
TWgamer: Yeah, that article took me about 15 minutes.
Velvet Dark 007: If it was lame, how come you're calling the pictures nice?

Magikoopa wrote:

I have something to say about the fools day jokes. The pictures were very convincing. The Yoshi code, however I didn't fall for. It was too much like those crazy rumors for Luigi in SM64. I was wondering why the download from SM642 was so quick. GOOD JOB SM128C!

Hairball: It was the real ROM, we just took out several important parts of it to reduce the size of the file.
TWgamer: Thanks!
Velvet Dark 007: No Comment #2

Jamester wrote:

OK, on the Super Mario 64 2 download you had available on april 1st, how do you get into world 6? I mean once a guy gets past the first 5 worlds, why doesn't the sixth world open up? is there a secret to this?

Hairball: Oooh...World 6 is a piece of cake, literally. Find the hidden cake in the level, jump on Yoshi, eat it, and you'll be on to fight Bowser.
TWgamer: "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell" - Buzz, Toy Story.
Velvet Dark 007: Maybe because it's F-CKING FAKE!

Thomas Carson wrote:

I hat it when people get 2D, 3D and 4D screwed up. Tiger is wrong when she said that we can't live in a 4D world. You all know what a 2D world is and a 3D world. A 4D world is basically 3D + Time. That means the N64 first produced 4D Graphics and it is imposible to produce 3D Graphics. It is also impossible to produce 2D Graphics because there is no time involved! Go read some physic books.

Hairball: In Graphics, time cannot be a dimension, though time may be one in other ways. How can the N64 produce 4D graphics? Look at it this way, there is a cube, how many sides do you see? You see 3 sides, so at least right now, it is impossible to have a 4D world. Though we dunno what's going on in Area 51...
TWgamer: I see the science geek here.
Velvet Dark 007: Tiger is right because females are ALWAYS right. -_-

Gormandizer wrote:

What do you guys think of Conker's Bad Fur Day? ...and who is going to continue Solar's stories now that he is dead?

Hairball: It looks like a bitchin' game with squirrel sex and whatnot.
TWgamer: Solar's Ghost.
Velvet Dark 007: I'm too young to play C:BFD, but it does look freakin' funny. And BTW, this is a Mario site. And if Solar was dead, wouldn't Hairball put a formal annoucment on the site? That would be kinda harsh not to do that sorta thing.....

SM128C ROCKS! wrote:


Hairball: Wait, so does SM128C rock or does it suck?
TWgamer: Sucks, Rocks, same thing.
Velvet Dark 007: You're contradicting yourself.

Gunball wrote:

Tell Homer that he is a gaylord and he'd never have real friend (normal) in his life. He doesn't know any thing ether.

Hairball: You are just as gay Hinkie, much like Homer...
TWgamer: I agree.
Velvet Dark 007: Homer left you jackass.

StAnKy_MoNkEy wrote:

How the hell can u guyz keep this kick ass site up and not loose your insanity?? I can see it being easy if your on your PC 24/7 but that means having no life, Youn guyz do have a life DO U??? oh yeah i stiill think your site would be better if you...ET Mor ChikiN!!!!

Hairball: Unfortunately, it is quite hard to lose insanity, but, it is very easy to lose your sanity.
TWgamer: I only spend about 1-2 hours a week doing work for this site. I have been here since 99 u know...
Velvet Dark 007: I have a life. I help out around my house, do homeschoolwork, play games, clean and then get on the PC. And I don't eat chicken thank you very much.

______________ wrote:


Hairball: E_T SH_T!! Would anyone like to buy a vowel?
TWgamer: (asleep)
Velvet Dark 007: Answer

Verner Von Croy wrote:

Tiger is the only cool guy here! All you other guys suck!

Hairball: And Uranus sucks you.
TWgamer: Tiger isn't a guy, she's a gal.
Velvet Dark 007: Tiger is a girl you jackass. What about me? Are you implying that I suck? I work my ass off to write a kick-ass story and you (I.E. You, the Moron.. no wonder Lara didn't accept your offer at the end of TLR) just think I suck? Hell with you!

Mr. Googly wrote:

Can I please be back in the E-Mailbag again???? PLEASE?!!??!! I was in a February 2001 one!

Hairball: No, no you can't.
TWgamer: well here you are
Velvet Dark 007: I barely remember that one. I think I was in an alleyway begging for pocket change for Pocky.

Lakilelet wrote:

Why do you make fun of Pokemon? Let me rephrase that. Why do you HATE Pokemon? When it first was reported to come over, there was no 'childish theme' or such. I know adults who play Pokemon! So where's your excuse for criticism? Just because the show has Pokemon saying their own names doesn't meen the game sucks.

Hairball: That isn't the reason why it sucks. It is mainly the crazy promotion of that game, and the screwing up of the storylines, and the movies are just lame, they don't make much sense, and don't have any moral or anything.
TWgamer: I used to like it, then got bored of it, the TV show started to suck, I moved onto other things, discovered better anime etc...
Velvet Dark 007: Lakilet- I like Pokemon. Some people hate it because of the cartoon and the milking of it. I only like the games, to be honest (I have Both Stadiums and All the GB games).... but I'm not sure what smart-arse comments the others will possibly come up with.

Jed Cross wrote:

What do you guys think of Nintendo launching their own Nintendo.net like Sega launched their internet service?

Hairball: It would be good, but personally, I think the Internet gaming should stay on the PC, there are more possiblities. But something like that for the GameCube would always be good, if the price for it stays low.
TWgamer: no Idea.
Velvet Dark 007: I still wanna play PSO. *whimper* I wanna be a RAcaseal..... and where did you hear about Nintendo.net anyways? I think you're just a jealous Nintendo fan boy Okay, I love both systems equally to be honest........)