E-Mailbag for March 31, 2001

The Secret 11th Commandment wrote:

Thou shalt not get in bed with the one they call Hairball, if thou know what is good for thee!

BeckerManEX: I know what is good for me, and getting in bed with Hairball is not it.
Hairball: Uh...hmmm....who can be this "Hairball" figure, I wonder who he is...
GuyInGreen: Wouldn't commandment 11 be something like, "people who say stupid things suck"?
Namek: Thou shalt not get into bed with the one thou calleth Hairball, if thou knoweth what is good for thee!
Tiger: Thou correct. Thyst of worst atrocities, ye goode olde man.

SmakethDown638 wrote:

Other cool titles will be: SMB 3, SMW 2 Yoshi's Island, Yoshi Story, and Sonic Advance.

BeckerManEX: Yes, that is true, they are all cool titles.
Hairball: That has already been confirmed.
GuyInGreen: Those are only tentative titles, I'm not even sure about the yoshi ones.
Namek: errrrrrrrr.... what about all the cool RPGs?
Tiger: Yup, GBA will be really awesome. But SMW2 is uncertain of.

Chris Butcher wrote:

I cant get past Marrymore in RPG...Send info! Gotta go...School computer! - Butch000

BeckerManEX: I have never heard of a game called "RPG" and get of the school's computer!
Hairball: Neither can I.
GuyInGreen: I know what you are stuck on. Here is what you do. Bust through the door in the marrymore church at the EXACT same time as the snifit. You must have perfect timing.
Namek: Don't know, gotta go, going slow, you wanna blow, notta flow.
Tiger: Er..I guess this is about a game I am not familar with.

Alex Sexist wrote:

Why isn't Mario sexy? Why don't Peach and Mario have sex? I wonder what her vagina looks like?

BeckerManEX: Only you would wonder that you sick freak.
Hairball: I believe Mario ano Peach always do the "dirty deed"...and wouldn't it look like any other?
GuyInGreen: Mario is a fat plumber in his 30's or 40's, with a nose almost as big as his appetite. He also wears suspenders. Now try asking that question again.
Namek: Why did you automatically assume that Mario should be the sexy one. For all I care, he should stay the same and they should make Peach sexy.
Tiger: You sick, disgusting lecher.

doppel wrote:

I'm playing Paper Mario, and I have already beaten the game. However, I could not figure out how to destroy those fire bars (the fireball things from Super Mario Bros.) and the only thing I have succeeded in doing is making them spin faster, which isn't terribly helpful. This isn't really important, but if anyone knows how to destroy them, I would like to know.

BeckerManEX: Sorry, I can't help, I haven't been able to play Paper Mario that much.
Hairball: You can't destroy them, so your best bet it just to avoid them ASAP, the more you jump, the faster they spin.
GuyInGreen: Well for one, you can't destroy them. Did you ever think of that?
Namek: I haven't played these guys in paper mario, but I reall you being able to knock the fireballs off with a turtle shell in SMW.
Tiger: Woo...tough dudes. Good luck. I do not own Paper Mario, but I did play it before. The game rules!

Cats wrote:

You have no chance to survive make your time.

BeckerManEX: Launch Every ZIG!
Hairball: That is so true....
GuyInGreen: Do a great justice and shut your damn face!
Namek: Somebody Set up Us the BoMb!
Tiger: I am making my time very wisely, thank you.

You waste of time wrote:

You morons are a waste of space. You spend most of your time reading spam-mail, and never answer any decent questions. Well now I'm one of those spammers, and you have to listen to my sh*t. Try to think of something better to do than sit around for hours thinking about what witty comeback you will use on some abusive e-mail. p.s. Get rid of these damn stories, they're the gayest things I've ever encountered, other than this site.

BeckerManEX: My wit is ever flowing, and it won't take me an hour to come up with something to say about you, but my time isn't worth wasting on a hypocrite much like yourself, have fun in the Eight Circle (Dante's Inferno Reference for the Ill-Educated).
Hairball: And you're also a moron that is a waste of space.
GuyInGreen: It doesn't take that long to make a witty comeback to your pointless email.. Oops, I already did! Darn!
Namek: *kills himself* If you want an even better site, try http://chrono.sm128c.com/!
Tiger: This is indeed a waste of space. Good observation.

AppleMartian wrote:

That's right! Namek had nothing to do with that last one. I'll stay off staff here. . . for now

BeckerManEX: WTF?
Hairball: A lost one can never regain his ground.
GuyInGreen: Im new here, so I don't know what you are talking about. Unfortunately that means I can't say something sick and twisted like I was planning to.
Namek: >:D
Tiger: How do I exactly respond to emails that are not exactly questions?

Mario_X wrote:

you guys should make a paper mario walkthorugh and you should also preivew mario for game cube.

BeckerManEX: Trust me, working through the game at the pace of Hairball would keep you in front of your computer screen trying to figure out what the hell he was doing running in circles for three hours.
Hairball: We don't do full-blown game walkthroughs, it's just not worth the time to do them...and we already have a "Mario 128" preview up on the site.
GuyInGreen: Well I'm a step ahead of you on #2, and thanks for the idea of the paper mario walkthrough.
Namek: Sounds fun. I'll leave it up to Hairball to do all that stuff as I sit back and finish off the other 50 million projects I have going on.
Tiger: GuyInGreen reviewed Mario 128 (tenative titles), and a Paper Mario walkthrough is most likely in development as of right now.

Blizzard Ent Fan wrote:

Thx for answering my questions. What do you guys think of Warcraft3? What is your favorite classes on D2? And what is your favorite race on SC? My class is Barb. mand Pala. and my race is protoss. How often do you guys play on b.net? Thx again...

BeckerManEX: Warcraft III will be THE game when it is finally released. My favorite class on Diablo II would have to be the Paladin and then the Barbarian. My favorite race on StarCraft would have to still be Terran, even though I haven't played on Battle.net in sometime, Harry knows I used to kick ass (sometimes his) and take names.
Hairball: I play like once or twice a week on Battle.net...but it depends, sometimes I play more, sometimes I don't play at all.
GuyInGreen: Sorry, I've haven't played many of those games yet, but thanks for yet another decent question.
Namek: Uh, no? I don't play online, or even pc, games. I just stick to consoles.
Tiger: Ah, I cannot wait for WarCraft 3. I loved WC2, and WC3 looks awesome. The e3 displays were cool, I like it's 3D-ness. As for SC, I have not played it that much, but I prefer Terran and Protoss. Ew, those Zergs freak me out.

Lakilelet wrote:

I was not always Lakilelet. I was once known as AppleMartian. That was, until I crashed on earth, exploded into bits that were eaten by a cow that got processed and eaten and poo-ed out, from that poo, I was reassembled into a rat who was later killed on Survivor. My spirit was then transfered to an N64 and I caused many people to think they were seeing Luigi in Mario 64, then I tried to go to heaven, but got stuck in the clouds and transferred into this. Just thought I'd let you know.

BeckerManEX: Have fun in the padded white room.
Hairball: That is a story I'm sure in which many will care less.
GuyInGreen: That's great to know! Enough said!
Namek: And I am just a planet that exploded!
Tiger: Sorry, I ignored your email, probably because it had no redeeming qualities in it.

Luigi Brothers 2000 wrote:

1. Aren't you just sick and tired of those insults? 8-year-olds come here! 2. What is with these curse words? 3. Doo doo doo dee ddoooooooo! 4. Want me to sing? 5. "ALL IDOITS SUCK!" 6. All your base are belong to us! 7. You have no chance of survival, make your tiiiiiimmmmE! 8. (Insert comment here)

BeckerManEX: 1. Yes, 2. Damn, I don't know, 3. Poo Poo Poo Pee Ppeeeeeeee!, 4. Hell no, 5. True, 6. You have no chance to survive, make your time, 7. You said it wrong, 8. Black & White RULES!
Hairball: Go suck a donkey.
GuyInGreen: #1- yes #2- shut the f*** up #3- get off cloud 9 before I kick you off. #4- It would probably suck. #5- I agree. #6- Stop with those annoying Zero Wing quotes. #7- refer back to 6. #8- Eat my sh**.
Namek: Errmmm.... I really think these emailbags are getting dumb.
Tiger: You spelt "Idiot" wrong. So sing us a happy tune of the Super Mario Brothers theme. Do, dodo..de DO DODO!

Mike Wesley wrote:

This place kicks a**. Keep up the sweet work y'all

BeckerManEX: You can say ass here.
Hairball: Since when as our work sweet? I'm going to get to the bottom of this!
GuyInGreen: Thanks for the complement. But we only supply news, we don't try to kick other's asses.
Namek: indubedubly.my whole school is one big mess. Everyone is either on one of 2 sides, and there is gonna be a big fight :) Thank goodness I am neutral.
Tiger: Yay, we are good.

CATS wrote:

How are you gentlemen!! I see that Erich Becker, also known as BeckerManEX, used quotes from Zero Wing, the game I was in. And for that I got a message: All your base are belong to... Bah, you know it.

BeckerManEX: You know what you doing!?
Hairball: All your base are belong to Satan.
GuyInGreen: I really have to talk to Hairball about all of these damn incoming zero wing quotes.
Namek: Somebody shut up the Man.
Tiger: Man, stupid cliches. They get so boring. Trite remarks of platitude...

Tommy wrote:

hola yo quiero jugar un poco quisiera que me enviaran el juego normal de super mario lo mas pronto posible muchas gracias

BeckerManEX: Si.
Hairball: No hablo español.
GuyInGreen: Oh wow, a Mexican! But I promised Hairball I wouldn't joke about those dirty excuses for human scum... oops, I slipped again!
Namek: Qué usted está hablando? Es usted una cierta clase de hombre loco que desee lastimarme?
Tiger: I see. You like to play sometimes, and you wish that you want to play Super Mario really fast. Interesting.

Impact 009 wrote:

Comment: In the last e-mail bag, some bastard stole my name and asked questions. I will now go by Impact 009. Question 1: Will you ever create Flash Movies or Shockwave games? Question 2: Hairball, where did you buy your HTML books and what was the book called (If you even use HTML books.) Thanfor taking your time.

BeckerManEX: I have created numerous Flash Movies for school presentations, and other activities, I consider myself to be quite skilled in the ways of Flash.
Hairball: I am too lazy to learn and create Flash and Shockwave stuff, and I don't read HTML books.
GuyInGreen: I'll leave that up to hairball. I have no authority on that.
Namek: I don't even know if any of us know how to make flash. I know a little, but not a lot.
Tiger: Hairball does not use HTML books, because they suck. He uses a bad program called FrontPage. (I have real qualms about FP. Learn your own HTML and get DreamWeaver. Yesh)

Impact 009 wrote:

In Super Mario 128, what do I do when X-ATM02 starts chasing me? Man, he goes way too fast. I tried going everywhere on the web to find out how to get past this level, but there isn't anything on Gamecube! I think the Gamecube iading way t fast, because he's going faster than I can even run! Please reply! I beg of you! This guy's pissing me off!

BeckerManEX: You can also have fun in the padded white room.
Hairball: Damn it, you are pissing me off.
GuyInGreen: Ok, well here is what you do. Wait for the game to come out, and stop making up ridiculous lies.
Namek: I think we all need to take a little break from the games to go see a psychiatrist.
Tiger: Er. I understand. Actually I didn't. These things get wackier everytime.

Adam wrote:

I have one Question to ask. Can I link to you guys from my Mario site. Because your site kick ass! ok!

BeckerManEX: Yes, you may.
Hairball: Absolutely positively.
GuyInGreen: Talk to someone else about site affiliation. I couldn't care less.
Namek: aAnd link to http://chrono.sm128c.com/
Tiger: Sure.

Metroid Dude wrote:

Hey!!! In reply to your rant, this e-mailbag has gone WAAAY overboard because of all these stupid questions -- Plus you say all good questions will be answered. So why do you post half the ones you do??? Oh, and where do we send donations? And does it have to be a check for $100 or cash for $100? Or can I just send you an e-mail with a $500 gift certificate to Toys 'R' US?Too bad I don't have any money.

BeckerManEX: We also take food, drink, and hooker donations.
Hairball: Oooooh....donations, eh? Well maybe we should setup something like CloudChaser that accepts donations.
GuyInGreen: Well maybe that's because we really don't care. And besides, we never get many good questions.
Namek: send them to Harry Li, 108 Marckey Ln., Statford, Ontario 79876
Tiger: Send away. Of course if HB will give you his address. Oh wait, you can do that with a domain name info lookup. Oops, I leaked.

CyberYoshi wrote:

Got one question. In Super Mario 64 after you beat the crap out of Bowser and when Peach appears there's two count them TWO toads standing there. I thought Toad had a brother named Frog or something like that but I'm not sure do you know?

BeckerManEX: Cloning has run rampett in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Hairball: When you think about it, there are like 10 different "Toads" within the Super Mario 64 castle.
GuyInGreen: Frog and Toad weren't brothers. And that has nothing to do with Mario 64. So go away before I cut your face off.
Namek: Everyone loves me. Im tired. Ill sleep now........ errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........
Tiger: They are toadstools...the people of the kingdom..and so awfully cute! TeeHee!

Gormandizer wrote:

Hey Hairball! Good site, but how come the java chat is shut down? And a nintendo question for the incredibly sardonic people answering this would be: N64 introduced gamers to the third dimension.....what does 128 do? Just add detail and extended memory or what? That's all.

BeckerManEX: It takes the third dimension to new levels never experienced before.
Hairball: The Java chat is back now, you'z all go there NOW.
GuyInGreen: It probably means that a 128-bit game will store more data, and have sharper effects.
Namek: It extends memory, adds detail, and becomes more interactive of course. And Hairball is and idiot when it comes to chat.
Tiger: Another "enhancement" Nintendo further pushes us with. I guess i'd be 4D, but normal human beings cannot comprehend it. With the planes of X, Y, Z..and what else? A?

Jr. Luigi wrote:

Do you think Sega and PSX are going to copycat Nintendo and make more pocketgames like the GBC because Neogeo pocket is against the GBC. Anyway, Gameboy Advanced will be released on June 11, 2001. I got that from IGN.

BeckerManEX: There is no more Neo-Geo Pocket Color, SNK went out of business, and all assets were purchased by Capcom Japan. Sega has dropped out of the hardware market, but the Game Gear has been re-released to select Toys R Us stores by Majesco, along with 13 games. I have already pre-ordered my Gameboy Advanced and I can't wait.
Hairball: Making a handheld system is not considered "copying".
GuyInGreen: I try to think but nutin happens!!
Namek: Isn't Sega quiting the console making buisness and becoming a third party?
Tiger: Yup, GBA confirmed for that date. NGPC was never really "against" the GBC, but they competed against each other. I do enjoy NGPC a lot, and a bit moreso than GBC. Ya gotta love SNK arcade games.

someone who can't write wrote:

are you guys drunk right now? Hairball, may I get laid please? Im gonna sing a funny Blink 182 song 4 U: I know a guy He has sex with his sister he used his dick to pop her four foot blister and know its not that cool he f**ked her in my swimming pool he three testicals and...

BeckerManEX: Interesting.
Hairball: You are more drunk than all of us.
GuyInGreen: I'm not drunk. Drunk is more of an adjective, so if I was drunk, someone would be drinking me. And besides, im trying to teach you how to write now.
Namek: I like my Blink song better, it's called family ruinion. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock sucker, mother fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat.
Tiger: Glad I am not the male of the species. Yesh, you guys annoy me.

A magical pixie wrote:

y is yer site so stypid? I mean, no one likests your weird Marion person, and you shoudl stop waivng your pisseys aroubnd for everyone sto see so your that alll of your horny crapd witlll not 4 you.

BeckerManEX: Hahahhaha, this is too easy.
Hairball: Why R U an arse?
GuyInGreen: Let me translate that: My name is magical pixie and I really like your site. Im so glad you are smarter than me so I can realize how stupid I really am! And I want to die soon, courtesy of GuyInGreen!
Namek: You can spell magical pixie, but you can't spell half the words of your sentence right... I think you are faking it all.
Tiger: If you can spell correctly first.

Stu wrote:

could you please tell me when the gameboy advance and game cube are released in the u.k.????? thanx! stu!

BeckerManEX: Gameboy Advanced will be out June 22, 2001 and GameCube has been delayed till Winter/Spring 2002.
Hairball: Satan tells me it will be released in Europe on June 22, 2001.
GuyInGreen: Probably 5-7 months after the US release of each system.
Namek: How bout you tell us when they are released cause I have no clue.
Tiger: Around the release date of America, which is roughly around June 11.

Kevin wrote:

Bowen wrote: In Paper Mario, What do I get when I beat the Master 3 times? Do I get the Fifth-grade card? No, you get a diploma, and then the Master starts acting like a loser refusing to fight you.

BeckerManEX: Thanks.
Hairball: Blahsphemy.
GuyInGreen: Wasn't this already asked? You get the graduate degree I believe.
Namek: What the hell kind of question is that? This emailbag doesn't have any guest responders so dont try to respond to people's questions.
Tiger: Great, you answered the question for us. Thanks!

Anonymous Guy wrote:

What happened to the random quote that you used to have?

BeckerManEX: Hairball killed it, I told him to bring it back.
Hairball: It ran like the wind.
GuyInGreen: CHERRY PIE!!! Oops, it just slipped out.
Namek: I dunno. It's still there...
Tiger: I guess HB thought it was stupid and took it out.

Brent Fivecoats wrote:

I was in this chat room on mIRC about a month and a half ago and these kids were talking about how easy it was to hack Hairball and his site. They wouldn't tell me who they were, but they said something about a Nintendo army site or something... Well, anyway I wanted to know everyone's opinion on GameCube Vs. PlayStation 2 & X-Box.

BeckerManEX: No matter what system is more powerful, it comes down to games. Only Sega can make better games than Nintendo, and they are making games for all three platforms (and GBA) so I think Nintendo will come out on top from a gamers point of view.
Hairball: It was just this bitch known as "Game Master 64" from the dead Nintendo Gaming Army, he was probably just talking crap and whatnot.
GuyInGreen: #1- Those people are lamers, and I will cut their faces off. #2- Playstation 2 is not even programmer friendly, and the xbox only qualifies as a computer. #3- Gamecube will most likely come out on top.
Namek: www.ngarmy.com is homosexugay; got that?
Tiger: PS2 sales dropped a ton in Japan, and GC and X-Box are going to really compete with it. Dunno. X-Box is more powerful, but GC has the names and the games.

BlackYoshi or YoshiWIZARD wrote:

Please!!!!! I beg you!!!! I've always wanted to work for someone. I love mario! Give me a chance to work for you!!!!PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: We don't hire beggers.
Hairball: One with 2 names just doesn't cut it.
GuyInGreen: First, pick one of those names. Second, calm yourself. Third, no, you can't work for us.
Namek: You seem to racist, we don't allow racists.
Tiger: Apply at the staff page.

Alex Speer wrote:

Hey Hairball! How are you? I just want to complement you on what a wonderful job you have done on Super Mario 128 central. I have one question for you? Why did you cahnge your homepage name from Super Mario 64 central to Super Mario 128 central?

BeckerManEX: need to stay ahead of the technology.
Hairball: It's to show that we're 2 times better than we are, and it is mainly propaganda, to promote the site...
GuyInGreen: Well, Super Mario 64 is getting old, and it's time to step it up a bit.
Namek: DUH! 128 is bigger than 64. That means the site is twice as yummy as before. Gosh!
Tiger: He is an adolescent teen around 15? I think so.

Benji Haller wrote:

I think your site is awsome! Is there way other people like myself could become one of the staff members?

BeckerManEX: There are ways, by they involve a socket wrench, and lubricant.
Hairball: Go to the staff page, and apply, and see if you make it.
GuyInGreen: Well, no. But try, I'm usually wrong.
Namek: You join one of our Wank sessions and if we accept you, of course, you will become staff :)
Tiger: Once again, Staff page.

Nicole Ward wrote:


BeckerManEX: Interesting.
Hairball: Soooooo doo I!
GuyInGreen: Wow, three complements in a row! Thanks wonderful site viewers! I can see you are all out to earn major suck up points!
Namek: Indubedubly
Tiger: Glad to hear that.

cjrs3509 wrote:

What did you guys use to build this site? It Looks great! This should be the officall mario site! oh yeah by the way http://www.sgc.2ya.com Game cheats

BeckerManEX: I doubt Nintendo would agree with the sex organ references.
Hairball: This site is powered by Satan Internet Services.
GuyInGreen: Please don't advertise your site. Talk to hairball about affiliation.
Namek: uhhhh... I used NotePad...
Tiger: HB uses the bad prgram FrontPage. As for me, I suggest learning HTML or getting DreamWeaver.

Jenn wrote:

Im almost done with the lost world, but Im stuck in 8-3. I've tried just about everything! While I'm at it, if you have any hints to 8-4, it would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!!

BeckerManEX: It has been tooooo long since I played that game sorry.
Hairball: Hmmm...it is sad that I have never beaten Super Mario Bros.
GuyInGreen: You mean the lost levels? Never played it. Sorry!
Namek: Use a Game Genie. They're alot of fun.
Tiger: Sorry, can't help.

Jon wrote:

I am making a website of my own and was wondering if I could have permission to put some of your midis on my website. Could you please respond...

BeckerManEX: Midis are free use, download at will.
Hairball: Yes.
GuyInGreen: Talk to hairball about your illegal copyright infringement. Ill call the police and ask them what they think.
Namek: NO! All midis are copyright by us and made by us and any use of them will result in prosecution of your penis. As stated by Anal Code 51.122 of the state of Uranus.
Tiger: I think HB stole them from someplace else, so I believe you can too.

SmakethDown638 wrote:

Super Mario Advanced 2 will be a remake of Super Mario World! I have a feeling SMA 3 will be Yoshi's Island or Mario Bros. 3.

BeckerManEX: That is correct.
Hairball: Indeed.
GuyInGreen: No, Super Mario Advance 2 will be a remake of Super Mario Brothers 2.
Namek: AGB, GBA, GBC, GB, GBP.... there sure are alot of GameBoys....
Tiger: Possibly. SMW on GBA would be really awesome.

Your worst nightmare wrote:


BeckerManEX: Dear god, I have soiled myself.
GuyInGreen: AHHH!! IT'S HIM!! Ok Dan Akroyd, set up the ghost trap!
Namek: Shit!
Tiger: Hoo.

Ultra Pokemaster2000 wrote:

Don´t take me wrong because loving pokemon, but I also love Mario, and I think this website is the coolest website on Internet. Well, the point is that I want to ask Solar Gamer, when are you going to update The Super Mario Saga? I think it´s the coolest story of all, but it has been a long while since you updated it. I would like you to update it every week as you said, please!

BeckerManEX: All your base..oh forget it.
Hairball: Solar, well just disappeared, we hope he'll be back one day...
GuyInGreen: Im taking you wrong, because you LOVE Mario and Pokemon. Liking them and loving them are two different things. Know what I mean?
Namek: Solar is longer a part of this world. He has ventured into an early grave as a result from his recent car wreck. Don't wank and drive!
Tiger: Solargamer is really busy.

Drew wrote:

On the idea of maturing Mario I agree on what you said. I hate the voice in Mario 64. Isn't Mario supposed to be from Brooklyn? Well, then he should talk like it. If you remember the Super Mario Bros. cartoon I think that is the perfect voice for Mario as well as Luigi's voice in that cartoon. A change of pace in storyline would be nice too. I still want Bower as the main antagonist but he should do something other than capture Toadstool and wait in a castle with her locked up. Why not go for world domination or ANYTHING else besides Peach. Also there should be a Dark World like there was in SMB3. If they could make the environments as diverse as the ones we saw in SMB3 I think that the dumb "childish" image Mario obtained on N64 as well as 90% of everything else on N64 would vanish without a trace.

BeckerManEX: no comment, eating.
Hairball: Too long to read, so I'll just ignore it.
GuyInGreen: Thanks for the endorsement of my editorial. And yes, most of the things you said should be taken into consideration when the next Mario title is under development.
Namek: Why not have Bowser kidnap Princess Peach and suck the life force from her body and hold it in a crystal. Then he can shatter the crystall into 8 pieces and distribute them around the world and make Mario search for them in order to save Peach and in the mean time while Mario is busy, he starts his plan to take over every nation one by one because no one can stop him.
Tiger: Is Mario REALLY from Brooklyn? Hmm...since he originated in Japan..

Sam wrote:

Presuming there will (hopefully) be a Mario Kart 128 for the GameCube, how many characters should be in Mario Kart 128? My answer: the 8 + characters like DK Jr., Koopa Troopa, Big Boo, Kamek, Shy Guy, Goomba, Koopa Kids, Lakitu, Wart, Daisy, maybe Waluigi plus others... about 24 maybe, although 8 of your choice could take part in a Grand Prix at a time.... What's your answer? And also, if Daisy and Peach were Princesses, who are the princes? Or are there no princes...

BeckerManEX: Hopefully Nintendo can get tons and tons of players and tracks in the new version.
Hairball: Maybe at least 12 different characters, and include some secret ones, maybe a la Mario Golf/Tennis, since GBA and GCN will be able to link up...who knows. Mario and Luigi are the princes, sorta...
GuyInGreen: Do I look like god to you! How am I supposed to know! If you want to know that bad wait another year!
Namek: Why can't there be like a friggin Zelda All Stars like there was a Mario All Stars. That would kick so much ass. I think we've had a fair share of racing games, i'm tired of seeing them pop up every month on store shelves.
Tiger: Alright, you keep guessing. I'm just waiting for Mario Kart Advance.

Hyper Yoshi wrote:

Why is Hairball gay? Isn't a hairball something a cat barfs up?

BeckerManEX: Don't know, and Yes it is.
Hairball: F*** you, I am not gay. I'm just an irritating bitch. But here's a definition of Hairball from Dictionary.com: hairball n. 1. [Fidonet] A large batch of messages that a store-and-forward network is failing to forward when it should. Often used in the phrase "Fido coughed up a hairball today", meaning that the stuck messages have just come unstuck, producing a flood of mail where there had previously been drought. 2. An unmanageably huge mass of source code. "JWZ thought the Mozilla effort bogged down because the code was a huge hairball." 3. Any large amount of garbage coming out suddenly. "Sendmail is coughing up a hairball, so expect some slowness accessing the Internet."
GuyInGreen: Why don't you ask the cat. My name is guyingreen, but it has nothing to do with what im wearing. In fact, right now im wearing a pink mini..oh wait nevermind.
Namek: Hairball is indeed a homo-sex-u-al. He's a Homo Sapien, and will sex you all. Hence, he is a homo-sex-u-al. Now go to sleep!
Tiger: Because he is not straight, and yes.

Kyle wrote:

I got a question for you. A serious one. Unlike all the other cr@p questions usually on here. Anyways, is the GC going to come in colors other than Purple? I really don't want to be showing off a purple things to my friends. They might think i'm a little funny..... Will Nintendo give us the opportunity to buy in the colors like Black, Silver, Gold and others?

BeckerManEX: I should hopefully l@unch with more colors th@n just purple.
Hairball: The official colors for the GameCube have yet been announced.
GuyInGreen: What scares me, is that not only do you seem to be isolated from society, but you seem to be isolated from the internet. I should bash your face in right now.
Namek: Hehe. I feel you brother. Purple is so gayish. For now i'm gonna stick with getting the white one that they have. Of course, like the GBC, they will probably have other colors later on in the year.
Tiger: Oh dear god, it better be in some other un-tacky color. Purple is so tacky for a more "adult" game console.

S.O.S. wrote:

You guys should cut down on the cussing. It proves you're lazy!

BeckerManEX: How does saying Damn show I'm lazy?
Hairball: That shall not be done.
GuyInGreen: Well if I'm lazy, WHATS THE F***ING PROBLEM!
Namek: How does that prove anything?
Tiger: Yup, that is what HB is. I dont normally swear in the mailbag, so you are in luck.

Chad/ness wrote:

No the e-mail bag hasn't gone over! All the ppl who think that are crazy. btw I think Namek is the funnest guy here :)

BeckerManEX: Namek being the funniest guy here could be contested...
Hairball: I'm sure he is.
GuyInGreen: Namek is very FUNNY. I wish I were as FUNNY as him. Hopefully he will have a FUNNY reply to your message.
Namek: Yes! Take that you hairy bitch. I win the bet.
Tiger: Yay, Namek is funnie.

Couch Tomato wrote:

Alright, to clear this up. Mario 128 is not a game. It's merely a demo of the Gamecube to show its power. Miyamoto called it 128 to respond to an earlier joke about a Mario "128" Therefore, there is no game called Mario 128, but an actual game that should be coming for the Gamecube is Luigi's Mansion.

BeckerManEX: And you have proof of this?
Hairball: Thus, under the preview, it said "tentative title", meaning no official name has been announced.
GuyInGreen: I said it to you once and I'll say it again, it is a tentative title, and it was referred to as Super Mario 128 at Spaceworld 2000. Now leave me alone, before I EAT YOU!!!!
Namek: Errr... I never said there was a Mario 128... Where the hell did you get this insane idea that we believed in a friggin Mario 128. Maybe you should research alot better next time before you open your anus up.
Tiger: Who knows? Mario 128 is possibly a game, and probably is in development. No way are they cutting out their Main Man in Red.

Killian wrote:

I just come to the bag, so I think that you should decide about that. Otherwise,No

BeckerManEX: I see.
Hairball: Decide about what?
GuyInGreen: Is your imaginary friend uncle aunt bothering you again? Tell him to stop.
Namek: And that is supposed to mean what? Why the hell don't you just go post on the board or visit http://chrono.sm128c.com/ and make it look like my site got alot of hits.
Tiger: Yes, I decided.

Super Kooper wrote:

Hey, wassup? Super Kooper here, you know the new guy sending in stories around here. I was wondering if you had any openings I could fill for SM128C? If not, O.K. No biggie. I'm really into the Stories section, even if it IS a little gay at times. So, if you don't mind, could I squeeze in the staff somehow, preferrably the Stories? Either way, I'll still churn out stories for you guys. Two more things. TWGamer's Mario: Lost In Time series is SOLID! Props, dude.Only "drop" is the fusion makes the story a little thin. Secondly, I was into Pokemon for a while, but I'm over it and I'd change my E-name if I knew how. Peace Out! P.S. Anyone here like Counting Crows (a band)? They rock!

BeckerManEX: no comment, reading new PC Gamer.
Hairball: Maybe start submitting stories in, and we'll consider making you part of the staff, but we'll have to see how things go...
GuyInGreen: Yes, personally I liked TW's and Velvet Dark's stories the best. And, you are a little gay at times, because you are writing for something that you think is gay.
Namek: We all know that TWGamer smokes a little weed before he writes his stories... Otherwise he is just poopie on a doorstep.
Tiger: Hey Super Kooper. Cool name.