E-Mailbag for March 10, 2001

StAnKy_MoNkEy wrote:

Muuch better than before. But you will probly do better if you... Et MoR cHiKiN!!!!

BeckerManEX: Someone has been spending too much time at Chik-Fil-A
Hairball: Of course it is better, it just depends on what is and what is not.
Namek: Eat more Monkey!
TWGamer: shut up.
FireKraken: Why, oh GOD why?!...
Peachy: Chicken sucks.

john wrote:

ur site sucks ass

BeckerManEX: Thank You.
Hairball: Contrary to popular belief, asses cannot be sucked.
Namek: Your ass sucks our site.
TWGamer: u suck ass
FireKraken: Yeah, but that's better then what Peachy sucks...
Peachy: Oh, well thanks, we appreciate the comment. And by the way, would you like a mint? (i'm on int high right now :)

S.O.S wrote:

You should start a game idea section for Mario games. And a fan-fic characters for the Mario world like in Super Mario Brothers Headquarters.

BeckerManEX: We used to have ideas, and we have tons of Fan-Fiction.
Hairball: There used to, but this kinda thing works much better in the forums, since everyone has tons of stuff to say, it would be very hard to update that section.
Namek: Yes, let's be more like SMBHQ and turn into a crappy site that is never updated and has a bad design.
TWGamer: That was done for SM642 in 1999, but failed.
FireKraken: Umm...why make a section for game ideas when we don't make games?
Peachy: i thought here was one in the specials section, but maybe I'm wrong. Oh who gives a sh!t.

Beth wrote:

is there any way 2 get on2 the roof when u have less then 120 stars? Can u use the wing cap on the roof 2 fly in2 the picture of Peach outside the castle? does that luigi code wear u hafta delete all of mario B work??? & can u get across that trapdoor leading 2 bowser1??? someone told me if u have a game shark u can.

BeckerManEX: WTF are you talking about?
Hairball: No, the only way to get to the roof is by getting 120 stars, there aren't any more ways, and no shortcuts.
Namek: You can get on the roof without the gameshark by going to the right side of the castle and jumping back and forth between the grass wall and the castle wall until you get to the top.
TWGamer: There IS NO Luigi Code, and you DO need 120 stars to get onto the roof.
FireKraken: You definatly cannot get past that trap door. I have tried many times only to smack into an imaginary wall. And try wall jumping up the side of the castle to get to the top...as hard as that is..
Peachy: no, you have to have 120 stars to get on the roof. If you have gameshark, I suppose you can do it.

Bowen wrote:

In Paper Mario, What do I get when I beat the Master 3 times? Do I get the Fifth-grade card?

BeckerManEX: I haven't got that far in Paper Mario. I only rented it for an indefinite period of time.
Hairball: I haven't beat him that many times yet, but I guess you may...
Namek: I haven't even beat him the first time.
TWGamer: I haven't got PAper Mario
FireKraken: No, you get the Sixth-grade card.
Peachy: Never played it so don't ask me.

Grady Martin wrote:

Hi guys! There's this f--ker named J.J. over at The Mushroom Kingdom. I'm gonna kick his ass. Who wants to help???

BeckerManEX: Remember, Violence solves EVERYTHING!
Hairball: Go ahead.
Namek: I like the Mushroom Kingdom.
TWGamer: Can't be bothered
FireKraken: Welll....I'm always up for a good ass whoopin....
Peachy: I do! Even though i don't know him, I wanna help anywayz.

Grady Martin wrote:

BeckerManEX (former SM64C employee) writes: Seeing how the trend in technology is going I strongly believe that the Dolphin will retail for $129 at the max, most will say around $99 (American). What the hell??? Is this bastard insane??? Who wants to help me kick his ass?

BeckerManEX: I'm not insane, I was meerly predicting that the current trend of hardware costs for consoles is dropping (although the PS2 and X-box are very expensive to produce). Nintendo has stated that the GameCube (then called Dolphin) would be easy to produce, and very cost effective. Seeing as how the Xbox is looking to retail for the same price as the overpriced PS2, I would think that Nintendo would aim lower to attract the cost effective consumers and gain the support of the penny pinchers. I still believe that the GameCube will retail in the $99-149 range, and then Nintendo can make huge profits off of the third party licensing fees. Remember video games follow the razor and razor blades formula of sales, and this situation fits.
Hairball: From what I know of, BeckerManEX is still a staff member at this site.
Namek: hmmmmmm........ I'm very much confused.
TWGamer: Don't know what you are talking about, i'll just go away now.
FireKraken: Hmm....I'll help him kick your ass...
Peachy: Hey BMX! Thanx for the info, even though I prob. won't be buying Dolphin anyway.

Princess Peach wrote:

Hello. I recently purchased Paper Mario. I beat the game, beat Bowser, and then it went into all of the credit stuff. At the very end it does all these fireworks and plays a song... and I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... and it kept going and going and going. Since it said the end in the bottom right half corner I thought it would be okay to turn off the nintendo. However, when I turned it back on, I was back at my last save (BEFORE I beat Bowser, that is). What gives? What do I have to do?

BeckerManEX: Most Nintendo games don't save at the very end of the game, this gives you the chance to go back and beat the game whenever you wish.
Hairball: Perhaps try saving at the final, or one of the last save points in the game, before you play Bowser, or something like that.
Namek: In most RPG games, you won't ever be able to save your game after the final boss. Of course, the only RPG I know of that allows you to save after the final battle is Chrono Cross. I think, in Chrono Cross, it adds to the replay value to be able to start the game over with all your stats maxed.
TWGamer: I don't have Paper Mario!
FireKraken: It's probably just like Zelda 3....where you can't save after you beat the game.
Peachy: Hi peach I'm peach. Never played it, but that sounds really messed up.

MarioDude wrote:

I think you should remove the e-mailbag. Because there are some people who just spam in there and you still waste the time to reply to them. When people ask for game help usually it's not answered, and every question gets at least 1 negative response from the SM128C staff. What is the purpose of this? By the way, this is a GREAT site, however, I just don't like the e-mailbag unless better questions and answers are given.

BeckerManEX: Negative, how can WE be negative?
Hairball: You have contradicted yourself, if you believe the E-Mailbag should be removed, then you shouldn't participate in it.
Namek: Well, when people ask for game help, most of us really don't feel like going and looking it up (if we don't know how either) and try to explain it for teveryone to understand. Most people like the rude remarks we give because it adds character to the emailbag and doesn't make it so dull and bland.
TWGamer: It's supposedly funny, and this one of this site's positive points.
FireKraken: Um....that was a great question....this isn't the e-gripebag.
Peachy: Well ya know that is your own problem. The retarted questions and equally retarted answers is what gives the emailbag spunk, and If we had just boring questions and answers nobody would care to read it. So if you have a problem with this heffer, then don't read the emailbag!

MarioDude wrote:

Nintendo power subscribers How come you guys receive it as early as the 20th? I have to wait until the last week of the month or the first week of the next. How come you lucky people especially Hairball receive yours so soon?

BeckerManEX: I really don't know, my Subscription ran out and I didn't renew.
Hairball: Anyways, moving along. I get my Nintendo Power quite early, maybe because I live in the city, and the mail runs a lot more efficient.
Namek: I do not know why this is. I used to recieve my Nintendo Power almost a month after Hairball, but now it comes at least a week after he recieves his. The Nintendo Power isn't really worth crying over though, because when I get mine, I never read anything but the Letters and then I scan the rest for any cool news. The reviews, players guide, and Pokemon Center thing hardly ever interest me.
TWGamer: Nintendo Power isn't released in my Country. We get the crap NOM, which is biased like hell.
FireKraken: Subscribers get privey that you don't.
Peachy: My subscription ended, so I will have to resubscribe soon. I always got mine at the end of the month, too. What's up with that?

Jed wrote:

Dammit, some of the letters in the emailbag are so gay. You shouldn't even spend time on them.

BeckerManEX: Much like yours?
Hairball: Much like this one.
Namek: Well, most of the people who come to our Mario site are around the ages of 10-13. If they send us any questions, they're most likely to be gay. If we had more mature visitors then maybe it would be otherwise.
TWGamer: Like this one you mean?
FireKraken: *Doesn't spend time on this one*
Peachy: We spend time on them because they are so fun to read and respond, and the viewers enjoy them. So shutup.

Melissa Mario Sister wrote:

You guys made a mistake when you listed the games the Koopalings/ Koopa Kids were in. They are not only in Super Mario Bros. 3, and SMW, but they are also in SNES Yoshi's Safari (Super Scope required, not very popular), and PC game Hotel Mario.

BeckerManEX: Sorry.
Hairball: Must you be so detailed?
Namek: Thanks for the input. I guess someone is gonna have to fix that. I have never heard of Hotel Mario, I wonder if it is any good.
TWGamer: I never knew that.
FireKraken: I listed no koopa kid crap.
Peachy: O---k, not familiar with those two games.

pen2 wrote:


BeckerManEX: So are you saying you do or don't have anal sex with pengiuns?
Hairball: The only place that penguins can rule is the South Pole.
Namek: Monkeys beat penguins in coolness. Go take your army and shove it @_@
FireKraken: *shakes his head in disqust*
Peachy: Yeah! They do! And I'm calling the mental hospital!

Ben wrote:

I asked this not too long ago, and it was for some strange reason, it wasn't in the latest mailbag. Wonder if i'm being ignored. Oh well, any way, why hasn't me latest it's-a-luigi time been posted yet?? i have sent it in twice, and it hasn't been posted either time new stories were. what's up with all this crap??

BeckerManEX: Yell at Hairball.
Hairball: Thou shall not answer though questionz.
Namek: I dunno. I think someone accidently spilled coffee on your story and it ended up in the trash. You know, we don't have to post every fan fic we get, we have the right to discard it.
TWGamer: http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime4.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime4.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime4.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime4.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime5.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime5.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime5.html http://www.sm128c.com/stories/itsluigitime5.html DAMMIT!
FireKraken: Hmm....I truely wonder why this wasn't posted the first time. *yawn*
Peachy: Well DUH, of course you are ignored. We can't post every single email, it would overload.

Laura wrote:

I have a question, in wt-dry world how do i lower the water level in the town to collect the coins. I have already hit the multi-colored pyramid and it doesn't work what do I do?

BeckerManEX: There are two pyramids, you must hit the other one to lower the water.
Hairball: Go to somewhere else in the level with the pyramid, and hit it, and the water level shall be affected once again.
Namek: I haven't played Super Mario 64 in ages, so I don't really know the answer. Try looking through our Game Help section.
TWGamer: I can't remember, I'm afraid.. sorry
FireKraken: Just jump on the two big huge blocks...
Peachy: I know this, but I don't know this. Sorry.

Nobody wrote:

I cannot tell a lie, I did not write anything!

BeckerManEX: You are not funny.
Hairball: You didn't write anything? Well I see something right there.
Namek: http://chrono.sm128c.com/
TWGamer: I cannot tell a lie! You are sad.
FireKraken: Indeed.
Peachy: Yeah...ok.

Blizzard Ent. Fan wrote:

Do you guys know any mario games that will be for gamecube? Do you guys play starcraft or diablo2? And if so rate them from 1 to 10 please. Please don't get me on me like last time...

BeckerManEX: No titles have been announced yet. Starcraft 10, Diablo2 10. I play both on Battle.net regularly.
Hairball: I am an avid StarCraft fan, it's a pretty good game, though it's getting old, I give it a 9/10. And I haven't played Diablo 2, it'll run like crap on my computer, so I didn't bother to get it.
Namek: Uh... It's not possible to predict how many games will come to the GameCube. And I don't play Starcraft or Diablo II.
TWGamer: Super Mario 128 on the gamecube.. never played starcraft OR diablo 2
FireKraken: Starcraft kicks ass. I still have yet to play Diablo II. And think about that first question for a little bit.
Peachy: No comment. (lol)

Gunball wrote:

Don't you guy(s) or girl(s) know that bsh is sending half of the things that is up there??? or you don't even remember who bsh is... You know who this is... AND NOT BSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a loser like him... I'm almost done Mario on Visual Basics... You want it or not? You can put it up on your site... You can take all the credit if you want... See ya... Just read it and you don't have to put this up...

BeckerManEX: Uh....
Hairball: Who or what the hell is a BSH?
Namek: Mario on Visual Basics? I hate Visual Basics.
TWGamer: BSH? don't you mean BHS?
FireKraken: That was pointless.
Peachy: BSH? Who's that? Oh well I don't give a sh!t.

Space Yoshi wrote:

I know you are not nintendo but could you get in touch with them and tell them to quit making those childish stupid idiotic DEVIL LOVING POKEMON!!!!!!!! Thank you for your time.

BeckerManEX: Hello Gentlemen.
Hairball: From a financial standpoint, Pokemon is making Nintendo a heckload of money, so they'll keep making those games, and products. But honesty, I think Pokemon suck just as much as you do, it's too hyped, and crazed now.
Namek: Pokemon will probably die off in a year or two. Nothing lasts forever.
TWGamer: YAY! Pokemon sucks!!! Pokemon is SH!T!!
FireKraken: If you got a million dollars every time you brushed your teeth, would you stop?

Mr. Stupid wrote:

I have a few questaions and comments!!!(I do?)(Oh yeah!) 1.Why did you ask for my e-mail,that's private info!?(What did I say?) 2.Who is your favorite Mario character?(Please be Luigi!) 3.I heard a lot of people say that the update only changed the webs appearance, hey,hey,hey!128 is twice as much as much as 64, it must be twice as good?(not a question, I just like ?'s) 4.HOW COME THE MARIO PARTY GAME DON'T LET YOU PLAY AS TOAD!!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!! TOAD IS SO UNPOPULAR EVEN THOUGH HE IS ALMOST AS COOL AS LUIGI!!!!!!?(Another ? popped up.) 5.I like rumors so,do you think Wario is really Mario in disguise?(I don't, just like writing stupid things, that is my name, I've got animage to keep up here!!!) 6.Mr. Stupid:(to Mario)So, Mario, I heard you hid Luigi in Super Mario 64(Just play along, Hairball!) Mario:Where the heck-a-did you-a-hear-a-that! Mr. Stupid:(to hairball)YOU TRAITOR!) 7.(Oh, yeah!Lucky 7!)Why do you cuss, it's-a-bad habbit! 13.(I'm not doing this one, hey, I thought I only did 7, not 12!) P.S.- I'm not really stupid, my real code name is Luigi128. PS2- Please tell me your e-mail, if you insault me, I will counter-attack you! Bwa,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!Oops, wrong character,Okey dokey! I only remember

BeckerManEX: All Your Base Are Belong To Us.
Hairball: Here's my take on this crap: 1. I didn't ask for your damn e-mail address. 2. Favorite Mario character is Yoshi 3. Yes 4. ...... 5. ................. 6. .......................... 7. Shut the f--- up you bitch. 13. Learn to count you dumbass.
Namek: http://chrono.sm128c.com/ And stop being a homosexual.
TWGamer: 1. to flame you 2. Yoshi 3. oh 4. Never played that 5. WTF? 6. WTF? 7. Because its f*cking good; oh shut up
FireKraken: Oh for the love of God. Why in the world did you ANSWER all of your questions??!
Peachy: 1) dunno. 2) Princess Peach, DUH. 3) What, you think we don't know how to add? 4) Because toad is a short gay guy. 5) no. 6)Oh come on that was so lame. 7)Because not cussing is soooo dorky. 13)Goodbye.

HoMeR wrote:

REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a revenge page... Please put this on because I'm a f--king bitch...

BeckerManEX: Launch Every Zig
Hairball: Losers like you will not get revenge in any manner.
Namek: Dammit Hairball. Stop posting stupid crap you dumb whore.
TWGamer: Piss off homer you 'Chat Room Bitch'
FireKraken: Eegad..
Peachy: Homer you are REALLY messed up.

Drew106 wrote:

I love Karynn. I love her a lot. I'm just a little uneasy that she is my best friend's older sister. He seems to have no problems with it though. In case you haven't gotten it already, I am a little f--cked up. I also like your site. Think there could be a connection? Drew

BeckerManEX: Move ZIG!
Hairball: Perhaps so.
Namek: There may be a connection... Are you a 15 year old chinese boy who lives in Canada?
TWGamer: ??
FireKraken: This site has reached a new low.
Peachy: That sounds like some gay soap opera.

john wrote:

oh no what do i do i beat bowser in paper mario but when i turned the game back on i was at the save block before i got to bowser what do i do what do i do how do i save the game after i beat bowser?

BeckerManEX: You Know What You Doing
Hairball: Hmmm....I think that answer has been answered already.
Namek: I already ready to a question very similar to this. Read somewhere above.
TWGamer: I haven't got Paper Mario
FireKraken: Wow, this must be a serious problem since.....two people have said something about it.
Peachy: I hAvE nO cLuE.

Boshi-squirtle Squad wrote:

Is yoshi a pokemon even if he Isn't on the pokedex? He repeats his own name which makes him a pokemon and if he is then mario's the best pokemon master. He also cares for Mario.

BeckerManEX: For Great Justice
Hairball: Yoshi is not a Pokemon.
Namek: He may be pikachu dressed up in a suit. But if he did turn into a pokemon, that would mean that I would have to hate him forever.
TWGamer: How DARE you even compare Yoshi with POKEMON. POKEMON is crap!
FireKraken: Ok, you're stupid.
Peachy: Yoshi is NOT a pokemon I read this in NP.

Pokemoron wrote:

how do you put the accent mark over the "e" in pokemon????

BeckerManEX: I am done with Zero Wing Quotes.
Hairball: Like this:
Namek: Press Alt+0232
TWGamer: Go to 'Start' 'Run' and type Charmap
FireKraken: It's ASCII code.
Peachy: I don't know, I tried to do that for a french essay one. C'est barbant.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

i forgot my question

BeckerManEX: I see.
Hairball: ...and I forgot my answer!
Namek: http://chrono.sm128c.com/ You also forgot that you have no life and you are probably a homo.
TWGamer: i forgot my answer....
FireKraken: Well, oops on your part huh?
Peachy: We could tell dumbass.

David wrote:

Do you know any Paper Mario codes? I REALLY need them.

BeckerManEX: Cheater.
Hairball: There aren't really any codes in the game, but maybe some easter eggs or stuff like that may exist.
Namek: RPGs never have codes.
TWGamer: I don't have Paper Mario
FireKraken: Lame-ass bitch.
Peachy: No comment.

Anonymous wrote:

Man, I was reading through that mailbag, and you guys sure get cocky about these things. 'Stop the presses! They finally found out Luigi was never in N64!!' and stuff like 'thanks for bring up something we knew 4 years ago.' man you guys are asses. (some) besides tiger you all seem like dorks to me. That's my comment!

BeckerManEX: I'm not a dork, I perfer to be called a Jaded Sarcastic Son of a Bitch. Thank you very much.
Hairball: We were bringing out true facts, and another true fact is that you are an ass.
Namek: Hmmm... Thanks for your sexy question.
TWGamer: The Mailbag Rulz.
FireKraken: Besides tiger?? Screw you!
Peachy: Oh well THANX, i REALLY appreciate being called a dork.

Tim wrote:

Hello, I realize that this game (SMB3) is ancient but do you know where I can get some help, particularly on World 7.5?

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: How the hell can you get World 7.5?!
Namek: http://www.gamefaqs.com/
TWGamer: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ and do a search for 'Super Mario Bros. 3'
FireKraken: Go to www.altavista.com and type in "Super Mario Bros 3" and tell me what you find.
Peachy: Go do a damn faq site. I'm sure as hell not writing one.

Hawks9NKH wrote:

Your review sounded like reading the instruction booklet, this does this, and this does this. Your reviews are long, but they don't speak about the game.

BeckerManEX: Who's review?
Hairball: There is plenty of commentary of the game in the reviews, but that can be taken as a suggestion towards my future reviews...
Namek: How dare you insult us.
TWGamer: heh.
FireKraken: Yes. Of course.
Peachy: So? Who cares?

AppleMartian wrote:

There never, EVER, seem to be staff openings to the main site, but what if I, oh, say. . .get hired to crono.sm128c.com? How or who or what lets me answer e-mailbag and submit editorials etc. Or do I not count?

BeckerManEX: We have a very low turn around rate.
Hairball: Though Namek runs Chrono HQ, and also works for SM128C, the hosted sites on SM128C operate totally separately, and staff do not necessarily interchange. Just because you are hired by a hosted site, doesn't mean you are part of SM128C, and vice versa.
Namek: Hehehehe. I had no part in this. http://chrono.sm128c.com/
TWGamer: Ask Namek the Chrono/DBZ Otaku
FireKraken: You do not count.
Peachy: Well, so many ppl send in submissions, we cant take everyone.