E-Mailbag for February 24, 2001

PinTailDucks2000 wrote:

I heard and seen pictures of a secret 120 star door where can i find this door.

BeckerManEX: It doesn't exist.
Hairball: There is no 120 star door...
Namek: Where the bitch did you damn see this crap?
TWGamer: Are you still playing SM64? that game is so old man.
Tiger: In the room with the star door.
Kheang: Up yo' ass

Jackie wrote:

My nephew lost all of his Mario Brothers stuffed toys in a house fire - do you know where I can purchase some of them - such as BOWZER, YOSHI, LUIGI, Super MARIO WITH WINGS, and others? Thanks!

BeckerManEX: They may still be available through Nintendo's official store, but they have been off the market for some time.
Hairball: Buy them from the Nintendo Power Supplies catalog, the phone number is like 1-800-255-3700.
Namek: Doesn't insurance cover that kind of stuff?
TWGamer: Try the nintendo store at www.nintendo.com
Tiger: Wow, tough break. Try nintendo.com or your luck with ebay.com
Kheang: Yeah, well, if you want some merchandise, I am some original paper cut-outs of the entire gang for a reasonable price.

Kyle wrote:

When I try to download saves to my dexdrive and I click on the name all of these numbers come up.How do I get it to work?

BeckerManEX: Never have used a DexDrive keeps me from answering this question.
Hairball: I don't know, since I don't have a DexDrive.
Namek: Don't ask me. I don't own a DexDrive anymore.
TWGamer: Don't have a dexdrive
Tiger: Sorry I can't help, I dont own or have used a DexDrive.
Kheang: I wish I knew, but do we look like tech support here? This is a Mario site.

BVGP wrote:

how did you fake that luigi shot? and saying they were making a supermario 64 2 was pretty dumb..... LUIGI IS NOT IN THE GAME!!!!

BeckerManEX: Atleast someone understands what we are doing here.
Hairball: Thanks for bring up a fact we knew over 4 years ago.
Namek: It's called a poo stain. http://chrono.sm128c.com/
Tiger: He used the Luigi from SSB, and then just edited the picture a bit.
Kheang: Not saying that I am great or anything, but I was the one that actually gave HB the idea about the Luigi Fake Screen Special, cough cough. Innovative ideas that one would expect from the founder of GamingSolution.Com. Hairball will have the explanation.

BigHornSheep wrote:

What the hell is banjo tonie, or however the hell you spell that. Is it some stupid game with ducks and chickens, cause the 3 idiotic "thing" on the box looks like chickens and ducks, or some sort of farm animal. post this up, Bi'otch. I'll eat you like an animal. - BigHornSheep

BeckerManEX: You seem to have some overwhelming emotional problems, perhapes Prozac is in the future for you?
Hairball: Don't send e-mail to the site you stupid bitch.
Namek: TOOIE. I don't play the N64 that much anymore. I loved the old side scrolling 2d games.
TWGamer: It'll be funny to see how BigHornSheep replies to his own post.
Tiger: It is a game by Rare, similar to DK64. It's like banjo-kazooie.
Kheang: BigHorny! What's up man, long time no see. Well, the game is basically about a fat bear and his woman bird. The fat bear really whats to "tone" the fatty areas after a long winter of hibernation, so he experiments with a new duck and chicken diet.

Wouldn't you like to know. wrote:

How do you get the character "Super Mario" on Mario tennis. My friend told me about it and he said he's the ultimate player. He says he is the one that looks like mario in the blue outfit watching the game at the net. Do you know how to get him?

BeckerManEX: Having not played Mario Tennis, keeps me from answering this question.
Hairball: Who or what the hell is "Super Mario"?
Namek: .................................. Super Saijin ?
TWGamer: Don't have mario tennis
Tiger: You can't get him on the GBC version. I do not know about the N64 version.
Kheang: Hmm.... Wouldn't you like to know...

Cultured Blue Yoshi wrote:

Tu ne jouez pas des silly buggers avec moi!! thats french ya know!

BeckerManEX: These words are also in the French Language: Surrender, Give, Up, Save, Us, Americans, Germany, 4, Ever! See we all know alittle bit of French.
Hairball: Ne salissez pas avec moi la chienne, ou vous serez très désolé!
Namek: Chienne! Vous ne savez rien. Je vous martèlerai avec mon poing jusqu'à ce qu'il blesse et vous allez à votre mom pleurant comme un bébé.
TWGamer: Vont le bâtard vous d'excrément de cheval!
Tiger: Frenchie notie spokenie hereie.
Kheang: Yo mamaz. Tu eres un nina tonta con el pantalones pequenas, or something like that.

Tkw5 wrote:

I just bought a Nintendo 64 for my 5 kids, and we also got Mario Cart, and I'm hooked. My oldest daughter found a short cut on one of the courses, (the cave), but I believe there's got to be more. Can you refer me to some litature or a web site that will explain things of this nature. I've been to a few, and found nothing.

BeckerManEX: Most of the tracks don't have shortcuts, but there are a few tricks to getting faster times.
Hairball: Don't make me cut you open with a short knife.
Namek: 5 kids? wtf... you can't even spell.
TWGamer: http://www.gamefaqs.com should forfill your needs
Tiger: Try gamefaqs.com?
Kheang: What, you can't even find that stuff here? Geez HB...

Couch Chimpanzee wrote:

Besides the name change, will SM128 have any other main differences?

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: A new site design is also put into our new package.
Namek: Design, duh.
TWGamer: Of course! SM128 is a new game so it's not going to be the same as SM64! Nintendo won't just copy the game over will they???
Tiger: We are not SM128. We are SM128C.
Kheang: They'll actually have more news! Haha... gotcha.

Mr. Googly wrote:

Hi Hairball, I was just wondering where to go to start a website of my own. I wanted to create one from scratch, but I don't know one thing about websites and that stuff. My main reason to e-mail you though, was where did you start and if you know any sites that maybe can help me.

BeckerManEX: When Hairball's first site opened it was nothing but a big black bar with links on it. It takes lots of time and practice to make a site much like this one, and with an established viewership, you too can create greatness.
Hairball: Go somewhere such as Geocities, or Tripod, or some other free website providers.
Namek: Go to Notepad Bitch.
TWGamer: Can't help sorry
Tiger: Try geocities.com or angelfire.com. Those are good beginner webpage builders.
Kheang: GamingSolution.Com is a real good place to get started. Just copy SM128C, HB doesn't really care.

geuss wrote:

question when i go to bed at night 69 all i can think of is you 69 hairball and your hairy 69 balls and how much fun we 69 had last weekend when i met you at the movies. when i 69 close my eyes i see your 69 dick and think about how 69 much i want to f*ck with 69 you. you gave me my first 69 orgasm out of about twelve times. please set up another date soon so i can relieve some of my being horny even though it is impossible for it to go away completely 69 with you in my life.6969696969696969 hurry up and get that condum on damn it!!!!!!!!!696969696 -you better know who

BeckerManEX: I'm frightened.
Hairball: You want 69 of me? There is only 1, and only one.
Namek: LOL.
TWGamer: SM128C is really turning into a porn bar these days
Tiger: ew, HB. Take your personal e-mails out of SM128C.
Kheang: Hmmm fag, I didn't really get fag that.

Jeremy wrote:

It took me long enough to find this site, but excellent. I love the gifs. Come by http://jvgh.cjb.net sometime

BeckerManEX: Thanks.
Hairball: Sure thing...NOT!
Namek: How did it take you long?!?!?!
TWGamer: Ok then
Tiger: Yes, the gifs are cool, if you are talking about the Mario gifs.
Kheang: Well, if we are plugging, come by http://www.gamingsolution.com sometime.

Kevin wrote:

In the January 1 Emailbag, Dave wrote: Hi I have looked all over and i cannot find a list of the number of coins (or even a rough estimate) for the levels in Mario 64 I am attempting to get 2000+ coins and at the moment i have 1935 coins. Thanx a lot I think I've got all the coins and it comes to a total of 2090. It feels like there should be 10 more though, because that would make it 2100 which is like 120 but backwards (sort of). If you want, I can send my score for each level. Thanks, Kevin

BeckerManEX: Uh, okay?
Hairball: We have since then eliminated our high scores section.
Namek: Imbécile. Vous ne me connaissez pas. Je suis votre plus mauvais cauchemar.
TWGamer: I honestly don't have time to play Super Mario 64 which i have had for 3 years and start looking for coins
Tiger: You certainly have a lot of time on your hands. I hope you aren't failing at school.
Kheang: I'd like to RESOLve this by saying, what is RESOL backwards?

DeceiverZ wrote:

Alright... do you guys play anything else besides Mario themed games? I mean have you guys tried any of the older Dragon-Ball Z games or any stuff like that... because I did have some questions on other games that I've really enjoyed. By the way... what systems do you guys own.

BeckerManEX: DragonBall-Z is the bastation of Anime, it lacks the serious punch and artistic elements that all Anime should have. Movies like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Princess Monoke are the movies that show the true talents of the Japanese artists. Dragonball Z looks like it was thought up in a High School bathroom, while it's creators smoked weed, and dreamed of greatness that will never be achieved.
Hairball: We play all kinds of games, such as sports, shooters, strategy, etc. I mean, there are a lot of other good games too. Systems I have hmmm...well I have an N64, Super NES, GBC, PSX...
Namek: I own NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2, GBC, Genesis 3, Dreamcast, and hm.... nothing else.
TWGamer: I own a N64, Dreamcast and Playstation 2. Yes I play lots of games, and by the way no Dragonball Z games have been released where I am.
Tiger: Of course I dont play ALL Mario games. Mario Tennis GBC is awesome, but I like Pokemon g/s. I own the original japanese Famicom, SNES, Turbo Engine (import), and I think thats basically it for consoles. Sad eh? I just mainly have portables (GB, GBC, NGPC, GG).
Kheang: This is a mario site! Are you stupid or just stupid????

Scott wrote:

Can you going to copy Super Mario Allstars(a super Nintendo game) to Nintendo 64? All of my friends want that and I guarantee it will make alot of money.

BeckerManEX: If anyone here is from Nintendo raise your hands....didn't think so.
Hairball: Most likely not. N64 is dead now.
Namek: Dude, Super Mario All Stars was one of the worst games ever. Sure, it had good graphics and all the Mario games, but the controls sucked. Mario ran slow as hell and jumped about 2 secs after you pressed the jump button. Get the origional game, they're much more enjoyable.
TWGamer: HB, get this guy's address and phone the cops! :)
Tiger: "Can you going" ? What are you trying to say exactly?
Kheang: If your friends and you will buy it, that guarentees a total of 2 games sold. I am excited already.

ExMc64 (formerly Explode Mac) wrote:

I'm back again, believe it or not. This place has changed a lot since mylast visit.

BeckerManEX: It was much nicer without you here, perhapes you should be hit by a truck?
Hairball: Hey, I still remember you posting crap on my old message board 2 years ago, damn, time goes by pretty fast.
Namek: Apparently, since we update unlike SMBHQ.
TWGamer: What-eva.
Tiger: Yup, bigger, better, badder.
Kheang: Who are you and what did you do with my money.

brendan wrote:

hey is there a game for n64 that has the first original mario bros. games on it? or is there anyway to play those games on a n64? brendan

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: No, the original Mario Bros. game is not for N64, and there is no N64 version of it.
Namek: No, there is not. But you can play a SNES game on Dreamcast.
TWGamer: No, but buy a Game Boy Color and get Super Mario Bros. DX!
Tiger: No, unless you can find a adapter that lets you play nintendo games on the N64.
Kheang: Well, I guess you could play them on a N64, but your ass would start hurting after a while.

BLMILLA wrote:

i did everything it said an it doesn't work where exactly do you run on the base or around it? please help.

BeckerManEX: I wish your parents had used birth control.
Hairball: It's an April Fool's Day Joke last year.
Namek: All your base are belong to us! Set up us the bomb!
Tiger: Please clarify, CLARIFY, CLLARRRIFFYYY!!!!
Kheang: Well, in baseball, I think the key is to touch the base idiot! No go away.

Chad from CANADA!! wrote:

hehehehe.........ur e bag kicks ass! This site kicks ass. Paper mario kicks ass. Super Smash Bros. kicks ass. I can think of like 50 rude coments for this letter

BeckerManEX: I wish your grandparents had used birth control.
Hairball: That's good for you, but to be honest, it wasn't really rude, I've seen worse.
Namek: My foot kicks ass!
TWGamer: never new "kicks ass" was a rude comment
Tiger: Glad you did not take time to write them.
Kheang: I like the way Chad things. Let's just replace kicks with sucks and say that Chad kicks ass! Woo hoo...

JR. Luigi wrote:

Just asking if you're adding another site button for SM128C. I would like to know. I also tried adding the chrono hq button in my site.

BeckerManEX: [..-..]
Hairball: The new SM128C button is on our Homepage.
Namek: Tried!?!?!?! Does that mean you failed? Just add a text link if you cant get the button to work.
TWGamer: Nothing to do with me
Tiger: Ask HB, he's in charge of that department.
Kheang: Hmm... well, you might want to add the GamingSolution.Com button at http://www.gamingsolution.com/button.gif.

somebody who can't write wrote:

I would like to get to know you guys. I have a few short qustions 4 u. 1.Who are you? 2. What are you? 3. Where are you? 4. Why are you?5.How are you? 6. When are you? 7. What is your name? 8.Are you 5 years old? 9.Are you 10 years old? 10. Are you 20 years old? 11.Are you 50 years old? 12.Are you 100 years old? 13. are you really really old? 14.Do you have parents? 15.Do you love your parents? 16.Are your parents fat? 17.Do you like gravy? 18.Do I like gravy?19.Are you Britany Spears? 20.Am I britany Spears? 21.Are you Eminem? 22.Am I eminem? 23.Do you exist at all? 24.Do I exist at all? 25.Are you Hairball64? 26.Are you Satin? 27.Are they the same thing? 28.Do you like sushi? 29.Are you gay? 30.Are you married? 31.Do think gas costs to much? 32.Do you think money costs to much?33.Do you need help? 34.Do I need help? 35.Have you ever eatan a whole cow? 36.Have I? 37.Can you drive? 38.Do I need help? 39.Did I ask that already? 40.How do kill Zelda in SM64? 41.Are you really mario in disguise? 42.Are you guys really the government? 43.Is this a conspiricy? 44. Are you tring to steal all the pencils in the world? 45.Are you going to stick them up your butt's if you steal them? 46.If you could chuck wood how much wood would you chuck? 47.Why would you chuck it? 48.Do you have a permit to chuck it? 49.Do you need a permit to chuck it? 50. Is it Hammer Time? 51.bum de de bum de de dum 52.Is that a question at all? 53.Are you physic? 54.Are you antidisastablishmentarianism? 55.did I spell that right? 56.Did you spell it right? 57.are you a striper? 58.are you a con-artist? 59.What is a con-artist? 60.Is it someone who eats ham? 60.Are you Bugs Bunny? 62.Did I purposly number 60 twice and skip 61? 63.Luke, Are you my father? 64.Is dog a verb or adjective? 65.Are you hot? 66.Are you cold? 67.Have you ever mooned Al Gore? 68.Why? 69.Why not? 70.Because? 71.Why does Mario always wear green pants? 72.Do you wear pants? 73.Dio I wear pants? 74.Should I wear pants? 75.Is my cat an alien?76.do i have a cat? 77.no? 78.do you think that there is something going on between bowser and peach? 79.Are they going out? 80.Is Mario Pissed? 81.Is peach pregnant?82.May I come to there wedding? 83.Will you be at there wedding? 84.Will Mario be at there wedding? 85.Why do i keep spelling their wrong? 86.iuabiubnaouwnoir?87.¨¥ˆ©¥?†¨®?†¥®?? 88.Is pokemon a cult? 89.is sm64c a cult? 90.Are yopu plotting my death? 91.what is the sound of one hand clapping? 92.Should Joe go out with Kim?93.am I insane? 94.Que tiempo hace? 95.Mi ponpis is gordo? 96.May I have free stuff? 97.can you say toy boat 3 times fast? 98.bet you can't! 99.Am I the last one on the planet able to say toy boat 3 times fast? 100.Is this my last question?101.no? thank you for reading my short survey. please answer every single question.

BeckerManEX: If I find out where you live, I'm stabbing a screwdriver into your neck.
Hairball: I'll just answer some of the questions that I think are interesting: 1. .....screw it, I'm not going to go any further.
Namek: 1. Jason 2. Human 3. Texas 4. To skate 5. Just Fine 6. Central Time 7. Jason 8. No 9. No 10. No 11. No 12. No 13. No 14. Yes 15. Yes 16. No 17. BITCH, I AINT ANSWERING ALL THAT CRAP!
TWGamer: excuse me, could you repeat the question?
Tiger: Ha, a spanishy knowing person. 94: Que tiempo hace? ANS: Hace calor y caluoso en los pantalones de "Hairball." Eso es "BHS" le dice a mi.
Kheang: I have one for you.... Are you a loser?

Cap2000 wrote:

I got Paper Mario. I'm in Toad Town. There are some evil toads blocking my path to go farther. How do I get past them?

BeckerManEX: Kiss them.
Hairball: Go to Merlee, the weird lady in the house with the spinning roof, and she (I think) will help you get rid of 'em, they are really the Koopa Bros.
Namek: No Comment.
TWGamer: Haven't got Paper Mario
Tiger: I dont have Paper Mario. Can't help ya there.
Kheang: That's strange, I was confronted with this same problem yesterday, only I wasn't in toad town and toads weren't blocking my way. I forget what it is I didn't do.

NintendoNut wrote:

Hey! Great new site guys. It looks as good as the old, and I epecially like the 80 new Fan Stories up. Good work, guys! And by the way, what's your favorite Mario game?

BeckerManEX: Too bad only a certain few are worthy of even being on this site.
Hairball: Hmmm...favourite Mario game...I really have to say Super Mario 64, no game was so great, and it seemed unmatched.
TWGamer: Probably Mario 64 + Mario World
Tiger: My favorite Mario games: Super Mario All-Stars and Mario Tennis.
Kheang: Hmm.... I would have to say Cruis'n World.

SomeGuy wrote:

No Butts about it Here is a cool cheat for Mario Kart 64. First go to any play mode (except battle mode) then select Frappe Snowland. Now go to any of the snowmen on course but don't crash into them. When you try to turn around them You will always see their faces but never their backs. This is also useful for the bats on Banshee Boardwalk,and the crabs on Koopa Troopa Beach

BeckerManEX: That is because they are SPRITES!, they only have one texture that faces you at all times. The same goes for games like Doom, they used Sprite based enemies.
Hairball: That isn't a cheat.
Namek: That's old.
TWGamer: Very good.
Tiger: Okay, thanks for telling us.
Kheang: I like big butts and I cannot lie...

Jack wrote:

I have actually been to this site before it was open to the public today. What I did was I went to SM64C, noticed the subdirectory /staff.html, and went to SM128C (both sites have the same subdirectories right?) and I accessed the page. I am probably the first non-staff member to visit it before the release date. By the way, nice layout and good job!

BeckerManEX: Yippie.
Hairball: It was really never meant to be secret.
Namek: Well, if you ever went to the chat, we freely passed around the site URL and the designs for over 3 months. I'm sure a few had seen it.
TWGamer: How very clever
Tiger: /staff.html is not a subdirectory, just to let you know.
Kheang: Dude, are you a loser. And err.. not to make you sad or anything, but I probably saw the new site before you. Visit the chat, you can learn a lot of things there.

Mewrio9000 wrote:

1. YOUR SITE ROCKS! 2. joy to the world that dbz is crap, or else mario would SUCK! and sooo would pokemon, la la la la la la la la..... 3. I hate to admit it to you guys but pokemasters chat is WAY more popular than yours.

BeckerManEX: Maybe you can be their sex bitch? Then again they may not even take you.
Hairball: I hate to admit to tell you, but pokemasters chat is WAY more gay than ours.
Namek: 1. Bitch 2. Bitch 3. Bitch Mutha Focco. Don't say crap like that.
TWGamer: 1. thanks! 2. DBZ is not crap. Pokemon is scum 3. Pokemon is scum
Tiger: We noticed that.
Kheang: Hmm... none of those were questions. Number 2 didn't rhyme, and if dbz wasn't crap, how would that make Mario suck? I am really lost on the logic there. Number 3 was interesting, but popularity is nothing but a measure of the conformity in a person or group, for popularity is relative. Popular people are the most needy people in the world, because without the people that they consider not popular, they would not exist. If everyone was popular, no one would be popular. Why don't you help out the chat by actually being there!

Bryce wrote:

1.what are the names of Bowser's 7 children? are they Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy, & Larry? 2.what are the names of all the Yoshis on Yoshi's Story? do they even have names? 3.what games are Bowser's 7 children on? how many are there?

BeckerManEX: Get a freaking life.
Hairball: Yes, those are the names. No, the Yoshis don't all have names, and if I recall correctly, Bowser's children are in Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3, that's it.
Namek: 1. yes 2. they are all named stuff like boshi, yoshi, koshi, and so on.
TWGamer: 1. yes 2. Their name is their colour then 'Yoshi' 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario World
Tiger: Ahh... *&(') (=) (-) toomanynamestoomanyquestionssorrycanthelp
Kheang: 1 - Errr... that sounds right, but you missed Rudolph and Prancer. 2 - I think they just go by the colors, but I mean, Yoshi's don't talk, so I wouldn't expect one of them to be saying "Hey Leroy, get yo ass over herez." 3 - They are in Mario 3 on the NES and Super Mario World on the SNES and I think there would be seven, but it looks like you know how many there are already. Or... if you are talking about how many games they are in, I think the answer to what games they are on would answer that incredibly lousy question.

Jim wrote:

How do I download games? Do I need a membership? How do I get one?

BeckerManEX: You get real money and buy the damn thing, freaking pirate.
Hairball: The Internet can be what you want it to be.
Namek: WTF.
TWGamer: Downloading games is illegal. call the cops.
Tiger: Too broad of a question. Please restate your question in more detail.
Kheang: Just pay me $4,000 dollars and I can help yaz out.

sean wrote:

in paper mario i have question i can't find a way to get more star point? im in flower field, i need more heart, i only have 40 heart and 35 flowers, please let m,e know

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: Get the HP (Heart Points) Plus badge, it increases your HP by 5.
Namek: No Comment
TWGamer: What?
Tiger: yes we will let m,e know.
Kheang: Sounds like you are on an acid trip or playing the role of the squarecrow/tinman in Wizard of Oz.

S.O.S. wrote:

You guys should start a Game Idea Section

BeckerManEX: We are not Nintendo.
Hairball: That's what the forums are for, but too bad they aren't up yet.
Namek: Bitch, you start one and we will post our ideas on the games you come up with :)
TWGamer: Been and gone, i'm afraid
Tiger: Thats kind of hard to do. It's an odd topic.
Kheang: That would be good, but worthless since Game Ideas are worthless. HB and SM128C are worthless also.

wrote wrote wrote wrote wrote:

I saw someone in the last email bag (Jan 27) who asked if there were mario pc games. You all said no. I HAVE PC MARIO GAME!! It's called Mario's Game Gallery. It is made by interplay. It is pretty old.(1994)It has games like go fish with cards that have peach, bobomb, luigi, bowser, big boo, and other characters. You may not belive me, but I am not lying! It has checkers with koopa troopas vs. yoshi's. THIS IS NOT A LIE!!!

BeckerManEX: Is that a traditional Mario game, didn't think so. You lose.
Hairball: Wow, that must've been one heck of a game.
Namek: Bitch, I said yes. WTF is that BS. I know of at least 5.
TWGamer: Sounds like some crappy fan game to me. The only Mario PC games were Mario teaches typing and Mario is Missing.
Tiger: We didnt say there were none. Just said that there were some edutainment games.
Kheang: Ok ok, I believe ya man! Geez... lighten up a bit wrote wrote wrote wrote.

Christopher Columbus wrote:

I've been to your GAY site and I think it it very GAY. All the GAY stuff on it makes it very GAY. With GAY stuff, you will get GAY people coming to your GAY site. So remove the GAY stuff from your GAY site.

BeckerManEX: Using a certain word over and over can make people wonder...
Hairball: You're gay too, thinking that you discovered America.
Namek: GAY people come to our site.... and you came here.
TWGamer: well guess what? you are GAY
Tiger: Lets remove Hairball now!
Kheang: Hey Chris, you good for nothin' hag. If you people didn't send in such GAY mail, this site wouldn't be as GAY.

Katy wrote:

Hi I am really stuck on the volcano's base - I cant use the trolley to get to the other side even thoguh there is obviously things to do there. I have the grey key but cant see any treasure chest - can you give me any clues as to what I should eb doing? Cheers Katy

BeckerManEX: NULL
Hairball: I'm on that level myself, and can't really help.
Namek: What game?!?!?!
TWGamer: Dunno what you meen
Tiger: This is a Warioland 3 GBC question eh? Go to gamefaqs.com for help.
Kheang: Well, if you are addicted to "Volcano's base" or whatever the drug is called, my clue to you is to get in rehab. I mean, your hallucinations sound pretty bad.

AHB wrote:

Dear Hairball, My friend and I are making a website for all videogames. We have copied your gif titled 'mariohammer_4821.gif'. If this is okay with you, you do not have to write back unless you want to. If it is not okay and you want us to remove the gif from our site please email us at ahb@aol.com.

BeckerManEX: All of our images are under the Free-Use Terms of Agreement.
Hairball: Go ahead, and take the darn pictures.
Namek: Well, god dammit. First of all you should ask first, then copy. Secondly, what the hell is your site.
TWGamer: COPYRIGHT infringement! call the cops!
Tiger: Alright, e-mail him, HB.
Kheang: Nah man, that's coo' Take anything you want, even content is fine.

Impact009 wrote:

Hmm... Impressive... I didn't expect such a big change on this website when my Internet was down... Is free hosting very good for domains? Like www.freewebsites.com and other free hosting places. I still can't get into the chat room for 6 months. My computer must be busted... Oh well, great site guys!Ps. (Postscript) I came up with ways to counter every possible insult you use on me. Use it anyways for your further enjoyment if you wish.

BeckerManEX: I know what PS stands for.
Hairball: Or perhaps you can join our hosting service, with no guarantees for the secuity of your site!
Namek: All your base are belong to us! Bitch.
TWGamer: thanks!
Tiger: Big Change...yes..big change...
Kheang: Oh... an insult huh... Well... uuh.... damn youz....

choke chicken wrote:

your dad told me to choke your chicken tonight

BeckerManEX: ...
Hairball: Why don't you go and choke yours?
Namek: I prefer spanking the monkey.
TWGamer: umm..... no.....
Tiger: Then choke their chickens!
Kheang: Hmm.... that's funny, cuz I thought he was busy chokin' your worm.

fallen wrote:

Your F*cking web site is a piece of sh*t!!!! I when my damn e-mail back !!!!!! from cyberyoshi and fallen!!

BeckerManEX: NEVER!
Hairball: It will be back, maybe...
Namek: email? wtf is this you speak of? Bitch, you ain't crap. I will bust your teeth with a tooth brush full of tooth paste Bitch. Smack that arse.
TWGamer: cyberyoshi? I'd better remove your fanfic then :)
Tiger: Keep YOU*R OwnN )$#*% t0 youzrselfies
Kheang: Hey guys, this guy really likes our website. He says it's the sh*t. Oh yeahz, thanks fallen.

Benji wrote:

I thank you very much for puting my story into Super Mario 128 Central and i am looking foward to wrighting more stories in the future. Thank You.

BeckerManEX: Your Welcome.
Hairball: No problem, thanks for sending them in.
Namek: Bitch, we appreciate your thanks and all but you ain't gots to suck up to us.
TWGamer: Ah yes, Mario's surprise party. No problem, we need more content anyways
Tiger: THANK YOU! A sane reader!!
Kheang: I cried watching the Benji movies. Oh.. so heartwarming. Anyway, why thank us? Your story just paid for my college tuition.

someone who can't write wrote:

Hi. I just thought I'd type some stuff that I'm thinking. DOn't you think that its unfair Antartica isn;t in the Olympics? The Penguins could play. They would win. I think Penguins are evil. Are you are Penguin? I think U R. hum... can Penguins play N64? o, um...

Hairball: Antarctica isn't a country, and even if it was, a place with a population of less than 10 isn't going to win any gold medals.
Namek: Bitch, there are NO LIFEORMS in Antartica, not even penguins.
TWGamer: (asleep)
Tiger: I like penguins. They are cute. ^_^
Kheang: If you can't write... how can you write? Are you a penguin... I mean, you smell like fish, your all fat and bubbly, and you do have a big ass...