E-Mailbag for January 1, 2001

Spinneman wrote:

Is the email interface decorated with pictures of Super Mario 64 grafix???

BeckerManEX: What email interface?
Hairball: Nope, it's not really decorated. There's some cool link buttons and a SM64C Free Mail logo, that's it.
Fox: what are you talking about?
FireKraken: It very well could be.
Tiger: Is it?
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Yes, yes it is.)
Peachy: Dunno but I'm back and all's good k?
BigHornSheep: You mean our free e-mail service? No, it's not decorated with Mario pictures, but it is decorated with advertisements.

JR wrote:

Hi there my name is "JR" aka "JragonX" I have some times that beat ALL the times on your site Mario Raceway...1:17:89(no shortcuts) Toad Rainbow Road...4:05:81 Toad Luigi Raceway...1:30:01 Taod so if you please....put MY high scores up there, i want to see if i can be touched i hope you see the art i sent i put it together myself.....i can offer you Mario ART for you site....no chanrge

BeckerManEX: WOW, seeing as how you need a picture of the screen to verify you actually beating these times, you get no cookie.
Hairball: They some how ended up being on the E-Mailbag...
Fox: Those times could be made up. I will believe when I see proof.
FireKraken: I could rip all of those scores to pieces.
Tiger: Then send the pretty ART over then, if you will
X-Bot: Editor's Note: Give us the proof.)
Peachy: Well, when you put it that way, how can we decline? {Yeah, right}
BigHornSheep: That's great, if you make some screenshot of those record, it'll be great, you know, just to back yourself up with prove.

Elynnsim wrote:

It is better to have the game of Super Mario Brother 3 it is no use of the imformatiom but not the game

BeckerManEX: What?
Hairball: Um, sure, whatever you want.
Fox: ......
FireKraken: Why don't you people LOOK at what you type before you hit 'send'?
Tiger: What the heck? Speak in proper grammar, young man.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Boo-urns.)
BigHornSheep: We shall wait, it will come out soon I'm sure.

YK wrote:

This ones for Namek. Which image editor do you produce you logos,banners? Just wanted to know because they look phat.

BeckerManEX: no comment
Hairball: Namek makes his kick-ass graphics with the help of Adobe Photoshop.
Fox: *whistling*
FireKraken: I always use Paint Shop Pro 7....but that's just me.
Tiger: He uses Adobe Photoshop.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: The images are great, aren't they? The Namekian uses Adobe Photoshop, and as I recall, it is version 5.5.)
Peachy: Namek, take the spotlight.
BigHornSheep: Namek uses PSP 6/7 and/or Corel Draw and/or PhotoShop.

Kelly wrote:

Is or was Luigi in super mario 64?

BeckerManEX: For the last god damn time, YES! I mean no.
Hairball: Luigi isn't, wasn't, and never will be in Mario 64.
FireKraken: I don't care what anybody says, Luigi is not in SM64.
Tiger: No, he will never be in it.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: We feel like we have answered this question millions of times. Luigi was in fact in the game but received the boot due to time shortages.)
Peachy: Ok, Harry, we now know for certain that your site attracts crackheads. HOW. MANY. TIMES?!!! THERE IS NO GODDAMN LUIGI IN THE GODDAMN GAME!
BigHornSheep: For the last time, he is not, he won't be, he will never be.

Dave wrote:

Hi I have looked all over and i cannot find a list of the number of coins (or even a rough estimate) for the levels in Mario 64 I am attempting to get 2000+ coins and at the moment i have 1935 coins. Thanx a lot

BeckerManEX: The reason there is no list is we have better things to do with our time.
Hairball: Oh god, you must be crazy!
Fox: I donno how many there are
FireKraken: No, thank you. I thought you were supposed to ask questions.
Tiger: Keep on looking.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: I think it's about time you get some new games, and friends for that matter.)
Peachy: So your question is....
BigHornSheep: Well, there's always places in each level that have coins hidden, and no body can really tell you exactly how many coins there are in the levels, but sicne you have 1935, my guess would be 3000.

Tony wrote:

Yeah, hi. Just one question, what ever happened to the Earthbound saga. No new games.What the heck! If any news please update your site and e-mail me. No respect

BeckerManEX: Earthbound 64 was canceled to make way for GameCube development, but don't expect three years of hard work to go to waste.
Hairball: Earthbound Saga? WTF? And we don't send notifications if the site has been updated, just check it out yourself.
Fox: Yeah, hi. I donno.
FireKraken: Earthbound..that was a good classic. I thought they made an Earthbound 64, but I'm not sure. I know that Ness was in SSB..
Tiger: Earthbound 64 was cancelled, and it's not likely that they will make a new one with gamecube. Tough Luck.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: The sequel to Earthbound 2 was cancelled for the Nintendo 64 due to hardware limitations. Don't fret though, look for the role-playing game to appear on the GameCube.)
Peachy: Huh?
BigHornSheep: I have never heard of that before.

OK wrote:

BigHornSheep: You're prank, it's Hairball64, not Hairball 64, if you're going to pretend to be HB, at least do your research. (Editor's Note: Incorrect - If he would take a gander at the website he would see that there is a space between Hairball and 64.

BeckerManEX: Who the F cares!?
Hairball: Yep, he's right. But in the chat room, I go by just "Hairball" and no 64. It doesn't really matter, I don't care.
Fox: Sigh.....
FireKraken: Like we care.
Tiger: This proved no usefulness.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: What an intelligent lad.)
Peachy: I speak for almond: YOU'RE A FREAK
BigHornSheep: People say 3 is a good number. Here are 3 places which proves me right. It's Hairball 64, not Hairball64. { http://www.sm64c.com/staff.html }{ http://www.sm64c.com/ubb/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi }{ http://www.sm64c.com/previews/marioparty3.html } I have lots of others if you plan to fight about that.

A glass of soda wrote:

DRINK ME!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: It shall be done.
Hairball: *drinks the glass of soda*
Fox: I have a coke right here, so I'm good.
FireKraken: Ugh.
Tiger: OK
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Attempting to be humorous when you're not is a bad mix.)
Peachy: "Yuck! It tastes JUST LIKE horsecrap!"
BigHornSheep: I love soda water.

MB2K wrote:

I'm sick of this, why do you get stupid e-mails and what happens if you beat every black boo in SMBDX?

BeckerManEX: Ask yourself your own question.
Hairball: Stupid e-mails are funny, and quite entertaining buddy.
Fox: I donno.
FireKraken: Black boo? They turn white.
Tiger: We get stupid e-mails cause stupid people hang around the site.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Indeed, we have an example of one right here.)
Peachy: Yeah, and you are just another name on our "MajorCrackheads" list.
BigHornSheep: Hmmmm, I don't really understand that.

A fart in your direction wrote:

*Farts in SM64C's face*

BeckerManEX: Since SM64C is a website and doesn't exactly exist, this cannont be done.
Hairball: SM64C tells me to tell you to go "screw off".
Fox: *puts on a gas mask*
FireKraken: People are getting stupider and stupider by the second.
Tiger: You know, you can't fart on a website. Just to let you know.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Congrats, you suceeded in farting on your monitor. To think our future will be made by slack-jawed fools like you.)
Peachy: Hi, Uncle Tim.
BigHornSheep: That was not called for, and nto very nice, don't do it again.

Supa Yoshi wrote:

Hiya! I'm currently making my own website. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to copy some of your pictures(they're really cool). If you don't want them copied I'll probably be putting my website(everything nintendo)on the Nlist so tell me then.

BeckerManEX: Take what you wish, its public domain.
Hairball: That is fine, we would appreciate it if you give us credit for the images though.
Fox: I don't care if you take them. If you need hosting, visit http://www.gamingcomplex.com/hosting/
FireKraken: Indeed.
Tiger: Great. HB doesnt mind people stealing his images since he steals a lot himself.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: The N-List is quite demanding and won't accept just any website. And yes, you may take images unless they were created by us.)
Peachy: You are a little too cheery and happy for my taste.
BigHornSheep: Right, no offence, you're never be as successful as HB,that guy spent 99% of his time working on this site, and that 1%, he would be either eating or sleeping.

Y2K Bug wrote:

HAHAHAHAHA *Infects their comps*

BeckerManEX: That was so last year.
Hairball: The Y2K bug is not a virus, and therefore it cannot be infected by other computers. AND IT'S 2001 ALREADY!
Fox: Your a year to late
FireKraken: Yes. Especially since it's Y2K1...
Tiger: Year 2000 is over. Get over it.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: That's so 12 months ago.)
Peachy: Y2K is SOOO 1 year ago.
BigHornSheep: You are so outdated.

Bob wrote:

Are there characters in the game such as riachu,peach, wario I really want to know e-mail me back!

BeckerManEX: What game?
Hairball: Yes.
Fox: Which game are you referring to?
FireKraken: Yes, each of those charaters is in a game.
Tiger: Which game are you referring to?
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Re-submit this question, and specify the game this time.)
Peachy: What game.
BigHornSheep: Which game are you talking about?

Kheang wrote:

Howdy. Sue IGN's arse

BeckerManEX: No, IGN is the best video game dedicated network of websites on the planet.
Hairball: Nah, I don't want to be a bi'otch like IGN.
Fox: Yes we shall. They took our screenshots.
FireKraken: LOL. Sounds feasible.
Tiger: Since HB doesnt own any copyrights or anything, he can't.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Sure, we shall attempt to sue the International Golf Network (www.IGN.net) sometime soon.)
Peachy: yeah.
BigHornSheep: It's not illegal to steal screenshots.

Flamethrower Mario wrote:

Your right! IGN64 did steal from you! Heheheheh...

BeckerManEX: It's called public domain, and those pictures are in it.
Hairball: That is correct!
Fox: Yes they did. We will take them to court.
FireKraken: I laughed as well, mainly cause I don't care.
Tiger: Ha.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Yeah yeah, I have to admit, the ball of hair my cat coughed out could be true for once, though International Golf Network won't care nonetheless.)
Peachy: Saw. Yeah. Wow. Great.
BigHornSheep: We all know that.

Jenny wrote:

How do you sign up for the SM64C chatroom? Please reply.

BeckerManEX: You don't.
Hairball: By going onto the chat room page.
Fox: You don't need to sign up, you just pick a nickname and connect. It's free.
FireKraken: If at first you don't succeed, read the directions.
Tiger: Just go to the page and just sign in and follow the commands.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: First, you can connect with a valid username regardless if it is registered or not. Second, ask the kind folks as #services for more details.)
Peachy: There is no sign up, just press in a username and go.
BigHornSheep: http://www.sm64c.com/chat.html Put your name, e-mail address and a password, when you get in, type /ns register yourpassword youremailaddress

Clee5 wrote:

Hi. I have a question about Mario Party 3. Do you know any information on how early it will come out in 2001? Please e-mail me if you know anything. Thank you.

BeckerManEX: Sorry, none.
Hairball: Mario Party 3 is coming out on May 7, 2001.
Fox: I don't know any information.
FireKraken: All I know, is that if Mario Party 3 DOES come out, Nintendo is officially dead, in my house as well as the world.
Tiger: Go look at the news center page. I told him to set a release dates page, but noooo...
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: It is unknown at the moment, but it's already out in Japan.)
Peachy: Nope don't know don't care we are NOT nintendo buh-bye.
BigHornSheep: I don't know.

Hohoho wrote:

who lives in a pineapple under the sea SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ...

BeckerManEX: ???
Hairball: Uhhhh...
Fox: huh?
FireKraken: Oh....my....god.
Tiger: Spongebob sucks. He has the sappiest plot for a cartoon.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Simple pleasures for simple minds.)
Peachy: Spongebob is cool.
BigHornSheep: No one.

Y2K wrote:


BeckerManEX: I like how every other staff member gets picked on but me.
Hairball: You need to get yourself a life, and stop trying to get laid on the 'net.
Fox: 1. Ask politely. 2. I'm not BHS. 3. Yes, agreed. 4. Thank you. Ask polietly.
FireKraken: Eek.
Tiger: Aren't you supposed to censor that stuff HB?
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Heh heh, your that individual that flooded our chatroom. Well, be off.)
Peachy: Who the f--k is Katie? BHS isn't here.
BigHornSheep: 1) no. 2) no. 3) yes. 4) yes, no.

Mario Fan wrote:

Of course you should have another contest and give: 1 NES with SMB 1,2,&3 1 N64 with SM64 1 19" color TV with 2 sets of A/V jacks

BeckerManEX: There is no such thing as a color 19" TV with 2 sets of AV jacks except the Samsung GX TV, but those are hard to find.
Hairball: Where the hell can I find a NES, and all 3 SMB games? And a 19" TV sucks, you need at least 27" or bigger.
Fox: send us money and we will.
FireKraken: Someone has a good imagination.
Tiger: Hahhahahaah, you can just keep on wishing
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: No, no, and no. We can't afford that much.)
Peachy: Yeah, right. None of us are that rich.
BigHornSheep: You're crazy, we're not loaded.

Pimp Daddy wrote:

Can you PLEASE tell me where I can get the sheet music for the water level theme song and the snow level theme song for the Super Mario 64 game.I listen to the songs every night before I go to bed.

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: You can go to our MIDI Centre in the Downloads section for those MIDI's or buy the Super Mario 64 soundtrack.
Fox: I have no idea.
FireKraken: Better then a night light, Mr. Pimp Daddy.
Tiger: Download the midi and extract it with Finale. If you dont have Finale or some cool midi software then you are stuck. (BTW Finale is a kickass music editing software program that costs a ton)
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: The lyrics or something? Well, anyway, for a pimp, you have a good taste in game music.)
Peachy: dUnNo
BigHornSheep: Sorry, I have no idea.

Duh! You know who I am! wrote:

God! Velvit Dark 007 guy! You say God alot! Oh my God why do you say God some damn much!!!!!?????

BeckerManEX: Jesus, I don't know why.
Hairball: God damn it, why do you have to ask so much?
Fox: Oh my God, I donno.
FireKraken: Right.
Tiger: Oh my god.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Quit joe belly-aching.)
Peachy: Just cause.
BigHornSheep: You say it too.

Curtis wrote:

Hi... My cat, snowball, ate Kirby 64, and It died. I want Kirby 64 back. And, well, the cat is still in the same posision it was when it died, licking itself in the ****. So... are you guys cat doctors? or am I cwazy????

BeckerManEX: No comment.
Hairball: You R vewwy cwazy!
Fox: Tell the cat to lick an outlet.
FireKraken: Yet another tale of fame and misfortune.
Tiger: No, we are not cat doctors.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: It seems that you have an abusive life.)
Peachy: I vote for the latter.
BigHornSheep: You're crazy.

MarioII wrote:


BeckerManEX: Well there's one.
Fox: We can't show every one that we receive.
FireKraken: I wonder why...Blame the Post Office...Or Canada....it's always their problem.
Tiger: Here, I answered it. Be Happy.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Well look what appeared, you're question. Now shut up your mouth.)
Peachy: Well, lookie here, there is your crackass email.
BigHornSheep: Well, ask your question.

Jed wrote:

Hey guys, first off, in your mailbag, it said that you get the IP addresses, well every time someone dials in to their ISP, it changes all the time, only with dialup, and how can you guys believe that mario's last name is Mario, just about the entire movie is false information. -Jed webmaster of gamers arena, http://www.geocities.com/gamers_Arena

BeckerManEX: Some ISP uses Static IP addressing (ie Broadband providers) so your IP remains the same every time you log onto the Internet. With Broadband technology you are online the second you turn on your system, so you keep your IP. Dial up providers are giving out dynamic IPs that you "rent" for the period of time you are online.
Hairball: Your site is false information, so I think you should do a little research before getting humiliated here.
Fox: We know it changes.
FireKraken: Well, I think your name should be Obvious Guy.
Tiger: Yes, the movie sucked.
X-Bot: (Editor's Note: Regarding the IP addresses, we have our methods. Second, we have our sources. If you would recall, Mario and Luigi are the "Super Mario Bros." so that is more evidence. Now, I shall proceed to pity you. Ahem, I pity you.)
Peachy: Woohoo.
BigHornSheep: You're right about IP changing, but only the last number will change, the root still remain the same.