E-Mailbag for December 23, 2000

Daniel wrote:

how about a section on metal mario?I think he's cool and he's been in a few games on the 64!Please?

BeckerManEX: How can you make an entire section on one character? That isn't too great. Although this entire site is on Mario...
Hairball: Metal Mario isn't a character, he's just a different form of Mario (like fire, caped, etc)...and we won't do a section about him.
Namek: http://chrono.sm64c.com/ hehe.
Velvet Dark 007: Metal Mario eh? What about Waluigi? Huh? What about Waluigi?!
FireKraken: I like metal mario. Especially his music. Pigs have curly tails...
BigHornSheep: We shall think about it and reply to you soon.

S.O.S. wrote:

In the Super Mario 64 2 Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pikachu and all of Mario's other friends to be playable characters. All the enemies and bosses should be there!

BeckerManEX: Hahha, have you ever even played a Mario Game? Sonic is from SEGA systems, Kirby is not a Mario Friend, Pikachu is a Pokemon. You need to really play the first game before you give us suggestions on the second.
Hairball: There is no Super Mario 64 2...so I don't know where that came from...
Namek: Sonic? He's not even Nintendo.
Velvet Dark 007: In your wildest dreams.
FireKraken: So, in other words, make it exactly like Super Smash Bros 1 huh?
BigHornSheep: Let see, Super "Mario" 64 2, how does Mario have anything to do with Pikachu, Kirby, Sonic, and correction, Sonic and Pikachu and Kirby are not Mario's friend, and besides, Sonic is not even a Nintendo character.

quasiexistence wrote:

hey Firekraken why are you giving your N64 to Nick I would make much better use of it then he would and honestly she doesn't have to know but do you really love your computer more than your girlfriend?

BeckerManEX: Firekraken is not giving away his N64.
Hairball: Does it look like I'm FireKraken?
Namek: FireKraken doesn't have a girlfriend, only a boyfriend!
Velvet Dark 007: I have no part in this whatsoever man.
FireKraken: TJ. I'll kill you. Why don't you go make a chicken pot pie or something?
BigHornSheep: NOt my business, no comment.

Jambo wrote:

I dont really have any questions, it just that i want to make a review of mario kart. If i could do that i would make it the japanese version of mario kart, but with english dialogue. C for urself, there are many differences CHARACTERS: Mario=Mariiou Luigi=Luigi Peach=Priincessu Peach Toad=Kipinio Yoshi=Yaoshi Wario=Wariiou D.K=Donki Kon Bowser=Koopa RACE COURSES MUSHROOM CUP=MUSHIROOM/TOADASTORRU CUP Luigi Raceway=Luigi circuit Moo Moo Farm=Moh Moh Farm ((sry I forgot the beach's name in american))=Noko Noko Beach Kara Kara Desert ((same)) FLOWER CUP=FROOWAA CUP Toad's Highway=Kipinio's Highway Frappe Snowland ((same)) Choco Mountain=Choko Mountain Mario Raceway=Mariiou circuit STAR CUP= STAARO CUP Wario Stadium=Wariiou Arena Sherbert Land=Sherbetos Island Peach's Castle=Castle Princessu circuit Bowser Castle=Koopa's Castle SPECIAL CUP=RAINNBAWW CUP DK's jungle parkway= Donki Kon's jungle parkwaay Yoshi Valley= Yoshi's Eg Valluy Banshee Boardwalk=*Hydooru Pond Rainbow Road= Raiinbaww Road ((same))=same name in america and japan *Hydooru means Goastly waters, which makes sense. So why didn't they keep the same names? Well it is because many people wouldn't know how to pernounce them. Thanx for reading

BeckerManEX: You are truly an idiot.
Hairball: Those are differences that I couldn't have cared less.
Namek: That looks like you made up half that shit. Why don't you just go get a beer and drink your sorrows away?
Velvet Dark 007: Wouldn't Luigi be Rurigi? Japanese folk don't use 'L's in names. And really, you have too much free time.
FireKraken: WOW!! THAT'S AMAZING! Never before have I seen someone so lame.
BigHornSheep: Juse for my sake and your parent's sake, get a freaking life.

David O. Hill wrote:

The reason why Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario is because Nintendo lost the rights the rights to the Popeye character right after the Popeye game was scripted, and he was demanded to develop a game from scratch. It resulted in the game of Donkey Kong. Mario's original name is Jumpman. Minoru Arakawa, from Nintendo of America, Inc., noticed that Mario resembles Mario Segali, the Italian landlord of a former Nintendo office site in New York. The reason for how Mario looks today is because of 1981's immature graphics technology. Shigefumi Hino created Yoshi, because Nintendo's design staff wanted to have Mario to ride a dinosaur. The claim for creating Yoshi was cast in 1985, right after Shigeru Miyamoto developed Super Mario Bros. It was technically impossible to create Yoshi until the Super NES was developed. The name Yoshi was originally the Japanese interjection "yoshi."

BeckerManEX: Wow, you seemed to have taken two paragraphs from Game Over: Press Start to Continue without citing your source. You can now be sued. Besides I have studied the history of Nintendo for over 2 years.
Hairball: I kinda knew that already....kinda...
Namek: Well, thanks for the useless information! I already knew all that. I'm sure you didn't even write all that yourself, you probably got it from some other source such as Mianus.
Velvet Dark 007: :wakes up: Huh? Where am I again?
FireKraken: Oh my god! Who are you and why are you more lame then the previous question's owner??!
BigHornSheep: Right, I'll just pretend I read that and udnerstodd what David said.

MaRiO FrEaK wrote:

Im not asking a question im just angry.. oh right ill ask a question the fan fiction or 'mario stories' was not updated and i sent you a story intitles ???????? evil mistief and i wrote it a month ago and im not really happy that its not on the site email me back and tell my why! Bye Mario Freak

BeckerManEX: Yell at Harry.
Hairball: I'll hopefully update that section pretty soon...I've been quite lazy lately...oh well.
Namek: It's not up because some Naked Psychopath ran away with it and chopped it up with his hatchet. People should stay tuned to their local radio station for further reports on this mischievous marauder (Whatever the f-ck that means).
Velvet Dark 007: Probably because you have poor grammar. Aye!
FireKraken: Bye Mario Freak indeed.
BigHornSheep: Get a life.

Pink Peach wrote:

I think you guys' site is great! I love Mario, so this is the site for me, I guess. Thanks Guys, you're all great! AND IF I MAY QUOTE FROM MARIO! HERE-A WE GOOOO!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Thanks.
Hairball: You forgot the quotation marks, so that isn't a quote, hehe.
Namek: And if I may quote from my father: "Bitch, I told you to pick that sh*t up. Get the f*ck in there before I kick your ass out of the house you gay ass mother f*cker!"
Velvet Dark 007: Charming.
FireKraken: There we go.
BigHornSheep: Thank you.

DOWN WITH SM64C!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

DOWN WITH SM64C!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: F--- Off.
Hairball: SM64C tells me that it doesn't want to get down with you.
Namek: Listen to Blink-182's awesome song called Family Reunion. It goes like this "Sh*t, piss, f*ck, cunt, cock sucker, mother f*cker, tits, fart, terd, and twat."
Velvet Dark 007: Are you by any chance a Sony Fan?
FireKraken: DOWN WITH DOWN WITH SM64C!!!!!!!!!!
BigHornSheep: Well, you see, if Sm64C went down, I would lose my job, and when I lose my job, I get mad, and when I get mad, I kill freak, and when I can't find any freak, I kill homosexuals like you.

Hairball 64 wrote:

I hate this website. I quit! Before I close the site, I better tell you guys, I'm a woman.

BeckerManEX: Great.
Hairball: It's probably true that I kind of hate this site...but I'm really no woman.
Namek: Hairyballs is a woman?!?!?! OMG. Who could tell with his massive Hairy Balls?
Velvet Dark 007: FALSE ALARM! I can tell this is fake. I see everything!
FireKraken: AHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I always knew it hairball. But you better not leave me caged up here...
BigHornSheep: You're prank, it's Hairball64, not Hairball 64, if you're going to pretend to be HB, at least do your research.

Super Wario wrote:

How do you download the DEX DRIVES. Don't let my web address fool you I'm getting a computer with another e-mail address latter. That's why I want to know how to download it. P.S. My frinds & I think your site ROCKS.

BeckerManEX: Is the name Dex Drive Central? Didn't think so.
Hairball: The Dex Drive is a physical thing you can by, it's a thing that allows you to transfer the data from your N64 Controller Pak to your computer and vice versa, so save data can be transferred across the Internet.
Namek: First you GET a Dex Drive. then you click on the link to download them.
Velvet Dark 007: Ever think of using your half a brain and read the instruction manual you dink?
FireKraken: You can't download hardware.
BigHornSheep: That's so nice of you.

Marion wrote:

I have super mario 64 and have 74 stars and need some help in course 5 big boo's haunt i have just been on the webpage super mario 64 central and looked at the swuper mario section and saw the picture of the stairs there are no stairs visible on my game

BeckerManEX: You have to beat Big Boo once in order for the stairs to appear.
Hairball: I don't understand what you are trying to ask here.
Namek: Dude, that game is so old skool. It's probably the easiest game on the N64 now. If you can't beat it or figure out where to find info on how to beat it by now, you've got problems.
Velvet Dark 007: Repeat that in plain English please.
FireKraken: Umm...your game's defective then...
BigHornSheep: Sorry, I'm so poor, I don't own N64.

Jeff wrote:

Hey dude let me on the site staff if u don't i will get very very very very very pissed and give me a reason why. No one has really acepted me be4 and i am always left out just give me a chance please i always do my work and do it well. Just because you don't know me that well it dosn't mean u can say no. I really want to come on this site you don't know how much i do want to come on. Bye say yes!

BeckerManEX: Some guy name Chris told us not to hire you.
Hairball: We will only hire new staff members if they can write a proper 500 word essay about why they should be part of the staff. This is to ensure that we get high quality staff members.
Namek: SM64C won't let you on and neither will http://chrono.sm64c.com/!
Velvet Dark 007: With that type of attitude Jeffy, no way in cold hell.
FireKraken: We don't know you. Therefore we'll say no.
BigHornSheep: Fill out the staff-application form and we'll think about it.

Mark & Stephanie wrote:

Hey I was wondering, for luigi when you run around the pool were that thing is that says L is real 2041, Where do you run around at.

BeckerManEX: Hahha, It sorry because two of you believe this to be true.
Hairball: It's fake, how many times must I say that?
Namek: Hahahahahaha ahaha ahaha aha ahahahahaha haahahha ahahaha ahahaha ahhahahahahaa ahahahah!
Velvet Dark 007: :pulls hair: FOR THE LAST TIME! LUIGI ISN'T IN THE GAME! HE ISN'T!!!!!!!!!!!! God, how dense can people get?
BigHornSheep: That joke was made 8 months ago, for the 10 millionth time, that joke is fake.

Zan wrote:

When we submit something to your E-Mailbag can you view the IP address? Because if you can you know that I have posted under many names.

BeckerManEX: Yes, we also get your address, Social Security Number, Parents names, and all other information you don't want us to have.
Hairball: Yep, on all e-mails sent to SM64C, the IP address, and the Remote Host ID are embedded on the submissions. This is so we can track form abuse, and the types of visitors coming into the site.
Namek: Yes, and it also tells if you're gay or not. And we've been getting several gay submissions by you.
Velvet Dark 007: I cannot see IPs oh dinky one.
FireKraken: LOL. oops.
BigHornSheep: Yes, we can see your IP, but it's ok, I don't really care.

Don't you hate it when I kill you? wrote:

Read my name.

BeckerManEX: Aren't we clever? I bet you got that way after you father jacked you up the ass too many times.
Hairball: If I'm dead, I wouldn't be able to hate you, oh wait, actually I COULD hate you in hell.
Namek: With a hatchet?
Velvet Dark 007: Don't you hate it when i sing: "Chipmuks Roasting Over an Open Fire..."
FireKraken: Yes, I absolutely hate it when I kill you. It is such a waste of time...
BigHornSheep: Yes.

Joe wrote:

What is Mario's last name?

BeckerManEX: Mario
Hairball: Mario's last name is Mario, so his full name is "Mario Mario".
Namek: Mario. his full name is Mario Mario and Luigi's is Luigi Mario. No sh*t, i'm not joking.
Velvet Dark 007: OH FOR GOD'S SAKE! HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THE MOVIE? His last name is Mario, you dink.
FireKraken: Plummerbutt.
BigHornSheep: Nintendo.

Ghost wrote:

I was run over by a tractor but I'm back. Ha ha.

BeckerManEX: Ha..uh..Trying to be funny will get you no where.
Hairball: Go back down to hell you damn ghost!
Namek: http://chrono.sm64c.com/
Velvet Dark 007: You dink.
FireKraken: Good for the tractor. Bad for you.
BigHornSheep: Great.

Ryan 64 wrote:

Hey dudes! I was wondering, what does WTF stand for

BeckerManEX: With The French.
Hairball: WTF means "what the f-ck"
Namek: W = What, T = The, F = Fark you if you don't goto http://chrono.sm64c.com/
Velvet Dark 007: WTF? It stands for What the F---.
FireKraken: WTF = What The Flippity-flop
BigHornSheep: WTF = What the f*ck.

master blizzard wrote:

1.-Why donīt you put the e-mail of the people that write stupid things?,then we could write them millions of e-mails with insults as a punish for being soooo idiots.... 2.-What is the game that give you in the first Mario Party when you win on the last mini-game of the island of mini-games?,and how can you play it. 3.-The people that think that you are Nintendo ARE JERKS!!!

BeckerManEX: If we did that all of your emails would have to go there.
Hairball: 1. Providing your e-mail address is optional, and not many people enter their e-mail address when submitting a submission through our mailform. 2. I don't remember... 3. Yes, I don't really like the way how the company is, but I like their games.
Namek: Actually, you're right. People should be ashamed of calling us Nintendo since we really secretly are.......... THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!
Velvet Dark 007: 1) You answred you own question oh great dink-head. 2)Huh? 3) More like dinks I say.
FireKraken: Grammer class. Take it.
BigHornSheep: Acturally, most the questions in the e-mailbad are stupid things.

Purple Peach wrote:

I think you should have a Mario contest, in which, you have to get a SUPER hard question, and the person who answers correctly 1st, gets a Mario thing

BeckerManEX: If you want Mario's thing, you can have.
Hairball: We shall have a contest in the future...very very soon....
Namek: I told HB to do that before. It worked out OK, I don't know why he stopped. Maybe because he is a cheap bastard.
Velvet Dark 007: We had that already.
FireKraken: Ok. Here's the first question. How many ... people have Hairball's mom been with?
BigHornSheep: We have had a contest before, and will have one again soon, so stay tune.

Mario M. wrote:

You know Bowser's children the Koopa Kids how could Bowser have children without a wife in short Does Bowser have a wife and if yes who?

BeckerManEX: Die.
Hairball: You never know, Bowser may be a hermaphrodite!
Namek: He is simply an Asexual Koopa ( he lays eggs ).
Velvet Dark 007: I say he got kinky with Peach one day. Or, he used cloning. Whichever suits you.
FireKraken: pfft..You don't need a WIFE to have kids. Just a woman (or many in Peachy's case).
BigHornSheep: I think there's something call masturbation.

Petra Ibrahim wrote:

How do you get the star from "Big penguin race" from cool, cool mountain and "shocking arrow lifts" from wet-dry world?

BeckerManEX: Figure it out for yourself.
Hairball: You race the penguin down the looooong slide!
Namek: Ya beat the penguin in the race.......
Velvet Dark 007: One, you race the penguin and win, two... I still haven't been able to figure that out after so long.
FireKraken: Play the game.
BigHornSheep: You jump down the kill, roll over 20 times, stand up, and eat sh*t and die.

unavailable at the moment wrote:

what is the internet and how do i get it whats a computer

BeckerManEX: Not funny.
Hairball: The Internet can be whatever you want it to be.
Namek: The internet is an extensive collection of pornography and a computer is a machine which determines how frustrated you can get by varying the speed from semi fast to slow as sh*t.
BigHornSheep: I don't know.