E-Mailbag for October 28, 2000

Blue Yoshi wrote:

Pssst! Don't tell anyone but Mario Has terrible B.O. and Wario bullys him and kicks sand in his face!

BeckerManEX: Your knowledge base can be refered to as "Simply Stunning"
Hairball: And everyone knows now!
Fox: Pssst! Don't tell anyone but your dad beats his meat!
TWGamer: umm... sure...
FireKraken: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone....I don't want to hurt Wario's reputation.
Peachy: ok... that's wonderful.
Chelsmiester10: Ok. It is also a secret that you have no brain. Oh, right...that was a secret.....I can keep the other secret about what you do with ur gf/bf...oh whoops..did i say that out loud? my bad.....I don`t really give a s*** because

Hairball 63 is a lazy ass wrote:


BeckerManEX: Well since you asked nicely, I'm sure Harry will consider it.
Hairball: If this site sucks, then why do you want use to host you?
Fox: Sorry, I only suck tic tacs. Your site sucks.
TWGamer: If you're trying to indimidate us, it won't work. so F**K U!
FireKraken: I think we made it our motto to not host jackasses.
Peachy: Why would anyone want to host you're site, with you telling us to suck on dog sh*t.
Chelsmiester10: Who's Hairball 63?

Chris Charlton wrote:

Im gonna beat you down monday harry!

BeckerManEX: My Money's on Chris.
Hairball: LOL, and you didn't after all.
Fox: ....yah....
TWGamer: how nice...
FireKraken: Yeah, and I got his back Hairball! DIE!
Peachy: Is this someone you know, Harry? *g*
Chelsmiester10: This aint my question...I have no clue what the heck this dude's sayin....

Ryan 64 wrote:

Hairball,when will you write the next chapter of Mario and the Mysterious Hacker, and your site kicks ass!

BeckerManEX: Yes Harry, when will you write the next chapter in your story?
Hairball: Probably near the beginning of 2001.
Fox: He will write it when he gets off his lazy ass. Thank you.
TWGamer: HB is lazy, so he won't do it.
FireKraken: Yeah Hairball, inquiring minds want to know.
Peachy: Whenever he wants to bitch.
Chelsmiester10: This ALSO is addressed to Hairball......its not my letter/question...

Yoshi5000 wrote:

I think there should be a game ideas section because I think There Should be a game Where Mario,Link,Kirby,Banjo-kazzoie,Pikachu,D.K,and Samus Join Forces.

BeckerManEX: That is kinda sounding too much like Smash Brothers.
Hairball: Can I say Super Smash Bros. 2?
Fox: I don't think there should. And there is already a similar game like that. It's called Super Smash Bros.
TWGamer: That sounds pretty crap, but hey it's not my idea...
FireKraken: Yoshi it's called Super Smash Bros. Without that stupid creation of Banjo/Kazooie.
Peachy: Yeah... there already is a game like that, called Super Smash Bros., but with no B-K or Samus.
Chelsmiester10: I'm sorry. Chelsmiester10 is not available. Please leave a messgae after the beep. BEEEEEEP you.

Chris wrote:

Hey! Hows it going?? Ok, I really like your site and all. The layout and info is all awesome. However, your affiliate list is kinda messing. Just a suggestion. I should make it kinda look better. Anyway, Cya

BeckerManEX: Thanks for the info..i think.
Hairball: It's going well, very well indeed.
Fox: HB is a huge slob.
TWGamer: We need affiliates to keep the site open so people will come to sm64c, idiot.
FireKraken: Thanks for the info!
Peachy: You make no sense.
Chelsmiester10: No. You shouldn't make it kinda better. Thats hairball's job.

Mr. Buu wrote:

This is a very easy trick to do in Bobomb land! Goto where the big bar gate is with the exclamation mark button on the other side. If you stand with your back against the gate and wait for a bobomb to come to you and pick him up, (back still against gate) he will explode and you will go right through the gate! YAY! Thank you! BYE!

BeckerManEX: Simply Stunning.
Hairball: I have better things than waste a good 2 mins doing that trick.
Fox: Cool tip!
TWGamer: Haven't tried it, but it sounds neat!
FireKraken: Thanks for the tip.........
Peachy: *Yawns* Already knew that....
Chelsmiester10: wow usefull tip 4 beginners.....how long ago did you find that code out? I found it out about 4 years ago. where have you been!?

Grafter wrote:

I got an idea for Super Mario64 2...DON'T CALL IT THAT! Call it 'Mario Team' Heres why, Mario teams up with Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong (Luigi=Smartest. Yoshi=Fastest. DK=Strongest and Mario=Small combo of each.) Anyways, Peach is kidnapped by Bowser and his 2nd in command Baby Bowser, Bowser nearly kills Mario on a battle on a giant version of his flying machine. Mario descides he needs help from his buds, (Including Wario, as he could be like Cranky Kong from DK64.) They have different powers, Luigi can fly, Yoshi can float to the ground when falling, DK can punch solid things and Mario can climb up steep slopes, they travel through different worlds until they get to Bowsers new HQ, 'Trap door castle.' There they face Baby Bowser in a game show (Like in Banjo-Kazooie) and then try to rescue Toad and Peach from Bowser on his flying machine. Each character gets there own shot at Bowser (Like with King K. Rool in DK64) starting with Yoshi, then DK than Luigi and fi! naly Mario, in the end Bowser and Baby Bowser walk angerly back to Trap door castle and are attacked by Piranah plants along the way, Peach throws a big bash for her heros and Mario tells Wario to join The Mario Team...Oh and during the credits there should be outtakes from the movie clips. Multi-player options: Race or battle. Bosses should be giant versions of regular villans. i.e Piranah Plant, Big Boo, Fly guy, Bubba. Keep the theme song, change the weastern Race theme to a betterweastern song. Power stars to collect. 3 powers given to each of the 4 characters by Wario. Some music from mario Party. Cave level! Rainbow level! Western level! Level entrance by warp pipe, not by painting, outside of the castle. To get certain characters, break open a green ? box for Luigi, Egg for Yoshi, Barrel for DK and Red ! box for Mario. Bring back the fire flowers. Thanks for checking out my suggestions. Please use my suggestions

BeckerManEX: My God, I didn't read it all, but it is...interesting.
Hairball: Do you have better things to do other than tormenting the E-Mailbag form?
Fox: This sounds a lot like DK64.
TWGamer: I don't know what you're playing at, as we're NOT nintendo, so we do NOT make the games, got that?? I can't be bothered to read your ideas either.
FireKraken: I have an idea for Super Mario64 2, also! Shut up and don't worry about it! I didn't even read your [so called] question bacause I'm not ready for my nap yet. Also, if you care that much about wasting people's time, go email Nintendo!
Chelsmiester10: .......

Tyler wrote:

Can I get maps of the courses online?

BeckerManEX: Courses?
Hairball: No.
Fox: Pay me $30 and I'll get you some.
TWGamer: For SM64? Probably, but I don't know where.
FireKraken: Um....what kind of courses?
Peachy: No. Cya.
Chelsmiester10: why dont you look. (people these days....)

Invisible-flying-metal Mario wrote:

Is there any way in Super Mario 64 to get a invisible-flying-metal Mario? The only use I could see for it would be to fly through walls in poisonious area. I know this is kind of stupid, but we are not be going to get another good Mario game for a while. So, all of us Mario gamers still have to try to max out some more fun out of Super Mario 64 before it completely dies.

BeckerManEX: No, when you get one cap it cancels out the other.
Hairball: Get all 3 caps before they all run out, I think the only level where you have a *chance* to do that is Big Boo's Haunt.
Fox: No
TWGamer: You can get Invisible-Metal Mario in Dire, Dire Docks to get one of the stars, but i don't think there's an Invisible-Metal-flying one.
FireKraken: Just because you're invisible doesn't mean you can fly through walls, and why would you need that when THAT is where you get it?
Peachy: Dunno, haven't played Mario in awhile.
Chelsmiester10: hmm? who said that....? I cant see you if ur invisable.Sorry!! NOT!

Nat wrote:

What do you do on the section "Scale the Mountain" in Super Mario 64 on the board with the waterfall and monkey? I'm totally puzzled.

BeckerManEX: Go to the top maybe?
Hairball: Over the mountain and through the hills...oh wait there are no hills.
Fox: Dunno.
TWGamer: I can't remember because I haven't plays SM64 in ages.
FireKraken: I'm guessing you go up.
Peachy: You scale the mountain. That was hard.
Chelsmiester10: err.....hairball....you're on on this question.

Dogo wrote:

Do you know what the next mario game is after mario party 3?

BeckerManEX: Paper Mario.
Hairball: I would assume the Mario launch game on Gamecube.
Fox: No
TWGamer: Hopefelly The coveted 'Mario 128' on GameCube
FireKraken: Hopefully, it's not Mario Party 4. And if it is, I'm going to sell my system!
Chelsmiester10: How do you know there even IS a mario party 3 coming out???

Blue Yoshi wrote:

Why does luigi not have a yoshi? cos i'm up for grabs!

BeckerManEX: I have no idea, you seem to be looking too much into this.
Hairball: No one has a Yoshi, Yoshis are just friends with the Mario brothers.
Fox: Because the is only one main Yoshi, and that is Yoshi.
TWGamer: I don't get it.
FireKraken: Uhh...Luigi sucks too bad to get a Yoshi. Especially a blue one.
Peachy: Because Luigi is not a fat bimbo like Luigi.
Chelsmiester10: Ask luigi.

Johnny wrote:

In super mario 64 what do i do in the black room of death

BeckerManEX: Die.
Hairball: Die.
Fox: Jack off in the corner.
TWGamer: whatever you like.
FireKraken: Die.
Peachy: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Chelsmiester10: (confused)

HeHe Hater wrote:

I'm tired of people's names in the E-Mailbag being HEHE! God Damnit can't they figure out something better than that?!HEHE!

BeckerManEX: HEHE!
Hairball: Why are names being HEHE?
Fox: Some people are screwed.
TWGamer: Anything's better than HeHe Hater.
FireKraken: I guess not. I never really noticed whether the name was HEHE or DUMBASS anyway.
Peachy: If they want anomosity, let them have it.
Chelsmiester10: you think WE can do anything?

Gormandizer wrote:

What is coming after Gamecube? Gormandizer:They are after me!!!! A Friend: What are after you? Gormandizer: The squirrels, they think I am NUTS!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Lots of bitchin' games.
Hairball: A successor to the system.
Fox: I donno yet. Wait 5 more years. Sh*tty joke!
TWGamer: Try to get off the drugs.
FireKraken: I guess PS2 is coming after GameCube...even though it was already released.
Peachy: Ok, you should know this, I've seen you in the chat. (Uh oh, you've got me started) HOW MANY TIMES?! WE ARE NOT NINTENDO, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH NINTENDO!!! GO AWAY AND SEND THAT SH*T LIST TO NINTENDO!!!Thanx. Buy the way, VERY corny joke.
Chelsmiester10: The squirrels are right.

Yolko Uno of PORSH wrote:


BeckerManEX: Awesome, can I watch?
Hairball: Lame, lame, lame threats.
Fox: WTF?!?!?
TWGamer: Who's Ryan Steffner?
FireKraken: Yeah, Die Ryan! I got their back, too!
Peachy: w(ho)tf is Ryan Steffner?
Chelsmiester10: ??????????????????

Master of Insanity wrote:

Who would win in these following match-ups? 1.Bowser vs. Ganondorf 2.Mario vs. Link 3.Yoshi vs. Pikachu 4.Kamek vs. Aganhim 5. K.Rool vs. Bowser 6.Mario vs. DK 7.Mario vs. Ganondorf 8.Link vs. Bowser

BeckerManEX: Ganon, Link, Yoshi, Aganhim, Bowser, Mario, Ganon, Link.
Hairball: Depends who the force is with.
Fox: Bowser. Link. Yoshi. Kamek. Bowser. DK. Mario. Link.
TWGamer: I dunno.
FireKraken: Does this face look like I care? :
Peachy: 1) Gannondorf 2) Link 3) Pikachu 4) ??? 5) Bowser 6) DK 7) Gannondorf
Chelsmiester10: I would win. That was simple.

Barney wrote:

I have some questions!!! 1. Will you guys ever get a new layout? 2. Hi. 3. Gimme gimme gimme that fatburger tonight. 4. Do you wish pokemon could just vanish and never come again? 5. Do you like Mario tennis? I don't. 6. What's ur fav Mario game? 7. Do you all live in Canada? 8. Broing. 9. Bye. 10. Your site rox.

BeckerManEX: Yes, Hello, No, No, Yes, Mario 64, No, Broing?, Cya, Thanks.
Hairball: Oooooooh, it's my be-hated Barney. Since Barney is gay, I refuse to any of those gay questions.
Fox: 1. Yes, soon. 2. Hi. 3. NO! 4. OH GOD YES!! 5. Yes I do. 6. Mario Tennis. 7. I do. 8. Bye. 9. Thanks.
TWGamer: 1. No 2. Hi to you too 3.. oh shut the hell up
FireKraken: "Questions" 2,3,8,9 and 10 are not questions. And for question number 5, why did you answer it?
Peachy: 1) Maybe. 2) Bye. 3) No. 4) Yes 5) Never played it 6) SM64 7) No. 8) ??? 9) GET THE F*** OUT! 10) Thanx.
Chelsmiester10: 1. no. 2. yo wuz up. 3. No. 4. NO. 5. Yes. 6. Mario party2 and Mario64. 7. No. 8. (no response) 9. good riddence. 10. thank you.

perfectsim146 wrote:

ITS ME AGAIN!!!! The crazy kid from........er, no wheres inperticular. Well, I was trapped in a box for 4 days then a pink koala bear came and saved me by peeing on the box......what, that doesn't work?!?! Oh well, you guys kick @$$!!! Shmeh

BeckerManEX: Look the retard is back, and he brought a friend.
Hairball: Koala bears are endangered species, silly.
Fox: Then you gave the koala head when you got out.
TWGamer: ...........
FireKraken: Well Shmeh to you too faggot.
Peachy: And didja go and screw that bear? Hmmmm? Tell the truth now.
Chelsmiester10: you're odd.....you take medication? good....

Professor Y. wrote:

Hi. Just me again. Enough small talk. Let's get to buisness. Have you ever noticed that the plotline of Yoshi's Island is in contraversy with the earlier Mario games? How can Mario have been born in the Mushroom Kingdom but end up on Earth? How did Shy Guys exist before Mario dreamed them up in SMB2? How can Baby Mario be in Mario Golf and Mario Tennis if he's Mario as a baby? Here's my theory: Baby Mario in Yoshi's Island is NOT Mario as a baby. He's Baby Mario, and only that. Does this make sense to you? Great site, guys!

Hairball: Games don't necessarily have to make sense, just like movies, and other fictionous material. Baby Mario is like ummm...hard to describe where the hell he came from. In Yoshi's Island, he was a baby because it was a "prequel" to Super Mario World. But in Mario Golf/Tennis, I really don't understand...
Fox: The developers at Nintendo are constantly high!
TWGamer: I don't have a SNES, and never played Yoshi's Island, so i'll be no help here.
FireKraken: The only thing that makes sense to me, is that you have spent too much time thinking about this, and not enough time mustering up the courage to say it.
Peachy: You are NOT a Professor, 'cause you spelled Contraversey wrong.
Chelsmiester10: (no response)

"Mad" Ludwig Koopa II wrote:

Why in the world does Bowser have so many Castles? He's got like 10 of 'em!

BeckerManEX: The pimp be rich.
Hairball: There is really only 1 main Bowser castle, the remaining 9 castles are the castles of his 9 Koopa Kids, which have ceased to exist since Super Mario World.
Fox: He is rich!
TWGamer: Interesting point there.... hmm.......
FireKraken: Cause. Everybody loves castles.
Peachy: Cause he's smart.
Chelsmiester10: Because he's KING koopa. stupid.

Birdo wrote:

Hi, my name is Birdo. I have a relationship problem. I was playing tennis one day when I met the love of my life. His name is Yoshi. I dated for three years before a tennis champoen turned up and I have to play against my sweetheart. What should I do?

BeckerManEX: I'm saying suicide, but that's just me.
Hairball: Dump him!
Fox: Blow him HARD!!
TWGamer: .........
FireKraken: GET A LIFE!
Peachy: F*** Yoshi. Beat the crap outta his @$$.
Chelsmiester10: Lose. Win. do both.

Harley wrote:

I like Mario he turns me on!!!!!!!!!! Do u know if there will be a gay mario game in the future.

BeckerManEX: You can dress up as Mario and get your cherry popped by some janitor named Mario.
Hairball: I hope this isn't Chris Harley...
TWGamer: HB, why do you put these sad, pathetic e-mails in here?
FireKraken: Only if you star in it.
Peachy: I can see it now. Mario F***s his cousin, Wario. Wow. Truly breathtaking.
Chelsmiester10: mario's a video game character you moron.

Zan wrote:

Is there anyway I can view the sites that you guys used to own/work for?

BeckerManEX: Yes, very soon. Classic Gaming Extremist will showcase all of my projects including N64+PLUS that I did with Harry, and will feature images of N64 to the 64th Power and Zone 64.
Hairball: That information is irrelevant, and you don't have to care about it.
Fox: NO!
TWGamer: not that I know of.
FireKraken: No.
Peachy: Dunno ask Harry.
Chelsmiester10: No you can't.

Jofis wrote:

Thi question doesent have anything to do with Mario, but who the hell cares? The question is do you hate Pokemon? I do it sucks! Its so old!

BeckerManEX: I still like it. I'm not a die hard fan, but I enjoy playing it on long trips in the car, when I'm not driving of course :)
Hairball: The Pokemon cartoon is getting worse and worse, after each season...
Fox: Pokemon is garbage!
TWGamer: Yep, Pokemon's gettin old now!
FireKraken: This isn't Super Pokemon 64 Central. And I generally don't give a...hoot.
Peachy: Yes, I do. Buh-bye.
Chelsmiester10: No, i dont, but i also like digimon. my fave pokemon is dragonair...and my fave digimon is Gatomon but thats none of ur buisness....