E-Mailbag for October 14, 2000

Jesse wrote:

Where is the @sm64c.com e-mail? It has a e-mail that I NEED for my class!Please tell me or bring it back!!

BeckerManEX: I would have no idea, I have been out of the loop for quite a while. I didn't even know we gave out email addresses.
Hairball: It is already available, click on the Free E-Mail! link on the navigation.
Fox: There is a link on the sidebar to login.
TWGamer: sigh.. http://www.sm64c.com/mail/index.html
Tiger: just go to the Free Mail link.
Peachy: Why do you "NEED" it so badly? It's in the Free Email page-thingie.
Homer: Check the main page

Justin wrote:

Hi. I'm the Administrator for the official Mario Kart Club for the University of Southern California. We're redesigning our logo and are looking at the mariovictory.gif picture. Is there any way we could get a copy of the original (aka non gif but 3d rendered file) from you?

BeckerManEX: They are all .gif files. The original renders are on Nintendo's mainframe right next to the alien technology files, and Gamecube information files.
Hairball: You can use that one on the site, that's all we have.
Fox: Talk to Hairball 64 about that.
TWGamer: Nice Idea, but I don't know where the file is!
Tiger: Cool! USC! USC! USC! Go Trojans! UCLA SUCKS!!! (as for that picture, go ask HB. He's from stupid canada and we are from cool SoCal)
Peachy: Look above.
Homer: don't ask me, ask Hairball

Nondeesk wrote:

i have some questions about registering for your message board: 1. Do i have to put in my city,state,and country all in one? 2. What is the icq number? 3. It always says my e-mail adress must be valid abd properly formatted I did it 3 times and i did it right but its not working wut do i do? 4. what is default topic veiw? 5. "Howard" is distinct from "HOWARD." what do u mean by this for a password? Plaese answer quickly! Thanks your site ROCKS!!

BeckerManEX: An ICQ number is your number on the ICQ network a program that whips AIM's whimppy white ass.
Hairball: 1. No, 2. ICQ is an instant messaging program, 3. it has to be something like hairball64@sm64c.com, 4. You'll see, 5. It's case-sensitive.
Fox: You only need to fill in the fields marked with a *. ICQ is a program where every user has a unique number. I donno. I donno. yes for a password.
TWGamer: 1. Yes; 2. ICQ is an instant messaging system, go to http://www.icq.com/ for more; 3. Dunno; 4. Can't remember; 5. It means the password is case-sensitive, dumbass.
Tiger: Yes, a messanging software thingie, your email address must be weird, default is the regular, and it's Caps count as something different. There.
Peachy: 1. Dunno 2.dunno 3.dunno 4.dunno 5.dunno. Aint I smart?
Homer: i have no idea..

KyleK1985 wrote:

Hi,I just wanted to ask you why the link to Zelda Games takes me to some nasty site? All I did was click the link and it took me to that site, I don't know why. (It wasn't me typing anything to get to that site, all I did was click your link. Just thought you'd like to know.

BeckerManEX: Harry must have copied some other "address" that he was looking at instead of the correct Zelda one. Remember Zelda.com used to be a porn site.
Hairball: That has been dealt with...
Fox: HB is facinated with nasty stuff.
TWGamer: Zelda games? I don't see any link to Zelda Games??
Tiger: I dont run the site, ask HB on things like that.
Peachy: I've never been to it, so don't ask me.
Homer: nasty site? are you sure?

SonicKT112@aol.com wrote:

i am marios sock and i smelll real real bad. i wonder why i smell real real bad.i like plumbers. i have a song that you might like! here it goes. save the princess quick cause she wants some dick! If you let her free you get pussy!!!! my friend told me to type that cause hes gayer than hell ok biyas.

BeckerManEX: The way you were typing it sounds like your "gayer than hell" friend has is dick up your butt.
Hairball: You make an impression of a stupid pimp.
Fox: Sigh...
TWGamer: "You've been living in a dreamworld, Neo" (change Neo to SonicKT112) (Note some Matrix references in this E-Mailbag from me)
Tiger: Uh...I'm sure.
Peachy: Thanx, mario's sock. Wash yourself. I sure as hell don't like it. FireKraken probably does 'cause he's a pervert.
Homer: watch your language kids, parents comes to this website

superluigi wrote:

thank you for the greating i reall like i hope you write back can you add a guide for mario kart 64 because im having trouble sorry .... thank you my name is justin see you later bye hairball64 wait is hairball64 a game ?

BeckerManEX: Coming this Christmas, a gaming experience like no other...Hairball 64. Using your spitting techniques, nail all of your fellow canadians with balls of hair and mucus. What could be more fun?
Hairball: No I'm not a game damn it.
Fox: Ask Hairball 64 to add a guide for you. No Hairball 64 isn't a game.
TWGamer: Hairball 64 is Harry Li from Canada
Tiger: Now we have wrote back.
Peachy: SPELLING! SPELLINGSPELLINGSPELLINGSPELLING!!! No, Hairball64 is NOT a game. if Nintendo made a game called that I would hire someone to kill that person then I would bring them back from the dead just so I could kill them myself.
Homer: Answer1: have a look in www.gamefaqs.com, Answer2: No Hairball64 isn't a game, it's just some kind of name that the webmaster made up

Frankie wrote:

64DD wont come out in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYY!!!!!!!!! What does Nintendo want to do make the N64 less popular!?!?! I've been waiting for the 64DD for a long time, Suddenly I go have fun surfing on the web, I end up on this site and! to my big surprise, I see, 64DD wont be released in the US!!!!!!!!! I say we gather as much signatures from all over america to get it released here, cuz It would really help to make the N64 a bit more popular.....

BeckerManEX: Uh, we have known since 1998 that that 64DD would be a no show here in the United States. To tell you the truth, the games that have been released suck, and I would not like Nintendo to ruin its reputation any more.
Hairball: That news is sooooooo 1998.
Fox: I DONNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Nintendo.
TWGamer: The only good game on the 64DD would have been the F-Zero X expansion disk, and if the console was release in Early 1998 with Yoshi's Story.
Tiger: 64DD wasn't really that popular in Japan. I guess they didnt waste the effort after all.
Peachy: Ummm... wtf is 64DD?
Homer: What is 64dd?

Stephen, (SJG) From Louisiana wrote:

Its me again.If any ladies are reading Call 1(504)345-0770 and ask for Stephen Or cartman My age 14 I'm not desparate I just love to Talk and make peple laugh.

BeckerManEX: Hahha, I'm not actually going to call, but I did have a funny idea.
Hairball: Sending mail here shows how desperate you really are.
Fox: This is not a dating site.
TWGamer: "Do you believe in prank calls, Stephen?" "No" "Why Not? "Because I think Hairball 64 probably won't post my phone number to the thousands of visitors to this site"
Tiger: Go dial up 911 and see what they will say.
Peachy: This is a mario site, not a hookup site.
Homer: what? 345?

Jenny wrote:

Hi,I am in a great search of Mario, Luegi, Princess, and the Mushroom pictures. My school's homecoming theme is, "Warped to another World" and we are basing it on Nintendo. I am on the student council and decorating for the dance and responsible for drawing out pictures of Mario and the other characters. We planned on doing so by printing off graphics from the internet and putting them on overheads and just tracing them. I can't seem to find any of the right pictures though because we are doing Mario 1 (the very, very first nintendo game) but our worlds are based on Mario 3. So I can't use all these 3-d graphics I seem to find. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time. Jenny

BeckerManEX: No, sorry I don't have any suggestions.
Hairball: We basically feature 3D graphics.
Fox: Vist TMK, they might have some images.
Tiger: I believe we have some more pictures scattered around, just look.
Peachy: Go to a mario pics site. Thanx.
Homer: Ooooooooh

Rainbow Boot Yoshi wrote:

I just want to say you guys rock! You put up with some VERY stupid questions and you guys deserve credit for it. There is one message I remember with all the stupid mario questions like, is mario real. No mario is not real but, he was named after an actual person, Mario Segali. He was the owner of the Nintendo Warehouse. Again your site rules.

BeckerManEX: Thank You!
Hairball: Yes.
Fox: Thank you. I didn't know he was named after him.
TWGamer: Good point. An "A" for the obvious
Tiger: Thanks. Idiots tend to waft our way.
Peachy: Um, people write they questions, THEY deserve credit.
Homer: Stupid just like me.

Wollam wrote:

How do you get to be a hosted site?

BeckerManEX: Dunno, I get free hosting for my domain, my days of being someone elses' hosted site are over.
Hairball: The hosted sites program will return soon....once the server allows me to install FTP accounts.
Fox: Try clicking a link?
TWGamer: There is no public hosted sites here at the moment.
Tiger: Go to the hosting page and find out.
Peachy: ask harry.
Homer: When hairball say so

Shin Akuma wrote:

SM64C is a site that I truly love, respect, and admire. I was reading your "E-Mailbag" section and I like how you answer questions people ask...you guys are some bad motherf***ers...I love it. I would to be part of your staff. Maybe when I have free time I will apply to become a staff member. One question? I like to know a little bit more about Tiger (real name: Christine Cheung. I am very curious to see a picture of her. You hear from me again. Shin Akuma

BeckerManEX: Uh...thanks?
Hairball: Are you sure?
Fox: Thanks. Are you hiting on Tiger?
Tiger: Uhm, yeah. The most you will know of me is what you know of me already.
Peachy: Thanx, but my name is Ashley Gumtow. There is no pic of me up on the web.
Homer: No, sorry, i don't have a pic of Tiger. If you want so info, I suggest you to ask her personally

Chris wrote:

Has there been any talk of a Super Smash Bros. 2 yet?

BeckerManEX: Rumors, nothing more. Nintendo would be stupid to not pursue a sequel.
Hairball: Yes, but it doesn't seem like it'll happen.
Fox: Not that I've heard.
TWGamer: Nope, but it could be good on Gamecube!
Tiger: Not sure. It would sound like a neat game though. SSB was good.
Peachy: maybe...yes...no...i dunno.
Homer: no

Richie or mario brother wrote:

Can u please notify me by e-mailing me as fast as possible about more new Mario Force Gemini chapters because me and my friends love it.

BeckerManEX: Uh..ok, you have been NOTIFITED!!
Hairball: Keep checking out the site, as we get new parts to the story, we'll post 'em.
Fox: We will notify you.
TWGamer: Talk to Game Master (UltraLuigi) about it.
Tiger: Here.
Peachy: Speedy Delivery is thatawayz---->
Homer: E-mail the guy who wrote it

Proffessor Y. wrote:

If Bowser is around 10 feet tall and several tons in weight, then why how can he look so small in games like SMK and MK64? Oh, and Paper Mario has been delayed to early 2001, if you didn't know alrady.

BeckerManEX: He called Jenny Craig
Hairball: Good question, I have no idea. Probably due to game restrictions, and graphics, and that.
Fox: Bowser is special.
TWGamer: Good Point, and we knew about the Paper Mario delay.
Tiger: They don't want to waste pixels.
Peachy: AHAHAHAHA...no
Homer: If bowser if his orignal size in the game, he would fit the whole screen!

Heehee wrote:

Who let the dogs out

BeckerManEX: That futile attempt at humor is just lame, and that song sucks serious ass.
Hairball: You, and your bitch mother.
Fox: Don't look at me!
TWGamer: "Wake up, Neo...."
Tiger: the people that let the dogs out
Peachy: WHO, WHO WHO WHO: FireKraken
Homer: Hairball did

Annoying fan wrote:

I'm back. Some strange men in white coats took me from my home and gave me a new home all because I forgot the question I was going to ask you. My room is little and has padded walls. Every once in a while they would take me out of my room to give me medicine. I see some of the people here have moms who are bad at sewing because some of the shirts here have sleeves that are sewn together. Hope I see you soon. Oh my question I was trying to ask you was, how you are feeling?

BeckerManEX: How did you type with your hands tied behind your back...no wait..don't answer that.
Hairball: I am feeling un-excellent.
Fox: Finally someone went to a mental hospital
TWGamer: "You are in the construct... our Loading Program, we can load anything"
Tiger: Fine, thank you.
Peachy: Bad, because you're retarted question ruined my day.
Homer: I don't care

VGFer wrote:

When will VGF bring back there message boards? (If you do not know what I am talking about, go to www.vgf.com.)

BeckerManEX: Do we look like VGF?
Hairball: When they find out that they are screwing themselves up the ass. Oh wait, they are back already, heh.
Fox: How should we know?
TWGamer: Dunno what VGF is...
Tiger: This is SM64C, not VGF. Go ask those guys.
Peachy: Is this VGF.com?! I don't THINK so!
Homer: Why are you advertising?

perfectsim146 wrote:

what do you think would happen if mr. burns and mario had a baby?? I don't know, they could call him Mr.Mario.......ahahahahahahahahahahah......that isn't funny. Why am I laughing?? Help me get out of this box......to be continued

BeckerManEX: To be Contined? I am titilated with delight.
Hairball: Because of your homosexuality.
Fox: Jesus..some people have strange minds.
TWGamer: "..no-one has ever tried this before, Neo" "That's why it must work"
Tiger: I don't want to think about that.
Peachy: You're screwed up. Simple as that.
Homer: Mario would be yellow and have holes in his dead

Gormandizer wrote:

Mario Tennis: Which character is the best? So far I find that Boo best suits me. His trick serves are sweet. Wario goes well with him as a partner. Waluigi is good too. One other question: Why the hell does the ball get a pink tail only half the time I hit A B together? The ball IS above me and it is not a backhand. Ppl who do not own Mario Tennis, it is best to ignore this!

BeckerManEX: No idea.
Hairball: Mario and Yoshi, are the best characters for me.
Fox: I like DK
TWGamer: I've never played Mario Tennis
Tiger: I dunno, I don't have it. I want to buy the GBC version though. That will rock. Mario Golf was really good.
Peachy: What the hell are you talking about?
Homer: I don't play Mario Tennis

More Updates wrote:

Hairball you are a lazy bastard! Don't you the excuse "Oh I can only update on saturdays because of school" Give me a break you can't have that much homework!

BeckerManEX: Yeah, he is right. I mean I have been through 13 years of school, and not once did I have more than 2 hours of homework a night.
Hairball: It's kinda both. Yes, I am lazy. And yes, I do get a lot of homework, I usually get at least 1-2 hours each day, and when projects come along, it's usually 3 hours+.
Fox: Yah HB, you little bastard!
TWGamer: This is the truest statement ever posted in the two-year history of the E-Mailbag at Super Mario 64 Central.
Tiger: Uhm, school is more important, and homework is top priority. If you have free time, why dont YOU update the site?
Peachy: It's not ALL his fault. It's our fault as well. We write the stuff and without stuff there's nothing to update.
Homer: Do you have homework in Grade 10? Or are you still in Grade4?

Dark Luigi (thelogue@pacbell.net) wrote:

do you allow pics in the e-mailbag?

BeckerManEX: ( o )( o ) Tell me what those are and get back to me.
Hairball: Yes, if they are appropriate.
Fox: Maybe...that's up to HB.
TWGamer: "..believe what you want to believe..."
Tiger: Apparently no.
Peachy: maybe...
Homer: no

he he ho wrote:

Do you know where I can find the GameCube? And can you tell me when the Atari comes out? Thank You! ^%#$%(^$^*%$$(%&$^*$*%^$&^%&*(%%^(&%Sorry, I had to get that out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Get OUT!
Hairball: In your local video game store in 2001.
Fox: Gamecube wont be on sale untill October 2001. I don't know about Atari.
TWGamer: Oh shut the hell up.
Tiger: In the future. The Atari has come out already.
Peachy: It's not out yet. Learn how to type.
Homer: Goto Japan next year

amanda hugandkiss wrote:

You Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving! What for you have nothing to be thankful for!

BeckerManEX: Yeah, crazy Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October,riiigghht.
Hairball: At least that day is more meaningful than Columbus Day.
Fox: Please don't post comments like this.
TWGamer: I'm no canadian, dumbass
Tiger: They have a different thanksgiving in like october. What freaky things those stupid canadians do.
Peachy: Shut the f*** up that's insulting to Canadians.
Homer: We give each others turkeys!

Wondering wrote:

Where the hell is AVX?! It says coming Aug. 2000 and it is frickin' October!

BeckerManEX: Two more weeks, and the wait will be over. An Entertainment Experience like no other.
Hairball: Audio-Video Extremes.
Fox: Ask BeckerManEX, he owns it.
TWGamer: Ask Becker about that one
Tiger: Okay..I don't know what you are talking about...
Peachy: Dunno.
Homer: ....

David wrote:

Thanks for the Yoshi Beanie. Umm, may you host my site Fox? It's http://www.dtgamewizards.homestead.com/index.html Fox, when will you host my site? I'll be waiting, actually, I have since summer. Thanks Fox and Hairball!What else am I supposed to say next?

BeckerManEX: null
Hairball: Check out GamingComplex.com for the details, I can also help you since I'm hosting support staff.
Fox: Apply at http://www.gamingcomplex.com/hosting/index.html and we'll see.
TWGamer: This is a pointless mail I can't be bothered to Answer.
Tiger: Ask Fox, not us.
Peachy: Ask Fox. Am I Fox? Didn't think so.
Homer: You're the guy who won the contest?

Psycho wrote:

Why can't nintendo make any, you know, what is it..., GOOD GAMES?

BeckerManEX: They are all good, the real thing would be to say, When will Square make a good game?
Hairball: That made absolutely no sense.
Fox: They have many good games.
TWGamer: Super Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time, F-Zero X, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Story, Starfox 64 may I go on....
Tiger: Because Nintendo makes the BEST GAMES.
Peachy: Oh, I dunno, maybe 'cause thay just HATE YOU.
Homer: they do have good games, it's just because you have no taste in games

Ryan wrote:

If Metal Mario and Bowser with a beam laser figth who will beat the crap out of each other?

BeckerManEX: Yoshi.
Hairball: In that situation, they are BOTH beating the crap out of one another.
Fox: Mario always wins!
TWGamer: I dunno
Tiger: Bowser. the Metal plates would overheat and kill Mario. Bowser is awesome.
Peachy: Mario would win all da way.
Homer: Both die

Person wrote:


BeckerManEX: It shall be done............................
Hairball: I will, some day.....
Fox: I am already dead. In case no one has told you..I am a vampire!
TWGamer: do I know you?
Tiger: That is a statement, not a question.
Peachy: Sure, no prob. *Peachy rips off Fire's head and hands it to him on a platter.*
Homer: OKAY!!!!!!