E-Mailbag for September 30, 2000

David wrote:

Could you give me all the tip's you can find for mario 64

BeckerManEX: We have a Super Mario 64 FAQ for that. And just so you know FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, which this one is.
Hairball: All the tips that we got are in the Mario 64 FAQ in the Game Help section of the site.
Fox: That could take hours...
TWGamer: http://www.sm64c.com/games/supermario64cheats.html -ahem
FireKraken: I'm too lazy...find them yourself.
Peachy: Well, I most certainly will NOT type every tip I know down on this emailbag. Look in the Game Help section.
BigHornSheep: Don't run too fast, you will fall.

Scooter wrote:

I'm right with you about having a second Super Mario 64 game!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Good?
Hairball: Yeah, it would be good, but too bad it won't happen. We'll have to wait for the GAMECUBE.
Fox: Yes, a second game would be good!
TWGamer: yay! Roll on Gamecube!
FireKraken: I know yes k?
Peachy: Goody for you.
BigHornSheep: I'm pretty sure Nintendo will make a Super Mario 64 2nd.

Jack Shine wrote:

I think your mailbag site should be monitored for content. I have allowed my 10 year old sons to vist and respond until now!!!. I was quite disappointed and frankly angry to find talk about pornography, condoms, explicit language etc. I have changed their access capapbility to the net so access to your site will not be allowed. clean up your act!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Enter the 21st century grandpa. This is an age where sex, drugs, and other language are everywhere. If you let your kids go to public school, they are getting stuff worse than what is posted on this site. And for someone who obviously has kids, your grammer and sentence structure is really poor. Let me guess, a 4th grade drop-out? Thought so.
Hairball: If you think we've got a lot of inappropriate stuff, you should see some other sites. Going on the Internet means that you accept the responsibilities. You've seen nothing compared to the streets, malls, high schools, etc. Bad language is nothing compared what's out there today.
Fox: Monitored? We write this shit up!
TWGamer: We are sorry, but we are not responsible for the content readers send to our site, but i think Hairball64 puts the rude ones in so the page will be funny for Adults as well as teens. The rest of the site is ok for your son though.
FireKraken: Well, that's too bad. Thanks to that one jerk that screwed it up for those poor, poor kids...
Peachy: Ever heard of PARENT SUPERVISION? It's your own fault.
BigHornSheep: I have said before and I shall say it again, alot of sites now adays have just as much "bad stuff" as we do, we are trying our best by not having cussing in the nickname in our chatroom, that's pretty much all we can do, and with all due respect, your children probably know more "bad stuff" then us, weather or not we promote that on our site, and the truth of the matter is that it is your responsibility teaching your children what is right and what is wrong, you don't come to us and complain we have "bad stuff" on our web site. And that's all I have to say about that. - Forrest Gump.

Waluigi wrote:

After going to many Nintendo websites, I noticed that the majority of people hate or just don`t really care for Waluigi. Why?? Most people say he is unimaginative and a complete copy of Wario and Luigi. That seemed to make sense, but after playing Mario Tennis, Waluigi seems like a whole new character. Waluigi and Wario don`t have that much in common. Wario is mischivus (spelling) and greedy, while Waluigi is really mean and angry. Wario hasn`t really been seen as much of a serious enemy since Wario`s Woods or Wario and Mario, but I could see Waluigi as being a bad guy. Now, he is a little like Luigi, being Wario`s taller, younger brother. But, Waluigi doesn`t remind me much of Luigi. While Luigi is just taller than Mario, who is just short and not really very fat, Waluigi is much taller and lankier than Wario, who is both short, fat, and rich out of his mind. What do you guys think of him?

BeckerManEX: Thanks for the input.
Hairball: I think what you think, not much more that I could add.
Fox: Waluigi is a character that really wasn't needed.
TWGamer: Having not played Mario tennis, I wouldn't know much about the relationship between Luigi, Mario, Wario and WaLuigi.
FireKraken: Thank you for boring me more then I already am.
Peachy: I, frankly, don't give a damn.
BigHornSheep: I still think Mario is best looking.

Lucero De Ybarrondo wrote:

Hi, Im loking, for a Mario Wallpaper for my new computer. Can you tell me SOON were to find one, or can you send me one? Thank you, Lucero luz_09@hotmail.com

BeckerManEX: Many of the Mario sites on the internet have these. Try going to sites and advertise video game wallpaper.
Hairball: Well, we don't have any wallpapers here, yet. But I would recommend checking out the original Mario Party site, they have lotsa nice Mario wallpapers. Here's the link: www.marioparty.com
Fox: Check the downloads section.
TWGamer: Check out TMK @ http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/
FireKraken: Tell you soon? You should've emailed one of us if you wanted it soon...
Peachy: I have no freakin clue.
BigHornSheep: Take a look at our download section, see what you can find.

Richard wrote:

You need more pictures of luigi in you downloads area thats not really fair to luigi you got his brother good but not him thanks

BeckerManEX: Three words, Super MARIO Central.
Hairball: The point is Mario is much more popular and significant than Luigi is, that's why there's a section for Mario, but not Luigi.
Fox: The name of the site is Super MARIO 64 Central.
TWGamer: Better get HB to put some in then.
FireKraken: ...Once again, this is not Super LUIGI 64 Central. So get of off Mario's back!
Peachy: Since this is a Super MARIO site, I don't think anyone gives a damn about Luigi.
BigHornSheep: This site is mainly about Mario.

Johnny wrote:

In Super Mario 64 what do i need to do in the black room of death? Note: He sent this message 7 times)

BeckerManEX: Seven Times! Good god kid lay off the caffine and don't hit the submit button so much. You can't do anything, you have to reset the game because it isn't called the Black Room of Death for anything.
Hairball: If you were any brighter, you could've looked in the Game Help section, or use the god damn search engine.
Fox: ask Hairball
TWGamer: you 'do' whatever you like
FireKraken: Hit the jump button until your finger hurts.
Peachy: I think you need to get your finger fixed for pressing enter too much.
BigHornSheep: You wait inside until you die.

Super Wario wrote:

First, I would like to say, "YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!!". Your Mail bag, chat room, or message board won't let me write in them, why? P.S. The Poll for a new site name won't let me vote any more,why?

BeckerManEX: We have a poll?
Hairball: Maybe you have a very outdated browser...and you can only vote once on the poll, which has been taken down now.
Fox: Thank you. Check your browser settings.
TWGamer: I haven't a clue, sorry.
FireKraken: Hmm, might be a problem with something.
BigHornSheep: You can only vote once on the poll, your keyboard is messed up if you can't type.

Dissapointment wrote:

A while ago I sent a serios messege to you guys, but my message never made it to you guys. Whoever chooses the messages for the E-Mailbag rather have someone who likes to stare at Daiseys legs then my message. Heres the quetion anyways. I am making a comicstrip of two koopas going on adventures together. One of the koopas is male and the other is female. I was wondering if I should have the koopas romanticly invovled with each other. Please be serois. I really need a opinion on this.

BeckerManEX: Ahahahhah, serious ok, to tell you the truth It would be funnier if they weren't..then you could explore that "avenue" in later strips.
Hairball: Sure, why not? It's just a natural part of life.
Fox: Yes, they should have wild sex right in front of the Mario gang. Make sure they have condoms.
TWGamer: umm... well, if you like... umm...
FireKraken: If you are making this story for your own use, then why should we tell you what to do? Personally, i think they should find other little koopas. Then we'll see where the story goes from there....little curious freaks.
Peachy: Well, Hairball chooses the questions, and I don't think he likes Daisy. Next, have you ever played a ROMANTIC Mario game? If Solar were here, it would be back to the Porno in Mushroom Land act.
BigHornSheep: Is your comicstrip, do whatever you want, but I like it better if it is romantic.

A Giant Carp wrote:

In Super Smash Bros. Why Can't you hang on to the edges in the Mario Bros. Level?

BeckerManEX: Don't own it, played it once.
Hairball: Because unlike the other levels, there is no "end" to the level, so they just put an "end" at the sides, it's kinda confusing, but there isn't really a reason.
Fox: Because you can't
TWGamer: I don't understand the question, sorry
FireKraken: You can.
Peachy: I dunno.
BigHornSheep: Because they want you to die.

Some Giant Trout wrote:

Where does Waluigi come from? Excellent site!!

BeckerManEX: It comes from Wal and uigi.
Hairball: From his mommy and daddy, obviously.
Fox: Waluigi is Luigi's couterpart
TWGamer: He comes from Mario Tennis! Thanks!
FireKraken: The minds of Nintendo.
Peachy: He comes from up your ass. Thank you.
BigHornSheep: People say he is Wario and Luigi combined.

Gormandizer wrote:

Hey! Who's your favorite character for Smash Bros.? Mine is Kirby because of his floating powers, cheap edge guarding techniques, and ability to change. Go SM64C!!!!

BeckerManEX: My favorite character is Kirby all the way, you can't be puffball greatness.
Hairball: Yoshi!
Fox: I like Link, he is quick!
TWGamer: Kirby is great, so is Ness and Captain Falcon, they're all pretty even fighters.
FireKraken: Kirby, DK, and Jigglypuff (in that order).
Peachy: You are a LITTLE too cheery and it's scaring me.
BigHornSheep: Pikachu, I choose you.

Ra Shawn Marshall wrote:

Will Nintendo be able to team up with Sony to create Super Smash Bros. 2for Nintendo 64 and PSX?

BeckerManEX: Ahahaha, Nintendo doesn't need to team up with Sony to create SSB2, because all of the characters are Nintendo licenses.
Hairball: Unfortunately, that won't happen, BUT, from what I heard, there is going to be a Crash Bandicoot game on the upcoming GAMECUBE.
Fox: I don't think so.
TWGamer: No! The playstation sucks! It's a piece of s**t 32-Bit! Smash Bros. will only be on N64 or Gamecube!
FireKraken: Never. PSX only wishes that they had a game as good as SSB under thier belt!
Peachy: Sorry about my pissy mood I just got 2 teeth pulled and I'm a LITTLE ANGRY. But for the question, probably not because they are two different systems and I would be scared 'cause WW3 might start up.
BigHornSheep: Doesn't Nintendo and Sony hate each other?

Blue Yoshi wrote:

Why Does Mario win every game he plays,(Tennis,golf,Karting) Even though he is an over-weight,pasta-chomping Fat-ass?

BeckerManEX: Yes.
Hairball: Bah, how would I know.
Fox: Because he's cool!
TWGamer: Notice Golf and Karting aren't that highly-active sports, and on tennis he is just a.. well, on a diet.. maybe.
FireKraken: I guess you should know he's a fat-ass since you're the one that he rides all the time...
Peachy: Well, um, YOU make him win.
BigHornSheep: Because he is the main character, he has to win.

Yeah... right. wrote:

Some of you guys need an attitude adjustment. I've seen some really simple questions and you guys have to go and reply with stupid answers and usually don't answer the qusetions at all! You need to clean up your act. P.S. In the E-Mailbag for September nine, 2000, one person by the name of Bot1 responded. How did he do that? I thought only mods, Admins, and BigHornSheep could do that.

BeckerManEX: The reason we give stupid answers sometimes is for comic relief to the truely innane questions we get like yours for example. If I wanted to be mean and stupid I could tell you to go jump off of a freaking cliff and poke a goat in the anus? Am I going to do that no, I am going to be intelligent and tell you to screw off and don't be such a goddamn whinner. whinners
Hairball: It's X-Bot, he's a staff member here at the site, he just wanted to comment on that question, so I put in his comment, since it was regarding hosted sites. As for those stupid comments, sometimes it's not worth wasting 30 seconds to answer a lame question.
Fox: Dunno
TWGamer: Blame it all on HB. It depends on what mood we are in when we answer the Q's. I was stressed last time, but ok this time.
FireKraken: Yes. HA! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
Peachy: Well EXCUSE us! (Well, excuse them, because I've never done an e-mailbag before). There are some dumb ass questions so we answer them with DUMB ASS answers. HA!
BigHornSheep: Huh? Ok.

*Bleep* you wrote:

you guy are the biggest liers ever. you are supposed to update this damn site every week but you lie so *bleep* YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Harry, it's for you.
Hairball: Jesus Christ, I just missed one update, and everyone goes insane over me.
Fox: School comes first ASS!!!
TWGamer: HBislazy(cough)HBislazy
FireKraken: Yes, *bleep* you too...*bleep* your mother, your father, and your little siblings! *bleep* all the stupid morons like you that have some wierd obsession with HOLDING DOWN THE !. *bleepity* *bleep* *bleep* yeah.
Peachy: Maybe we are just busy with school. It's Harry's fault, anywayz.
BigHornSheep: Because the owner is too lazy.

Swoosh wrote:

I noticed you guys had a scan of the Super Mario 64 strategy guide on your site. Isn't there a Nintendo render pic in there with mettalic Mario? I think it would be cool if you could scan that and put it in the download section :).

BeckerManEX: To my knowledge we have such a picture.
Hairball: Good idea, I guess.
Fox: That would be illegal and we would get in soooo much shit!!
TWGamer: Nice idea, put it on HB's 'to do' pile for him.
FireKraken: Sounds like a good idea.
Peachy: Um...ok...yeah.
BigHornSheep: Hairball is lazy.

JonGoad wrote:

How do i get 1345 stars on GameShark in Super Mario 64 ?.

BeckerManEX: Stop using a gameshark and find the nearest freeway. Start a soccer game where two off ramps are goals. Play until killed by 18-wheelers. Thank you.
Hairball: ...
Fox: Enter a code, how else!
TWGamer: You need a life first. Your parents are worried (see below) :)
FireKraken: Get a gameshark and waste your time looking for a worthless code that will give you that many stars when you won't even do anything with them.
Peachy: I tried that before. It didn't work.
BigHornSheep: You can't.

Bill and Sue Goad wrote:

We are the parents of Jon Goad (Jonmg64) and wish to apologize for him and explain to you a little about him. He is 16 and is mentally retarded and absolutely loves playing Nintendo 64 games. We let him online once in a while to look up things and try to moniter what he does, sometimes things slip past us. We've told him not to email anyone unless he has our permission. We talked to him about it and he won't do it again. He really enjoys your web site. Thanks for your patience!!' Bill and Sue Goad Bpg40x@aol.com

BeckerManEX: Thank you.
Hairball: Well geeze, I don't know what I can say. But hey, I won't be getting crap e-mails from that guy anymore.
Fox: Thank you!
TWGamer: How nice. I'm glad this settles this matter that i didn't know about
FireKraken: Patience? I know not what you speak of...
Peachy: Ok, I can understand that 'cause my cousin is too. But if this is a prank, it's lame.
BigHornSheep: No problem.

Jed wrote:

HEY,i sent a message to your emailbag and it did not get posted, why

BeckerManEX: Anyone named Jed could never be posted in our mailbag, find any "black gold" out there?
Hairball: Not all e-mails are posted, we can't possibly post every single one because if we do, every e-mailbag would be like 10 pages long.
Fox: We can't post everyones
TWGamer: It's being posted now, isn't it, dumbass
FireKraken: Because that day was not your day.
Peachy: Because nobody likes you. Now go away.
BigHornSheep: Because it probably sucked.

Mewrio9000 wrote:

I have now got IE5.5 and have downloaded the Mario browser file. After running setup, I clicked the link. It came up with the message: The browser is not registered.

BeckerManEX: The user is not intelligent
Hairball: Screw your Mario browser, IE5.5 is good enough, you'll look like a sissy if your friends come to your house.
Fox: Then register it.
TWGamer: I don't have that Mario Browser, sorry.
FireKraken: And what do you want us to do, o questionless man.
Peachy: I'm happy for you.
BigHornSheep: Which means you have to register your browser, is really simple.

Corey wrote:

hi. im wondering how i unlock Donkey Kong Jr., and what other extra things can i do in the game?

BeckerManEX: What game would this be?
Hairball: Beat the Star Cup doubles tournament, and you'll get DK Jr. Check out our Mario Tennis codes, for that info, and stay tuned for an upcoming Mario Tennis FAQ.
Fox: I havent done that myself so I don't now.
TWGamer: What game are you talking about? If it's DK64, you can't unlock it.
FireKraken: That is a fine statement with a question mark.
BigHornSheep: Just beat the game.