E-Mailbag for September 9, 2000

Nondeesk@aol.com wrote:

Do you know if any mario kart, party, or sports games are going to be on gamecube?

BeckerManEX: There have been no official confirmations, but Nintendo is no fool, seeing how well they performed on the N64, the will most certainly be back.
Hairball: Although nothing's been announced, it's almost certain there will be a Mario Kart on the Gamecube, since there will be one for the GBA.
FireKraken: Probably?
TWGamer: Most likely...
Chelsmiester10: How should I know i'm not an info booth!
SolarGamer: Mario Kart moslt likey...Mario Party probably...Sports games most likely.
BigHornSheep: Check out the feature GameCube page at IGN, I'm not sure.

SGHYPER@aol.com wrote:

Why does Part 7 of the Super Mario Saga remind me of a Batman movie? Did SolarGamer meant to do that, or was it just a coincidence?

BeckerManEX: All of the Batman movies is horrible, I sure hope Solar didn't mean to do that.
Hairball: I don't know, we'll just has to wait and see what happens in the Saga.
FireKraken: Probably?
TWGamer: Interesting thought, but I doubt he meant it to do that
Chelsmiester10: Maybe its because you're too stupid to know what it really means!!!
SolarGamer: No it was NOT a coincidence...you will see why later. If you watch the begining of Batman Returns you will actually see how quite different they are. Same concept, totally different idea. Just give it a few episodes and all will see >:-)>
BigHornSheep: Not for me, I shall shut up.

AltecLansig wrote:

What can you tell me about Beckerman's websites? He seems to be gud at them, but I c that noone of them are op[en right now. Was up wit that?

BeckerManEX: You want the full story? Well to begin my first site opened in late 1997 under The 64 Zone name. It then transfered to Zone 64, and them I merged with Hairball to created N64 Plus. During N64 Plus' one day open we closed it. Harry went on to start SM64 Central. I then started Gaming Extremist Online with my friend, Rod Armstrong. After our first anniversary we closed down, never to open again. My current projects are an "Secret Project", and a few other projects for friends of mine at Site5.
Hairball: Erich likes to keep the public waiting for the opening of his sites, and darn, it's been a year now.
FireKraken: Hmm.......sounds like a dilemma
TWGamer: Ask him...
Chelsmiester10: Do you go to school? You need spelling lessons. Anyways, stop bothering me with little kiddy questions!!!
SolarGamer: I does not knew much is about the one you call Becker.
BigHornSheep: Not for me, I shall shut up, again.

AvonKid wrote:

What happened to the Crossed Spectrums story that your site had. I had great visual images, and an awesome story that could really work. Please tell the authro to bring it back!!!!!11!!

BeckerManEX: Crossed Spectrums was a test for me to see how well I could publish a novella of sorts. I have had awesome praise with my many editorial essays on ESCMAG, but it was a trial to see how will it would do. The response seemed above average. If you really want to see more of story, email the site and let us know.
Hairball: That's Becker, again.
FireKraken: Don't ask me...
TWGamer: Talk to BeckerManEX
Chelsmiester10: Ask him yourself, unless you're too stupid too!
SolarGamer: Becker Becker bo Becker wrote it.
BigHornSheep: I just start working at this site, I'm not sure what you are talking about. Pass on to you HB.

The Mighty Man wrote:

What is up with your hosted sites? RareZone is laughable at best for a site, and this Nintendo backwards site looks like it came from the backwards end of the South. As for your affiliates, I don't beleive that I would affiliate with half of the sites that are listed on your site. K-gaming is basically a joke right? right? AVX or what ever that thing is isn't even open, and all of the text linked sites need some work.

BeckerManEX: It is not my place to rip on sites, but AVX (Audio Visual Extremes) isn't open because it is a promo for a site currently under production. Two years in the making, it will blow your skinny butt away.
Hairball: Well...the real point of affiliates is to bring more hits to the site, and getting a reputation on the Internet.
FireKraken: We like to keep a broad view of everybody else....
TWGamer: You f**king bastard, how dare you diss my site - If you don't like it then piss off, I'm not even reading the rest of your blabber.
Chelsmiester10: You don't like this site? Oh, i'm sooo sorry. NOT!
SolarGamer: RareZone is ok...the other sites I agree.
BigHornSheep: Yes a lot of them need help, but it seems like they are not the only ones that need help.
X-Bot: Comment 1: Ahahahah… to be serious for a moment, don't make be biquadratically beat you. Second, let us take a gander at your site… I didn't think so. Third, Odnetnin, the "Odd Network of Nintendo" will have a fresh new design soon. Fourth, stop bickering about SM64 Central, make some constructive comments instead. Fifth, my site is just for fun, it isn't a chore, and it's non-profitable. Now, I suggest some therapy, or you should proceed to jump of a bridge. Comment 2: What is up with the Mighty Man? He is laughable at best for a person, and his personality looks like it came from the backwards end of the South. As for Mighty Man's site, I don't beleive that anyone would affiliate with his mess. His site is basically a joke right? right?

Jessica wrote:

hey, i was just curious if any of the games from the marios series have been put on disc for Playstation.If you know of any, please send some information of where i can find them, online or elsewhere. Please remember that i need it for a Playstation set, not Nintendo. email me at Jessied85@aol.com. thank you for your time.

BeckerManEX: Nintendo games on a Sony system isn't going to happen.
Hairball: Hey it might work by putting your Gamecube Mario game onto your PS2 when it comes out...or....will it?
FireKraken: NO!! NEVER!! You freaking MORON!!! Mario is NINTENDO owned...they would NEVER sell Mario to PSX!
TWGamer: The Playstation sucks, and everyone knows it, and Nintendo would never put Mario on a piece of s**t like that
Chelsmiester10: No, mario is by Nintendo, not playstation! There is a big difference between the two! And you're thanking me for my time? I dont think it was 3 seconds before I knew the answer to your dumb question!
SolarGamer: S-T-U-P-I-D. Why would Nintendo give their number 1 game franchise to their number one enemy? D-U-M-B!
BigHornSheep: I am pretty sure that was never done.

Datadyne corparaton wrote:


BeckerManEX: Someone didn't take his Prozac this morning.
Hairball: How interesting.
FireKraken: We've got a condom? They don't say that in that game...Try "We've got a CONTACT" sheesh
TWGamer: I don't remember 'We've got a condom', Cassandra...
Chelsmiester10: What have you been smoking?
SolarGamer: I am still stuck on what a condom had to do with any of this.
BigHornSheep: OK!

Brian wrote:

Will Namek make images for other sites for some sort of trade off?

BeckerManEX: I wouldn't know.
Hairball: Namek only works for cool people like me, hehe.
FireKraken: Probably?
TWGamer: Ask him then, not me you fool..
Chelsmiester10: When will you peeps get it that i'm not an info booth? Stop with the idiotic questions already!!!!
SolarGamer: Yes.
BigHornSheep: I don't know, it's not like my name is Namek.

Tommy wrote:

Do you have any tips when facing Shy Guy in the Star Cup? (I'm using Toad)

BeckerManEX: Uh, hit the ball? I don't have Mario Tennis.
Hairball: There isn't any specific tips, try to learn your opponents patterns, so you can expect where they will hit the ball, and where they are in on the court. But be careful, cause they can learn your patterns too!
FireKraken: I've never played Mario Tennis.
TWGamer: I dunno what you mean by that
Chelsmiester10: Hmm.......try using a different player!!!!
SolarGamer: Facing Shy Guy in the Star Cup?? I is confused.
BigHornSheep: Well, I'll pass this one onto HB.

Annoying Fan wrote:

I am going to ask you the most important question in the world. It is so important that you better shut up and listen. It is so important that the exstance of my sanity depends on this single question. It is so important that if I don't ask you it my bird will squack all night. It is so important that even Hairball64 can make something this important. Now I will ask you and you reply o.k.? O.k. The question is... Oh no. I forgot. This it the worst thing that has ever happened to me. My bird is squacking. No no no!!!!!!! Wait. Maybe if I do nothing everything will get better.*****************************It's not working!!!!! Oh No!It's...not...work...king...Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: They only come out at night...but in this case, online.
Hairball: Haha, funny.
FireKraken: So...if I don't answer THEN you will go crazy?.....right
TWGamer: Hairball, why do you put these shitty questions in?
Chelsmiester10: You need a trip to the mental hospital, fast. Quick, get in the ambulance truck! Ready? Clear! Bzzzzzt!!!
SolarGamer: Oh look at me I am making people happy. Aren't I just the magical man from Happy Land. Who lives in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane.
BigHornSheep: You make my day funny.

farret master wrote:

I love the e-mailbag. Can I marry it?

BeckerManEX: By the power vested in me...
Hairball: No you can't, but the next best thing is being on it!
FireKraken: Not legally...well maybe you can legally now with this screwed up nation we live in.
TWGamer: No, it's married to HB
Chelsmiester10: No, you can't. There. A nice simple Q and A.
SolarGamer: LO....L?
BigHornSheep: E-mailbag, will you take Farret as your wife no matter what?

Whitehouse.com wrote:

Actually there are some 800 numbers that you have to pay for like 1-800-50-Girls and 1-800-Wet-Foxx (My favorite, ahhhh)

BeckerManEX: 1-800-YOUR-MOM is free still right? Just like she has always been.
Hairball: What good will it be if there are no pictures?
FireKraken: But still you don't HAVE TO pay for them...only when it asks for a credit card number..
Chelsmiester10: Eew what a totally sick question that i'm not answering!!!
SolarGamer: That was so last month.
BigHornSheep: That's cool.

NES Boy wrote:

Hi! People claim that, in Super Mario Brothers 1, all eight Bowsers are the same Bowser. Actully, the first seven Bowsers are fake. You can tell because if you defeat them all, all but the last Bowser will turn into an enemy as they fall. Here's the list of Bowsers: World 1: Goomba World 2: Green Koopa Troopa World 3: Buzzy Beetle World 4: Spiny World 5: Lakitu World 6: Bloober World 7: Hammer Brother World 8: Bowser That's all. I have listed all the enemies in disguise. Well, see you later! PS: SolorGamer, I haven't read the fake Part 6 of the Saga yet, and you took it down. Can you put it back up so I can look at it and give everyone a trip down Memory Lane? PPS: In the July 15, 2000 edition of the E-Mailbag, a guy named "inside a box shaped box" is writing a lot of questions involving Mario and it ends at 70 and "box" said there's supposed to be 120. "Box", can you write down the remaining questions (71-120)? They are funny!

BeckerManEX: They are not funny, and I demand you be stricken from the site for even thinking so.
Hairball: You're only about 15 years late.
FireKraken: Uhh...yeah...someone has too much free time on his hands...
TWGamer: Wow, I don't care, PS: It said 'Peach Blows Up' PPS: Don't encourage that psycho please..
Chelsmiester10: Do you EVER stop talking?
SolarGamer: HB has the fake Part 6...THE BEST DAMN PART OF THR SAGA if I say so myself...
BigHornSheep: HB, please post the fake part 6 story again, and write those questions down for this person here.

Edman wrote:

You guys really, really, really, suck!!!!!!!! You're nothing more than fat pussies who pick your noses and shove the boogers up your asses!! Oh yeah, can you tell me when Super Mario 64 II comes out? P.S. You guys are really, really, really, cool!!!!!!!Byyyyyyyeeeeee!!!

BeckerManEX: Thank you.
Hairball: How can we suck and be cool?
FireKraken: I tend to not listen to faggots....
TWGamer: Take out 'guys' in the first line and i say that back to you
Chelsmiester10: First, you say you hate us. Then, you say you like us. What's wrong with this picture?
SolarGamer: You must be Hairball's friend...right?
BigHornSheep: You are really, really, really, weird!!!!!!!!

One thing to write wrote:

In Super Mario 64, what happens if you shoot yourself from the cannon in front of the castle into the the glass picture of Peach over the door?

BeckerManEX: Ever seen the Monolith sequence in 2001? That's what.
Hairball: Absolutely nothing.
FireKraken: Hmm...ya know...I never thought about that...
TWGamer: Mario smashes his face in, and you fall
Chelsmiester10: Whoa, maybe you should try it and see for yourself instead of asking us!!! Good question, though.
SolarGamer: You will get to play as Luigi!!!!!
BigHornSheep: I don't know, find out for yourself.

Silence wrote:


BeckerManEX: Everything is falling into place.
Hairball: Who the hell is Bob Saget?
FireKraken: What the hell?
TWGamer: Oh shut up.
Chelsmiester10: Have you been doing drugs?
SolarGamer: I like donuts it tastes yummy it tastes good in my own tummy?
BigHornSheep: That's nice.

Mario Fan wrote:

How do you feel about the upcomming new Nintindo game console?

BeckerManEX: It's the most awesome thing I have ever seen.
Hairball: I think the Gamecube name is nice, and the system design looks lame, and stupid. The controller is OK.
FireKraken: It looks sweeeet.
TWGamer: answer
Chelsmiester10: Huh? oh yeah, its great, whatever.
SolarGamer: I³ think³ that³ the³ new³ Nintendo³ Game³ console³ is³ Cube'erific³!³
BigHornSheep: It's great baby. I love it.

Growing Pains wrote:

Have you seen the legs on Daisey of Mario Tennis? Meeeoooooowwwww.

BeckerManEX: Someone who looks at computer generated characters needs a life, and a girlfriend.
Hairball: Have you seen the legs on Anna Kournikova?
FireKraken: I'm sure the legs don't meow...plus she's a VIDEO GAME!!! Get a life, loser.
TWGamer: We've had rapists, porn searchers and now people who perv at graphics.. What is this site???????
Chelsmiester10: No, I haven't. So stop with the dumb questions already!!
SolarGamer: I am still stuck on the legs of Wario...those legs could kill.
BigHornSheep: Oh yea baby.


Fan: Look! The fan pointed at Hairball64. A whole crowd ran over to Hairball64. The crowd ran over Hairball64 and surrounded a famous movie star behind Hairball64.

BeckerManEX: See, no one likes Canadians (j/k)
Hairball: YAY! I'M FAMOUS!
FireKraken: What the hell?
Chelsmiester10: You have a serious problem. You should really talk to someone about it.
SolarGamer: Oh...LOL! I though that the crowd was going to look and admire Hairball because he looked like a big gaint hairy ball...hehehehe. My mistake.
BigHornSheep: That's not funny. It's very stupid.

Charles wrote:

Im new to this site, does this site give out more Nintendo games like Banjo-Kazooie?

BeckerManEX: I keep telling Hairball to enlarge the scope of games, but he won't listen.
Hairball: No it does not.
FireKraken: We don't give out games (I don't think).
TWGamer: Your local store gives out games too if you give them money..
Chelsmiester10: No. Go to www.nintendo.com if you want info. You should have known that before you asked us.
SolarGamer: Banjo sucks! Ga-huh!
BigHornSheep: Ask HB, I don't know.

I. P. Freely wrote:

gee I pee funny colors. Is there anything you can recommand hairball? Because I heard you had the same problem after getting a blow job from your mom.

BeckerManEX: Such intelligence...
Hairball: Ahhhhh...the good ol' classic Simpsons. And uh, the other part wasn't funny.
FireKraken: Getting a blowjob shouldn't make you pee different colors...
TWGamer: Oh, shut up..
Chelsmiester10: Oh geez, another commedy guy. Great.
SolarGamer: No No No No!! You idiot, he got a blow job from his dad. You are stupid.
BigHornSheep: I think you are the one that need a blow job. And while you are at it, get your f***ed brain fixed as well.

Jonmg64@aol.com wrote:

I found JonGoad with 126 stars Mario loves him very much

BeckerManEX: Good for you.
Hairball: Isn't that great?
FireKraken: I bet you did.
Chelsmiester10: You must watch too much TV.
SolarGamer: I happen to love McGaffin and Mario loves him to.
BigHornSheep: I'm so glad you did that. Good job.

Daniel Bates wrote:

how come you don't have anything to do with zelda? and before you say 'cos we're super mario64 central' what about your donkey kong reviews, don't see mario there do we? a long time ago they were enemies but thats it. i've fought against mario as link in super smash brothers, isn't that the same think. so come on, you can't have one rule for donkey and another for link

BeckerManEX: Crybaby.
Hairball: Actually, we have Donkey Kong 64 reviews because Mario is actually in the game as a cameo role. You can play as Mario on the DK arcade game. We usually don't review games with Mario cameo appearances, but DK64 was a big game.
FireKraken: Mario IS in DK64...but you havta find him.
TWGamer: You have a point.... so we'll take off the DK reviews :) j/k
Chelsmiester10: Oh yes we can! You want a bet? Hmm?
SolarGamer: 'cos we're super mario64 central...a long time ago they were enemies...Zelda has nothing to do with Mario. You answered your own questions. Good for you.
BigHornSheep: Huh? Ok.

Freezing Cool Joey wrote:

I didn't catch MIPS when i had less than 50 stars... now i have over 70, is there any way i can go back and get that star? or is it impossible for me to get 120 stars now?

BeckerManEX: I believe so.
Hairball: Catch MIPS twice, and you'll get both of your stars.
FireKraken: You can always go back.
Chelsmiester10: You can, that was just a secret castle star. P.S. You only have 70 stars?Whoa...
SolarGamer: If you erase your game 2 times and put the code 'B'A'Z'Z'A'R' you will have all 120 stars.
BigHornSheep: I think it is impossible.