E-Mailbag for August 19, 2000

Ryan (Ryu) McNamara wrote:

Your e-mail bag and message boards are crap. This whole site is starting to disappoint. I'm not even going to go into the chat room.

BeckerManEX: Some of this is true at the moment. It is a dry season for Mario game information so we are struggling to keep up fresh and new content. As for the message boards and email bag, we don't do this, our readers do this, so people like you are the ones who are making this site disappointing. The only way to correct it is to start publishing some intelligent comments and hope everyone jumps on the bandwagon. The more you know [NBC Logo flys by].
Hairball: Ummm...that's kind of very true.
TWGamer: Ah well, you can't win em' all
Tiger: Uh..yeah.
SolarGamer: LOL, What an idiot...he doesn't realize this is the height of SM64C's life...Oh wait, maybe he is right.

Sam Collins wrote:

I want to know if there is any more fun things to do once you get 120

Hairball: Sure, race a really big pengiun, fly outside the castle using the cannon, and err there are a few things.
TWGamer: When you get 120 stars, you get to see Yoshi, the penguin in the penguin race will be fatter, and much hard to beat (although it's still easy), and Bowser has a different message when you defeat him.
Tiger: Go and see that lovable dino Yoshi, and fly around the courtyard. No Royal Raceway though :(
SolarGamer: Make Mario run in circles.


BeckerManEX: Your site really suck, all you have that is good is the chatroom which frankly i can get to in another website, you can't spell worth sh*t, your
TWGamer: Someone didn't get his cookie this morning.
Tiger: What about that bitch, Tiger?
SolarGamer: (playing N64)

5 wrote:

I have no idea who wrote this...my guess is Hairball64. Hairball stop bad mouthing YOUR site.

Hairball: My kids have been to your site a lot and frankly I don't think they should. Your site has a lot of cursing in the e-mail bags. P.S. If you need help on your english don't hesitate to e-mail me. Sincerely, Linda Moore
TWGamer: Frankly, I think this site is rather tame compared to other sites on the internet. Unfortunatly this site is not binded by any network, so we have no restrictions, but this site would gain an Web E rating from the ESRB, becaue the language isn't too bad. And we usually put up warnings. PS: My English is very good thank you. Sincerely, Erich Becker
Tiger: Noooooo.....damn it.
SolarGamer: Don't blame us, blame the idiots who write this c**p in the mail

5 wrote:

Excuse me but go F*ck yourself lady...No one is really making

Tiger: Hi guys! I just have one problem. I was going on your site when an index page showed up I tried again and agian to go on the site but the next day they said that it was forrbiden! I managed to get on here but I did not see the homepage, plaese tell me what is going on. Plaese reply as soon as possible. Bye(:
SolarGamer: Someone at our host decided to urinate on the servers causing many cascade crashes.

3 wrote:

That was when the site was down. Good thing HB got it up again, eh?

BeckerManEX: That was a minor downtime for sm64c. Sorry for the inconvience.
Hairball: I have a problem too. I hate the George Bush Junior...Damn him and his evil ways. A POX! A POX I SAY!
Tiger: Could you please get a contest for Aus? If you have to, please get an

2 wrote:

We will not have contests for outside Canada and the USA, shipping costs are just too high, and the majority of the visitors are from North America.

BeckerManEX: It costs poor Hairball64 to send mail all the way across to you because he's rich but cheap.
Hairball: Shipping rates are expensive. We hire staff members as they apply.
TWGamer: Austrailia sucks more than Canada...go eat a dingo or something.
SolarGamer: SolarGamer, What kind of finale is that to the supposedly "100-part" Super mario saga. That doesn't answer any questions whatsoever, Nor did it tie the strange part 5 to the previous episodes. Were you just too lazy to keep your promise, or did it really take you a whole month to come up with that ending. I read in a previous emailbag that you had plans up to ep.50, and then a month later you give us the lamest ending out of any of the mario stories I've seen on this site. That part single handedly made the first mario

1 wrote:

Hey my story didn't end, I am planning the next 3 chapters!

BeckerManEX: Solar's probably on crack, that's why.
Hairball: Ending? Episode 6 is not the ending? Go and read it!
TWGamer: Thats solar's department, not mine.
Tiger: LOL, It was a JOKE. I am sorry for fooling you...Please don't be too mad. Since that joke I have made the Saga better than ever with a NEW SUPER MARIO SAGA ART page!!! Again sorry for that nasty joke.


BeckerManEX: I don't have any current plans to buy that game, but I do plan to rent.
Hairball: Chances are, I will buy it, but from what I see now, it doesn't look like a fun game to play.
TWGamer: Thanks for the compliments! I Probably won't, it looks a bit boring and the graphics aren't good.
Tiger: I guess...
SolarGamer: I am going to buy Paper Mario. It may not be nearly as good as the first one, but since the first one was so good I will give it a chance.

Printer wrote:

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

BeckerManEX: Who stuck the knife in the socket again!
Hairball: Telephone: RING...RING...RINNNGGG!!!...RING!
TWGamer: Bzzt! to you too!
Tiger: Bzzt!
SolarGamer: Oh I see so I guess everything is wraped up in A NEAT LITTLE PACKAGE!?!?!

Jason wrote:

I have some questions. Why does this site suck? Why is Hairball such an ass hole? Why is SolarGamer such an ass hole. Why does everyone like the E-mail bag so much? How can a little 14 year old boy like Hairball have a website? He is too young. Please answer this queestion with an ass hole answer, I know you won't let me down, because you answer all of your E-mails like that.

BeckerManEX: I don't know how to answer this.
Hairball: It sucks because we don't spend every single minute of our lives working on it. I don't know why Solar is an asshole. You can never be too young to have a website...
TWGamer: 1-4 dunno 5 anyone can do it, dummy and this is an asshole answer so haha go play pokemon snap
Tiger: HB is not 14, he is just a fat 20something that can't do anything but act as a 14yr old. Ha.
SolarGamer: Well frankly little loser...I am proud to be an asshole. I have a life off the computer you know, why don't you get one as well. By the way it is funny that these little pricks have the time to write hate mail to a site that they supposedly hate. Which brings me back to GET A LIFE!

George wrote:

Happy Crayonbox Day! Everyone throw their crayonboxes as high as you can! Yippee!

BeckerManEX: Ahh the box is coming down and the crayons have turned into 164 sharp pointy things!!
Hairball: I don't have any crayons now, maybe I'll steal some from my sis.
TWGamer: Yay!
Tiger: Sorry, have no crayonboxes left.
SolarGamer: Water Sucks, it really really sucks!?!?!

zombie45 wrote:

Why doesn't nintendo make another Mario kart? The first mario kart in snes is way much better than mario kart 64.

BeckerManEX: Its called Mario Kart Advance, thank you.
Hairball: Nintendo is making a new Mario Kart for the Game Boy Advance!
TWGamer: Nintendo are making Mario Kart Advance for the Game Boy Advance.
Tiger: Mario Kart is coming for GBA. Looks nice.
SolarGamer: They are idiot. If you pay attention to the news they are making a new Mario Kart for the Game Boy Advance. The GBA one will be like the SNES one, so stop your bitching.

Dinobot743 wrote:

Hi, is there a chance that some of the idea's from Mario 64 (The 3 caps)and/or past Mario games will be used in the new Star Cube Mario game? I'd like to see the Fire Flower and Cape return.

BeckerManEX: It is very possible that this will happen, but we only have to wait till next week to see what Nintendo really has in store for us as Space World 2000 takes place and Mario AND Zelda are rumored to be shown.
Hairball: We shall see...
TWGamer: I have no idea, anyway what is this Star Cube thing? I thought it was called Dolphin?
Tiger: Star Cube? Those rumors really seeped into your brain.
SolarGamer: I don't know considering that NO ONE but Nintendo Of Japan knows.

Koopa Kid wrote:

1. Why is there only 3 koopas in Super Mario 64? 2. In Super Mario Bro. for NES, koopas could fly. How come koopas can't fly in Super Mario 64. It would of been better than Shy Guy hogging the sky. 3. Where is the furniture in the Mushroom castle? It has no beds, kitchen, ballroom, guestrooms, giant statues, or resting places.

BeckerManEX: Uh, someone is looking too much into this.
Hairball: 1. Super Mario 64 was supposed to have more puzzles and challenges, rather than having tons and tons of enemies. 2. Same as #1. 3. Umm...
TWGamer: 1. They were all on vacation at the time, 2. I don't know, 3.Peach is having the place decorated, so it's all over at Mario's house
Tiger: 1,2,3 Lazy.
SolarGamer: I dunno. I think you are asking to many stupid questions though.

Whitehouse.com wrote:

Whitehouse.com is one hell of a site! Thanks SolarGamer. But I can't afford that damn 800 number.

BeckerManEX: 800 numbers are free.
Hairball: Anyone can afford an 800 number, they are FREE! But 900 numbers on the other hand...
TWGamer: well well
Tiger: Uh...thats a porn site...
SolarGamer: LOL...Oh wait a second...I think I am going to be sick to my stomache...

Mage wrote:

Hey, since you fired me, does that mean you'll post my mailbag q's finnally? My question is: Why doesn't hairball back up sm64c every once in a while?

BeckerManEX: I guess this is proof you are in the bag.
Hairball: Actually...you are on this e-mailbag...
TWGamer: Mage can answer his own question, as i'd be crap at it
Tiger: Cause he's an idiot.
SolarGamer: He doesn't back it up because I think he hates this site and it is master goal to make everyone else hate it as well.

Avatar of Will wrote:

1) An exercise in logic: The following statement will contain immportant information. The previous statemant was false. 2) I pity all of you for having to put up with the people who come here. 3)ACTUAL QUESTIONS: a)What world would you like carried over from SM64 to SMStarCube? b)What was your least favorite world on SM64? c)What's the worst part of running this site?

BeckerManEX: I want the first level carried over, I really don't like Tick Tock Clock or Rainbow Ride, and I don't run the site I only work here, I run my own site where I have full creative control, http://www.gamingex.com/avx/
Hairball: 1. None of them, I don't want the same worlds in a new game. 2. Big Boo's Haunt, that was one of the most frustrating worlds in the game. 3. Updating the boring sections...
TWGamer: 1. I don't get it, 3a. I don't really mind, 3b. Tick Tock Clock (damn clock") 3c. The E-Mailbag and as i'm forced to do it at 11pm at night on a friday!
Tiger: HB knows no logic, his brain is total mush.
SolarGamer: a) STARCUBE is NOT the name of Nitendo's next gen console so I don't know what you are talking about. b) Tick Tock Clock. c) The stupid fans :-)

Phatman wrote:

Hi SM64C! I'd just like to correct you. The worst site on the net was not that DKR site, rather it is: http://www.homestead.com/dolphinreviews/index.html At least the DKR site had some magic codes. If you search the Homestead directory, you can find some REALLY crappy sites. Is Homestead good or bad? I am disputing this because it allows the dumbest of the dumest to create a website. If such idiots land a spot in cyberspace, I give the internet another 5 years. And one more question. Why do all of the other staff members find it so fun and easy to make fun of Hairball? Uh-oh! This letter has no spellimg mistakes, can you still post it?

BeckerManEX: Hairball is an easy target, he is young and Canadian, two requirements to be made fun of.
Hairball: It was just an example, I can bet you anything that 99% of the sites on the net suck. I'm not sure Homestead is good or not, but from what I've seen it sucks. We just find it a lot of fun making fun of each other.
TWGamer: Head over to http://www.acmecity.com/ and go into the pokemon area, these aren't crap, these are not SITES at ALL! I've never tried homestead, it has one spellimg mistake wiseguy.
Tiger: Okay.
SolarGamer: I like the movie Jaws...That is all.

BlackDragon25629 wrote:

Has any of you played Kirby64? Man, Thats games like.....Gay. I thought it would blow the livin sh*t outta Mario And all those other, uh, kind games. But, I need some opinions for DK64. Why does a lot of people hate this game? Do you? Man, Actually as MY opinion, DK64 And Zelda Ocarina of time Kicked holy @$$ If ya know what I mean. I only know so many ppl who would disagree on that quote.....so long

BeckerManEX: Holy ass huh? Dang. Anyway, I really enjoyed DK64, but I still have yet to get more than 35% done with the game (Perfect Dark and Heavy Metal FAKK2 have stolen my life). Zelda is the best game ever, final answer.
Hairball: Yes, no, dunno, not sure.
TWGamer: I've never played Kirby64 because it's not out where I come from, I was one of the few people around here who liked DK64, and Zelda is one of the greatest games ever.
Tiger: ...
SolarGamer: You are right about Zelda64 kicking ass but not DK64. The reason no one likes it is because it is no where near as good as DKC and DKC2. Anything less to superb from Rare SUCKS.

Who Gives a Care wrote:

So, that phony part 6 was all a joke, huh? Very funny, NOT! ([:^)>)Oh well...

BeckerManEX: I thought it was "interesting".
Hairball: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (sarcasm)
TWGamer: Aw! Peach was gonna blow up!
Tiger: Give solar the questions darnit!
SolarGamer: Again I am SO sorry for that joke...when episode 100 roles around there WILL be a better ending then Peach blowing up :-)

PORN wrote:

The rip-off site of SM64c is gone (http://puremario.cjb.net)

BeckerManEX: Yeah!
Hairball: Yes, it is.
TWGamer: thank god.
Tiger: Uh, okay
SolarGamer: I agree.

Zan wrote:

question I just looked at your site stats and you only had 3 visitors on August 2, compared to around 400 on another day.

BeckerManEX: Our server died.
Hairball: As I've said earlier, that was the day when the server crashed.
TWGamer: That was probably was when the site was down, and the stats were all crapped up
Tiger: These are certainly un-enthralling. I'd rather spend the day watching paint dry.
SolarGamer: Your point...

King Bowser Koopa wrote:

Today, you fight for your city. You fight for your honor. These plumbers will continue to push until they have taken everything from us. These fudged up plumbers from the the crustaceous era can take our lives, but they can never take... our FREEDOM!!!

BeckerManEX: BraveMario! or is it Marioheart?
Hairball: .....
TWGamer: hello?
Tiger: Yes, that sums it up.
SolarGamer: Yea ok...I think he went over to Milhouse's house.

Anonymous wrote:

I put my N64 game pak into my NES, and now it's busted. Then it got stuck, so I put a knife into the electrical socket, and I am now e-mailing you from the hospital. How do I get my game out? Please e-mail me fast..... I only have a week to live....... Bye.

BeckerManEX: With stupidity as great as yours the world would be better without you, adios!
Hairball: LOL!
TWGamer: Throw your nes on the floor and you'll relieve stress then burn your pads and smash your paks. Then unscrew the nes and throw it away and do a titanic 'king of the world' on the hospital balcony.
Tiger: Is that you, HB?
SolarGamer: You are an idiot...not because of what you "did", but rather because it is so obviously fake.

Regis wrote:

Is that your final answer?

BeckerManEX: Regis Bad! Money GOOD!
Hairball: No, it's not, now gimme my $500,000. [cue Millionaire end music]
TWGamer: Are you sure?
Tiger: No, it's my first answer.
SolarGamer: Budda Bing Budda Boom.