E-Mailbag for July 29, 2000

Dale wrote:

Do you know qwhen or if Soper Mario 64 rumble pak edition will be released?

BeckerManEX: Erich is feeling generous (and non-funny) today so I will answer your question with respect. It is never coming out in the US, only in that blasted country they called Japan.
Hairball: It won't be released in North America, but it was released in Japan.
SolarGamer: Tomorrow you prick.
Tiger: hahahahahaha, no.
Fox: I don't think they will release a rumble pak edition.

Mewrio9000 wrote:

Dear Solar and TWGamer, In that letter about websites, why wouldn't you reply nicely? I AM 9, aren't I! PS. dats not very niiiiiice.

BeckerManEX: Kay.
Hairball: Because being rude is our speciality.
SolarGamer: Little 9 year old...go screw yourself. I bet that will stop your bitch'n.
Tiger: not intended for me....so...
Fox: Since this has nothing to do with me, I wont answer.

Mewrio9000 wrote:

The link to help in the chat room results in a 404 error. Please fix this.

BeckerManEX: Our tech support team responsible have all been drawn and quartered.
Hairball: There is no chat room help page, that's why you get the error, don't click that, and you get no error. That simple.
SolarGamer: It tastes like...Burning.
Tiger: That's in HB's department.
Fox: Ok, we'll fix it.

peanut butter idiot wrote:

hi i'm the peanut butter idiot, can i have some peanut butter. thanx. who is hairball, and who is peachy, can you help me in mario party 2,thanx.

BeckerManEX: I get the impression that people like having brains the size of... well ... peanuts.
Hairball: Hairball is me, Peachy is some staff member that has not been seen in awhile. And no I won't help you.
SolarGamer: Duff beer for me...Duff beer for you...I'll have a Duff, you have one to. I am the Lizard Queen!
Tiger: sure, help yourself. HB is the idiot, and peachy is just a girl.
Fox: Hairball is the owner of SM64C, and peachy is a staffer.

toe:knee wrote:

I have recently took a vacation to Guadalajara, Jalisco in mexico. There i went to some stores that had american toys and i found Mario kart 64 toys by Toy Biz and i wanted to buy and the next day they were sold out. Now i'm back home in Dallas Tx and i was wondering if you had any info. on where to buy them here? Thanx

BeckerManEX: One word : Ebay, another couple words : Online shopping.
Hairball: It depends on which Mario Kart toys. A lot of them are out of stock, and aren't for sale anymore. Your best bet is to check out www.ebay.com.
SolarGamer: Go back to Mexico you freak.
Tiger: Try to call all the toy stores you can. Those are rare, so grab if you can.
Fox: I don't live in the US, so I can't help you.

Ron wrote:

Well we are now going on 5 years without a true Mario Bros. game. When Mario64 first came out I heard that they were already started on a second. But that never happened and like most of us I don't play Mario64 anymore and I want a new one so bad I can taste it. I can't imagine Nintendo coming out with a new system and not giving us a new Mario game with it. I thought it was going to be on 64dd but they finally put a stop to that project . Zelda was supposed to be the first game for that though. What Iím really getting at here is that I havenít heard a thing on a new Mario game in years. I know now that if there is a game being developed that it is not for N64 because they wouldn't bring it out right before and especially after the Dolphin (AKA) Star Cube. I hope they don't go through that Ultra 64 Stage again. Anyway could you please tell me all you know if any about a new Mario game? Thank you very much for listening to my cries.

BeckerManEX: We know nothing other than its coming and it shall revolutionize gaming once again.
Hairball: For the N64 there will be Mario Tennis and Paper Mario. Not to mention the new Mario game coming out for Star Cube (see I like using that name).
SolarGamer: I didn't read your letter because frankly it was to long and boring. So, umm...Mario has a brother named Luigi.
Tiger: Long question, short answer. New Mario game in some months. Just wait.
Fox: Mario Tennis is going to bea new Mario game.

Sarah wrote:

Hi, I luv This game

BeckerManEX: Okay.
Hairball: That's great!
SolarGamer: I luv this game to.
Tiger: This isnt a game...if you are talking about mario, then that's fine.
Fox: Me too!

Mewrio9000 wrote:

Your link www.sm64c.com/yoursite/ results in a 404 error. It told me to tell you, so i did.

BeckerManEX: ahahah
Hairball: It's a sample link, does everything have to be PERFECT?
SolarGamer: Ohhh the site you are looking for is located at www.whitehouse.com ! Sorry for the trouble. :-)
Tiger: HB, why do you put these kind of personal e-mails on here??
Fox: That is a sample link.

Imposter Hairball wrote:


BeckerManEX: I though the real Hairball was an imposter, so that means you are the real one?
Hairball: Hahahaha, back to you bitch.
SolarGamer: LOL...are you sure you are an imposter? You act an allful lot like Hairball to be an imposter.
Tiger: hahaha?
Fox: LOL

Hairball69 wrote:

Hey, my name is Harry Die and I am Hairball64's evil twin. I am everything that Hairball isn't. That means that I am evil, my balls are bald, and I am strait. You can only guess what Hairball64 is like. Watch out!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: Well the original Hairball is evil, so that makes you good, and good boy's don't talk like that...as for the other comments, I have no comment.
Hairball: Isn't that like a description of me?
SolarGamer: First of all Hairball64 IS evil, so you must be NICE. I agree with everything else you said however. By the way this is a childrens site so I would aprecitiate no "69" in your name...if you know what I mean.
Tiger: If you are his evil twin, then you must be pure good.
Fox: uhh...yeah

N64 Freak wrote:

I stuck my jumper pak into the slot where the rumble pak is suppose to go, and it got jammed. Is there anyway to get it out?

BeckerManEX: Dumb-ass, try a spoon.
Hairball: That is very foolish of you, get a flathead screwdriver and try to get it out. Remember kids, only Rumble Paks, Controllers Paks and Transfer Paks go in the controller. The Expansion Pak and Jumper Pak go in your N64 system.
SolarGamer: Stick a fork in an electrical socket...that will help.
Tiger: Go to some place that fixes things. I think they do those kinda jobs there.
Fox: LOL...try unscrewing the case.

taz maninan duok wrote:

EEt and or ern want you to come to there Birthday party and suck them dry. Will you come? YOUR SITE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a stapler in my eye.

BeckerManEX: Wow, such talent amazes me ::roles eyes::
Hairball: Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
SolarGamer: Namek will come to your party. His phone number is 1-800-442-9646.
Tiger: Then take it out, you moron
Fox: .....

Shoobadoobop wrote:

Who hear thinks Peach is HOT! I get very hard whenever I see her. She also makes my balls ache.

BeckerManEX: uh...huh...
Hairball: No.
SolarGamer: 1-800-442-9646...I think this number will help you as well.
Tiger: No...she's cold.
Fox: You obviously have some issues...SEEK HELP!

inside of a box shaped box wrote:

1. I am offended that you called me a jackass. Idiot, loser, psychotic freak...any of those would be okay, but come on...jackass? It's not like I MADE you read those emails...jeez. 2. Why would you trace my email address? I leave it in the little E-Mail Address box every time... Do you think I made it up out of fear? Go ahead and try sending me something. 3. Okay, I have a serious question. Seriously. Don't you believe me? I'm serious! You don't believe me, do you? You'll be sorry, when it turns out I am in really the wrathful buffalo of integrity living under your bed, and you wake up in the middle of the night covered in lime flavored generic brand gelatin dessert! Real Question #1. Why does my Mario Kart 64 cartridge feel heavier than my Super Mario 64 cart? Real Question #2. One time I was playing Mario Kart as Peach on the Bowser's Castle level and I fell into the hot lava while holding onto a green shell...when I came out the shell was brown! Has this ever happened to you? Real Question #3. Peach is the best racer huh? I think they did that intentionally because they knew the majority of all males would be too insecure about their own masculinity to use her. And girls are probably just offended by her... She's fast, can build up speed quickly, has great control...the only thing I don't understand is her size. In Mario 64 she was nearly twice the height of Mario.

BeckerManEX: 1. Not really sure, 2. Not as of yet, 3. I use Kinopio (Toad).
Hairball: 1. Mario Kart 64 takes up more space than SM64 does, so therefore the cart is heavier. 2. No. 3. Dunno.
SolarGamer: Don't worry "box"...we did trace your e-mail and we WILL be sending a VIRUS. We are waiting till you cool down...:-)
Tiger: Real Answer #7: go away
Fox: To lazy to answer.

tinky-winky wrote:

My name is Tinky-winky and I have a question. Why does everyone think I'm gay? Hurt-evyone eh-oh !!!!

BeckerManEX: Because you are carrying that purse around, and you are purple.
Hairball: Maybe because of that name...
SolarGamer: Namek can answer this one. He is are homosexual public relations person.
Tiger: I'm not a guy so I guess that doesn't effect me.
Fox: With a name like Tinky-winkey, gay is a nice way of putting it.

ugfsduz wrote:

you guys are perverts!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life and be nice! You wont live forever so make the best of your life now!!

BeckerManEX: Thank you.
Hairball: LOL!
SolarGamer: I think we need another virus don't we? Then it is agreed, we will send a virus to this person.
Tiger: I'm not a guy so I guess that doesn't effect me.
Fox: Good Advice...I might actually not use it.

pukemon rule?!?! wrote:

you guys are the bomb at cussing, and i'd like to say that your website kix ass. thanks for that mario tennis release date!

BeckerManEX: Oh, I wish the Academy gave out awards for cussing, Harry would win hands down. All those dirty Canadians and thier dirty mouths.
Hairball: You should thank IGN64 for that.
SolarGamer: pukemon...you dumb f**k, cussing is nothing to admire.
Tiger: okay...
Fox: If you like cussing, come to the SM64C chat room.

Gooby wrote:

Do you guys remember that time when we went to that traveling circus and the bearded lady said "nooooo you cant have the chocolate toothbrush" and then the guy tripped and his girlfriend spilled her olive cake on us?

BeckerManEX: WTF
Hairball: I don't go to circuses.
SolarGamer: Yummy Yummy Yummy I got food in my Tummy???
Tiger: No. You probably just had too much of the magic smoke.
Fox: Nope!

The Real Yoshman wrote:

On the Email Bag of July 15, someone acted like me and it was probably that guy from the chatroom, Chavez. Yeah, thats why I don't go by that name antmore. This is the 1st Email that I have put in this Email Bag, that other peace of shit wasn't mine. Oh yeah, I wonder what stupid remark you will give me this time Hairball. Since you thought that last one was me. Yep, this is another retarded mail.

BeckerManEX: It sure is.
Hairball: Ummm...yeah.
SolarGamer: Lets give him a Virus! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Tiger: Thanks for the pointless comment.
Fox: sigh....

Terran Firebat wrote:

Hi, umm, I have a question. First of all, why does Mario make me so hard! Dammit, DOWN BOY! Okay now. Seriously now, do you have anything against dreamcast. I just sold my N64 to get a dreamcast, wuz it a good deal. Cause I here alot of Dreamcast bashing. And i Just wanna be sure. Also, there's this girl at school, i slapped her ass, and she giggled. I slapped it again, and she gave me an uppercut. Why did this happen. She has such a nice ass, why would she every wanna cover it up. I think all girls should run around naked. The hot ones i mean. Also, she's Bisexual. What do you have to say bout that. Also, where can i get a good pack of condoms!?!?!?!?!?!?

BeckerManEX: DIE! You are what is wrong with society, go to Canada to be with your own kind.
Hairball: You're the one who's bisexual.
Tiger: God, idiot guys. All the same. Idiot morons who have no life except to jack off, drink beer and watch pornos.
Fox: *barf*

SM64C Sux wrote:

this site sux show me a hell of a worse site for 2 cents

BeckerManEX: http://www.your-crappy-geocities-site-here.com
Hairball: http://dkrcentral.homestead.com/, http://theultimatesm64webpage.homestead.com/home.html and other crappy sites by Tyler Logue aka Dark Yoshi, MarioBRO3, Red Yoshi, etc.
Tiger: Where's my 2 cents?
Fox: www.yourmom.com

Waluigi wrote:

1.Never EVER get rid of the stupid e's. 2.Great site! 3.Why don't they move Mario Tennis 64 up to an earlier release date?It was already finished at E3.Damn Camelot! 4.This is where I say something stupid like something I just said.;)

BeckerManEX: I understand, yes we have no bananas.
Hairball: 1. According to July 27's Who Wants to be a Millionaire, letter "E" is the most frequently used letter in English. 2. Thanks. 3. Damn Nintendo. 4. Goodie.
SolarGamer: Here just go to www.whitehouse.com and dial 1-800-442-9646...I think all your questions will be answered.
Tiger: Sure sure.
Fox: 1. uhh... 2. Thanks 3. Suspense 4. Okay...

La wrote:

when was sm64c founded?

BeckerManEX: A long time ago in a gal...uh..shortly after I started Gaming Extremist Online, and N64 Plus died, well it never really lived.
Hairball: Way back at the end of August 1998.
SolarGamer: Yesterday.
Tiger: When it was put online.
Fox: August 1998

Wouldn't you like to know! wrote:

Rember me from last time. Your site just sucks dick and only one of you gave me a real site that was worse, well you seemed to think so. That site was way better then this peace of shit. Make a design of your own and yes SolarGamer, I am a homosexual and it takes one to know one. My phone number is (937)492-1832. Give me a call. Only SolarGamer can call this number, I don't want anyone else to. And thank you for that SM64C marchandise Fox, I needed somesthing to wipe my ass with.

BeckerManEX: DIE! you are what is wrong with society, I'll bet you are from Canada, or Russia.
Hairball: Yes, indeed you are.
SolarGamer: I don't dial long distance numbers faggot. And frankly anyone can tell who (or should I say what) a faggot is by how stupid they sound...Thank you for making my day, I love pushing people's buttons and getting them angry. Don't you have anything better to do? I hear your daddy calling you again. :-)
Tiger: Okay. Tell that to HB.
Fox: Wipe ass eh? Well tell your mom not to gize on your ass next time.

Spelling Police wrote:

This is a letter to British Babe, (YEAH RIGHT). You are going to get your ass put in jail. So you better watch out because I am comming for you.

BeckerManEX: Oh no..Spelling Police is coming for us all!! [turn off sarcasim]
Hairball: Bring it on!!
SolarGamer: Mushi Mushi.
Tiger: Alrigggghtt...::rolls eyes::
Fox: *shiver*

The Spelling Criminal wrote:

Da spel'n polise r dum. Dolnt warry abalt thim. Thay wolnt do inie thang 2 u. I spel stof rong ol da tyme. Wel, I gotta goe, soe tacke mie avice and 4 git abalt thim. C U lateter gies. Bie.

BeckerManEX: Nice try at humor, but you get no cookie.
Hairball: y dun u shat da fack up
SolarGamer: u fck fggts u fckng sshl!
Tiger: oeky i dunerstund,.,
Fox: okay...

George wrote:

Hi, this is George. I like reading the nutrition facts of food labels, collecting different colors of paper, and taking caps off pens. Just wanted to say hi.

BeckerManEX: George everybody! Otherwise known as the "Man with no life".
Hairball: Three words: Get a freaking life. Oh wait, that was 4 words, but I don't think "a" counts as a word. Or does it? Bah, screw this.
SolarGamer: Why is it that only idiots got to SM64C?
Tiger: Hi back.
Fox: You mean you don't collect insects?

Da Rap Man wrote:

Hey Tiger, I'm gonna kill you, you don't want to f*** with me. You ain't noth'n but a sl*t to me. Cuz bitch I'm gonna kill you like a murder weapon I'm going to conseal you. HAHAHA I'm just playing with you Tiger

BeckerManEX: Uh, they don't call here Tiger for nothing...she going to MAUL your ass.
Hairball: OK
SolarGamer: LOL! It is funny when people threaten people over the internet.
Tiger: Hahaha, I saw the time they akilled you on damaged. Fun stuff. Don't be such an idiot picking on IRCops that will have more power then you; a puny being.
Fox: I'm going to kill you, mudafucker