E-Mailbag for June 24, 2000

Shark627X wrote:

When your site made Rare Zone and LizadonLand, there was another one called Luigi Central. Are you going to make that or you said no to it. Also are you going make anymore hosted sites. Thanks and please respond.

BeckerManEX: The hosting program here at SM64C is part of Harry's job, ask him.
Hairball: Well, I was going to host that site, but the webmaster eventually chickened out.
FireKraken: Hey, don't ask me.
BlackMage: we dont "make" those sites, we just host them, they're actually separate sites in which Hairball choose to host. Oh wait, the creators of those sites are staff. Does that ruin my first sentence which I enjoyed typing?
TWGamer: SM64C doesn't make RareZone, I make RareZone and It's my site. LizardonLand is owned by Tiger, and Luigi Central is run by Luigi2000 and is currently located at http://lc64.homestead.com as he had problems with putting it here.

MEGA X XERO at :MEGA X wrote:

The chatroom wont let me in when I fill in all needed information. E-mail me when and if you find out the problm.

BeckerManEX: The chatroom plug in has been known to give some problems, so the best thing to do is download mIRC from www.mirc.co.uk and log in using the client program.
Hairball: You need to fill in at least the nickname thing.
FireKraken: It may be a problem with your isp. If you use a proxy it may not work.
BlackMage: Prolly yer banned from the chat server.
TWGamer: Hmm, I'm not really sure about that. HB will probably know.

Flameboy12806 wrote:

Is there any other player in Mario you can play except Mario?

BeckerManEX: If you count Metal Mario, Invisible Mario, and Flying Mario other characters then yes, yes you can.
Hairball: Ummm....I would say no.
FireKraken: Is it Mario And Anyother Player 64?
BlackMage: there's a game that's just "Mario" WOW!
TWGamer: In Super Mario 64, no you can't. In most of the other N64 Mario games you can. Also in SMB2 on the NES you can be Luigi, Peach and Toad.

Mario Matic wrote:

#1 u guys rock #2 are they making super mario bros 2? #3 how do u make a site like SM64C (it rocks & I wanna make a site). #4 u guys rock

BeckerManEX: 1) Thanks, 2) They did it came out for Nintendo Entertainment System, if you mean Super Mario 64 2, then it will be a Dolphin launch title, 3) Lots of hard work, plenty of "stuff", and beer for all, 4) Thanks.
Hairball: 1) Yes we do. 2) Yes 3) You spend 10 hours a day at a computer screen. 4) Yes.
FireKraken: Actually I think that they already made Super Mario Bros 2 for the nintendo.
BlackMage: 1) yes we do, except Hairball :P 2) They made super mario bros 2 for the NES already, maybe you mean Mario64 2?
TWGamer: Thanks! Super Mario Bros.2 was released in 1988 on the NES, but if you mean Super Mario 64 2 it's coming out on Dolphin sometime. To make a site, learn HTML or buy a WYSIWYG editor (Like FrontPage or Netscape Composer) to make sites.

WeIrD wrote:

Namek i wrote that after you banned me. Like 2 weeks ago and DC is cool with me now but i still must Destroy Dewy!!

BeckerManEX: Uh, what has the Mailbag turned into everyone's personal messaging service?
Hairball: Yeah, destroy Dewy....down with Gaming Target!
FireKraken: What the hell?....
BlackMage: DUDE! wrong email bag, send that stuff to GT's mailbag * Blackmage points WeIrDnEsSnEsS in the direction of GamingTarget * Blackmage hands WeIrDnEsSnEsS a baseball bat
TWGamer: Wrote what? Ah, Gaming Target problems. Will they ever learn?

Please wrote:

Please make more e-mail bags. They rock!

BeckerManEX: Uh, well here is one.
Hairball: There will always be more, never be less.
FireKraken: How many more do you want?
TWGamer: Well here's one for you now!

Why? wrote:

do you answer all the stupid peoples questions, or pick out a few?

BeckerManEX: Only pick a few, we don't need to post 32 "Where is luigi?" questions.
Hairball: We get too many e-mails to answer, so we just pick some.
FireKraken: Look 2 questions up.
BlackMage: He prolly sends them all out to the emailbag staff, then looks at the questions and takes the ones that have the worst flames in them :)
TWGamer: Hairball likes putting in a few dumb questions sometimes. Take a look in the archive to see our 'dumb question special' E-Mailbag.

JonGoad wrote:

how do you find JonGoad?

BeckerManEX: http://www.uswestdex.com
Hairball: I think he's down in hell.
FireKraken: Well, you see it took many, many hours of...you MORON you are jongoad!
BlackMage: You look in the mirror.
TWGamer: Well, you could look in a Mirror...

Anonymous wrote:

Do many people try to get jobs at SM64C? What average do you hire?

BeckerManEX: Ask Harry.
Hairball: It depends, if you can write a simple essay, then I guess yes.
FireKraken: You don't want a job here! they lock us up for days on end and never feed us anything except crusts of bread and toxic water. Send help PLEASE! PLEASE! I'm begging you! Run for your LIFE! I..I gotta get outta here.....I gotta get outta here...There's no place like home, there's no place like home...
BlackMage: He hires people still? wheres the new staff?
TWGamer: Honestly, I don't know. Hairball deals with all staff requests in his overflowing mailbox

Bigger Boo wrote:

This isn't a question, but it's a really neat extra in Mario Golf that I'm not sure you guys know about. The extra is being able to play courses at night. If you are playing a match game(play against human opponent)win a hole, then let the other player win a hole. Continue to do this until you are all tied up after filling up all the win holes, and you should be able to play sudden death at night!!! Thanks for listening, and GREAT SITE!!!

BeckerManEX: Yeah, thanks I have already done this, but thanks for the info.
Hairball: That has happened a lot actaully....nothing new.
FireKraken: Hmm, sounds interesting....it also sounds like someone has a bit of free time on their hands...
BlackMage: * Blackmage writes this on Hairballs hand
TWGamer: Heh, nice one. Is it for Game Boy Color or N64? I'll have to give it a try on my Mario Golf game if it's N64.

Anonymous wrote:

Three things: 1) I tried sm64c.com/images and I got the forbidden page (not the problem), but here's a tip: forbid the sm64c.com/midi too. I don't really care, cause I already have them all, but it's just a tip. 2) Screenshot 1 for the Blue Cap in SM64 FAQ has the wrong screenshot, it has Whomp's Fortress. 3) How do you get the screenshots? Do you have a capture card or something, cause I have one but I can't hook up my N64 to it. Please email about this. Thanks.

BeckerManEX: ...
Hairball: Yeah yeah, I'll fix them soon.
FireKraken: It's called emulator.
BlackMage: WOAH! Long email dude! Im not sure if I should attempt to read it!
TWGamer: 1) Ask Hairball about that forbidden thing. 2) You're right, looks like a job to fix it for HB. 3) You can use a Video Capture or TV card to get screens but I believe Hairball uses 'legal' emulation to get them.

Tiny Kong wrote:

Are you getting sick of Pokémon? I think that the Pokémon craze is going too far! Some kids I met know who Pikachu is, but they don't know who Mario is! They said Kirby was Jigglypuff and that Peach was Misty! Most of the Pokémon games stink! Maybe all of them!

BeckerManEX: I do agree that Pokemon is going kinda far, but with the sight of the new "redesigned" N64 with a big plastic Pikachu on it, I do agree that the welcome has been worn. But, as long as Nintendo pumps out titles like Perfect Dark, Zelda, and Mario 64 they can do what ever the hell they want.
Hairball: Yes, Pokemon is making me sick. In my opinion the best Pokemon game is Pokemon Pinball...
FireKraken: You, you must be making this up......time for them to know who Mario is....
BlackMage: * Blackmage rolls on the floor laughing his arse off :P
TWGamer: I'm neutral really on the Pokemon side of things. Pokemon only started in the country I live in last October, and It seems to be very heigh in popularity at the moment. I'm sure any Pokemon fan must be a Nintendo Fan and know who Mario is, but hey. Kirby and Jigglypuff look very similar, and I suppose Kirby is having a break at the moment, no new games around. The Pokemon games are good, but as I have only played 3 of them (Red, Blue, Stadium) I can't really say.

MikDragon wrote:

Your site is great. But... does a site about Kirby exist?

BeckerManEX: Not yet....
Hairball: Maybe.
FireKraken: I wish!...if you find one TELL ME!!
BlackMage: Nope. You should start one
TWGamer: Almost 100% certain, go to Yahoo or Altavista and search for 'Kirby'.

MikDragon wrote:

Hey! In SuperMario AllStars there's a little thing I don't understand! I played MarioBros lost levels, I finished all files, and the last file, I played world 9! I can access it by file selection, and I can play it all! The world 9 is made up of 3 water (odd) stages (1-2-4), and a castle stage (3), but without Toad or Peach! And into the last stage there's (I think) a Japanese-look-like sentence! What was happened? It's a bug, an error onto my cartridge, or an extra?

BeckerManEX: ...
Hairball: You need to play the entire game (world 1-9) continuously without saving in order to get to the A-D worlds, I think.
FireKraken: In the lost levels on the game boy, there are only 3 levels, and it has peach....I think you have a messed up cartridge..
BlackMage: Prolly those Japanesse Console nerds having fun.
TWGamer: I don't have a SNES, so I can't help

Da Rap Man wrote:

Bitches know me ass a horny ass freak, yo mother wasn't rapped, I ate her pussy while she was asleep.

BeckerManEX: Such high stupidity should not be allowed.
Hairball: Ummmm....thank you for the info.
FireKraken: You better notta eaten my mom's kitty. She b pissed!
BlackMage: You ate my moms cat?
TWGamer: You really need to get off those Drugs...

AJ wrote:

their is a luigi in super mario 64 its a game sharkcode you'll find it at www.yahoo.com look up game sharkcodes for n64

BeckerManEX: That is a code that changes Mario's color from Red to Green to make him appear as Luigi, it isn't really him.
Hairball: Isn't that great?
FireKraken: Ooh! Gameshark! Now there's something I could care less about!
BlackMage: You do reailze that all that code does is turn mario green, right?
TWGamer: (sigh) http://www.sm64c.com/specials/luigi.html

Magnum wrote:

This is the best Nintendo site I have ever seen! Seriously, it totally kicks! Keep it up guys.

BeckerManEX: Thanks.
Hairball: * Hairball 64 bows
FireKraken: What? I can kick HairBall? WooHOO!
BlackMage: YEAH!!!!
TWGamer: Thanks!

*I refuse to give out personal information* wrote:

I have Super Mario Deluxe for Game Boy color and I cant seem to get all the coins I need in the "Challenge" section. How many coins do you need? I have a lot. Not even my best friend knew the answer to this question so I'm hoping you will!

BeckerManEX: Keep looking around, the are all there.
Hairball: Don't have the game, don't know the answer.
FireKraken: *I refuse to answer this question*
BlackMage: Dude, who said you have to "give out personal information"? cant you just fill in the "Name thing as a nickname? my name isn't really Blackmage BTW. its an Internet Persona
TWGamer: Look around the level, you will find them



BeckerManEX: It's called sense, your not making any.
Hairball: Yeah I guess it's allowed.
FireKraken: Who, what huh?
BlackMage: MR I? MR G: I dont know what he's talking about....

Benjamin C. Pogvara wrote:

Dear Solargamer, In your fabulous sequel of stories,Mario had a child named "Junior Mario" or "MarioJR" or something along those lines. Was this charecter's name 'borrowed' from Mario Golf where Baby Mario is a quite real and playable charecter? Someone asked a question last month about who mariojr is and I was wondering- shouldn't this aspect/angle of the situation be thouraghly discussed before a possibly incorecct assumtion is made? I am exceedingly grateful for the time you have taken to review my humble plee. With love,(always) Benjamin C Pogvara -------------- REMOTE_ADDR: HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

BeckerManEX: Solar will have to field this one.
Hairball: MarioJR is Mario's "son" in the Super Mario Saga.
FireKraken: Blah. With LOVE??! hehehee
BlackMage: MarioJR is a fictional charactor created to help the story.
TWGamer: Hmm.. you have a point. Baby Mario was from Super Mario World 2, but as he appeared alongside Mario, it's possible that Mario has been 'busy' with either Peach or Pauline outside of the Super Mario Saga.... the case continues.

{No name) wrote:

Um, I have a stupid question- in the "emailbag' section of your webpage what is the point of having a question(s) section when you just write your questions here? -------------- REMOTE_ADDR: HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

BeckerManEX: Dunno, but don't you have the same IP as that other guy.
Hairball: Hey, it's you again. There are just a lot of mailforms on the site to send in your mail.
FireKraken: Now, there are no stupid questions..EXCEPT THAT ONE!!! AHHHHAHAHAHA!
BlackMage: I missed that....
TWGamer: That is a really stupid question, don't post it again

Kimmy wrote:

i know this is a webpage for Mario questions, but my boyfriend said he comes here a lot and has 'intelligent' questions for your emailbag. Please,you've gotta help me! His name is Ben Pogvara and I was wondering if you've gotten anything from him where he included his email address! Thank you sooooo much and I swear I will make this up to you!-------------- REMOTE_ADDR: HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

BeckerManEX: Isn't that the same IP as above, twice?!
Hairball: Umm...it's you again?!
FireKraken: Just ask him for his email! What kind of a boyfriend won't give their girlfriend their email addy? And I've never seen anything from him...
BlackMage: Heh. I'm too lazy to finish this email bag...
TWGamer: Three messages up, take a look.

SKT2000 wrote:

I think this site should hook up w/ some Sega site or add something to that effect because I must sadly say: Sonic is way better than mario! The gameplay variety is 10x better than any mario game, and the graphics are amazing. Sonic Adventure is the greatest game every made. The characters are way more interesting than 2 boring plumbers, a princess and overgrown talking turtle. A lightspeed hedgehog, way-past cool Echidna and a flying fox who is awesome!! Plus a funny fat cat, a fantastic robot and a female hedgehpg herione! Not to mention trips into the past to learn more about Tikal, the spiritual echidna, and the cute lil Chao things! And the perfect chaos scene in the game? It blew me away. So Sonic beats mario, that's that. So add a Sonic section to the site, Change the name to Sonic Adventure DC Central or something, because get a reality check- Sonic Adventure is the best! Sincerely, Sonic, Knuckles,Tails, Amy Rose, Big, E-102 Gamma, Tikal, Kuriba the Chao, Eggman, Perfect Chaos, Super Sonic, and the rest of the Sonic gang.

BeckerManEX: I can almost agree with you. Sonic Adventure is a great game but not a landmark game like Mario 64. I do own a DC, and N64 and both games in question, and I love them both. Sonic has the graphics, speed, and attitude while Mario has the name "Mario" that we all trust and love, and the originality that sets it away from all other games. Sonic Adventure 2 is going to kick ass, and Mario 2 for Dolphin will kick ass, I like to say that I don't have a true favorite.
Hairball: Sonic seems pretty damn cool in my opinion, too bad I don't have a Dreamcast to play Sonic Adventure....so....
FireKraken: Eh, I never did care for Tails....not when you have Knuckles...well, see there's something Dreamcast hardware has better then N64 and that's EVERYTHING! And how many games has Sonic been in??! oh about 5 of the same type games for saturn and sega and not one for DC. You've gotta be kidding me that you can base an entire website as big as this on SONIC! Mario isnt ALWAYS in the role-playing type games. The day that SONIC plays GOLF is the day that he will have a website of his own. End of story.
BlackMage: DUDE Mario is Nintendo and Sonic is Sega, you just cant mix the two competitors together
TWGamer: I have a Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure and agree it's an excellent game and all the stuff about the characters is true, but remember the Dreamcast is 128-Bit and can handle a lot of FMV and speech. The chao is done by using the VMU, which the N64 doesn't have. Super Mario 64 is still cool and was breathtaking at the time. So I am equal on Sonic and Mario, even though Sonic is better graphically.

Solo 5150 wrote:

This is not a question; it's to tell Namek to SHUT THE HELL UP and stop dissing SMBHQ because it's THE GREATEST MARIO SITE EVER. If you don't like it so much why don't you take it off your links page? I'm not dissing SM64C, I'm just telling Namek to think twice before he disses one of the greatest Mario pages ever. If you don't stop, I'll tell Kyle and he'll get medieval on your ass,

BeckerManEX: Hey, Namek you listening.
Hairball: What does "to medieval" mean?
FireKraken: If you look 8 questions up, I beg to differ. People tell US we are the best, we don't tell THEM we are the best.
BlackMage: Kyles gunna "Get medieval"? WTF does that mean?
TWGamer: Namek isn't here, and I like SMBHQ too.

Wolverine wrote:

I have a few questions. 1.Do you guys think Mario 64 is the best game ever? 2.Did you guys think the Super Mario bros. movie was good?

BeckerManEX: Mario 64 is the second best game ever (Zelda: TOoT being the best), and the Mario movie sucked.
Hairball: I don't think Mario 64 is the best, there are a lot of better games. The movie was kinda OK.
FireKraken: No, and no..that was quick.
BlackMage: 1) No, Half Life is da best game ever. 2) No, the fox DR. Who one was better espec. where he stole a time chip right infront of security and they didn;t notice.
TWGamer: No, Mario 64 isn't the best game ever. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was better, and so was Soul Calibur (on the DC) and Age of Empires II (PC) so there's my choice.

Why (me) wrote:

Why do you no like Pokemon? Whenis Atari coming out?

BeckerManEX: Kinda, and about 13 years ago.
Hairball: Because Pokemon is annoying, and come back to the year 2000 instead of back in 1980.
FireKraken: Pokemon has had its 20 days of fame, and Atari has been out for a long, long, long time.
BlackMage: Pokemon sux0r d00d only lame people like Tiger like them! D0wn w!th p0k3m0n!!!
TWGamer: I think Pokemon is okay, Atari came out like 15 years ago, been in a coma lately?

Sarah wrote:

In your page for Mario tennis, there is a character named Daisy. Is that, like, Luigi's girlfriend? And Peach is wearing a short skirt (likewise is Daisy) again like she was in Mario Golf. Is that going to be the new way she looks instead of her long skirt? I know you're not Nintendo and you don't make these decisions but I was just wondering based on what you know. Thanx

BeckerManEX: Daisy is the princess character from the earlier Mario games on the NES.
Hairball: Don't you notice that all professional female tennis players wear short skirts?
FireKraken: Do you think that women play golf in DRESSES?
BlackMage: Yeah, she's Luigi's biatch.
TWGamer: Daisy was in Super Mario Land 1 on the Gameboy. She is the princess of the Sarasaland, another place where Mario visited. Luigi is supposed to have strong feeling towards her. She was also in 'Mario is Missing' on the SNES. Peach looks better witch a short skirt as it gives her room to play sports.

Mario Kart lover times 2million to the fourth power wrote:

Did you know that my friends all have Mario Kart but I dont'? How do I make my mom buy me Super Nintendo 2 controllers and that game?

BeckerManEX: Be really good, and hold your cat for ransom.
Hairball: Yes.
FireKraken: Umm...you don't MAKE anyone do that for you...go get a job and get it yourself you lazy bum.
BlackMage: WTF? Why make her buy you a S.N.E.S? I'd rather have an N64 or some more games for it, not an SNES
TWGamer: Get Mario Kart 64 if you have an Nintendo 64. It's better than Super Mario Kart, even though the first one was a classic.

Luv2swim88228822882288228822 wrote:

My friend said In Super Mario 64 Peach turns into Bowser! WHAT!?!?

BeckerManEX: Loser...
Hairball: Seriously, I never knew that.
FireKraken: Your friend had a strange dream.
BlackMage: Thats crazy talk, is this the same friend that told you that microsoft eats children and then sent you to visit them?
TWGamer: Well, you're friend is wrong.

Fish wrote:

rararararara? lalalalololo...luuuuuke....luuuuke...I am your dobermin!

BeckerManEX: "This rage I cannot let GOOOO!"
Hairball: ?
FireKraken: oops....
BlackMage: This better not be Fish@nintendorks.com....
TWGamer: ?

Wouldn't you like to know wrote:

In Mario Party 2, how do you make Item and Battle Mini-games able to be purchased? P.S. This site rocks! It's just as good as TMK, if not better. I especially like reading the E-mailbags, and I hope this question helps them to be made more often. Also, I'm glad the super mario saga is back, but I don't know how SolarGamer will be able to make all 100 episodes like he promised.

BeckerManEX: Don't own the game.
Hairball: You can buy the Item and Battle Mini-games once you have opened up the Mini-game coaster, and beat it in hard mode.
FireKraken: I don't care for Mario Party ANYTHING.
BlackMage: See Hairballs answer, he knows what the heck yer talkin abouts
TWGamer: I don't have Mario Party 2. Thanks! Solar at the moment has plans up to Ep.50, so watch this space!

Alberto Sánchez Ortiz wrote:

Hey,in the last e-mail bag(June 17,2000)I saw a question that did you some person that speak spanish. I am from México,I speak spanish,and there are a lot of other persons that speak the two lenguages. Why do you not contrate one of this person for the staff?,YOUR PAGE WILL BE BILINGUAL AND WILL HAS MORE VISITS. It is only a suggestion,and I offer me to do this work.

BeckerManEX: Hey I made it through Spanish III in High School, so I kinda count.
Hairball: Hey buddy, I'm already trilingual (Spanish isn't one of my languages), but it takes too much time and effort to do a site in multiple languages since like 90% of the Internet is English anyway.
FireKraken: Hmm...sounds .... interesting...
BlackMage: /me smacks Hairball yeah! BILINGUAL WHOOOOOOO!!!!! Although I care not on what that means :P
TWGamer: Hairball deals with Staff requests. I do speak a bit of French.