E-Mailbag for June 17, 2000

Eggs-Cheese wrote:

Whenever i try to load the chat it says this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdown I had just recently applied for a job and now i don't know if i will get picked or not?But, ican acess any other options..staff e-mail,etc

BeckerManEX: Sounds like you are having a software conflict with the Plug-In for mIRC. What is best to do is download mIRC at www.mirc.co.uk and then log into our personal channel that way.
Hairball: It means you have a crappy web browser.
Namek: I dunno what kinda browser you use, but it would be best if you used Internet Explorer 5.0 with all plug-ins and make sure that javais turned on. If all else fails, download mIRC at www.mirc.com and connect to irc.ipa.net to chat in our room.
BlackMage: you could upgrade from IE3 or install mIRC...
TWGamer: hmmm, I don't deal with staff applications

Abby wrote:

I was wondering-who is Plum? She is on the new Mario Golf game on N64. Thanks!

BeckerManEX: Plum is one of the original characters from Camelot's Hot Shots Golf for the Sony Playstation. She along with a few other characters were left in the game from the original when the Nintendo characters were added to the engine.
Hairball: Hey, you just answered your own question!
Namek: Plum is a character.
BlackMage: plum is Mario's sister if I remember right.
TWGamer: I dunno why Camelot put those characters in, good they may be, but I wouldn't pick them over the likes of Mario and Yoshi.


Games are irrelevant. People are irrelevent. Borg rock. How do I get 120 stars?

BeckerManEX: YES! The BORG certainly do rock. You get 120 stars by playing the game all the way through without cheating, because cheating is irrevelant. Trekkies forever!
Hairball: If they are irrevelent, then why would you play them?
Namek: this question is irrelevant and so is my answer.
BlackMage: aha! this question could ONLY be created by the mastermind known as Namek!
TWGamer: hmm.. a Star Trek fan. To get 120 stars, you buy Super Mario 64, put it in your N64 and get.. 120 stars!

geodude wrote:

guys i know the release date to sma (super mario adventure)the release date is on december 29,2000,and its on nintendo 64.

BeckerManEX: It is now called Paper Mario (US)/Mario Story (JPN) and the release date is December 26th, 2000, and of course it is on Nintendo 64.
Hairball: That's good for you, but...the release date is actually December 26, 2000, which is known as Boxing Day.
Namek: Yeah, but we know how Nintendo is. There is a 99.9% chance that the release date will change before then. Heck, they changed the games name like 5 times.
BlackMage: Wowsers! like I know when that is!
TWGamer: thank you so much

Mario wrote:

Mamamia! I meen, WOW! I never seen so many yesters n looejes n peches n besers and teds n koopes n gumba's n peps! MAMAMIA! I MEEN, WOW! Cher got me since I'm a babe.she said "I got you babe!" derr huh huh huh! Golly garsh shucks gee wiz!

BeckerManEX: This is why drugs aren't allowed in society today.
Hairball: If you're not over 50, I suggest you are an idiot.
Namek: Yeah, Mario's been eating the wrong kinda Mushrooms.
BlackMage: Oi Vey!
TWGamer: grow up.

(unknown) wrote:

Is DK in Mario Tennis? Who are the 16 players that are mentioned at the Nintendo official website?

BeckerManEX: I wouldn't know, but I remember Mario Tennis for VB, and I think that Donkey Kong was in that game. And yes I am one of the 5 people who still like Virtual Boy, and own one.
Hairball: I think DK's gonna most likely be in Mario Tennis. Not all of the players were announced mind you.
Namek: I don't know that mush about Mario Tennis so far, but I am pretty sure he is in there somewhere.
BlackMage: If you know where to look, you could look :)
TWGamer: I don't know, sorry.

VelvetDark007 wrote:

Hi. I just have a quick Mario Tennis question- Do you know when It'll be out here in the USA? I've hear fall from some friends of mine, and I'm confused.

BeckerManEX: If September is a Fall month, then yes it will be coming out in the Fall.
Hairball: Yes, it will be coming on August 28.
Namek: I'm not to fond at looking at release lists, since they change constantly, to see when a game is going to be released so I have no clue when it will be released.
BlackMage: "I'm sorry right now, please check in #darkfire" whoops. "I'm sorry right now, please check in #sm64c"
TWGamer: It has no definate release date yet, It will probably be out later in the year

Enrique Marrodz wrote:

Hi!, very nice bunch of Mario-information ;-)I've three questions: 1. Where form came Wario? 2. Where from came MarioJR? 3. How Koopa changed its name to Bowser? Please, disipate this greats doubts from me!! Thanks in advance.

BeckerManEX: I really don't know, I'm sorry.
Hairball: Nintendo made Wario up, MarioJR does NOT exist, he's only in SolarGamer's Super Mario Saga, and Bowser's name is Koopa in a sense. It's "King Bowser Koopa".
Namek: 1. Wario came from a Cloning Factory. He is Mario's evil clone. 2. Mario JR.... i dunno? 3. Koopa's full name is Bowser Koopa. They used his last name for a few games and his First for the rest. I think it goes for the Princess to. Her Name used to be Princess Toadstool & Daisy, now it's Peach.
BlackMage: * Blackmage crashes due to bad grammer in command "Where from came Mario?" will attempt reboot in 15 seconds...
TWGamer: 1. Mario is Wario's Half-Brother, some people say Evil Twin, but hey; 2. MarioJR is a character made up by SolarGamer for the Super Mario Saga; 3. Koopa is Bowser's second name, and also his race.

A wrote:

can i have $20 please?

BeckerManEX: Sure, who shall I make the check out to?
Hairball: No way, Jose.
Namek: Sure, just stick your hand under a lawn mower, that's where people keep their money.
BlackMage: Sure! * Blackmage gives himself $20
TWGamer: ask your bank

Me wrote:

Can I have a beer please?

BeckerManEX: Help yourself, the keg is over there.
Hairball: Sure, why not?
Namek: Stick your hand under a lawnmow..... oh, wait. That's for $20.
BlackMage: This seems to be another question I submitted last week when I was bored.
TWGamer: ask your local bar

Sarah wrote:

I loved the Super Mario Saga and I'm really glad it's back. However, isn't it possible that we're getting a few too many stories here? I'm getting a little confused.

BeckerManEX: Due to the creative atmosphere here, and copycats all around everyone has jumped on the bandwagon like interns on Bill Clinton, but some of the stories are getting out of hand. I know I am being a hypocrit for making my own story, but I threw a little flavor in mine.
Hairball: So am I.
Namek: There can never be too many Stories. As far as the Saga goes, I am not to interested in it. Solar's never gonna get all 100+ episodes done; it would take more than 5yrs.
BlackMage: Well, Hairball's plan was to create a huge mario stories section, but he's used the reviews page for the stories, if he redesigned it right you wouldn't notice all the stories :) Also BeckerMan's story is the BEST!
TWGamer: The new Fan Fiction section is cool, especially with all the new stories coming, especially mine :)

Wes wrote:

Hairball64 (cool name!) I'm wondering aren't you on summer vacation from school yet? Cause on one of your updates it says "school is killing me"? Just wondering.

BeckerManEX: In the farming nation of Canada everything lasts longer and is more expensive.
Hairball: Well, I have 4 more school days in the 1999-2000 school year (as of date of e-mailbag).
Namek: All Canadians, like Hairball, seem to have School late into the summer. I've been out since May 25 and it's been alot of fun.
BlackMage: Hairball is a canuck like me and in Canada school lasts until near the end of June. While in the US everyone is off of school by June 1st
TWGamer: Schools have different summer vacations in Canada. Mind you, I still have 5 weeks to go where I live :(

Mark wrote:

I was wondering if there was a site that I could find the super mario brothers movie. My kids really liked it and I would like to get it for them.

BeckerManEX: Amazon.com and Buy.com are a good place to start looking.
Hairball: The Super Mario Bros. Movie came out quite a long time ago. I think if you go to a Blockbuster or some rental place, they will have it for rent.
Namek: www.funcoland.com
BlackMage: There was a movie? can I see it with you?
TWGamer: I hate that film. Go to http://www.imdb.com and search for 'Super Mario Bros.'

Gazuga wrote:

After looking through the SMBHQ site, I discovered jsut what this site needs: A fan fiction section. Why? Because the fan fiction section of SMBHQ hasn't been updated since August 1999!

BeckerManEX: Click on Mario Stories, then scroll all the way down, vola, what have we here.
Hairball: Thanks to your suggestion, there is one now.
Namek: Wouldn't that be kinda like the Mario Stories section? And, in my opinion, SMBHQ is just a pile of poop that needs to be shut down.
BlackMage: WOWSERS!
TWGamer: heh, we have tons of fan fiction that's updated weekly (almost)

Me wrote:

pokemon, pokemon, pokemon all day! Sing with me. Do you think a pokemon could be in a mario game! When is Super NES coming out?

BeckerManEX: They were, ever played Smash Brothers? And the Super NES is coming out 9 years ago.
Hairball: It's "Pokémon", spell it right damn it.
Namek: POKeMON is a disgrace to video games. Nintendo is giving all pokemon fans what they want but they never thought twice about what REAL video game fans wanted. Why couldn't nintendo redesign the N64 with a Mario look? Why did it have to be POKeMON?
BlackMage: * Blackmage crashes again at stupid question: "When is Super NES coming out?" will attempt reload of database instead of reboot
TWGamer: Well, Pokemon are in Super Smash Bros. and, um the Super NES came out in 1990, so you are ten years behind the rest of us

William Clinton wrote:

I'm not sure but I think that maybe well yes see my sister told me but I don't know for sure could you help i would like that it's the whole star busisness

BeckerManEX: Hasn't anyone learned proper grammar?
Hairball: I don't want to know what you do with your sister.
Namek: Did you know the President's name is William Clinton?
BlackMage: Stars are the little things that Hairball sees at school when someone wacks him in the head
TWGamer: I'm not into United States presidential topics.

Ben wrote:

I think I know a secret in Super Mario 64. My best friend told me that you can get 100 coins in every level and you get an EXTRA STAR!!! I tried it and it works! Why doesn't the manual tell you about this? It is the best hidden secret EVER! Thanx

BeckerManEX: Oh my....
Hairball: And here's another secret: THOSE 100 COIN STARS ACCOUNT FOR 15 OF THE TOTAL 120 STARS IN THE GAME!!!!!
Namek: Actually, the Game tells you this. These stars are part of collecting all 120 stars to go see Yoshi on the roof.
BlackMage: Ummm.. as the non-mario64 playing person here i'd love to take this time to say, even I knew that! :P
TWGamer: WOW!

mushroomhead2000 wrote:

What is the signifigance of the little goomba house with two "devil horn"chimney things that is on every game board of Mario Party 2? Is there any way you can get to it? Why is it there?

BeckerManEX: Sorry, haven't played the game.
Hairball: Those have no significance at all, they are just there for decoration.
Namek: hehehehehe.
BlackMage: Thats Bowsers whorewhouse ;)
TWGamer: Mario Party 2 isn't out where I live, so I can't help.

I am allergic to pigs wrote wrote:

What do you do with all your coins after you beat Mario Party/Mario Party 2? I have the game beaten and thousands of coins, but nothing to buy!

BeckerManEX: Sorry, haven't played the game.
Hairball: Continue playing the multiplayer game for fun!
Namek: I beat that game too.
BlackMage: See hairballs answear, he plays the game 24/7
TWGamer: Mario Party 2 isn't out where I live, so I can't help.

jorge gonzalez trujillo wrote:

deseamos saber como podemos comernos la estrella de la etapa numero6,rollings rockets y la etapa de la noche (especial)

BeckerManEX: Si amigo, Harry no llamas espanol.
Hairball: I have no freaking idea what that means.
Namek: and...... light saber cookie monkey dog biscuit snootchie bootchies?
BlackMage: Translation: we want to know like we can eat up the star of the stage numero6, rollings rockets and the stage of the night (special)
TWGamer: (goes to translation program) No entiendo

Jimmy wrote:

How often do your email bags come out? They are my favorite part. Thank you very much. Love, Jimmy

BeckerManEX: About once a week if we get enough stuff to make on.
Hairball: Usually about every 3 weeks.
Namek: They used to be once a week. Since we don't get very many intelligent questions, we've had to reduce it to whenever we feel like putting one up.
BlackMage: they come out every once in awhile when I bitchslap Hairball
TWGamer: About two per month at least.

Faloperianua wrote:

My mom says I play to many video games. All I play is Mario and I make sure that I only play an hour a day. How can I convince her that mario games are good? PS- if you have any tips on how to convince her to let me get Caller ID I'd appreciate that too.

BeckerManEX: Caller ID, well when the damn MCI telemarkets call for the fifth time and get you off the toilet mid-dump, you want to be able to not answer the phone and talk to the F'n pricks.
Hairball: Show your mom how challenging the games are, and how much thinking is involved. Tell her that the caller ID can help filter out the useless phone calls, that would be a great reason.
Namek: Actually, games help your vision and help you become more aware of movements. Heck, most games have puzzles in them and that allows you to use your brain and put it up to challenges. I've played games all my life. Me and my dad used to play Super Mario Bros. for NES at least 5 hours a day. He beat the game and i never did, but I turned out like any other "normal" person. Games like Mario won't hurt children in any way, mentally or physically. Sure, maybe games like Doom or Quake can alter your personallity a little, but not Mario. And as far as caller ID, if you hate prank calls and stupid credit card or long distance companies calling you, then you should get it; otherwise it is just a waste of money.
BlackMage: An hour of mario *IS* bad, play some other games every once in awhile, and tell your mom that if you weren't playing video games you'd be outside causing trouble. I dunno about caller ID
TWGamer: Let her play it.

Mr. I wrote:

I was thinking; why do so many people saend you stupid siht email when it's supposed to be genuine, speellchecked Amrio related wuestion?s I thkni that you dummoes should definitely start to reafd whart you send poor hairyablls and them b4 you sned it so you don't waster their precious teim!I hope I haev greatly helped....maybe....

BeckerManEX: Nice try at satire, but you get no cookie.
Hairball: No one said it has to be genuin Mario-related questions, otherwise it would be no fun at all!
Namek: Well, you should take your own advice, but thanx for trying to help :)
BlackMage: right.... this must be Amphion thinkin he's funny
TWGamer: Then send us some proper 'speellchecked Amrio related wuestions'

JP wrote:

Your site is really good!I like it! Just like TMK, SM64C is excellent!

BeckerManEX: Thanks, I think.
Hairball: * Hairball 64 bows, and says "THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
Namek: I admit that our site is not as good as TMK, but we try. It's not that hard to run a site you know.
BlackMage: Yeah!!!!!
TWGamer: yay!