E-Mailbag for May 20, 2000

Mario Agent #550 wrote:

I've got a problem with this site.You need to have more real "codes" in the "ceats and codes"section. There are more special hints and game glitches than there are codes.I'd appreciate it if you could add more codes to this site.

BeckerManEX: I have a problem with you. First you haven't the concept of a spell checker, and secondly you want to cheat your way through games. These are the kinda people that make me love companies who don't put codes in their games.
Hairball: Well, what the hell are real "codes" supposed to be? And a lot of other sites already have this stuff, check out TMK or SMBHQ.
Tiger: I'd appreciate it if you actually had some real question than a comment.
BlackMage: codes? what? you think we'd play around with a game attempting to exploit while we can compleate it with out any cheats?
TWGamer: Well, Super Mario 64 has hardly any push-button codes and if you don't have a gameshark there isn't any codes to post.

Matte wrote:

I heardtaht luigi is in mario 64 I have a site but its in Swedis Maybe I can translate it later

BeckerManEX: ialsoheardthatluigiisnotinmario64
Hairball: Ummmm...no he isn't. And I believe no one here is Swedish, or at least knows Swedish.
Tiger: When you think you have found a stupid person, it just gets worse, doesn't it?
BlackMage: yeah, you can get him after you beat up the Kirby that's to the left of the castle under the waterfall
TWGamer: 1. Luigi isn't in Super Mario 64; 2. Learn to spell.

Luigim64 wrote:

where do you guys live?

BeckerManEX: What does that have to do with Mario? Well I live in the beautiful desert that is Arizona (Mesa, Arizona to be exact), Harry lives in the backwards nation of Canada (yeah the one with all the hippies, and I have no clue where everyone else lives.
Hairball: I live down in hell, I am the devil leader.
Tiger: On Planet Earth. 'Nuff said.
BlackMage: I live in a box
TWGamer: UK

KARINA wrote:


BeckerManEX: You have excellent use of the home row, next week the QWERTY keys....oooooo!!!!
TWGamer: char char charmander-char mander-char char

Faming3000 wrote:

this is no question I am from "Mario Online" and Mario tenis 64 is not the first one, the VB had the first Mario tenis game. I have not posted it on my site yet because I don't like my server anymore so I am waiting for a new one before I do it. http://sm64o.cjb.net

BeckerManEX: Nice Question? Yes Mario Tennis was the pack-in game from Virtual Boy, I have it lying around here somewhere, but Mario Tennis 64 will be in real 3D, and will be on the 64.
Hairball: And you and your site don't make much sense at all.
Tiger: Great sherlock, all you need now is grammar as well as spelling lessons.
BlackMage: hmmm, Hairball didn't know that? AHAHAHAHAHAAHA EVEN I KNOW THAT!!!
TWGamer: No, you are wrong because Mario was the referee in the much earlier NES Tennis game so there. (ha)

Antonio wrote:

If you need information about Peru, country of south america, visit this page: http://members.tripod.com/inca_land

BeckerManEX: Thanks, I think.
Hairball: No thanks, I don't really know much or care about Peru, but I'm sure our buddy Black_Mage wants to know.
Tiger: I'm sure we'll use this information on a Mario Site, that has nothing to do with Peru. Thanks for your help.
BlackMage: Sorry sir, i cannot see myself caring about information on Peru, maybe if I could get Hairball deported there...
TWGamer: 1. I don't want to know about Peru; 2. SPAM!

Max wrote:

I'm trying to make a clone of Mario for PC (yes I know Ultra Hle but .. :) and I find it difficult to make 3d models that look like mario's one, has anyone ever send to you a 3d file of Mario ( .3ds or .max....) ? If so, I would be glad to find it on your site.

BeckerManEX: I have yet to fool around with 3D Max, but I'm sure if you look around you can find it.
Hairball: Nope, and making 3D games is very very hard.
Tiger: If you know how to work 3d software, you would think that the person could also sculpt with 2d pictures as well.
BlackMage: hmmm, 3ds file? is this a school project or somthing? do you belive that we'd give you a 3d mario so you can hand it in for autocad?
TWGamer: Don't know, buddy.

Alberto Armentero wrote:

hi nintendo i got an ideal of you guys making a new game called the,the adventure of mario and link/(from zelda)two hero two evil

BeckerManEX: We are not Nintendo (even though we wish we were), a cross over game would be cool, but Mario lives in The Mushroom Kingdom, and Link lives in Hyrule. Unless they have some wierd device that I won't go into, it won't happen.
Hairball: Good good, we're not Nintendo, and I doubt there will be any games with Mario and Link teamed up.
Tiger: God, somebody shoot him now.
BlackMage: i didn't know we were nintendo...
TWGamer: 1. SM64c is not Nintendo; 2. Go to http://www.nintendo.com and babble there.

John Vilk wrote:

Maybe you should put Mario game MIDIs on your site. I have them on my site. I'll give some to you for your page if you link to my page. I'll also link to your page. What do you say? My page is at http://home.att.net/~pokemanac3210/ I'm dieing to get some people at my site. Thanks for listning. Pokemaniac 3210

BeckerManEX: See that Downloads Section...thought so
Hairball: Sigh, if you look closely, you'll notice that there are MIDI's in the Downloads section.
Tiger: You are dying? Damn, we better take you do the hospital now.
BlackMage: actually we have mario midis, they're in the Downloads section :)
TWGamer: SM64c already has Mario MIDIs on the site. SPAMer.

Amir wrote:

el juego es buenisimo

BeckerManEX: Gracias por favor.
Hairball: Vaya al infierno!
Tiger: The Game is Good. Okkkayyy...Tu mama es buen en tu cama? I dunno.
BlackMage: cool, i wish i knew what you said!
TWGamer: I don't know Spanish.

alex wrote:

sick my pyse

BeckerManEX: Uh...any answer I have here is not appropriate for this website, We are Rated "E", because Harry is a Pans-E.
Hairball: No I don't want to suck your "pyse", that place belongs to your mother.
Tiger: pick him coka
BlackMage: no thanks, i think Hairball might be up for that *THWAP* hey! i was joking!
TWGamer: um.



BeckerManEX: No, sorry.
Hairball: Paper NES game, wow, what fun. Some people are just retards you know.
Tiger: ::sigh::
BlackMage: sure! i'll do it now! * BlackMage sends a mail bomb
TWGamer: erm You must be mad to put your Phone Number on the Internet. By the way, SM64C IS NOT NINTENDO! , go to http://www.nintendo.com and dish out your babble there!

Kyle wrote:

SM64 What are Birdy Points, and how do I get them.

BeckerManEX: If you are talking about Golf, the are when you finish a hole at one under par for that hole.
Hairball: Birdies have "points", either you, or I must be screwed.
Tiger: You just capture a bird and you got one! A point of a bird!
BlackMage: they are little points that you can use to turn pens into weapons, Toys R Us has them in the back, they used to sell them but kids started blowing up schools...
TWGamer: Something to do with Mario Golf.. I can't remember at the moment, I hope someone else can answer it

Butthole wrote:

You stink

BeckerManEX: We have been trying to get Harry to shower for days now, but he still sits there.
Hairball: And you smell like dog crap.
Tiger: Hey hey, you dont smell all that great either.
BlackMage: no, that's just you.
TWGamer: You are a homosexual

PIKACHU wrote:


BeckerManEX: According to a scientific study (a la Super Smash Brothers) Pikachu got his poke-ass beat.
Hairball: What is Mario sucking?
BlackMage: if you want to see pictures of mario doing that goto the hentai section of the site *THWAP* ow! stop hitting me Hairball!
TWGamer: Nice Try

Zeo12 wrote:

Its page is pretty damn good!

BeckerManEX: Thank you I take pride in my work.
Hairball: Yeah, thanks very much.
Tiger: Who is "it" exactly now...?
BlackMage: i know ;)
TWGamer: Thanks for the compliments, But I'm sure Hairball 64 will accept them better.

Derek Hawkins wrote:

I've tped to you guys before and I have come to say the Luigi code dosen't work.But is this true,is thier 127 stars? I know you think that I am falling for another trick but I just want to know.

BeckerManEX: ...
Hairball: The extra 7 stars come from you when you are spinning around after getting beat up.
Tiger: Moron.
BlackMage: there's only 120 stars, but the game will work if you hack it to 127 but it would make no differece :)
TWGamer: It doesn't work because it was an APRIL FOOL'S JOKE!

Caryn Wicke wrote:

I was looking through your emailbag and have found many people ask how to get Luigi on SuperMario64. Well, I've got news for you. I have a code of how to get Luigi. If you want, when someone asks, tell them to email me. You can ask me for the code, too.

Hairball: You know, I couldn't care less.
Tiger: Silly person, you forgot your e-mail address!
BlackMage: sure, gimme gimme my email addy is blackmage@sm64c.com
TWGamer: LUIGI IS NOT IN SUPER MARIO 64. got it? good.

Mario BRO#3 wrote:

shease id appreciate it if you people didnt respond like that but i got Luigi in mario 64 so popo to you!

BeckerManEX: See above.
Hairball: "Popo" for me, "Popo" for you, "Popo" for all, you have one too...
Tiger: You certainly attract morons, HB.
BlackMage: cool how'd ya do that?
TWGamer: See Above, sucker.

Chris wrote:

Hey Harry are you going to suck Yoshi's shlong?

BeckerManEX: Hahahha, I like this guy...very funny...hehehhe
Hairball: No, that isn't very pleasant.
Tiger: No, he's gonna give him a BJ. Geeze.
BlackMage: yes he is.
TWGamer: Seek mental help, unless Harry is really going to suck Yoshi's 'shlong'.....

Alfred Lam wrote:

questionGlaynin \ hi

BeckerManEX: Take the l out of that name you are surely a GAY NINNY.
Hairball: ...Bye!
Tiger: * hello
BlackMage: HEY!!!! how's it going?
TWGamer: hi

Tomu wrote:

mario is a naked man!!!!whats he a doing?!! hes all drunk!!! silly man.

BeckerManEX: You watching Mario do things naked is even more disturbing than him actually BEING naked.
Hairball: You must be drunk, fantasizing Mario naked.
Tiger: Yes, Mario is Naked and Drunk. ::rolls eyes::
BlackMage: no, that's not mario, that's Santa Claus
TWGamer: (snore....zzzz) (wakes up) Hmm.. so you want a nude Mario game with alcohol... keep dreamin', fella.

Bill Clinton wrote:

how3 od you get a star>?;oj

BeckerManEX: Hehe OJ is writing us, cool, lets not say anything mean because he can get away with Murder...opps sorry for the pun...uh oh..............
Hairball: Go outer space, and fly for a couple million years, and you will get to a star.
Tiger: I took one.
BlackMage: i beat up Hairball and took one
TWGamer: After you've learned to spell, put the Super Mario 64 Cart into your N64. Then complete one of the courses and you have a star. (duh)

Steven Hamilton the 4 wrote:

if youbknow a girl name d Jessica Tanis pelase email me because she used ot be my girlf`1rien8d and she dunped me last weeek and i don't know whwerre she went. thank yuo so muahc

BeckerManEX: If I could sp85ell wo4rds with num38bers, wou448ld she go out with me?
Hairball: Sending e-mails like these to sites goes to show how extremely lame you are, and that's probably why your girlfriend dumped you.
Tiger: We are not LoveLine. Ask another question.
BlackMage: well, we dont know but if you learned better spelling you could do a search for her
TWGamer: 1. This is not a 'friend-finder' site; 2. Learn to spell; 3. I don't give a sh** about your girlfriend

Derek Ratliff wrote:


BeckerManEX: George will be a hybrind between a pikachu and a dog. It shocks your ass then humps your leg till it feels like pissing all over the other one.
Hairball: A "Yoshi" Pokemon? You never know.
Tiger: Caps, caps.
BlackMage: Actually you're "friend" Nathan is currently at home laughing his ass off cause he knows that you've been fooled
TWGamer: 1. Learn to spell; 2. unstick your Caps Lock key; 3. 'Super Mario 2' came out in 1988; 4. Pokemon has nothing to do with Mario; 5. Don't post crap here

Fake wrote:

yoshi yoooshi?

BeckerManEX: noshi noooshi
Hairball: YOO-SHHHHHI!
Tiger: mario maaario?
BlackMage: YOSHI???? WHERE ARE YOU????? NOOOO!!!!!!!
TWGamer: pika pikachu chu-pika pikachuchu chupikachu-pika

f*ck wrote:

fuk f*ckie?

BeckerManEX: FUQ
Hairball: I do not believe that is a question.
Tiger: You guys are total morons.
BlackMage: wow, that question was so intelligent that only Namek could write such a question of such mastery
TWGamer: go f**k yourself

douo wrote:

guys DONT YOU know luigi likes peach mario just rescue her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: I think we were missing a noun in that question.
Hairball: Probably Mario and Luigi both like Peach, and they probably do it together....ewwww, better not say anymore now.
Tiger: Ack, the ! is hurting me.
BlackMage: actually he doesn't he actually likes the Princess' sister, Christine
TWGamer: Yes, Luigi likes peach and Mario rescues her a lot. err......

Game Master 64 wrote:

Why do so many people hate me? [5/1/00 10:51:45 PM] System Area Change - Temp Directories Rescanning [5/1/00 10:52:05 PM] Scan Complete. [5/1/00 10:54:07 PM] Incoming hack attempt from IP Address: [5/1/00 10:54:07 PM] Hacker is attempting to gain access using the Netbus trojan. [5/1/00 10:54:07 PM] Hacker's connection was terminated by GM64. [5/1/00 10:54:07 PM] Log auto-saved to: 05012000.LOG [5/1/00 10:54:07 PM] Attempting trace route... Please stand by... [5/1/00 10:54:08 PM] Attempting to trace hacker's connection... Please stand by... [5/1/00 10:54:08 PM] 5/1/00 10:54:08 PM-[From]- [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] => 38-default-gw.psi.net [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] => [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] => 1Cust35.tnt4.everett.wa.da.uu.net [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] ========================================= [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] Incoming hack attempt from IP Address: [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] Hacker is attempting to gain access using the Netbus trojan. [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] Hacker's connection was terminated by GM64. [5/1/00 10:54:26 PM] Log auto-saved to: 05012000.LOG

BeckerManEX: Did I miss something?
Hairball: Maybe because you are stupid and you piss a lot of people off.
Tiger: Why does life suck so much?
BlackMage: cause you look at animal porn
TWGamer: (Nelson Muntz voice) HA HA!

Wayne C wrote:

Quite some time has passed since you started and stopped the Super Mario Saga. Why? It was so funny and mysterious, it was like a great comic book. Please keep your promise and make it go up to 100 parts. You won't be sorry. Also, make more "Where's Mario" screenshots. They made me feel good when I could easily tell where they were. C'mon, make them harder! E-mail me regularly at Mariogod@ignmail.com. I know, as my name suggests, almost everything about Mario, so ask away!

BeckerManEX: Uh..
Hairball: Yeah, I think the Super Mario Saga should be back, it's really cool, and I hope Solar changes his mind about it. It's one of the coolest sections on SM64C.
Tiger: Word of the day, children: Moron. Now let's repeat, Moron. That is M-O-R-O-N.
BlackMage: I uhhh got Solargamer in trouble at school so he's grounded so no internet access for a bit, SORRY!
TWGamer: Yeah I thought the Saga was good, and I agree HB needs to do some more Where is Mario, so watch this space...