E-Mailbag for April 22, 2000

Remphus wrote:

Could you tell me where the secret is in the ghost house [in Super Mario World] that leads to the "top secret" level. World 2. thanks

BeckerManEX: Uhhh...No.
Hairball: To get to the "Top Secret Area" go into the Donut Ghost House. Be Caped Mario and fly up to the very left, there's a hole in the ceiling. Once you get up to the top, run to the right, keep going and you'll fall, and there's a door to exit. That exit leads to the Top Secret Area.
SolarGamer: Have no idea what you are talking about so stop whinning and look for yourself. In case I am being to mean I will help you out a little. Go to the thing to get the thing that unlocks the thing that only can be used to get you to the thing.
Tiger: The Ghost House is located in the Super Mario 64 Game for N64.

Ultra The Vampire wrote:

wanna join my development web? it's like a link site but bigger and you get more stuff, than at a link site.

BeckerManEX: I like how you included your address to your site, how are we even to consider it if you don't even tell us who you are.
Hairball: Ummmm...how about NO?!
SolarGamer: No I don't think so. SM64C is too good for your "link site" so link off. Oh wait, ask Hairball...he is in charge...
Tiger: Take Grammar School.

Debowski wrote:

I stoumbled on to a contradiction of Nintedo's words on one of your sites.It said that you ARE taking game ideas when Nintendo stated that they were never going to take ideas from "outsiders".The part about you taking ideas is exactly what I wanted to hear but I don't want to get my hopes up yet. Are you or are you not taking ideas?

BeckerManEX: For the last time, we are not NINTENDO. We are not affiliated in anyway with NINTENDO, and we may never be. If we get anymore letters saying "U shoud make a nother Marios Game" I am going to go insane.
Hairball: We take ideas, but we aren't Nintendo, the ideas we get doesn't get forwarded to Nintendo. The best we do is post some ideas up. But that doesn't mean that Nintendo will read it and use some ideas.
SolarGamer: NintEDO's cleary says we DON'T EXCEPT game idea's from outsiders. But we do encourage you giving it to us anyways so we can ripe off your idea without worry of copywrite. Mwahahahahaha!
Tiger: We are not Nintendo dumbass.

Shara wrote:

Um, this is probably really stupid, but could you explain to me who "Boshi" and "Kamek" are? Thanks Shara

BeckerManEX: Kamek must be Namek's sister/alterego? and Boshi, that one is new to me.
Hairball: You have to race Boshi with Yoshi in Super Mario RPG, from what I heard he's one of the baddies in the game. Kamek is another name for Magikoopa, the Koopas that have the blue magician suit on.
SolarGamer: Boshi is the Evil Yoshi from Super Mario RPG. Kamek was Bowsers caretaker as a kid. He stared in SMW2: Yoshi's Island for the SNES, and Yoshi's Story for the N64.
Tiger: How the hell do I know? Harry only lets me have stuff 'cause I got de e3 pass.

Me! of course! wrote:

Your web site is boooorrrinnnggg! Can you put barney photos on it?

BeckerManEX: You haven't found Harry's secret directory where all the Barney and Teletubbie pics are kept, also look harder and you may find some of that ellusive animal porn. If you really want Barney photos then you really need help.
Hairball: Oooh, Barney. For dinosaurs, Yoshi is about a million times better than Barney. And you're a million times stupider than Barney.
SolarGamer: No...BUT we can put up porno pictures of Hairball and FireKraken. That good enough for you? ;-) j/k
Tiger: Indeed, our site is "boooorrrinnnggg!," however, we are not boring. Yes, you may put photos if you get permission from the idiot known as Harry a.k.a. Laziest Webmaster on the entire Internet.

Brett wrote:

Will Luigi be in Super Mario RPG two?

BeckerManEX: As far as I know, no. Sorry.
Hairball: Probably Luigi will be in the game, but we'll have to wait and see.
SolarGamer: I am not certain...but my guess is no. Luigi is currently in production of Super Luigi RPG! That comes out January 2001!
Tiger: Super Mario RPG two hasn't even been planned yet. But from a skeptic view, I guess so.

Philip wrote:

Why can't you show the time(for example: 2.00 p.m Pacific) when you update something and show it on your first page?

BeckerManEX: Harry you can field this one.
Hairball: Since we update the day before, (ie. Saturday updates are posted on Friday nights) it would make sense to post the time of the update since it will be more misleading than it already is.
SolarGamer: Because that looks very unproffesional! Don't you realize we are a serious site about a videogame character who runs around playing with mushrooms and turtles? We aren't you free domain web-site...We are the DOMAIN one! So back off creep or I will send a Nintendo representative to silence you and you evil "Time" ways. (Maybe I overreacted)
Tiger: Harry is too lazy to check his hand. Oh wait, he looks at it often when its moving up and down, but I think he doesn't have a watch. (you didn't hear this from me)

Josh wrote:

Is there a Rainbow yoshi in Yoshi's Story for N64?

BeckerManEX: Never played it.
Hairball: No, there isn't a Rainbow Yoshi. The only Yoshi colours you can get are: Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Light Blue and Blue. You can also get Black and White Yoshis, but you have to complete certain tasks first...
SolarGamer: Yes there is a rainbow Yoshi! He loves to prance around and pick flowers and sing happy songs and make babies with the male yoshi's who can't make babies. Seriously though, NO! Why would anyone want a Rainbow Yoshi? They are gay (happy that is) enough already.
Tiger: Suuuuurre. There are also neon, UV, and IR yoshis as well. (Weirdo.)

Lupus wrote:

I see that the "poh kai" isn't here... hmm.. maybe i should go check out www.gamingtarget.com instead.

BeckerManEX: Who or what is a "poh kai"?
Hairball: No, Mush, that "poh kai" from Gaming Target isn't here.
SolarGamer: Go "poh kai" yourself then. Gaming Target is full of pictures of "Poh Kai".
Tiger: Considering that it is an action and that I guess GT of full of people like that...I lost.

Mario BRO #3 wrote:

well i dont want to start more romors but my freinds say there are secret characters in mario kart 64 is this true please email me. so i can find out.

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: There are no secret characters in Mario Kart 64. The thing closest to a secret character, is in 3 or 4 player battle mode. When you die you turn into this bomb on a kart, you can hit your friends and they will lose a balloon, but you can only do this once.
SolarGamer: Ummm, yes there is. You didn't know that? Sheesh.
Tiger: Find out yourself. Stop being lazy like Harry.

Big J wrote:

Alright my question is, is there anyway to ride Yoshi in Mario 64? Friends have told me yes, but they have never seen it for themselves. I was just wondering if you could verify if you can or cannot right Yoshi?

BeckerManEX: No.
Hairball: Yes, it's possible to have Mario ride Yoshi, or Yoshi ride Mario. Just type this code 64,453 times: NFDSA64FDSLAJ3253290FDSA
SolarGamer: Ewww, pervert! Why would you want to see Mario "ride" Yoshi anyways? Barf!
Tiger: Uhhhhhhhhhhh...I guess Mario could "ride" Peach but I think "riding" Yoshi would be a form of beastiality...

Mario BRO #3 wrote:

how do i deafeat Master hand and why didnt i get selected for staff I sent it over 2 weeks ago!

BeckerManEX: No. Oh wait. Harry is in charge of staff.
Hairball: You must suck then, it's not really that hard, so there's no point in explaining. We don't choose losers to be on our staff.
SolarGamer: The reason you weren't selected for staff is due to your response in this question. You are not smart enough to be a Mario Staff because you don't know how to defeat the Master Hand.
Tiger: Lamer.

HanSolo7794 wrote:

I loved your history,but I have a problem. I have Super Mario World and I can't figure out how to get to Back Door. Please help me!!

BeckerManEX: It has been too long since I've played that game.
Hairball: There's a "large red dot" on the map, go to that level find the secret exit and beat the Valley Fortress and you will get there.
SolarGamer: How does "loving the history", have anything to do with your question? Refrase that question and MAYBE I will CONSIDER helping you out.
Tiger: It's just opposite the Front Door. That simple.

tisson wrote:

how can i play a game of mario through the internet

BeckerManEX: You can't.......yet.
Hairball: As of right now, there are no Mario games in which you can play across the net, maybe there might be something like this for the Dolphin...
SolarGamer: By laying in the middle of the freeway during rush hour. Next Question.
Tiger: Just boot up StarCraft and name a file to "Mario" and battle with your friend. Wha-la! *this works with most games*

The Logue wrote:

well in the super Mario Saga Part 4 make a new brother (well not really a new brother a new Character.) Save Toad And Luigi From Croco hel'l have on a blue suit like the ones the Mario BROS do and a blue hat with the T on it.Call him Tyler He will also be glad to kick bowsers butt. And please fit him into all of the next episodes of the super mario saga.

BeckerManEX: Hahahah. I don't write the saga.
Hairball: I don't run or write the Super Mario Saga, we'll just have to let SolarGamer listen to these comments. But I heard from Solar that can't find the next saga, it must hiding on his hard drive, awaiting us...
SolarGamer: Let me as the AUTHOR assure you that lots more characters are on the way for the saga. This is only the beginning. BE prepared for some major plot twists in the minor future.
Tiger: well in the reality world you are pathetic and you will die a horrible death and i have horrible grmer and i cnt spl

Jemeral wrote:

Hi dudes, may I suggest you to upload what's really important, who cares to download screenshots, music and other game stuff if you don't have the game. The game is what's woth downloading. So please, upload a game version that's compatible with a glide2x.dll driver. Thanks Att: A skilled videogamer

BeckerManEX: A skilled videogamer who resorts to the ways of emulation is nothing more but a cheap, ass bastard that is so freaking poor that they need to stop paying for internet access and get a damn job, and buy your freaking games.
Hairball: We don't post games because Nintendo loses money when people only download games and not buy them. It's illegal. Nintendo loses a lot of business from pirated games and it hurts them. We are not an emulation site. Don't be a cheap ass and actually buy some games, unless you have a really good computer, it will play like crap anyway.
SolarGamer: We don't support bumbs like yourself with videogames. Go out and by it instead of bitching.
Tiger: Yes, we uploaded the games onto our SNES and/or N64's already.

Chris Ozog wrote:

Your website is very good and I visit it a lot. But I recommend you should add online strategy guides for Mario games. You should also add more information on Such Mario games as Mario Adventure, and possibly (if you can) tell us more about the new Mario game for Dolphin.

BeckerManEX: Ideas...ideas...ideas...Harry use some.
Hairball: One of the main reasons we don't have strategy guides is because a lot of sites already have them, and we feel we don't have to waste time writing them. You can find strategy guides at GameFAQs.com and several other large gaming sites like IGN and GameGuides.com.
SolarGamer: Thanks for the suggestions. That is all.
Tiger: Ask the lazy slob Harry.

Ash Ketchum wrote:

Hey how do you get to the top of the castle in SM64 without all 120 stars?(without the cannon)

BeckerManEX: You have to wall jump in the corner, but there is nothing up there but a red box and a few 1-Ups.
Hairball: You have to be at the right side of the castle, and do perfectly timed triple jumps and wall kicks on the "green" grass wall. I haven't done this before, but that's how you're supposed to do it. If you don't have 120 stars, Yoshi will not be there.
SolarGamer: I dunno. Good Question.
Tiger: You climb to the top of it.

Melissa Mario Sister wrote:

I read somewhere that the reason why Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't stick to one simple storyline for Mario's "history" and background info is because it gives him more possibilities in starring roles for video games. However, it is my opinion that although this is a smart move, all of the- what I call- "Mario theorists" come up with so many ideas about Mario's history and info, it gets confusing and annoying, despite the fact it's imaginative. What do you people think? Also, don't you think it's kinda strange Mario's official last name is "Mario"?? I mean, come on.

BeckerManEX: I really have no comment.
Hairball: There are several different storylines to the Mario games. If all the games had the same story line, they would all be the same, and it would be really boring. Yes it's strange that Mario's last name is "Mario", but that's where the "Mario Brothers" name comes from.
SolarGamer: That is a good hypothesis for why Shigeru Miyamoto refuses to reveal Mario's past. Who knows, maybe he is planning a "Super Mario Bros: the Mushroom of Time". In answer to you other question...It makes perfect sense that their last name is Mario...after all aren't they the Mario Brothers? It wouldn't make any sense to call the brothers by simply using Mario's name in front of brother. There for their last name has to be Mario.
Tiger: I guess his parents were dumb.

Unknown wrote:

You should get a new design. This design sux and I am sure everyone agrees. Your gonna turn into another SMBHQ and World Of Nintendo site. Oh and by the way, why do Hairball64, SolarGamer, and Namek do all the work at the site? Maybe you should slim down some of your staff.

BeckerManEX: Your saying I don't do any work. Lets see...1)A real life job, 2)A job at a website that pays money, 3)Creating Techno Songs, 4)Creating Quake III maps, 5) Writing for this site, 6) Setting up a new site for a network I can't name at the moment. Gee I do alot.
Hairball: Everyone chips in to create this site. But me, SolarGamer, and TWGamer (not Namek now) work the hardest to bring you as much stuff as possible.
SolarGamer: I agree that a new design couldn't hurt. I am not so sure Hairball should slim down the staff because I might be the first to go...for other reasons. :-)
Tiger: And you are saying SMBHQ and World of Nintendo is bad *disssssssssssssssssssssss*

Warui, Son of Wario wrote:

I know Kinopio is Toad's Japanese name but I once saw a pic in Nintendo Power from Super Mario Kart R that said Kinopio Kinopio Kino Kino Kino.What does that mean?

BeckerManEX: No idea, sorry.
Hairball: If I remember correctly, "Kinopio" is Japanese for mushroom. And Toad is a mushroom retainer for Peach.
SolarGamer: How the hell should I know? I am not Japanese.
Tiger: That you can't read Japanese.

Mark Renkin wrote:

Need a demo version for my son Jan but I have a Mac. Where can I find this?

BeckerManEX: Demo of what, and good gosh, burn that mac.
Hairball: Hahaha, demo for Mac. I wonder how many lamers still use Macs, admit it they suck. And 95% of games are for Windows because it is the greatest operating system in the world. Oh yes, back to the answer, you might be able to find a demo at the local dump...
SolarGamer: What the fark are you talking about? Are you smoking something? Does this "daughter" of yours even exsist? You scare me. Seek help. (Hmm I think I am exagerrating...but come on people! Specify your wants!)
Tiger: At Best Buy, Circuit City, or any electronics store that stocks software.