E-Mailbag for April 8, 2000

ZAirplane wrote:

Have a question about ur .gif art to download. When they come up to save picture as if what i hit they are .art file. How do u get these to open up. I have a few clip art from the web like these to and can not get them open..any help would be app. thanks...Lynn

BeckerManEX: You have to have a program that supports .art file, but for best quality you should leave them as .gif files.
Hairball: I'm really not sure about this. I think it's the .art files are AOL images, but I don't use AOL.
Namek: These files are usually only used for AOL. If you have AOL, try opening it through there picture gallery.
TWGamer: To be frank, I don't know.
NeXtreme: Try saving the type as .gif or .jpg. If you want those files to open up, trying double clicking on the saved icon.
FireKraken: Umm...I don't think you are supposed to be doing that...you should ask us first.

YosterB wrote:

I know you said that your interview wasn`t meant to serious, so I don`t mean to be mean, just to tell you. Yoshi doesn`t repeat his name like a Pokemon. All Yoshis talk a wierd language (those noises that Yoshi makes when you jump on him in Super Mario World), as you could see in Super Mario RPG. Only the first green Yoshi that Mario met can speak English. The Yoshis in Yoshi`s Story were all babies and couldn`t speak yet, so all they spoke was jibberish. The only real word they could say was Yoshi. i didn`t mean to be a jerk, so sorry if I sounded like it. It`s just a lot of people think that all Yoshi says is "Yoshi."

BeckerManEX: I think Pokemon fever is going around, Harry has been infected. How Evil...
Hairball: I guess Yoshi doesn't repeat his name, but I believe Yoshi does talk, he talks in Super Mario World and Super Mario 64, it's text, so it probably means he talks. But in the games where he actually says something he either makes that sound of Mario jumping on him, or saying "Yoshi".
Namek: You didn't sound like a jerk. Well, Yoshi did speak in SMW but he occasionally repeats the word Yoshi when he is happy.
TWGamer: I'm not sure why they did text speech in SMW for Yoshi - If you remember in the old cartoon he spoke and made those noises, but I hope someone can answer this better than I can.
NeXtreme: The interviews with Yoshi were merely translated. Read Hairball 64’s reponse for more details.
FireKraken: If you have ever played SSB, then you would know that the gifted and talented Yoshi can say his name! Wow!!

GeorgieBoy9 wrote:

Where do I get into the Shifting Sand Land course

BeckerManEX: Ahh its been like 2 years since I've played that game, so I can't remember sorry.
Hairball: Get 8 stars, beat Bowser, get the key, go into the basement. When you see a picture of a Devil, walk up to it, and turn left, Go straight, and there's a wall with nothing on it, that's the entrance to the course.
Namek: In the basement.
TWGamer: Go down to the basement after you have the first key, then go right and on until you see the Lethal Lava Land entrance. Then go left, and it will appear to be a dead end, but the entrance is the wall right at the end of the passage.
NeXtreme: Well, get a GameShark, find the correct game and the code, enter, and give it a shot.
FireKraken: Why, follow the yellow brick road, of course!

YosterB wrote:

Luigi really isn`t in the game, is he? That was an April Fool`s joke, right?

BeckerManEX: April Fools! Hehe, it wasn't as clever as some of the other EZines on the net, but from the majority of the email we have received back, there are alot of gullible people reading this site =)
Hairball: No, he isn't in the game, it's an April Fools joke.
Namek: Yeah, the Luigi was from Super Smash Bros.
TWGamer: Yes, It was an April Fools Joke. Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots.
NeXtreme: Yes, he was… or was he… dun dun dun.
FireKraken: Luigi = NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Never has Luigi been in Mario64. Never will Luigi be in Mario64.

Luigim64 wrote:

is it true or is it an april fools joke since april 1 is tommorow

BeckerManEX: April Fools! Harry look what you have created, is our whole email bag going to be like this...
Hairball: No, tomorrow is April 9, sorry.
Namek: Errrr..... it is true.
TWGamer: Yes, It was an April Fools Joke (Luigi in SM64 and Mario in Sonic Adventure). Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots.
NeXtreme: Yes, it was kind of obvious it was an April Fools joke.
FireKraken: Umm...April 1 was a while back...

AKasia wrote:

do you have to get the 1st two stars and run around 64 times in five minutes? you know the part where you run is it the one next to the water or the ground?

BeckerManEX: ...I guess so.
Hairball: Although it was all fake, I just wanna tell you it's the part on the ground where you run 64 times around.
Namek: Yes. It makes it alot more exciting when you Ride Yoshi around the castle. All you have to do is smack him down when you get 120 stars and flew to the roof.
TWGamer: Much as we'd like to see Luigi in SM64, It was an April Fools Joke. Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots.
NeXtreme: Ask Hairball64, he did it.
FireKraken: Oh.....My.....GOSH.....

GuyInGreen wrote:

Hey, i know that luigi code is there just to waste people's time. 64 laps around the pond? bull. But I tried anyway, and it only took about 10 minutes to further prove the code was fake- like all of the others. Nice picture of luigi from smash brothers though. There was one thing that got my attention though, how did you get that release date for Mario 64 2? Is it official? Please reply to this question. P.S.- You did a good job on the fake luigi pics. Anyone who really thinks that that is the code is f*ckin stupid! No offense. I know you put it there to fool them.

BeckerManEX: The pick did look good, I will give Harry that much credit, but as for the Mario 64 2 release date, Nintendo hasn't even announced the game, so no release date is true, sorry.
Hairball: Yes, the Luigi code is bull, everyone should know that by now. The release date for Super Mario 64 2 is fake, it isn't official, and it isn't known whether the game is in production or exists, it was all rumours. But some say it might being the Mario launch game for Project Dolphin.
Namek: Other people did it in less than 5 Minutes. Your slow.
TWGamer: No, the Luigi code was an April Fool's Joke, not to waste people's time. And, I agree, those screenshots were really great. I think the SM642 release dates were fake, but ask Hairball.
NeXtreme: Well a lot of our viewers thought it was real. Do they lack intelligence? Who knows. By the way, Mario 64 2 is most likely canned, Mr. Miyamoto will most likely be working on the next generation Mario title.
FireKraken: I think that anyone who thinks that there IS a code is f*ckin stupid.....

David wrote:

Who's better Mario or Luigi? Mario is stronger and fatter while has all the youth and has replaced his strength with brain power and even though he gave up his strength he's still not psychic!

BeckerManEX: Uhh....I lost you after fatter.
Hairball: Neither of them are better, Yoshi's the best!
Namek: Mario, definetly.
TWGamer: I don't know really. To find out, go to Super Smash Bros on N64, then VS MODE, then select CPU players as Mario and Luigi. Then see the battle of the brothers!
NeXtreme: Mario and Luigi have similar controls in most games, and are very similar. I think they’re really dead even.
FireKraken: Yup!

StarMario64 wrote:

Can't You Talk About StarFox64? That Game Is Cool! You Should Talk More Of It! I Like Your Page, And Super Mario Saga Is Cool. Pikachu Is A Brat!!

BeckerManEX: The name Super MARIO 64 Central comes to mind, not Super Star Fox 64 Central.
Hairball: This site is about Mario, not Star Fox, but I gotta say Star Fox 64 is one great game!
Namek: Our page doesn't relate to StarFox or anything else besides Mario. How can Pikachu be a brat if there is more than one. Wouldn't it be "Pikachus are brats?"
TWGamer: Starfox 64 was a cool game, pity about there was no save feature, but that would have made it too easy. Another moan about that game - Why on earth was it called 'Lylat Wars' here in europe? It was also the only game to feature a box the size of a printer paper box (Nintendo of Europe splashed out on cardboard then, and now DK64 is crammed into a normal size box with an expansion pak!)
NeXtreme: This is not SF64C, Star Fox is not related to Mario in many ways besides Fox’s appearance in SSB.
FireKraken: Once again. If you look to the top of the screen, what does it say?...Nope not StarFox64.

Luigi 64 wrote:

you were right luigi is in super mario 64.thanks for teaching me how to get him exept you left out something. you dont switch the way you showed in the screen shots. you switch on that star in the courtyard but any way thanks

BeckerManEX: Uhh...
Hairball: That's great, thanks for giving me more details on that code. I appreciate it.
Namek: Your Welcome
TWGamer: TWGamer slaps Luigi64) wake up, wake up!!!!
NeXtreme: No comment.
FireKraken: Do I really havta answer this?..Hairball, stop holding a gun to my head...I'm typing, see?

Mario BRO #3 wrote:

I know You guys Got Luigi in SM64.I ran 64 laps around the pond i could practicly do the whole thing in less than 5 minitues. But each time I punch "L is real 2041" Luigi wont warp to me. I thought you can help me out People.So can you help me?

BeckerManEX: Apri...ahh forget it.
Hairball: Maybe because Luigi doesn't like you, he only warps to those who he likes.
Namek: Just keep on trying it. It's hard like trying to catch that rabbit in the basement.
TWGamer: Much as we'd like to see Luigi in SM64, It was an April Fools Joke. Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots. NEXT!
NeXtreme: It’s all a joke. Even though Nintendo knows how to keep good secrets, there is no trick to get Luigi.

Doctor Andrew Philip Lardi wrote:

About the LUigi code. Are the laps inside or outside the pong because Its no working and I tried it 17 times!!! e-mail me back real soon please!!

BeckerManEX: Not going to type it again, see above somewhere.
Hairball: You should probably feel stupid doing it that many times, but the code is fake, and that is that.
Namek: Try both.
TWGamer: Much as we'd like to see Luigi in SM64, It was an April Fools Joke. Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots. NEXT!
NeXtreme: Look at my previous response.
FireKraken: No more!! I can't work under these conditions!!! I am going to my trailer.

World-of-Nintendo.com wrote:

Your good at making Luigi images!!!!!!!! I wish Luigi really was in the game!!!!!!

BeckerManEX: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Hairball: Thanks for the compliment, too bad you aren't too great in making your own graphics for your site...
Namek: If you are the so called World-Of-Nintendo.com, I would just like to state one thing. You may have alot of content, but your design sux bad arse. You need to get your act together and run your site like a proffesional.
TWGamer: Yeah Luigi would be good in the Game, and those screenshots were cool
NeXtreme: Yes, Hairball 64 is quite good at making them… and the appearance of Luigi in SM64 would have been interesting as well.
FireKraken: Wow...someone finally got it....

Supermariobros6 wrote:

what do the secret courses look like and show them to me.

BeckerManEX: Open a math book to page 248, that is what they look like.
Hairball: They look like that dumpster you live in.
Namek: There not real.
TWGamer: Much as we'd like to see Luigi in SM64, It was an April Fools Joke. Hairball 64 did a great job on those screenshots. (CANT YOU TAKE A HINT????!!!!!????)
NeXtreme: No.
FireKraken: Well, you see, they look like this --> §, and like this --> ć

Icey wrote:


BeckerManEX: Love ice? If you wanna be like that with crytalized water be my guest.
Hairball: Solar's a moron, so feel free to do so.
Namek: How do you Blow Up Solar's Head off. Well i will be blow it's Icey's head be off. Loser :)
TWGamer: Smash Bros is cool, but I don't get the "BUT WHY CAN'T YOU LOVE ICE LIKE ME!!!!!!!! HERUMPH!!!!!!! I'LL BLOW UP SOLARGAMERS HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!" bit
NeXtreme: Err… ice is good… and we have never really offended SSB unless it was constructive criticism. Go and blow of Solar’s head, it would do us all a favor.
FireKraken: No don't blow SolarGamer's head up and off...that would be too much for me. And ICE MELTS!!! It never satisfies!!